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Marijuana Causes Certain People To . . .

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Researchers are trying to figure out why it is that marijuana affects people differently. Some people might get a light buzz other people kind of go nuts when they smoke weed. The researchers have identified a specific gene that could impact the way your body reacts to marijuana. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian hosts of The Young Turks discuss. Do you know anyone who reacts this way when they get high? Let us know in the comments below. Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gene-react-marijuana_us_56c4a78ee4b0b40245c89a54 We've long known that pot can affect different people in various ways -- some smokers only experience a slight "buzz" while others can become paranoid or even hallucinate. Now, a team of researchers in the U.K. has found a way to identify which cannabis users are more at risk of developing such strong reactions. A variation of the gene called "AKT1" is linked to people being more susceptible to the mind-altering effects of cannabis than otherwise, according to a provocative new study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry on Tuesday. While some previous studies suggest only around 1-5 percent of cannabis users end up developing psychosis, it's the AKT1 gene variant that may put those users more at risk, study lead author Dr. Celia Morgan, professor of psychopharmacology at England's University of Exeter, told The Huffington Post. *** Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Get The Young Turks​ Mobile App Today! Download the iOS version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-young-turks/id412793195?ls=1&mt=8 Download the Android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tyt
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Text Comments (2233)
K&D Vlogs (1 day ago)
I don't know what it was but when I smoked yesterday I felt like I couldn't distinguish between my high and reality... I felt like nothing was real. I was paranoid and scared and kept checking my phone because I thought I was going to get a call my boyfriend died or something and time moved really slow... My heart rate was through the roof ... I could barely breath .... And I was shaking super bad... I kept forgetting what I was doing and couldn't remember anything that was being said and what was going on... It didn't feel real .
Nate Cool (15 hours ago)
+jeevan singh will that feeling go away or are you stuck with it
jeevan singh (1 day ago)
K&D Vlogs yeah I had the same thing happen to me, however I felt like I couldn’t distinguish between reality and feeling high for a couple days after I smoked, sometimes based on the potency I felt that way for a couple weeks.
Amateur Soul (2 days ago)
I remember I got so high one time I felt like the devil was watching me somehow... the best way to avoid the major paranoia is to just chill listen to some music or watch a movie
Mia Simons (2 days ago)
This may sound weird , but when i smoke weed , at first im fine , but then I began to become very paranoid. I don't think str8 , i pace around my house alone and I still feel like someone is watching me. I want to hide under a cover. I hear people. Not like psychosis but like I hear conversations from blocks away much more intense and loud and i think they are talking about me. I also feel tense and stuck. As if as soon as my toe touches the ground , its very loud and everyone will turn and look at me. I do originally suffer with anxiety. I wasnt always like this. I got worse as I got older. I stopped smoking weed bc of the paranoia. I cant do it. Someone please tell me Im not alone.
Juan Betancourt (5 days ago)
Therr Is No Marijuana Anywhere That Will Make Me Want To Run Stoned
Karly Stubbs (11 days ago)
I did not trust it helped me to stop weed, but this stop smoking guide “fetching zemzem site” (Google it) really did benefit me. It may not give you any info that you aren`t already conscious of, but it presents it in a manner that makes it not possible for a reasonable individual to refuse or rationalize the practice. I feel new ever since I have completely stopped being hooked on the vice..
KyotoDreams (13 days ago)
I take one hit and I start to hallucinate and hear terrible noises . I can paranoia so bad that I would rather die. I can't smoke at all
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
KyotoDreams It's so easy to get out of that state and enjoy the high, weed is for everyone and you should enjoy the paranoia, watch Joe Rogan talk about this subject.
Angelique Dominique (16 days ago)
I’ve been hearing things after smoking only at night, it makes me scared to smoke late now and it makes me sad because I fear I’m going crazy but when I don’t smoke at night I’m fine. If I smoke in the day I’m fine. Idk why it’s weird. I need to smoke to sleep I can’t sleep without it. But I can’t sleep with hearing all this shit now, this didn’t always happen... I’m stuck
Amateur Soul (2 days ago)
Woah what do u hear tho
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
Angelique Dominique Weed is Awesome! You need to look into yourself and find what is wrong with you, weed brings out what you've been hiding and avoiding to think about, watch Joe Rogan talk about this subject.
Darky334455 (16 days ago)
Everything slows down around me and I get paranoid.
IT Enthusiasm (3 days ago)
Look up Joe Rogan weed paranoia
Calvin Ross (3 days ago)
+IT Enthusiasm can you provide a link for that.
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
Weed is amazing!!! You need to look into yourself and find what is wrong with you, not the weed, watch Joe Rogan talk about this subject.
QUACKERS (15 days ago)
Darky334455 same I was really scared of my friends getting hurt
Falci Main (18 days ago)
Dawg i get twhacked up on week hits. At first it's calm I just laugh a lot and I'm giddy. Then shit hits me like a brick with a wave a euphoria and I have to sit down to gather myself. And then all the anxiety is gone, i'm hyper as shit, i'm social as shit. And I'm ready to ball
Gia graceffa (22 days ago)
Everything looks sharp and I feel taller when I’m high and I forgot how to breathe last night when I hit a grav
Nate Cool (15 hours ago)
When did it go away that feeling
Tagen McCoy (9 days ago)
+YoungDopeBoy 420 i know, but my mom was right there and we both started laughing
YoungDopeBoy 420 (9 days ago)
Thats dangerous bro
Tagen McCoy (15 days ago)
I was smoking earlier and i passed out while chewing pizza😂
Wise Guy (26 days ago)
When I smoke potent weed I have pretty decent CEV's and sometimes dissociate from myself and or surroundings.  I have friends that report nothing but a sedation from the same amounts where I'm more 'in my head'. Including thought loops, CEV's, time dilation etc... I like it. I do get paranoid and anxiety but for some reason it's entertaining. This all started after a somewhat negative LSD experience. That one experience changed the way I experience weed. Used to take hallucinogens like acid, shrooms hundreds of times during my youth but it was the one LSD trip that changed weed for me forever.
truth 90 (27 days ago)
Depersonlization suffered from it for 3-5 years; and the cause WEED; it could have led to suicide easily thankfully i got out
KiNg Ry (1 day ago)
Me too I stopped smoking and I feel much better
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
Weed is an amazing plant!! It brings out the true you, your brain can't hide when THC takes control of your cerebral cortex, there is not a single thing wrong with weed, it's you, you need to look into yourself and find what is wrong with you and fix it, watch Joe Rogan talk about this subject.
