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What To Do When You Can't Get Hard

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Click Here For Your Free Gift: https://www.gothamclub.com/oi-ll3os ↓↓↓ READ MORE ↓↓↓ "What To Do When You Can't Get Hard" Today I'll show you exactly what to do when you can't get hard with three simple steps broken down. These simple tips on what to do when you can't get hard are easy and have helped me tremendously in all kinds of situations. Again, you can subscribe to our channel here so that you don't miss any of these quick, free videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_hsOmAsodJwo6z23Zlbxw?sub_confirmation=1 Click below for more free strategy guides on how to do better with women, more information about what to do when you can't get hard, and other general tips and tricks: http://www.gothamclub.com/blog
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Benjamin Fritz (12 hours ago)
This guy gives me a boner. Problem solved! Serious though. Problem solved. This guy gives a serious boner.
Benjamin Fritz (12 hours ago)
Maybe your dick ins't hard because there is not a hard dik in your mouth. I think if your try that it may be a helpful tip to achieving erekshunz.
cody randall (1 day ago)
I am presently utilizing “fetching jonto site” (Google it), a product I found on Google in which cures premature ejaculation. I have gone from the usual Two minutes to now lasting an average of Fifteen minutes, after week 4. My lover and I commonly tries an hour later if she’s unhappy with 15 minutes..
Marina Smith (2 days ago)
Prop it up with popsicle sticks. 😂
succ (2 days ago)
yea so my friend cant get hard when his gf tries to give him handjobs what should i do to help him? should i give him dome?
Dr Bernie Mack (3 days ago)
You can always trust your hand to do the job.
nasah99 (3 days ago)
My dick wants to be a DJ.
Robert Burke III (3 days ago)
I want to stop masturbating that means I have to lower my libido so I won't want to masturbate all the time and I'm 64 and if you can't get it up as because you're thinking about the wrong thing this is not rocket scientist
Robert Burke III (3 days ago)
You can't be that stupid go get some rubber bands go to the vegetable broccoli those red rubber bands put one or two of them around your balls and cock and they'll take a minute to get it up but it will get up it's called a cock ring and if you don't know what this is something wrong with you
Robert Burke III (3 days ago)
I am 64 I want to lower or get rid of my sexual appetite I don't need to be whacking off looking at p*** it's not right if you're a little boy that's okay I'm 64 it is a childish thing I don't want it how can you fix this I tried licorice that does not work and I love licorice
Michael Judge (4 days ago)
Dont do cocaine
Nick Marriott (5 days ago)
I assumed that this treatment solution will take effect after a long time period. I followed this erection dysfunction treatment method https://t.co/jZAz5Gqce8 , utilized it at around 3pm. At 9pm, my wife returned to our house right after her duty at a school function. In those days, I uncovered that the treatment solution was efficient. I got and sustained the best erection I had in 10 years. Is this a chance?
Jake Belford (5 days ago)
I’m 15 and a few weeks ago I tried fucking my girlfriend and just couldn’t get it up so she tried EVERYTHING and nothing was working it was the most embarrassing moment in my life and just want to hide in my room now because my whole school will think I’m gay
Randy Sheard (5 days ago)
So true, and I would say the same only they would ( get upset) and nothing even though I'm ( desirable) and it has np before... I said " baby it's ok you're stressed I get it, let's just" and still no no I don't understand, only for it to and to find out that it was np for it to be rock hard with random sometimes unattractive with a hole tricks or (friends/co-workers) hmmm cool I say yet we like about it and get mad when pointed out in a way that's says I'm cool with it just saying, let's do what turns you on especially if you have no particular type! I mean.... I'm sexy and I know it and a beast. Both are just one is more selective when it cums to just anything.
Michael Ward (6 days ago)
Well when I can't get hard I just start licking on the pussy
Jim Dillard (6 days ago)
My problem is last couple times I tried to get up because I been so tired.
