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How i plan on getting free over the air HD TV Prt. 1

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I have found a way to get free over the air HD TV stations .
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Lee Ralph (2 years ago)
Quite a project!! I had made a smaller antenna that I hang in my window to watch TV on my computer...Yours will be on a lot larger scale though! I look forward to seeing your progress.
Lee Ralph (2 years ago)
That is cool! In my computer room I use a homemade antenna to watch on my computer. in The Front room we use a 100 antenna we got from WalMart..I have been pretty happy.Then on all the Tv's we have ROKU's hooked up to stream some of those channels you mentioned. I can even watch YT, I just hate that I can not comment on the ROKU
Yea after seeing my neighbors working I had to get one. you can also stream some movies from free sites like crackle.  if you like the old tv shows and movies  try tubtub and you can take a hdmi cable and hook you computer to a flat screen tv and watch every thing on a bigger screen, If you cant find these stations let me know and ill send you a link.
do let us know how this works out you know what is said bout best laid plans
Beasthunter7 (2 years ago)
When you mentioned the shows you like on Hulu I realized we like the same programs.  lol  q;>})
Yea those are the types of shows I watch. and you can get it all on hulu . I also watch westerns.
cyclemaster46 (2 years ago)
Yea and they were playing nice that day. I have seen times that they gave me a head ache just watching them.
BonnieBlue2A (2 years ago)
I like your idea about using the dish mounts for solar.  Will be interested to see how your project moves along.
Thanks I looked at the solar tracking systems and they are basicly the same and are designed to hold a lot of weight.
Rev John O'Toole (2 years ago)
here is a website you can find the satelite you can get the "free to air tv" http://www.geosatfinder.com/Default.aspx here is a video of a video of antennas for free over the air digital tv from stations 50 miles away, the higher you get it the better. best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rgEukRZBOk
Rev John O'Toole (2 years ago)
it's well worth the option most everyone that changes to it says it makes a big difference, but I know it is a lot to pay for.
Ozark Off Grid Family (2 years ago)
+Ozark living Homestead a solar tracking is something we haven't been able to get yet!! but we have more trees to contend with so don't know if it's an option!
Thanks John  maybe you will know where I can find a good solar tracker to track the sun.

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