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What To Do When You Can't Get Hard

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Click Here For Your Free Gift: https://www.gothamclub.com/oi-ll3os ↓↓↓ READ MORE ↓↓↓ "What To Do When You Can't Get Hard" Today I'll show you exactly what to do when you can't get hard with three simple steps broken down. These simple tips on what to do when you can't get hard are easy and have helped me tremendously in all kinds of situations. Again, you can subscribe to our channel here so that you don't miss any of these quick, free videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_hsOmAsodJwo6z23Zlbxw?sub_confirmation=1 Click below for more free strategy guides on how to do better with women, more information about what to do when you can't get hard, and other general tips and tricks: http://www.gothamclub.com/blog
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Text Comments (804)
tyler89 (17 hours ago)
It's the shitty diets North Americans eat.
lamfilipos (1 day ago)
This is just superb, I've been looking for "erectile dysfunction treatment options articles" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Beukeen Stiffy Manhood - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.
Velv'Or (1 day ago)
Great wise words!!
Doug T. (2 days ago)
Thumbs up if you’re a 5 or 5 1/2 uncut
Hayri bastak (3 days ago)
I can't believe myself watching him... ))
adi Sabtu (3 days ago)
Dont fap
Mehboob Bhaya (4 days ago)
Do u use tablet for sex or doing things above in your video help in strong erection..
palomino2030 (4 days ago)
Perhaps you are gay
Andrew Colville (4 days ago)
You're being a dick or you want my dick ....lol that's a funny one
Ethane Ward (4 days ago)
my girl was on her period and she started to go down on me but I was softer than a god damn roll of toilet paper it killed the whole mood she started taking a nap .. pray for me.
Robert Devoy (5 days ago)
Since my 30's I never get a full erection the first time I have sex with a woman. Generally, about 50 to 75%. I tell the woman about this in advance so she doesn't think it's her fault. In the past, a woman would be bummed thinking she didn't turn me on. I would have to assure her that it was normal for me. By telling her in advance she knows that it is not her fault. Of course, I still have to get her off with the other methods at my disposal. The next time we have sex I'm good to go. This is why I don't do one nighters any more.
Dano Pierce (6 days ago)
Makes sense....finally someone talking sense and no hype.
Itachi Uchiha (6 days ago)
If you haven’t got time for bullshit then Use viagra I mean sure you will get some side effects but at least you wil get to have sex I planing on trying this
Wow dude thanks for this vid
pashminagal (8 days ago)
a pomegranite a day for two weeks! you'll be back in business...
danskpride Hansen (10 days ago)
happend to me once so i hit it then it spit at me😁 or have her lick your arse lol
Gregg Hanson (13 days ago)
ED has everything to do with your brain!!! Your dick doesn't have a brain!
Chris Norris (14 days ago)
What if I get her to breathe on my balls... deeply?
P North (15 days ago)
Eat ass if you can’t get wood.
Danny Boi (15 days ago)
Eat her out and Jerk off
Dan Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Drug use also shrinks your nuts n you get sleepy peepee...
Alonza Burns (16 days ago)
New pussy is key to maintaining a healthy relationship and marriage. #FACTS
Dano1947 (16 days ago)
If she bad mouths you because you can't perform, dump her, she doesn't care about you.
Dano1947 (16 days ago)
Some women treat men like sex toys, sex on demand..
Dano1947 (16 days ago)
Breathe into my balls? They are a long way from my mouth. Try getting you girlfriend to gently bite your nipples. It works for me. Better. then viagra.
Dano1947 (16 days ago)
When you can't get it up, so what. You have a mouth and two hands, use your imagination. Intercourse isn't the end all. and be all of. sex.
Edwin Jimenez (18 days ago)
I can't believe the comments too funny
Steve Castillo (20 days ago)
Go down on her til it raises . Look at her breast and feel her curves. Think only of what you ,would like to do to her. Simulation coming from all angles will get you there faster. If all fails for whatever reason. At least you took care of her ,hopefully more than once. She'll appreciate that and will return the favor later. Drinking water and a good shower before helps.
Jim S (21 days ago)
dude is full of shit
Johnny Valdes (22 days ago)
Stop watching Donald Trump's speeches 😁
RAMakaWERO (22 days ago)
Dick dont fail me now, I gotta turn shorty out.