Thomas Luczak (27 days ago)
I use to love weed. now, one hit and every problem in my life is magnified a thousand fold. it sucks because I really loved the feeling. anybody else feel that way ?
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
There's definitely nothing wrong with weed, weed is for everyone, watch Joe Rogan talk about this subject. You taking the weed means it will be your master, if you even try to resist a little bit it will whip you down with your own fears and insecurities, your problem is not with weed, it's with you, look into your heart, weed can control that too!
Wise Guy (26 days ago)
I was on Suboxone for over 6 years and finally came off last year. I think that stuff is a complete wonder drug! Glad you're helping yourself.
Thomas Luczak (26 days ago)
Thanks for the reply WG. Ive been on suboxone for ten years and want to stop. I know for a fact weed could do the trick because I remember when I was withdrawaling from oxy`s , smoking dope helped immensely. I have a monster white widow bush in my yard so I will find out soon enough. take care. PS : I too are an atheist. seems our our numbers are growing.
Wise Guy (26 days ago)
That's because you're literally fighting the high. Some people become introspective while high and if you have past hang ups, they'll surface. Best thing to do is write down all your hang ups and attempt to deal with them if possible. Either way, weed isn't for everyone. I was like you and have said exactly what you've said. Over time I worked with the weed and my hang ups and now I'm just fine with it. I'm enjoying it again as if it was my first time.
Owner Officiall (1 month ago)
I got nuts on weed like ADHD n it’s funny cos I got ADHD but can control it , but on weed I jump up n down like damm
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
Weed is awesome! There's definitely not a single thing wrong with it, it's you that needs to be fixed.
Izzo Green (1 month ago)
Maca (1 month ago)
Help lol... I feel numb and touching stuff hurts and I smoked about 2 days ago and the feeling won’t go away
tim tom (10 days ago)
If ya cant stay still for more then a minute then you probably did laced weed or something idk?
tim tom (10 days ago)
+MercuryOnCFW he probably smoked somethin else😕
MercuryOnCFW (1 month ago)
Maca listen man I’m not a doctor but I have had Deporsonalization disorder for 2months now and I think you should look in to it it’s not a nice mental illness but it’s not deadly it’s simply the brain detaching from the thoughts and body.
Maca (1 month ago)
OnlyyMecrury Yeah mostly, I have been very tired and feeling unreal
SquawkImABird (1 month ago)
Dude it feels like my brain pushing my skull lolll
jeovany Lopez (1 month ago)
I tend to freestyle alot like my music loud like my blunt lol and hang round go do some shit workout study watch tv shit anything mate
spoada (1 month ago)
Nope, when one is a dummy before they smoke, they will be a total idiot after smoking.
Falci Main (18 days ago)
Dawg im hella smart already. When I get high I just become a 8 year old, straight retarded
Andrew Carlson (2 months ago)
I’m so scared because I I am having the shakes and it’s like my 6th time being high and I’m freaking out
Wise Guy (26 days ago)
And one month later  you're all still alive(assuming nothing else happened since). See, it wont kill you so no point in freaking out. It works similarly to other hallucinogens. Emotions including anxiety can be amplified and thought loops can occur. If you're intent on learning to like weed, take smaller minimal hits to get your system used to it. Or just quit if it's not worth the troubles. Nothing wrong with either.
TOXITWASTE 15 (1 month ago)
Andrew Carlson same
spoada (1 month ago)
Its not for you. You may dwell on things in life. It could also be your normal “shake” and you are just becoming aware of it.
Mr.OmarGiraffe (1 month ago)
Andrew Carlson chill man sit down and enjoy
Who's King Now (2 months ago)
... Depersonalization
Underfire131 (1 month ago)
+MercuryOnCFW for sure man
MercuryOnCFW (1 month ago)
Underfire131 thanks
Underfire131 (1 month ago)
+MercuryOnCFW look up a YouTube channel called Adventure Life, this guy really helped figure out what was going on. I think he can help you too
MercuryOnCFW (1 month ago)
Underfire131 I know I had another panic attack yesterday I was paralysed for 2 minutes straight, couldn’t walk and had vision altering effects. like the room was moving and spinning.
Fake Donald J. Trump (2 months ago)
Cenk smokes weed very odften, when he goes off (wwhich he doesn't do so often anymore), maybe he should step away from it a little bit, also considering the fact, that he's fat ad marijuana triggers hun ger. And yes, we know you're talking about yourself in ths, you're blunt as folk in here. And btw, this video was shot BEFORE cannabis was even legal in California, where they're living in.
Wise Guy (26 days ago)
Either way, marijuana users on average are thinner than their non-using counterparts. Or people who drink alcohol. He's genetically his size.
gamergirl !!! (2 months ago)
Is AKT1 curable
Tony Boss (8 days ago)
+IT Enthusiasm people thinking of it as the devils lettuce
IT Enthusiasm (8 days ago)
What’s so funny?
Tony Boss (8 days ago)
+IT Enthusiasm lol
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
No, no more weed for you! Unless you want your brain to fry and your existence filled with penance, weed is ravenous with its penance!
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
gamergirl !!! Akt1 is a gene, it's something you have that helps you grow it's not necessarily bad unless you have a mutation. If you bug out of weed take a extremely small hit. It's common for bigginers to take one hit and bug out so it should be a verry small hit.
Does anybody have diarrhea smoking, i dint know if its the weed im smokinh but i do get it from a man who owns his own hydro-ponic store??
Marine Corps Infantry (2 months ago)
Every single time I even start to think about going out to smoke all of a sudden I’ll have to take a shit. Sometimes I’ll shit right before I smoke, then literally 3 minutes later when I start packing the first bowl I’ll have to shit like crazy again. Like where is all that shit coming from? It’s annoying. But when I don’t smoke I won’t have to shit all day.
Willsk8 (2 months ago)
Cedric just don't over eat
Cedric (2 months ago)
Roberta Jeanne Miraflores smoking can act as a laxative, when people smoke (cigarettes or weed) it often happens that they have to take a dump because it relaxes the intstines
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
Just smoke less
Willsk8 (2 months ago)
Probably eating shitty foods,
Jack Trades (2 months ago)
Explains how I had an ego death on a g of wax
Wise Guy (26 days ago)
Not too mention wax is super potent and THC has hallucinogenic properties. People can and still argue whether or not THC is a hallucinogen but to me the proof is in the smoker. People like me using potent THC products have similar effects to smaller doses of psilocybin, LSD or Ketamine. Sounds like you do to. Hell I even get CEV's which on THC are always fun. Like neon cartoons!