Md Anwar (7 days ago)
Stupid no 1
mok rain (8 days ago)
a million person here can't get hard, I am not alone
Adam Barbour (8 days ago)
Shit I don't have that problem.i get hard as a rock.my wife's legs hurt cause I'm fucking so long lol
Carlos Oliva (10 days ago)
I don’t get it porn is been around for a very long time
Moose Kunowsky (11 days ago)
Beat her up make her cry. Force her to peg you
DenizliUK (11 days ago)
The real deal is Sahmerdan Paste my friends. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
Brandon Jenkins (12 days ago)
don't look at porn
don't judge me (13 days ago)
Porn is addicting...I hate it
Gotham Club (13 days ago)
It's definitely hard to avoid completely so it's all about balancing. If you find yourself thinking or desiring to watch porn. Try to do something else to distract yourself!
El Justiciero (13 days ago)
I've had two sexual experiences and I've never been able to get it up :(
Mario Velasco (14 days ago)
Hm, so if a dude masterbates he's forcing his dick to do something it doesn't want to do? lmao
Dean Mignola (15 days ago)
I'm an older guy. Just about all guys watch porn these days. The mental advice on this video is all good. But If you really want to have better erections, you have to deal with the physical: 1. No porn. 2. No masturbation 3. Intense exercise 4. Get out in nature more. 5. Cut back on screen time (computer/TV/phone) 6. Eat a lot more watermelon and beets (or beet juice). 7. Take high-quality Tongkat Ali (the quality is crucial... and don't take too much or you'll get aggressive.) 8. If you're overweight, get down to below 15% body fat. If you do all this, I promise you'll be standing at full mast.
Jake Rojas (16 days ago)
You mean men struggle with this problem? #THANKADAM #JAKEROJASISHERE
francisco4ben (16 days ago)
I had a girl I was supposed to fuck but I was drunk and I tried every thing but it wasn't happening first time was the girl wanted to fuck outside and it was cold as fuck third was she tried to have sex before her dad was going to come home I think the cold being scared not aroused and the fact that I liked her and when we was suposed to fuck it happened real fast we went from talking to her pants down and me like wtf ight and nothing but I think the drinking is what made me not get it up the third time not the porn haha
dpinn (21 days ago)
Take another blue pill
Kyle Hamilton (21 days ago)
I have not been able to sustain an erection during sex. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Is this a permanent problem or is there something that I can do to solve it?
Danny Säplers (15 days ago)
it's permanent. in fact, you are going to die in the next 2 days
Andrew Jackson (21 days ago)
I don't think it should be permanent. Try to use this cream https://bit.ly/2Sfy7En and don’t rush to take pills because it’s bad for your heart.
Black GOD (22 days ago)
Just stop jerking off when you jerk off too much and it's time too fuck your dick is not going too get hard
Clinton Williams (23 days ago)
Can't get no picture
SilenT ObserVer (21 days ago)
Clinton Williams whatsapp +918527309511
Tara O'Reilly (25 days ago)
Why would you blame a guy for this, it's such a sensitive subject?
Leven Little (25 days ago)
I jacked off twice today and im finna go on a date that i know is “getting somewhere” wish me luck boys
The Art of Daniel (26 days ago)
Diabetes got me. No erection for three years. Not even viagra nor cialis works. It feels dead.
SilenT ObserVer (21 days ago)
The Art of Daniel whatsapp +918527309511..don’t worry
Ryan Feery (26 days ago)
well I couldn't get hard and when I did she started blowing me and it went back down so I think it was her fault cause it wasn't that good this girl is sexy so when I got soft I started going to foreplay before shed notice and she didn't but I eventually got hard but it wasnt the best sex tbh and just so u no I'm 17 lol
Joshua Rodriguez (26 days ago)
2:39 - 3:39 ☝🏻😂🍆👀‼️
Sicarii (26 days ago)
Sometimes we just need a more spiritual connection. Try getting into your partner spiritually. If you are just thinking about "fucking" sometimes that doesnt work. Sometimes we need more of a spiritual connection. I can usually work through this sometimes but looking into her eyes deeply like I want to crawl inside of her body and get yourself in the moment. Also, just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean it will always be like that. Could have been the mood, maybe you were hungry, maybe you were stressed, maybe you weren't connected to her. Let that situation go.
Real Boss (28 days ago)
Respect my cock. Imma say that when girls hit on me and I don't feel like it.
freedom speech (29 days ago)
all i can say is i can hang a coat on it.
freedom speech (29 days ago)
no wrong need supplements for your cock.i have them but that my secret.😛
Adam Barbour (8 days ago)
freedom speech what kind
salwan (30 days ago)
RULE #1: Respect your dick.
