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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the world 2018

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Top 10 Most Expensive Car in the world 2018.Some of the rarest and most beautiful hyper cars Enjoy!! MUSIC:Jim Yosef - Eclipse [NCS Release] Jim Yosef • https://soundcloud.com/jim-yosef • https://www.facebook.com/jimyosefmusic • https://www.youtube.com/user/Jimboows
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Text Comments (738)
Verticle wasd (6 hours ago)
anik rahman (9 hours ago)
Airshot (22 hours ago)
this retarded list is incorrect, research more you dumbass
Yesha sodhi (1 day ago)
There are more expensive cars
Shubham Ulmale (1 day ago)
You missed the No.1 spot its lamborghini veneno 4.1m$ its the most expensive and its roadster version is more expensive
Durga Prasad (1 day ago)
I like Bugatti 😎
So..where's the veneno?
Granny (2 days ago)
You Opload Video On DEC 2, 2017 And You Say Its 2018?😕 ???
chazz Lucas (2 days ago)
They all look the same ... Like all the designers were taught by the same uninspiring teacher ... That's why i like the Dodge Demon... It looks good and it is NOT a wedge shape piece of cheese .
Bill gates can buy all of those xD
mr x (2 days ago)
hey bro u forgot the maybach exlero shame on u .....
shubham patel (3 days ago)
Rolls Royce sweptail is missig
TheLetterZ (3 days ago)
The first McLaren P1 picture is correct, but the others aren't the same car
Matej Basnec (4 days ago)
Where is RIMAC C2 ? it is 2.7 million
Iqra Asif (4 days ago)
Click on the link below to see the complete comparison of Ferrari 488 GTB 2018 VS McLaren 720S 2018: http://hangonwheels.com/ferrari-488-gtb-2018-vs-mclaren-720s-2018/
alan spagnolia (4 days ago)
DO NOT desire these cars !!! They are way too powerful and insanely expensive !! You wouldn't even be able to afford the insurance. These cars are a trap, used by "satan", to lure you into his lies and deceit !! It is a sure bet you WILL crash one of these, and then what ?? You probably would kill yourself, or someone else !! GOD Would NEVER "Bless" you with one of these because HE LOVES YOU TOO MUCH to see you dead, or have you "idolize" any of these cars, and then satan has you right where he wants you; IN HELL WITH HIM FOR ALL ETERNITY !!
Moon Garage (5 days ago)
hard drive..n more money..
oo here is not any ferrari.
Vaibhav baishkhiyar (5 days ago)
What is the price of porsche
Nick Cerezo (5 days ago)
I dont get it, bugatti chiron is the most expensive car, and you wanna know the fastest car? The devel sixteen, thats the most expensive car in the whole world...
Debashis Doley (6 days ago)
Lamborgini veneno
Preeti shah (6 days ago)
Bahut badiya Cars yar wah mujhe toh Bugatti chiron badiya lagi or bhi sari bahut mast cars hain
JUST INFO CHECK (7 days ago)
#justinfocheck nice info
BG BG (8 days ago)
So this guy forget about ferrari 250 gto
Sharukh King (8 days ago)
What very bad vedio your channel is no 1 loser channel
Sagar Dey (8 days ago)
Lex :P (8 days ago)
well, these are just expensive hypercars, there are old bugatti's, ferrari's in the world that are way more expensive.
harsh maheshwari (9 days ago)
koi sa baba ha kiya jo tuje future ka bara ma pata chalgya pakgel
Adnan Bhatti (9 days ago)
awesom ..... but i have not enough mony,,,,,,,,
Deathmond (9 days ago)
...and sorry, they all look cheesy. Ok, the Countach was cheesy with his doorlocks positioned for Mini-Me, his trunk behind the engine, his one 1/2 opening sidewindow in a set of four and so on, but decades later it became cartoonstyle. Most of the cars look like stolen from 50s style Jetsons with their giant fishbowlunit in the center - guess this is why they call it CARtoon. The Centenario looks like the build a car...around a car, around a car, with no sense of proportion. Same with the bugatti...like the designers said: "Ok, we got an aerodynamic beast - let's now think how to make it ridiculous to justify the price. If they don't look like 50s one person cartoon-subs they look, with their tiny hoods, like naked bodybuilders with mountains of muscles and a microscopic wiener. Hope the best for the future cause today they follow the same ugly road as mustang in the early 90s :D
Amit Kumar (10 days ago)
I 😍 all cars
The Stalker (10 days ago)
plz come in my life...😢😢😢
latinpercussionistSG (10 days ago)
Yellow car in #2 is not the McLaren P1. The yellow car shown is the McLaren F1
Kazik Waem (11 days ago)
Gta 5 :D
M G (11 days ago)
Veneno cost more than all of these
M G (11 days ago)
for the Lykan Hypersport, I'd rather buy a Fenyr instead
MA LUISA DE PAZ (11 days ago)
Whattah Amazing & Inspiring VehicLes most especiaLLy Advertized thru the Famous-Artist!!!!..... >",<
Piyush Kumar 1212 (11 days ago)
My favourite koeninsagg ccxr trevita
Faizan Ahmad (11 days ago)
Rajani kant lata (13 days ago)
like dream is very near
Clarence Boddicker (13 days ago)
Fuck you for that clickbate thumbnail
Usha usha (13 days ago)
Harpinder Singha (13 days ago)
Koenigsegg ??