Jack Trades (2 months ago)
Damn I guess I have the gene akt1. That sucks
Limitless (17 days ago)
Jack Trades as I respect that you peacefully replied, as shall as well, what sources our brain power? Why aren’t some of us like 50x Times smarter than each other? The smartest human is like 2.5 times smarter than a low level intelligence one, the most athletic is like only 3 times fast than average humans, why aren’t there deviant humans? This is why I’m certain of someone putting these laws in, by this logic, marijuana must of came from them, and just how people know murder is wrong, you can feel the same energy on lsd and weed, if you want truth, I can’t resonate it fully, I can just try to portray a concept using words that also try to portray concepts but can’t fully describe them, they only resonate closely enough for our brain to do the rest of the work and make the connection of what someone is describing. In other words you won’t get the full truth on weed from me, a 16 year old who tried it a lot and stopped, but I doubt you will get it from these media sources either, ask very intelligent and caring people, cause if you were truly intelligent you would tell people of dangers! Peace to you, and may you find the answer you were looking for.
Jack Trades (17 days ago)
Limitless I respect your opinion but I think that idea goes a lil too far fam. It alters your reality because your brain is a powerful thing hence why we have dreams or ideas or anything else.
Limitless (18 days ago)
nova6er  That's exactly what lsd does... They are highly similar, lsd is 1000 times stronger than weed, if u take acid, then take weed u can see how similar they are, I believe both are demonic! the loud buzzing is a very intense vibration that feels like a demon clattering in your head. Pls ponder on this.
Xi Zui (25 days ago)
I've never tried cannabis. But I know I have the akt1 gene n so does my dad as we both mentally ill with schizophrenia and psychosis
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
I got a nice buzz of one pull from the pax
Aaron Williams (2 months ago)
im dizzy and allergic
GodOfDoor (2 months ago)
I have memory tracers and it's not too bad but it is very trippy. It's like doing every action five times. Saying everything five times. Looking at someone five times. But afterwards it feels like normal high. I know weed is a psychedelic but it's as if mind mind does things slower than my body does them for my mind. But it stays like that. Occasionally I'll see a steady pattern or a weird wave in a surface like I was trying to watch harry potter after a smoked a joint (I'm a super lightweight) and I saw swirling cones sticking straight out the TV with the movie on the cones. Then I finished the movie but I did not catch a single thing and I ate five cheese sticks, a glass of milk cuz I had desert-cotton mouth. And I poured a giant ass cup of brisk tea and fell asleep.
GodOfDoor (2 months ago)
Tony Boss thanks for the information. I didn't know that.
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
willa wooding it's because it lowers your sodium levels, potassium levels and blood sugar and blood pressure if you take more than you can handle . When you have any one of them low it causes pannic attacks, confusion and even muscle spazzms.
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
willa wooding lol that's a common reaction.. but I'd only buy from a reputable source to be sure its clean. I only take one verry small hit and wait 13 minutes
willa wooding (2 months ago)
GodOfDoor i got so high today & all of a sudden i would start laughing then i couldn’t walk straight after that my body was shaking really bad and i was really paranoid & it was my first time and now i’m laying down not being able to feel my body really
England is my city (2 months ago)
GodOfDoor try having sex while high nothing compares to it
These guys don’t smoke their fake af
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
Cenk is not white.
El Business (1 month ago)
+Xander Johnston LMFAO 😂😂
Xander Johnston (2 months ago)
Nah they do but in the whitest way possible they pray in between hits and they hold it with two hands at all times
Jamie Skylar (3 months ago)
Wtf the chick is talking about Sativa 😂 sativa is supposed to energize you like this chick obviously never smoked
Marine Corps Infantry (2 months ago)
No matter the strain it always makes me lazy and tired. Indica makes this even worse, when I smoke sativa I’ll still lay in bed all day but atleast I’ll be able to somewhat function
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
It's mostly thc that makes you hyper and cbd that sedates. Sure the terpine profile in each strain definitely affects the effect but thc and cbds effects mostly overpowers it all.
Jamie Skylar (2 months ago)
Guilherme Sattamini do you know how many strains there are? I seriously doubt she tried them all
Guilherme Sattamini (2 months ago)
That's exactly what she meant.... She was saying that doesn't matter the strain, she just wants to sit down and relax, but people tell her "oh, you should smoke sativa not to feel like that". Pay attention
AddictForTheArts (3 months ago)
Sounds more like those folks got some fire.
Sticky Toast Crunch (3 months ago)
It's a psychedelic. So obviously it effects you different because of your personality, mental health, where you are in life etc.
Chief Greco (2 months ago)
Dark Cookie obvious to few, but in general, people are too dumb to comprehend what you wrote.
Deshawn Morris (3 months ago)
I can't smoke because it have me so paranoid I start to panic and have anxiety attacks....
IT Enthusiasm (11 days ago)
WEED IS FOR EVERYONE! You need weed, watch Joe Rogan talk about this subject.
Chief Greco (2 months ago)
Deshawn Morris his advice won't help you. Some people just aren't supposed to smoke weed. It's really no loss. Life's much better without it, or any crutch for that matter.
Deshawn Morris (3 months ago)
Thanks I appreciate the advice..
Tony Boss (3 months ago)
Deshawn Morris don't smoke, vape instead and microdose. Also have some pure cbd to balance it. Naturally the CBD should be higher but most people grow stupid high THC. Also make sure you not getting laced.
Ayuss Sapkota (3 months ago)
Bruh. Different weed. That's all.
Sammy Stern (3 months ago)
Drink 2-3 Beers then smoke weed, it will make you relaxed and sedated, If you smoke it while sober, You will go psycotic lol. (It worked for me)
Maca (1 month ago)
Works for me as well, when I smoke sober I feel numbness in my hands but when I drink and smoke I just feel relaxed
AddictForTheArts (3 months ago)
Agreed. The crave for a joint is more, but when the hit kicks in along with the booze it just puts you in pure emotionless sedation, but your body is moving away.
Tortoise010 (3 months ago)
if i smoke while drunk, it kills the mood. being crossed is not enjoyable.
marie badua (3 months ago)
It's for the sick people and try the oil not the cigarette.
Tony Boss (3 months ago)
Or vape it, it protects brain cells if you microdose
Suz Marie (4 months ago)
I get extremely bad hypochondria when I smoke. I legit somehow convince myself that I feel the symptoms.