Citizen 1 (1 month ago)
Long gentle stroking of the skin... thighs..hips.. gently whispering random questions and blowing slightly .. will stimulate the nerve endings..
Citizen 1 (1 month ago)
It's not a race. we won't leave. Take a long deep breath.. ..calm down. Pay attention to your partner...be willing to allow them to explore your body while you do the same....
Steve Chevy (1 month ago)
My girl rubs my balls
2view (1 month ago)
looking back a 9th grade English teacher she was not old
Daniel Pecca (1 month ago)
Number 3 straight works after Up in seconds after she grabs it and says stop worring baby relax
Danny Säplers (15 days ago)
that's fucking hilarious
Rajan kc (1 month ago)
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meagain2222 (1 month ago)
Get her to fondle your balls.And get her to speak closely into your ear in a soft voice "I want you to come inside me" ....."mmmmm."
Brian Melton (1 month ago)
Stop Porn guys I swear by this, I'm 40 quit porn and now when the wind blows I get hard.
hector Rodriguez (1 month ago)
she's leaving me for my best friend a Pitbull dog
Mazza P (1 month ago)
What your dick wants LOL. Its not your dick that wants sex its you!
Princee Erick (1 month ago)
Coach me :/
Liz Camsters (1 month ago)
Well simply buy good quality erection pills and no worries! I use viagra and cialis for more than 5 years and since the first day my sexlife rocks!!!! Check out this blog https://www.erection-pills.net about how to get hard for 1 USD.
Alex Cartagena (1 month ago)
waited 7:20 for the solution, never came. lol so I was at zero before watching the video and ended up a zero divided by 2 at the end... soooo the point was????
DaveyTheDJ (1 month ago)
Too long
metalhed228 (1 month ago)
I tried breathing into my balls, I hurt my back, can't walk and can't have sex, what kind of advice ia that
yemane Kidane (1 month ago)
it is true what you say thanks
Donald Wortham (1 month ago)
Find a new woman
Male Enhancement Pills (1 month ago)
Well done... Your honesty is appreciated
Adithya Naren (1 month ago)
I can cure it. Chew raw garlic followed by raw Ginseng root early morning. I also eat Raw beetroots. Then have a nutritious breakfast Peanut buuter bread and almond milk. Then eat Dark chocolate with Dates. After lunch take multi vitamin supplements. And make you do sit ups or crunches coz they pump up ur heart. Remember this rule A healthy heart = A healthy Penis. Follow this routine for a few days. You ll get a hard boner. I have been doing this and this works like magic and boosted my libido levels.
Art Ist (1 month ago)
Coming out of a 12 year relationship & thought I had an issue only to find out that my dick will work perfectly for my ex still but not my new girl. (Been together a month) And the new girl is a bitch about it so it's like a double edge sword, she doesn't understand the amount of stress I'm already under going through the family break up and shit. She's younger (18) It'll work periodically. But it's really annoying because usually it won't and she doesn't understand that it's not a problem with her it's a subconscious thing. My subconscious wants me to go back to what's familiar because I have that 12 year programming and family and shit. And her getting upset puts an unreal amount of pressure on me. P.s. I'm not gay at all but holy shit I'm envious of your looks. I thought I was an attractive person until watching this video
mohsen akhtar (1 month ago)
this guy is full of shit, absolute load of shit and doens't even give any good information, your a dick lol
Andre Montoya (1 month ago)
I experienced this today it was the first time me & my girlfriend were gonna have sex and I thanked was nervous or had anxiety & my dicks been soft all day this is the 2nd time this happened before with a girl I was hooking up with months ago
Sapography (1 month ago)
I couldn't it get it up once even though the girl was extremely hot and attractive. The reason was that her vagina smelled and tasted like trash. Idk what the fuck is up with some girls but they need to stop pretending their vagina is a holy place and I should be grateful that I'm invited. Bitch clean that shit up Anyway, I forces myself to eat her pussy out and made her cum, but I never came. NOT WORTH IT
tyler89 (1 month ago)
It's the shitty diets North Americans eat.
lamfilipos (1 month ago)
This is just superb, I've been looking for "erectile dysfunction treatment options articles" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Beukeen Stiffy Manhood - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.
Velv'Or (1 month ago)
Great wise words!!
