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Rens jerks off while sniffing poppers | Drugslab

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This video Rens Polman inhales the yellow, smelly and burning liquid Popper (Amyl Nitrite) while he jerks off. Because of this combination he is experiencing an intense feeling. USE: Are you about to use Poppers? Keep the following things in mind: - Don’t use poppers when you have low blood pressure, if your are prone to fainting or if you have heart problems. - Make sure you can sit or lie down when using poppers. And don’t hold anything in your hands. A cigarette is especially dangerous, because poppers are highly flammable. - Be careful when you inhale it. Avoid contact met your skin, nasal mucosa or eyes. - Don’t combine it with other drugs and especially not with Viagra. DOSE: It’s hard to name a precise dose, because it is a volatile substance. One good inhalation from the bottle or handkerchief will make you feel the effect already. It starts working after 10 seconds and lasts 1 or 2 minutes. RISKS: - Headache or dizziness - Loss of consciousness, possible fainting - Palpitations - Irritation of the skin (when the liquid comes in contact with skin) - Poppers are highly flammable - Brain damage - (psychological) dependence. SUBTITLES Don’t understand Dutch? Make sure the English subtitles are activated. You can select these in settings. OUR HOSTS: Rens Polman: https://www.instagram.com/renspolman Nellie Benner: https://www.instagram.com/nelliebenner Bastiaan Rosman: https://www.instagram.com/bashiaanrosman CURIOUS ABOUT A DRUG? Let us know which drug by commenting in the comment section below or by using the hashtag #DrugslabBNN. ABOUT DRUGSLAB: Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs, funded by the Dutch government. On this YouTube channel we, Rens Polman, Nellie Benner and Bastiaan Rosman, will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effect of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type of drug by commenting in the comment section below the videos or by using the hashtag #drugslab. Besides our weekly experiment, we provide you of safe methods of use, safe doses, the effects, the risks and very useful do's and don'ts when high on drugs. Given by experienced epicureans. Light it up people, in the name of science! Peace. ABOUT BNN: BNN is a Dutch public broadcasting association. The broadcasting association was founded in 1997 by Bart de Graaff. The focus of the broadcasting association lies on reaching teenagers and young adults. BNN produces entertainment and informative television programs, radio programs and feature films. Some of BNN’s programming has dealt controversial issues such as the shortage of organ donors, drugs and sex. ABOUT SPUITEN EN SLIKKEN: Drugslab is part of Spuiten en Slikken. Spuiten en Slikken (translated as Shoot and Swallow) is a Dutch program on public television. It is a program about sexuality and drugs that started in 2005. It has been broadcasted since on BNN. The aim of the program is to educate youngsters. In the show discussions about sex and drugs take place with weekly guests. The program also features small reports about certain types of drugs and the effects of them, as well as different aspects of sex. WARNING: The following show serves an educational purpose in relation to the use of drugs and the effects of using drugs. It is explicitly not the intention to encourage people to use drugs. The acts seen in this show are performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, BNN-VARA and the producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any activity performed on this show and BNN-VARA will not be liable for any material and/or immaterial damage if people do so!
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Text Comments (2972)
NIGHT RAIDER (22 hours ago)
scientists draw cumming dicks of a chalk board
R_078b (1 day ago)
Ga Flaka testen 😂
Chris McCarthy (1 day ago)
5:53 @fucking uncomfortable! haha. On a more serious note, please try 5-MeO-DMT
Zeek is Greek (1 day ago)
Try pure old viagara
Robert Drawdy (1 day ago)
Has science gone too far?
Airat Abdrakhmanov (4 days ago)
Смелости у них отбавляй.
OMG it's Liefer_SALAT (4 days ago)
In Germany we would Call him EHRENMANN!
We Are Ghosts (5 days ago)
Try liquid ecstasy!! Please
Supreme Flamingo (5 days ago)
Bruh why is he shaking during the orgasm lmao
ed china (7 days ago)
WTF?this actually makes sense in Norwegian
Johnny Lariat (13 days ago)
This shit sounds bad for your heart and not worth it.
Ben je Gek geworden (17 days ago)
Ik vraag mezelf af hoe ik hier terecht kwam na mukbang filmpjes... en waarom heb ik dit afgeken? Ik voel me ongemakkelijk.
Popper Bam (19 days ago)
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dEvOUr mE (23 days ago)
Is there a un rated version of this ?
Даша Шакун (24 days ago)
неужели и правда дрочил?
SuMtOnE (25 days ago)
They need to redo this episode with Nellie and the other female co-host. Lol
Dia2443 (25 days ago)
926K people have seen this lmao
Lucas Hernández (25 days ago)
09:25 after high five
Wikiad (26 days ago)
лол, он дал пять челу после того как подрочил, найс...
Manuel Mar (28 days ago)
cant stop laughing hahahaa
Manuel Mar (28 days ago)
u have to hold it
Dead Sathanass (28 days ago)
Nellie must help Rens with that .
Dead Sathanass (28 days ago)
There is not enough Nellie .
Dead Sathanass (28 days ago)
What ?! What the fuck ?!
Silently Sceptical (29 days ago)
It's for botters to make their bottoms better. Also stops you having a heart attack.
Diego Grajalez (29 days ago)
Love it
Brennan Archives 2 (29 days ago)
Drop Popko (30 days ago)
Issam IDRIS (1 month ago)
4fmp graag
Sam Lockhart (1 month ago)
Your eyes are so blue you both look like Germanic androids.