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
There are strains for anxiety that contain little to no thc that works for people with our issues
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
Sevyn Bodily I used to vape grams of thc Distillate and be fine but now I get the same thing if I have more than like a few milligrams of thc. My limit is like 3 mg or I get anxiety. If I increase slowly over weeks, I don't get anxiety keep in mind one hit from a joint can have up to 60 mg of thc 11x the reccomended weed intake for beginners
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
Suz Marie one hit from what?? One hit from a joint can have 15-60 mg of thc per hit that is wayy too much for some people. Doctors reccomed starting with quarter milligram. I get that much from packing a dry herb vape and taking a super ultra small hit on the lowest setting
Sevyn Bodily (2 months ago)
Suz Marie I can not smoke weed anymore. My heart beats so fast and I have panic attacks. Every. Single. Time. I've tried medical grade, and all different kinds from different people. It's still the same reaction. Some people just can't have cannabis- doesn't matter the strain. And some people just can't seem to accept that fact.
Suz Marie (3 months ago)
I can take one hit or several and it still happens.
Reverse Flash (4 months ago)
It makes my heart raise, bad vision, I hear loud noice in head, I basically feel like I’m about to faint
Tony Boss (2 months ago)
Reverse Flash how much did you vape? Some people are more sensitive. Some people have high anendamide levels and benifit from thc but people with low ademamide benefit more form just cbd and get pannic from thc. This is because cbd raises anendamide and thc lowers it. It could also just be due to some people having more receptors than others.
Reverse Flash (2 months ago)
Tony Boss my sis had some too though and she was fine
Tony Boss (3 months ago)
Reverse Flash how much did you vape? Could of been moldy, had spidermites, or laced. Did you buy from a dispensary?
Tony Montana (4 months ago)
Weed makes me obsess a lot and become lazy ...
Sebastian Londono (4 months ago)
I have proteus syndrome btw due to the ATK1 gene im part of the one in a million.
Dante Roberts (3 months ago)
But also I feel more euphoric and giddy in the right mindset and idk if this gives you a more idea but I have adhd
Dante Roberts (3 months ago)
Bls192007 Bls there was a time where I got high with a friend I was relaxed at first then my friend started tweaking like hand twitches and I was starting to panic seeing him like that I thought he was gonna kill me and then I started seeing little dots and lines on the ceiling and that freaked me out and I just wanted to make a run for it
Sebastian Londono (3 months ago)
Bls192007 Bls hey man it affects me in a very euphoric way and I feel like I'm on two scoops of pre work put
Charlie Plays (4 months ago)
Is it weird when I smoke weed I think really weird stuff, hallucinate, have tunnel vision, can get really paranoid and sometimes I'm sick
Matěj Škopek (1 month ago)
Same here man, I also get tunnel vision and see various grometrical patterns in different colours, I also tend to get anxious... do not know why though...
it dont make you halucinate but it makes you think anf feel very weird stuff atleast if you not smoke so much
lil flex (4 months ago)
Your just a bitch then lmao
Thomas Lium (4 months ago)
Boi how old are you
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed (4 months ago)
Charlie Plays stop smoking. It’s not for Everybody.
weed sometimes makes me cringe at everythingh anyone else had that feeling?
Anthony Koval (3 months ago)
You’re definitely not the only one 💯
Venus Love (4 months ago)
Lol that’s exactly me!
High Priestess (4 months ago)
i will kill you if you reply to my comment lmao try to think of something else xD
High Priestess (4 months ago)
i will kill you if you reply to my comment I think bcuz it makes you think more so maybe ur analyzing your self a little too much. But as lo by as u know your creating it u can brush it off.
Logic Seeker (4 months ago)
Been smoking daily for 9 years with small breaks once in a great while. I quit yesterday and i am going through some physical and mental withdrawal. I woke up during the night 3 times almost soaked in sweat, i had a very vivid horrible nightmare too, hot flashes have been happening very often aswell. Addiction to Marijuana is real if you create the fiend networks in your brain.
charlie brown jr (3 months ago)
if you havy smoker yes,you guys kids who say that weed is not adictive and probably never seen more then ounce of weed.And yes when you stop ,thc gets out of your system and you get sick like drowsines and diarea.Facts
Tony Boss (3 months ago)
It is, it does that, weed has the longest lasting withdrawal symptoms when abused 2 to 60 days,,, don't do it daily. But in moderation or micro doses it can make everything better and no withdrawal symptoms
Andrew Paterson (4 months ago)
Hmm... I don’t think that’s the weed giving you the cold sweats and hot flashes
Eliana Diaz (4 months ago)
My first time with edibles I had 100 mg. I went into a huge panic attack, got calmed down by my trip sitter, went into full psychosis and then cried myself to sleep. Would not recommend for people with anxiety disorder.
Tony Boss (3 months ago)
You hadwayyyyyy too much they only reccomed 5 mg if you starter....... That was a retarted move hun.
christian Gomez (4 months ago)
Markus edibles never work for anxiety most of the times. Smoking does sometimes help but it depends on the environment and friends. But sometimes it never works for anyone. I unfortunately did smoke and took edibles because my friends tried to make me I would say no and they would start calling me names I was 16 only and now I’m still covering from my trauma from smoking in such a bad environment. So yeah it depends lol
Markus (4 months ago)
Eliana Diaz isn’t it supposed to help against anxiety and depression?
Kash Lamb (5 months ago)
2 grams straight will make me hallucinate with a high tolerance
Chris R (5 months ago)
A cure we can grow in our backyard. The way it's supposed to be.
SelfishBog1127 (4 months ago)
Chris R I know living In the us is the land of the free but we can’t grow a plant and smoke it? Weed blows cigarettes out of the water but they are legal and weed isn’t?
weed smoke (5 months ago)
weed is the best thing in this piece of shit world
ANTHONY Blake (1 month ago)
I thought this when I started smoking daily too until one day it just hit me. With marijuana it’s started with the high, then the lifestyle of being high pretty much all the time. I would sometime have these 3rd person experiences where I’d analyze my life and what I’m doing with it. I started to get high all the time and research mental health and personal development and it made sense more than ever so I quit. It just put everything on hold for me and made me want to barely get by. Some people may be different but not making anything of my life is the scariest thing to me as it should be for everyone.
YOUniverse1234 (4 months ago)
weed smoke on paper it looks like it is but unfortunately it’s not
Logic Seeker (4 months ago)
weed smoke Don't make it too much of a habit or you will get addicted.