Bass Trekker (22 days ago)
Same here, in my 20s it was horrible. I'm married now and it hasn't improved much, I'm at my wits end trying anything and everything I can think of, nitric oxide, yohimbe 451, ginseng, viagra, cialis, hypnosis, the list goes on and on.. it really sucks because my wife is super attractive. I am starting to think some childhood issues may be at fault here but I have no idea which or how to address.. it is honestly ruining my life
moises torres (25 days ago)
It sucks it happens to me yesterday i cumed to fast
pkp2r4 (26 days ago)
It's always a good thing when you don't give a shit what women think.
Huey Sanchez (26 days ago)
Run to the bathroom and look at PORNHUB for 2 mins.
Mr. Frog (26 days ago)
Just stroke it a little bit. Maybe touch your glans (especially for uncut guys) This works for me every time.
Loresk Canada (27 days ago)
go vegan, get hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVXzT_RBxFk
Voss (28 days ago)
When you can't get hard in bed with your girl there is only one thing you can do. Open her ass cheeks wide. Take your tounge out and eat that booty like some fresh groceries
Weldon Mix (28 days ago)
Completely useless video
Robert McNeely (1 month ago)
This is the biggest snowflake i've ever seen blow in your balls he probably let's his buddy blow on them
John Robinson (1 month ago)
None of these people have even considered the negatives side effects of not being bale to cum. Incredible psychological alterations. Not even being able to be aroused. It's like they've never even considered the societal impact, unless of course they aspire to live in slums. Indians are incredible as they pretend to be smart. They're idiots, look at their country. You're not aroused, you make a premediated decision to have sex with someone not because you get turned on.
Subliminal (1 month ago)
I never could understand my dick. In every morning it s like rock hard, and with my girlfriend I need to go to the bathroom for 5 minutes and stroke my way to make it half hard. BLOODY HELL
Robyro Nz (1 month ago)
"DONT BE A DICK TO YOUR DICK" - Gotham club 2017 plus a week ago i had this big booty chick over spent a long time trying to arouse her till when she was ready for the action for some fckd up reason my dick was limb so i forced it in and once i got the warmth feing of being inside her my dick rose
David Anscomb (1 month ago)
Hard cock life
bo drak (1 month ago)
Michael Dave Lee (1 month ago)
chop it off ......
Greg Dundee (1 month ago)
There's nothing worse, happen to me 2 weeks ago. She was stunning and super horney, and I just couldnt satisfy her. Felt so bad
Chris Wood (1 month ago)
so true for me when im in love and feel trust its 5 times a day IF MY LADY WANTS but even when young and depressed and not in love it didn't work so good infact not at all in some cases, ,  so for me to love my partner is key. porn takes sex out of the hart WERE THE LOVE IS = and into the mad matrix of the minds were ego is which fucks up sex, ego sex is so wrong and if you have ever experienced  loving trusting hart sex you know ego sex is a seven sin trap keeping you from the truth, follow your hart your bliss not the media the stuffed down our neck information,
Jamie Workman (1 month ago)
Amen brother!
wendeln92 (1 month ago)
Reason #1 - you have a very deep suspicion that the woman your is actually a psychobitch that hasn't shown her true colors yet.Reason #2 - Fear that you might get this psychobitch pregnant and completely f-up your life.
John Vic de Leon (1 month ago)
Respect the cock
ozarkprepper1 (1 month ago)
Its the plastics,hormones in food and drinks.It has taken the manliness out of men.Its not anyones fault. Eat and drink healthy,go no fap so you build up your testosterone,exercise,and learn everything you can.
Miroslav Trifko (1 month ago)
Winner of a video, been searching for "a way to get a hard on" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Aidenzey Hard Framework - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.
GENNY KUMAKO (1 month ago)
Ancient, All-Natural Chinese Secret Gives 79 Year Old Man His First Rock-Hard Erection Since 1983…http://bit.ly/2GYrWyo
Bit Of Wizdumb (1 month ago)
As I get older I have trouble getting it up . It’s like a little weasel who doesn’t want to come out and fuck. That bastard pisses me off, which probably makes it worse because I think about it even more . I’d like to add to your list . If you can’t get hard then just fuckin then go to the nearest army base, steal an army tank and ride around town for an hour or an hour and 20 minutes or so. Since your driving the tank and can’t really see the barrel of the canon sticking up , it’s still reassuring that you know the cannon is sticking out and is hard. However the key is to have porno on the monitor somehow instead of the visual gps guide or at least have an audio recording of sex .