Doug T. (1 month ago)
Thumbs up if you’re a 5 or 5 1/2 uncut
Hayri bastak (1 month ago)
I can't believe myself watching him... ))
adi Sabtu (1 month ago)
Dont fap
Mehboob Bhaya (1 month ago)
Do u use tablet for sex or doing things above in your video help in strong erection..
SilenT ObserVer (21 days ago)
Mehboob Bhaya whatsapp +918527309511..natural herbs
palomino2030 (1 month ago)
Perhaps you are gay
Andrew Colville (1 month ago)
You're being a dick or you want my dick ....lol that's a funny one
Ethane Ward (1 month ago)
my girl was on her period and she started to go down on me but I was softer than a god damn roll of toilet paper it killed the whole mood she started taking a nap .. pray for me.
Rafique Baya (15 days ago)
Go to nofap. Google it
SilenT ObserVer (21 days ago)
Ethane Ward don’t worry.whatsapp +918527309511
Robert Devoy (1 month ago)
Since my 30's I never get a full erection the first time I have sex with a woman. Generally, about 50 to 75%. I tell the woman about this in advance so she doesn't think it's her fault. In the past, a woman would be bummed thinking she didn't turn me on. I would have to assure her that it was normal for me. By telling her in advance she knows that it is not her fault. Of course, I still have to get her off with the other methods at my disposal. The next time we have sex I'm good to go. This is why I don't do one nighters any more.
Dano Pierce (2 months ago)
Makes sense....finally someone talking sense and no hype.
Itachi Uchiha (2 months ago)
If you haven’t got time for bullshit then Use viagra I mean sure you will get some side effects but at least you wil get to have sex I planing on trying this
Wow dude thanks for this vid
pashminagal (2 months ago)
a pomegranite a day for two weeks! you'll be back in business...
danskpride Hansen (2 months ago)
happend to me once so i hit it then it spit at me😁 or have her lick your arse lol
Gregg Hanson (2 months ago)
ED has everything to do with your brain!!! Your dick doesn't have a brain!
Chris Norris (2 months ago)
What if I get her to breathe on my balls... deeply?
P North (2 months ago)
Eat ass if you can’t get wood.
Danny Boi (2 months ago)
Eat her out and Jerk off
Dan Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Drug use also shrinks your nuts n you get sleepy peepee...
Alonza Burns (2 months ago)
New pussy is key to maintaining a healthy relationship and marriage. #FACTS
Dano1947 (2 months ago)
If she bad mouths you because you can't perform, dump her, she doesn't care about you.
Dano1947 (2 months ago)
Some women treat men like sex toys, sex on demand..
Dano1947 (2 months ago)
Breathe into my balls? They are a long way from my mouth. Try getting you girlfriend to gently bite your nipples. It works for me. Better. then viagra.
Dano1947 (2 months ago)
When you can't get it up, so what. You have a mouth and two hands, use your imagination. Intercourse isn't the end all. and be all of. sex.
Edwin Jimenez (2 months ago)
I can't believe the comments too funny
Steve Castillo (2 months ago)
Go down on her til it raises . Look at her breast and feel her curves. Think only of what you ,would like to do to her. Simulation coming from all angles will get you there faster. If all fails for whatever reason. At least you took care of her ,hopefully more than once. She'll appreciate that and will return the favor later. Drinking water and a good shower before helps.
Frank Quitely (5 days ago)
That's why 69 was invented!
Jim S (2 months ago)
dude is full of shit
Johnny Valdes (2 months ago)
Stop watching Donald Trump's speeches 😁
RAMakaWERO (2 months ago)
Dick dont fail me now, I gotta turn shorty out.
Bass Trekker (2 months ago)
Same here, in my 20s it was horrible. I'm married now and it hasn't improved much, I'm at my wits end trying anything and everything I can think of, nitric oxide, yohimbe 451, ginseng, viagra, cialis, hypnosis, the list goes on and on.. it really sucks because my wife is super attractive. I am starting to think some childhood issues may be at fault here but I have no idea which or how to address.. it is honestly ruining my life
moises torres (2 months ago)
It sucks it happens to me yesterday i cumed to fast
SilenT ObserVer (21 days ago)
moises torres whatsapp +918527309511
pkp2r4 (2 months ago)
It's always a good thing when you don't give a shit what women think.

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