Fuck Organized Religions (4 months ago)
weed smoke I understand you, but it's not for everyone. It's dangerous for people who have schizophrenia.
Mr Pickle (5 months ago)
I see things from a different perspective and get outer body experiences when I'm high on weed, I also tend to get super paranoid and sometimes allucinate. I've done MDMA and don't really feel anything but the hangover though. I guess I feel the psycological highs way more than I do the physical highs. Never actually felt a physical high now that I think about it.
Chris R (5 months ago)
I would imagine a sick person and a healthy person would have different reactions as well.
Chris R (5 months ago)
Chris LaVey lol true. I can't wait for real answers. There some really awesome stuff we still don't know about the endocannabinoid system. I would recommend cannabis to anyone with a auto immune disease. We do know it has a great ability to modulate the immune system without leaving the patient at an increased risk of getting sick. We know plenty now to reschedule it so the fact that they won't is just unethical and sheds light on the government corruption.
Chris LaVey (5 months ago)
Chris R Right? It's pretty much a given, almost literally anything in everyday life will have a different affect for different people, from certain foods to alcohol. Some people are a happy kind of drunk, others not so much. There isn't really anything informative about this one.
Chris R (5 months ago)
Probably effects people differently based on their natural endocannabinoid levels as well.
Frank Winds (5 months ago)
So why would you want to smoke weed in the first case
Rebekah M (2 months ago)
Frank Winds I get what your saying, aside from recreational use, thc arguably helps with anxiety and depression and more mental things than Cbd does alone (because it’s not psychoactive)
Safyria Blubyria (4 months ago)
Get higH
Dorfler (4 months ago)
Wrong! You have it backwards.Marijuana has 0% - 2% CBD and Hemp has 4% - 20% CBD.
Frank Winds (5 months ago)
Here you are missing the big elephant "THC". The issue here is CBD vs THC. Why dont you educate yourself properly before educating others???
Jingo McHarrison (5 months ago)
Frank Winds marijuana has 20 to 30% cbs and hemp obly has 1 to 2 % cbd
Kuba. M (5 months ago)
I’m defo AKT1 gene
baD Panda (5 months ago)
this is crap.....take this from me........ weed makes you do what you wish to do but 1000x better.... if you want to be active... you'll get a boost...of you want to just chill and relax....youll pass out.... just be a pro and control your emotions
ren carnado (3 months ago)
Wiggles 729 I had a similar experience, with just a joint I felt like I was literally dying, I almost called my family to say goodbye... But you just have to know that weed can't harm you physically (like I did). Knowing that i continued smoking like nothing happent. Maybe you just have to give it another try
Patrick William (5 months ago)
I know! First time I smoked I took over 20 bong hits at a party and I then felt it hit me hard and I was forgetting to breathe and the music was too loud and people talking was just making me nervous. I then said I should change my train of thought, I closed my eyes and pictured a train and drove it towards positive thoughts. I started laughing at everything and music sounded better, we went into an uber and the driver had smooth jazz playing. It wasn't very complex music but on weed it sounded like a symphony of complex arrangements. We arrived at a party I smoked another hit from a pipe and then we played Mario kart (I kept forgetting I was playing and was just driving into walls lol) I then ate a big bag of stale chips and a bunch of those frosted cookies.
OGslickPlays (5 months ago)
Wiggles 729 k probably cause you had way to much for no tolerance like shit you probably were greening out smoke a small amount till you get a better tolerance then it just starts to feel better
Wiggles 729 (5 months ago)
baD Panda i was around loved ones at home...my brother who smokes it all the time, my mom who tried it but didnt like it...and my boyfriend.
tousif hasan (5 months ago)
I am definitely AKT1 gene
Alexander Taves (5 months ago)
Cenk, you stay high until the next day because of all that bacon grease you eat. THC gets stored in fat.
mcozy333 (5 months ago)
if thc gets lodged in fat it's not active and has zero effects later... cannabinoid signalling does not occur via pulling thc from fat to discharge @ the neuron... ut happens @ the local of the receptor... thc has a 5 second half life once its bio-activity is recognized @ the receptor
Jeff (6 months ago)
I been tripping on my own brain juice for years the buddist believe marijuana can open the mind to altered states of consciousness be careful what you wish for some people just cant handle the TRUTH. they smoked up and then toked up and then got woke up !!!
Logic Seeker (4 months ago)
Jeff Try to quit, you might go through physical and mental withdrawals. I did, i had nightmares, night sweats, hot flashes, and strong cravings. If you create the addiction network in your brain you can become addicted to almost anything. It doesn't help that Marijuana releases dopamine in the brain everytime you use it.
megs 420 (5 months ago)
You right honest.
Alexander Taves (5 months ago)
Jeff Pot head with excuses.
Alexander Taves (5 months ago)
Jeff naw I don't care about your THC fixation. That's your ow. problem. Lol. Your "toke up then woke up" was just about the lamest and most moronic thing I've heard recently. From 17 to 21 I loved smoking pot.. Grew some dank buds too. But then I grew up and realised getting high was a weakness. Sobriety is the harder path to walk and it makes you stronger. Grow up kiddo. Weak ass bitch.
ElIxRxSiNiSTERR (6 months ago)
I guess I could qualify
Scott Templer (6 months ago)
Click bate
mcozy333 (6 months ago)
most problems with cannabis use is people use to much... micro dose especially if you have never tried it... just use a tiny amount and wait it out until you have identified with moderate use effects.... then Eat a healthy meal that heals as your munchies become apparent in your face literally = Enjoy
mcozy333 (6 months ago)
ha ha, just presenting that small dose info LOL... " healer dot com " has some of the best info on how to micro does cannabis ...
Jeff (6 months ago)
I thought you said micro dots lmao i was gonna say that's some old school shit.
CokOfaMouse BallsOfaBull (6 months ago)
I want this gene
Cole Gimpel (6 months ago)
BOREDPERSONFUL true, one time i full out tweaked and kept swearing and my friends got pissed at me because their mom was upstairs lmao. now i’m just extra paranoid ima be stupid or do stupid shit and i just stay quiet or sit on my phone
ElIxRxSiNiSTERR (6 months ago)
CokOfaMouse BallsOfaBull I have undiagnosed mental shit I'm sure of it. Hate going to docs for that shit tho
ElIxRxSiNiSTERR (6 months ago)
CokOfaMouse BallsOfaBull I think I have the gene. Permanent visual hallucinations (static like energy) and magical thinking. By that I mean thinking like an alien.