How about what to do when it can't go flaccid
Chicago Drill (1 month ago)
Im always fucking hard it’s annoying
Quintslayer (1 month ago)
Hard all the time
You Too?? (1 month ago)
I thought I had ED until the right woman gave me the best head I've ever had. When I was young I didn't need to be touched sexually to get hard, she would just say let's do it and up it went. Not anymore. These days a little more effort has to go into it. I need the woman to do a lot more than just take her clothes off. If she's boring in bed then my Johnson stays pointing south.
monty royal (1 month ago)
Dude, i've been getting rock hard since '93
Wait? He wants to breathe into my balls? breathe and respect the cock... sure that's the reason it won't get hard for women mate
Nitin A S (1 month ago)
Massage your ding dong with almond oil
ms&mrreckoning (1 month ago)
Stick it in her mouth
maria mistretta (1 month ago)
Lmaf 😄 @ the rude guys on FB
jask agario (1 month ago)
all he says is 1000% real
comrade pudding pants (1 month ago)
what I do when I can't get it up...I dip it in to my fish tank and let the goldfish massage it with their clasping lips then I jam it up the wife...ps don't forget to pluck the fish from the end of your knob first or it could get messy ! remember respect the Dick!
Stephen Twilling (1 month ago)
Now 30 I’m not really turn on by porn much anymore and my brain doesn’t get aroused enough to get me hard . I’m horny but sometimes I’m not . I’m just realizing porn is not that big of a deal for me to watch or dont even think about it that much anymore . Yeah I like looking at girls but porn is going down hill with being hypocrites trying make sound like the girls arent prosititute but still are human being . They are practicing safe sex now and have women show there flaws . The idea of porn is they hid girl flaws with makeup , now there not any more . porn star women are always gonna be label as prostitute and enjoy being raped by total strangers . Once a prostitute you’ll always be a prosititute as a porn star that is simple
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
I went through a bad break up a little over a year ago. Hooked up with a girl I knew for long time, we had been friends forever and she told me she always wanted to fuck me. So since I was comfortable with her, I banged her goddamn brains out. Then a few months later I met this really really cute, super shy girl...We were kissing and I got her naked but she was so nervous. She said she wanted to have sex but her anxiety made me so nervous that i could not get turned on. Plus there really wasn't that comfort level that I usually enjoy. It was extremely embarrassing but it just wasn't gonna happen. The chemistry wasnt right, her nervous jittery behavior freaked me out. Plus I still had feelings for my old girlfriend. My ego took a huge hit but after a bit I put the pieces together and started to understand the variables of it all.
Ralph Munisami (1 month ago)
After I found out my gf is pregnant just can't get it up but only for her with other chicks it works just fine
Freddy faz Bear (1 month ago)
He said dick 700 Times
Vlonald Troumpsky (1 month ago)
Snort some more blow. That helps
Ed C (1 month ago)
Eat pussy.. Problem solved.
Indy Jones (1 month ago)
If you're watching porn and masturbate, you jack up your dopamine in your brain to levels way above the amount of Dopamine your brain will produce during real life sex. If you can't get it up, stop watching porn, and stop masturbating and let your brain re-calibrate its Dopamine. If you are not in this category, and still can't get it up, well, try going for guys.
David Norman (1 month ago)
As a young guy my dick was hard nearly all the time! Only wank magazines then no hardcore!
Bert Prins (1 month ago)
Eating her pussy for a couple of minutes fixed it. Not sure if it will work everytime.
Quang Lam (1 month ago)
I have the chick lick my nipples and lick my ear that gets me going usually. Use foreplay and eating pussy to will always help and at least give you a dick sometime to get ready
KNOW THE LAW (1 month ago)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 How can i breath into my balls
mike riolo (1 month ago)
WTF. You dumb shit ! At your age u don't even know what to do with it except jerk off
ME HE (1 month ago)
Come out of the closet. Your cock would be harder than Chinese Algebra if you saw a guy's hairy balloon knot.
Alio (1 month ago)
FINALLY I FOUND THE ANSWER TO MY PROBLEM! For some time I was always getting concerned that maybe I lost attraction towards women and I always have been attracted towards women I never faked my attraction towards women and I just know for a fact that I love women but this video just made my day because now I know why this has been happening to me for a little while THANK YOU SO MUCH!
vincent dickey (1 month ago)
Hilarious! Had me in tears
Emma Smith (1 month ago)
*We also have a variety of medication available to help men achieve and maintain an erection. But before you pop a pill, try! Watch the video at the link below* ▼▼▼ kaklechitsya222.ru/erect
martin bisschoff (1 month ago)
Put "self raising flour" into your bath water!!!!!!!
Daniel Ezrry (1 month ago)
Hi i regret for taking crystal meth yesterday and now my dick is not hard.. im panic.. what must i do ? Am i going to stuck like thos forever ?