Hayley Malik2real (1 month ago)
What in the fuck. Did i just watch 😂😂😂
Jake White (1 month ago)
LOL! When you say "poppers" in Dutch, it sounds like "poopers" in A. English. xD
T- 800 (1 month ago)
Now I wanna try some
TuccTownLaydii (1 month ago)
Chris OConnor (1 month ago)
It would be so much easier if Nellie was there...Every show she hosts I would have a boner.
Emmanuel M. (1 month ago)
I could stare at those blue eyes all day
Branntwein (1 month ago)
9:26 - See how Bastiaan is uncomfortable with This wankhand-highfive haha
"Brought to you by the Dutch government"
Gucci's Grandson (1 month ago)
Smoke Metth
Al Kaholic (1 month ago)
Wow that hearthbeat increasing made me sick just watching it
dalton recktenwald (1 month ago)
I don’t want to be that guy, but this was really hot ahaha
MegaWatch (1 month ago)
Sharon Galle (1 month ago)
nice Rensje!!!!
Jack Samcro (1 month ago)
Use meth
Popper Bam (1 month ago)
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his pupils are constantly dilated =) I tried poppers and not once, and their pupils do not dilate =)
Kelly Tonnard (1 month ago)
jullie hebbe diazepam al geprobeerd.. maar nog niet oxazepam toch???
TV Clips (1 month ago)
192bpm xD
Martin Lelovsky (1 month ago)
Try tea from blue lotus, and try to smoke herb too
Jonathan Medina (1 month ago)
test yopo!
Ef Olivares (1 month ago)
Must feel good with poppers, might try that now
Дима Кадр (1 month ago)
Дима Кадр (1 month ago)
Они так трогательно рассуждают о тонкостях пидорастии ))
4 ch (1 month ago)
Слава Украине. Но почему ему та девченка не подрочила
failor - kun (1 month ago)
Слава науке!)
Obi-Rick Kenobi (1 month ago)
195 BPM!!! Holy shitballs.. That's almost deadly levels
peta marshall (1 month ago)
Amyl and cumming is one of the best!
María Bebito (2 months ago)
I wish I was there.
Sompn Brurl (2 months ago)
Can you please open a channel on Pornhub where you will test sex on drifferent drugs? I guarantee you will succeed and spread the awareness :)
Kelly Cardoso (2 months ago)
Well, at least I know how Rens sounds like while having sex 🤷🏻‍♀️
Herr Morningstar (2 months ago)
Yeah high five my jerked hand.... YEAH BROO
John Chase (29 days ago)
Bastian proceeds to eat sandwich with sane hand after video. = Gay now. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
oumayma saidani (2 months ago)
That's so funny I was laughing so loud hhhhhhhhh
Arkadius Rybus (2 months ago)
:D :D
Filthy Roach (2 months ago)
Two straight men actually had a conversation about the sphyncter muscle and how its strong
A.Z (2 months ago)
This man is straight up living the dream.. Doing drugs and jerking off for money
Allan Burnet (2 months ago)
I see the tissues handy lol.
mark (2 months ago)
poppers are a weird sensation it's like your head explodes for a second then you get this comfortable warm embrace around you, you just get so completely soft and you psychologically melt a lil bit and then everything feels a bit labourious unless you focus on it intensely then it's wonderful as long as you use poppers within reason, you pace yourself, and you don't drink it or take it with or blood pressure lowering substances you are good but fuck me don't try take ten hits in a 1 minute interval you will lose your mind for a hot minute
smog (2 months ago)
I love how they don't give a fuck
minisla (2 months ago)
Leanymooose (2 months ago)
Potatomanure (2 months ago)
What the fuck
Было приятно подрочить под травой смотря этот видос .
like a perv it dont take me that long lol
kylian wesbeek (2 months ago)
How do some people come up with the guestions?
independent bitch (2 months ago)
„Nice“ sounds like „lecker“ in german 😸
independent bitch (2 months ago)
I don’t know what to do with my life
Muzzardonmyfeet (2 months ago)
Haha i love how despite the fact that he’s jerking off in a youtube video, they just hit that 10 minute mark 😂
Splashi (2 months ago)
Do heroin and crack
W4t3r B0nG (2 months ago)
fifigurl2011 (2 months ago)
It would be interesting to see him on FLAKKA.
9:29 he's hand ))
lemru (2 months ago)
Smoker (2 months ago)
ZIZEK FOR PRESIDENT (2 months ago)
You've not lived till you've gone a week without busting a nut then inhale this shit and have sex and it's fucking off the charts good
roblox girl (2 months ago)
Dit is tog 18 plus🤣🤣
Далбаебы уроды
Try mephedrone
Mohamed Ben brahem (2 months ago)
sebatian (2 months ago)
Am I the only who clapped when he orgasmed at 192BPM?
Red Man (2 months ago)
don't do it it's addictive will destroy your health
Theresa floresca (2 months ago)
Isaac Weatherington (2 months ago)
Seriously the video title?
Emyritus (2 months ago)
Newt scaramander jearking off on drugs
Max Harrison (2 months ago)
This is weird.
PowerhouseG (3 months ago)
Django (3 months ago)
MariusPro (3 months ago)
Jackson Sparks (3 months ago)
Can yall try heroin are oxy cotton
soltan dood (3 months ago)
you guys are fantastic, thank you for this videos, very very helpful.

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