BOREDPERSONFUL (6 months ago)
CokOfaMouse BallsOfaBull it’s not that great people call u crazy
Super Woog (6 months ago)
I’ve been smoking a indica strain and it makes me feel great. I recently got a sativa strain that smells very strong and you can see the white thc crystals on it. I smoked it twice, both with about a pinch full of weed. The first time my heart started pounding and I heard a faint whisper narrating my thoughts and what I do. The second time t did the same thing. Today’s the day after the second time and when I think of the whisper, it narrates my thoughts, but when I distract myself by playing games, it goes away until I think of it. Will the whisper go away or is it my brain tricking me?
agentblank122 (5 months ago)
Super Woog I would stay away from sativa, same thing happens to me when I smoke too much of it. Sativa has a bigger psychedelic factor, so if you don't smoke much It can be too much
CokOfaMouse BallsOfaBull (6 months ago)
sounds like anxiety. sativa is bad about that. Just get your brain focused on something else
Luke Smith (6 months ago)
Super Woog its just your subconcious my dude like how you can listen to music in your head without any music playing
TheTruthSeeker (6 months ago)
Marijuana secretly has caused severe depression and anxiety, but goes away after 2-3 days of quitting
David G. (4 months ago)
Some people hear voices unrelated to schizophrenia
Logic Seeker (4 months ago)
Yes, Marijuana addiction is very real too. Everytime you get high, dopamine gets released in the brain. Over time, dopamine receptors are thrown off and it is hard to find enjoyment in anything while sober. Night sweats, vivid nightmares, hot flashes and strong cravings can happen too if your addicted and quit.
Iron Fist (4 months ago)
Try high cbd strains
FilmsMusicLife (6 months ago)
KenTheTruthSeeker to you
Justin Carnes (6 months ago)
Marijuana makes me go out and get shit done. It makes me stop thinking about myself and instead think about the bigger picture. It lets me think outside of myself more freely.
Edwin Zuniga (7 months ago)
the picture to this video is powerful. i feel like i get that way when i smoke marijuana, i have schizophrenia.
Pisqual Budalkopf (4 months ago)
I start telling myself to calm. If I don‘t calm i‘ll get mad.
Chiara Orindi (5 months ago)
Same!!! I start telling myself things in my mind
venace (6 months ago)
Edwin Zuniga I feel you man, men I smoke I talk in a different accent and talk to myself. It’s really weird but it makes me feel like I’m not alone. When I talk to my self I don’t notice I’m doing it until after I’m high. A lot of people would think that’s weird but I love the feeling and it makes me happy so 😂
CokOfaMouse BallsOfaBull (6 months ago)
Edwin Zuniga prilly shouldn't smoke bro. weed has been known to exacerbate scitzo symptoms
Harvest Kingz420 (7 months ago)
I have depression and anxiety marjuana helps
Some YouTuber (6 months ago)
Harvest Kingz420 so do I , but I’m not in America so I don’t have access to marijuana anymore, I used to smoke but I don’t anymore
Harvest Kingz420 (6 months ago)
Some YouTuber I really do have depression and anxiety it is perfect without putting pills into my system that I have no clue what goes into let alone what my money is going to ya know
Baron Samuels (6 months ago)
Some YouTuber says everyone that has ever read a YouTube comment about how marijuana has helped someones Anxiety 😉
Some YouTuber (7 months ago)
Harvest Kingz420 yeah says everyone that’s smoked weed now
netbookeater (8 months ago)
What a shit channel
andy monarch (8 months ago)
Alcohol makes some mad and others happy. Others have different effects when taking pills
andy monarch (8 months ago)
Cause not every human is the same twat
vengfull zealots corner (6 months ago)
andy monarch true shit
Asa Coe (8 months ago)
Are you Stoned there. I see you coughing there girl. that's ok I am So stoned.
Philip fry (8 months ago)
Asa Coe I'm telling
Troy Mackenzie (8 months ago)
Is it true some people’s brains trigger permanent psychosis from trying weed once?
FilmsMusicLife (6 months ago)
Brown Wood what kind of creepy thoughts
Josh Cook (7 months ago)
Not from maurijuana. The only way I could see this possibly as true is if there is something else seriously wrong with the bodies system. A missing needed nutrient in the body can make you go mental as well. A build up of toxins in the body without flushing everything can do this and cause diseases that could easily have been prevented. There are so many things we can do to get healthy if it's not too late. If your overweight your liver is probably not at 100%. Weight gain is one of the first symptoms. However the liver works so hard that you won't be in dire straights until about 30% of your liver is all that's working. Neck pain along your right side of your neck. Cirroses happens when only about 10% of the liver is working. You can repair it with diet and cutting out bad habits it just takes time. For the most part a liver can always fully repair itself.
Brown Wood (7 months ago)
Weed is bad for some maan It affected me in a baad way i overthink alot with creepy thoughts...not everyone has the happy high
Crotchet (7 months ago)
Troy Mackenzie Yes, and it's true cause Jeff Sessions told me
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed (8 months ago)
Permanent from weed no. Any psychoactive substance can bring out mental disorders surley. But your not going to smoke once and end up a skitzophrenic. It's a long term degenerative disease, like many mental disorders, while psychoactive substances can bring them out, they will only worsen what you have while you are on it.
khalid jat (8 months ago)
I smoked weed a few times with my friends, they were perfectly fine but I started puking, feeling paranoid, questioning myself, anxiety, the worst feeling was when i couldent swallow my own saliva and got foam in my mouth which kinda put me in panic mode but I couldent express myself as I was too high, btw i only took around 3 hits from a blunt, can anyone tell me why it didint suit me
khalid jat (7 months ago)
Crotchet hahaha how am I lucky, was just tryna enjoy weed, tried it 3 times and had crazy bad trips making me never wanting to smoke it again
Crotchet (7 months ago)
Finesse Kidd Some people like khalid are just lucky I guess! lol
Finesse Kidd (7 months ago)
Crotchet Smoking weed for me never made me trip like edibles
Some YouTuber (8 months ago)
I guess my family weed gene makes us active asf
Danielaa Rodriguez (8 months ago)
My whole body feels numb af and tingling wtf do I do lmaooo
Josh Cook (7 months ago)
To much sodium intake can do this. A few other things maybe with blood pressure. I would definitely get it checked out if you don't want to research on the internet. YouTube has great videos for every organ. If it keeps coming back there is something wrong with your diet or an organ is not getting enough of it's needed nutrients. Don't hold of I would recommend seeing a doctor. It doesn't sound like it's from maurijuana.