KxK96 (1 month ago)
Here's my story: Went out with a girl last Sunday, we both agreed on having sex and dinner afterwards, so we met up the day, had a couple of jokes and small talk before doing the thing at the motel. The thing is I coukd barely get it up, the only way I could was by fingering her and watch her moan and enjoy it (that shit turns you on like crazy) but I couldn't get it rock hard enough to penetrate. Felt like shit, I'm 23 years old, that kind of shit wasn't supposed to happen. Apparently girls are more used to this situations than guys, so we kept making out, cuddling, kissing, no rough sex as i expected but a nice romantic experience for both. Now, looking back at it, I could tell that a lot of factors intervened, for example: I mentally prepared for sex days before the meet up and that totally blocked me during the moment, I've been watching porn and been fapping for years and it has ruined my brain altho it's been a week since I quit both, I hadn't seen her in like a year or so, and maybe MAYBE she wasn't the right chick, u know? Maybe I forced the whole fantasy cause I've been with girls before and just kissing them makes me hard rock unintentionally... so yeah, guys, it sucks and you panick but you need to reevaluate in your mind what went wrong and learn from it.
Joe Marispini Jr. (1 month ago)
Hogwash, you can't command your penis to do anything. It can't listen to you ---period. You may get semi-hard, but to expect it to bone-up all the way is wishful thinking. Blood flow is the answer, not telling it to come to attention and perform.
Emma Smith (2 months ago)
*How To Get And Keep Rock-Hard Erections* *Thousands of men have used this to cure their erectile dysfunction. *Click here and get hard erections:* kaklechitsya222.ru/erect
preston martin (2 months ago)
I am in great shape and workout 6 days a week. I eat clean everyday and take blood flow supps and test boosters and I don’t watch porn. I’m 19 years old and I had an overdose in 2015 that gave me permanent limp dick
Richard Cataldi (2 months ago)
Real men still take care of their partner. Invest in a dildo and small personal vibator. Please her and you will feel like a man even when you can't perform
Floyd Apungan (2 months ago)
happened to me twice :o
wholistica.org (2 months ago)
With a few simple shifts in your lifestyle, you can go from lacklustre to lasting longer (and stronger) than ever before.
ThickPeople (2 months ago)
Weed, watching porn, over musturbating...and the list goes on.... are some of the main causes of a soft penis all the time.
Stephen Twilling (2 months ago)
I get hard on the metro bus sometimes and it’s embarrassing
Leon Anderson (2 months ago)
I’ll get hard if she sucks on it, but she don’t like to sometimes. Also during the process of putting on a condom it just goes down because I’m distracted with putting it on and lose the feeling while in the moment
Jose Sanchez (18 days ago)
Leon Anderson I’m so sorry to hear this Leon. How old were they? I’ll be happy to talk To you if you need someone to talk to. My mom died a little over 7 years Ago. My girlfriend died in December of last year from Breast cancer that Spread to her bones after 17 years. My youngest nephew died within the Last month. He was 33, Hadn’t seen him since he was 7. He caught his Wife in bed with another guy, and he was helping to raise another guys Daughter. He either went out and bought a gun or already had one, and Blew his brains out. I really don’t talk much to anyone in my family. I Think of them as toxic. That’s why I post on youtube to try and make Some friends. I apologize if I said anything that was insensitive to you. Do you have any siblings or other relatives you keep in contact with?
Leon Anderson (18 days ago)
Jose Sanchez My parents are dead, they died in a car crash five years ago
Jose Sanchez (18 days ago)
Leon Anderson You keep your pants on and stop copying your parents right now. You came from a family of people and all they did was have sex. Stop it. Stop making more people this instant.
Leon Anderson (18 days ago)
Jose Sanchez that goes for you too
Jose Sanchez (18 days ago)
Leon Anderson Stop copying your parents. Keep your pants on.
Dave Ollie metal head (2 months ago)
How about the girls do some exciting things for a change that definitely helps me
Victoria Morrisa (2 months ago)
Thank you. It's really interesting to understand the male point of view of sex. I strongly encourage your point of communicating to your partner what's going on, for you sake and for hers - because she might think that she's not doing a good job when it really isn't about her. If you're having a sexual experience where both people care about each other, she will be understanding about it
legotech7 (2 months ago)
This guy is .. a dick..........
Michael Stapleton (2 months ago)
if you can't get it up then go down on her
Jose Sanchez (18 days ago)
Michael Stapleton If you do it solo, you can still have it feel good even if there is no erection.
scott williams (2 months ago)
Sometimes my hand will look at me and say “uh no”
ItzKaiPlayz (2 months ago)
Have yall heard of viagra

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