Danielaa Rodriguez (7 months ago)
biggie2335 not that bad you just gotta control yourself lmao
biggie2335 (7 months ago)
Danielaa Rodriguez how bad is the numbness and tingling?? I get the same way and idk why shit is bogus af
sony so (8 months ago)
Danielaa Rodriguez I would go to the doctor just to get checked. Tingling for no reason seems kind of weird maybe it has to do with something else.
Danielaa Rodriguez (8 months ago)
sony so I was okay after a couple weeks lmao the symptoms for some reason came back tho
Britney Beautiful (9 months ago)
I think some people get high more easily believe it or not they love it more hehehe
exist in the now (9 months ago)
I hallucinate visually and audibly. I seem to be communicated with and asked many questions by voices in my head that seem to originate from multiple directions from myself. Also, on occasison, I actual see different types of beings as if they are next to me, and nearly all times that I smoke I will see a being through a different type of seeing. It is a type of sight that is manifested through a feeling or thought connection.
Venice 111 (4 months ago)
Time to start praying, get rid of this crap, I have seen friends sectioned because of this stuff..
netbookeater (8 months ago)
Well you can only see with your eyes so I guess your talking shit
Kareem Hewitt (9 months ago)
Why when I smoke weed I get a nervous shake and it’s with my high then when I’m sober it feel like my body is flinching but it’s not when I ask people and I always think people are looking at me weird please HMU
bano rubio (8 months ago)
Kareem Hewitt I really don't know what to tell you only to stop using it it may not be for you.
Kareem Hewitt (8 months ago)
bano rubio What Should I Do ? It’s Just I Have A Panic Shake In My Body When I’m High And When I’m Sober It Likes My Body And A Sodden Jerk But When I Ask Friends To Look And See They Say I’m still it’s just my body is swaying a little but that’s normal and it’s not like a panic attacks I guess when I’m sitting still When High I shake from being nervous from thinking about getting caught
bano rubio (8 months ago)
Kareem Hewitt sorry what I meant to say is if you have a panic attack and hurt your self panic attack is just your mind
bano rubio (8 months ago)
Kareem Hewitt and yes everything is fine unless you get so bad that you have a panic attack and that's very common with weed just be very careful
bano rubio (8 months ago)
Kareem Hewitt if you don't smoke it anymore it will. for me I had to quit because I was getting like that every time I smoke I get like that. Now I'm battling with the widrrawls of quitting weed depression anxiety can't sleep its been hard the first 10 days but that's just my experience. I hope that no one else goes thru this. Peace.
Jack Rock (9 months ago)
Young turk = 100% garbage
M K (9 months ago)
Oh i know the reason cuz its narcotics which makes you fall into hallucinations
Chaos Tempo (6 months ago)
Min Kim I can see that....
M K (6 months ago)
But then again... I get temptations alot... I really wanna do it.. Sometimes... This world makes me wanna do it...beautiful but Horrible world
Chaos Tempo (6 months ago)
Babylon It does
M K (8 months ago)
Babylon oh come on it does.. I really wanna do it... But... No no no... I can just do all i want...in this world.. There will be consequences for what am doing in this world...
Babylon (8 months ago)
You don’t hallucinate on weed
FaZe Leviathan (9 months ago)
People die. From alcohol texting driving. And all other kinds of shit. Weed. No deaths. Its impossible only way to die. From weed. Witch is impossible is smoking. 1500 pounds. In 15 minutes witch. Will never happen
ShadyBrooks (7 months ago)
Some YouTuber Right!
Some YouTuber (7 months ago)
ShadyBrooks I never liked people who think weed can cure everything in the world...sometimes people could actually be allergic
ShadyBrooks (7 months ago)
Your one of those people who love weed so much that when someone tells you that weed negatively effected them, you feel personally attacked. Weed is a drug, just like any other...there are side effects. You can't just discredit everyones experiences with it just because it goes against your personal agenda with "weed is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it can do no wrong.".
Alexis Aguilar (8 months ago)
Marijuana psychotic symptoms are real ,which is worse than smoking and drinking because you lose your sense of judgement ..that's why weed is classified as scheduled 1 drug
FaZe Leviathan (9 months ago)
Ya. But. Zero deaths
Joe Groves (9 months ago)
My mate jumped in a river because of it so false
Shamus Johnson (9 months ago)
Marshall mathers Eminem hiesenberg that's real shit smoke weed everyday r.i.p Nate dogg
John Colman (10 months ago)
Is it normal to listen to music and it feels like your brain is adding like new instruments and sounds you’ve never heard to the song and it feels like you can actually here it, that shit happened to me last night it was cool af and wield at the same time
oathkeeper kingdom490 (7 months ago)
scuba (9 months ago)
John Colman yes it’s helped me discover a lot of new music i thought i didn’t enjoy
Jonn Blickyy (10 months ago)
Sometimes when I smoke I start to think so much and get paranoid tht sometimes i think so much I don’t even feel the weed
IDKDREW (8 months ago)
Same I just ignore that shit now
forcedusername7 (9 months ago)
Jonn Blickyy same just ignore your concioussnes
Rachel (10 months ago)
I have seizures, the kinda that makes me see things while unconscious and scream in fear. The first time I tried weed, I literally tried to kill myself, ran to the kitchen with a knife and would be dead today if there wasn't six or so people there to stop me. I TRIED to get into the car and drive to the hospital because I thought I was having a seizure. I passed out and woke up, thinking all of my friends were trying to kill me. Then I caught second hand around them while I was drinking. I was out of it, screaming not knowing what was going on so my friend drove me home. I lived with my parents at the time. Once I got there, I saw people trying to kill me and chase me so I grabbed my parent's keys and drove back to my friends to get help. Since I was drinking I was speeding and got in a wreck breaking another kid's arm. Got a DUI. It's not for everyone. You CAN die from it in a crazy way.
Rachel (8 months ago)
exist in the now I always hallucinate terribly during seizures, basically people or creatures chasing me. I’ve almost gotten into other wrecks from seeing things in the road, gotten lost walking home thinking I’m in another city, running away from people throughout the town and seeing bugs or snakes or made up creatures attacking me. Look it up. Weed doesn’t help all seizures, or can make some much worse. Including mine, partial complex throughout the temporal lobe. Be a smart person and maybe help break the lame stigma instead.
exist in the now (9 months ago)
What did you see?
Rachel (9 months ago)
And which degree do you have a masters in? Hmm...
Yung Abuelo (9 months ago)
Rachel Tison weed helps stop ppl from having seizures that have them regularly, lmao u got caught, this is a fact.... u got laced old lady you smoking some other shit
Rachel (9 months ago)
john smith Meryy Christmas, fucker. I sure was the life of the party last night sober af lol
kltz78 (10 months ago)
Stupid asses. People still watch this garbage.
Jake Paul (9 months ago)
kltz78 ikr young turds
Black Panther (10 months ago)
I smoked yesterday and I didn’t know how strong it was before like everything was distorted and I forgot things I didn’t think my boyfriend was real for EVER.. I spoke to the person who gave it to me later to figure out it was purple haze and I smoked all of it
Black Panther (10 months ago)
Bad idea
Al Diablo (10 months ago)
People with small minds shouldnt smoke weed or take shrooms..
nebulous 47 (9 months ago)
I think you have that backwards😂 people with intellegence shouldnt use them cuz they are either already intelligent or it'll make them stupid it can go both ways
Al Diablo (9 months ago)
AAR Gang whatever u say dad.
A Team (10 months ago)
I think intelligent people might try it . But they stop. Small minded people are the ones that stay kind of addicted to it
A Team (10 months ago)
Señor Rota thankyou. I've looked around at my family my cousins smoke weed and they seem unsuccessful to me and I tend to get paranoid . All they do is smoke weed and live at there mom's in there 20s
Al Diablo (10 months ago)
U damn shit.. to what? Weak minded people shouldn't smoke weed. Like that big boy next to u.
Michaljon troupe (11 months ago)
I was so high, I remember thinking about every movie Tom Cruise was in. Every time I would go from thinking of one movie, and then start thinking of another movie that had the same elements to it (for instance, I was thinking of the Last Samurai, and then I started thinking of Mulan) there would be an audience applauding behind me.... I don’t smoke anymore
Al Diablo (10 months ago)
Michaljon troupe it's weed... U were tripping out. Lol. U went too deep in to youe psyche. Haha.
Notorious Phil (11 months ago)
Last time i smoked, i could hear voices all around me, is it normal?
Rachel (10 months ago)
I see things too! And I have epilepsy, which is what my seizures are like so there you go
Joseph Chavez (10 months ago)
Michael Nouel esle
Michael Nouel (10 months ago)
Notorious Phil yeah it’s fine until you start hearing them when you’re sober too
Joseph Chavez (10 months ago)
Nah my nigga my shit from the dispensary
Anthony Heredia (10 months ago)
Probably crack
Loony Linn (11 months ago)
Does marijuana treat/cure allergy causing cough? Help me guys.ty
Troy Mackenzie (8 months ago)
Cbd the medicinal ingredient in marijuana reduces inflammation which means your inflammatory symptoms are reduced. Allergies are basically inflammation. Same as pain. But coughing is a different matter. It’s from mucus which has nothing to do with inflamm I dont think
nebulous 47 (9 months ago)
Yeah smoke and resin collecting in your lungs should help your cough😂😂😂 Thats like asking if McDonald's will improve my health...
Jake Paul (9 months ago)
xMentor mentor it does not fuckoff hippie
Isaiah Pruneda (11 months ago)
One word. Tolerance
Michael Nouel (10 months ago)
One word. Weed
Michael Brent (10 months ago)
one word: chance
TheSm1thers (1 year ago)
Depends on the strain guys. Know your shit.
dylan Frog (10 months ago)
TheSm1thers that's partially true but due to the lack of CBD and high levels of THC. THC is known as a psychotic.
Seller snatos (1 year ago)
help please find a way to detox this stuff out of my body faster than the Natural Way help I feel very paranoid self-conscious and I cannot task any function function any task even this post is difficult that's not what extracurricular drugs are supposed to be about
Fredrik Olsen (11 months ago)
Seller snatos i struggled with it too years ago. You will get over it, like any obstacle in life. Just find something to focus on and it will go over
Seller snatos (1 year ago)
PS I'm still feeling residuals are the oil that my daughter gave me last night around 7 p.m. I feel ill almost kind of vertigo not sure what to do anybody have any advice on how to get this process out of out of the way
Little Wolf Taima (6 months ago)
Seller snatos The first time getting high with my mother was a fantastic bonding experience to share...
Seller snatos (1 year ago)
This is a note to everybody who read my last post I type with Google Voice microphone and I never proofread because I'm blind almost so please understand and know that I'm not trying to misspell words and I'm very highly educated I just want some answers and I hopefully people can be understanding and accept where I'm going with all this thank you
Seller snatos (1 year ago)
It affects me in a powerful way to string negative i-82 this minute still feel the residual oil my daughter gave me is a painkiller she said there was no THC in it and it was just CDC it still affected me in a way that I was at my mother's love how she thought I was nuts she asked my husband if she on drugs and yes we had to explain to her what happened and her being from the old school ideas that marijuana is still a drug of the street I will never ever experiment like that again or allow my daughter to convince me that she knows everything about marijuana I personally know my body cannot accept it years ago I smoked marijuana in a nightclub with my husband and had the same effect I thought I was going to die paranoid schizophrenic borderline I don't know what it is but it's not me I don't like it I would like to know from anybody have they had similar experiences and what you think it is in My DNA that makes me react that way to this
Claymore555777 (9 months ago)
Did u recovered from this yet?
Chosen One (1 year ago)
AKT1 Gene all the way!
ARCTIC Circle (1 year ago)
I do NOT have AKT1 at all I guess.. My Weed 🌱 is My Wine 🍷
k roger (1 year ago)
I love magical thinking n distortion visual😚
Ron Maimon (1 year ago)
Regardless of genes, any amount of marijuana will make you stupid at mathematics. Terribly, terribly stupid. Like an American.
Michael Nouel (10 months ago)
Ron Maimon no
Ron Maimon (1 year ago)
As much as I was DYING of lack of medical insurance the last ten years I lived there. I got out Jan 20th 2017, and I suggest you do the same. Americans will never learn. They've been stoned stupid.
MEtaBEtaBOYMSHWA (1 year ago)
How much you were DYING to insult America when you wrote this post
Ron Maimon (1 year ago)
It's a true statement. Smoking marijuana will make you nearly as stupid as an American. Don't do it.
ARCTIC Circle (1 year ago)
Ron Maimon That's just a dumb statement, and too judgementalistic mind, are you just a stupid troll ? 😂

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