Héctor Serrano (13 days ago)
Naaaa, oldies are better, and cheepers.
Desraj Sidhu (14 days ago)
Isacc Hess (15 days ago)
Number one is the Bugatti at a billion!
Kit Kit (15 days ago)
ariana Msp (15 days ago)
not to brag but i have 4 of these cars :)
sewan chhetri (15 days ago)
Why you didn't gave the link I wanted to buy it for my birthday
Helmut Ernst (16 days ago)
This video should be renamed to °the most ugliest cars of the world° except for no 3
Aryan Sethi (16 days ago)
awesome cars I liked regera
HAVΩC (16 days ago)
no offense but some of the prices are wrong and these arnt the most expensive cars like what about lamborghini veneno or 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO which costs about 30 million.
Onako Ouza (16 days ago)
trevita costs 4 million dollars and on top of that the veneno is the most expensive lambo at 4.5 mill
2.5 million dollar cars gets blown away by a 15,ooo thousand dollar motorcycle Kawasaki zx14😂 these cars isn't worth 100,000 thousand
seito tom (17 days ago)
Where is Rimac concept two?
Pradeep P (18 days ago)
Dee Johnson (18 days ago)
Aqeela Ameen (19 days ago)
Probably all black cars is awesome....😙😙😙😙
Aqeela Ameen (19 days ago)
Ahhhhhh mind blowing cars........😉😉😉
TheFokker03 (19 days ago)
overpriced crap!apart from the lambo.
shynee sehgal (20 days ago)
I have maruti suzuki 800 and I think I'm rich😊😊
Jaga Dish (20 days ago)
Shahid Hussain (20 days ago)
very nice
wakeandinformed (20 days ago)
What a sick world no its sick people id give the money to the hospitals and homeless
wakeandinformed (20 days ago)
And people starve
AdrianPlaysAround (20 days ago)
whatd about ferrari lafferrari ths 3.5 mil and the lamborghini veneno is 4.5
Tanmay Arora (21 days ago)
Where is chiron
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Nathaniel Smith (21 days ago)
I want to build my own car
mascha mede (22 days ago)
mughal 1 (23 days ago)
ese videos upload kr k ap mere jese logo ka dil torte hn
Lamborghini veneo
Ya it's true Bro we can only drive on the earth I like lamborghini
Basit subhani (25 days ago)
Awesome car
Nauf Misr (25 days ago)
the bio car is my favorite
Beast Brock Lesner (26 days ago)
My dream car lamborghini veneno and Mustang GT
SARDAR TV (26 days ago)
Kenny Gimena (27 days ago)
i think its bugatti veyron not chiron
Benny K (27 days ago)
Solar (27 days ago)
These cars are so futuristic, they look like from the year 2050
THE YOUTUBE GUY (28 days ago)
Your the BEST!!!
Christos Nerantzakis (28 days ago)
My favorite car, is my car, is not listed on here, it's called Ford Fiesta lol
Rozy Akter (29 days ago)
Please give me the link
Creeper9013 Good (29 days ago)
The thumbnail got me..
LOL OUT LOUD (1 month ago)
1 expensive car is MAYBACH EXELERO not lykan or lamborghini veneno
pewdiepie Singh (1 month ago)
Where is rolls royce sweptail haaammm
Itsmelainee_ 123 (1 month ago)
Someday i will have one of these cars😌
007 DTK (1 month ago)
Mudge Mudgee (1 month ago)
Ten Top Today (1 month ago)
Ferrari car is better than Mercedes.
Lourdes Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I want ALLLLLLLL of those expensive cars
Advaita Dey (1 month ago)
I can make a car which can travel through the speed of mind
The Legend (1 month ago)
Is those prices in dollar or in rupes?
Fun club (1 month ago)
what 'bout the elemento
World Unite (1 month ago)
Itz Follower (1 month ago)
One question, how do the car makers think of so laaaarge numbers?
Owais Khan Lodhi (1 month ago)
I love 1 number car sooooo hot 🔥🔥 it's car are soooo amazing 😉😉
mr BeanHD (1 month ago)
Lol i am Muslim and i doesn't care about money 💵 as well ass earth someday world is destroyed by Allah and i love only Allah thats the reason i doesn't care about any thing that happened in earth Enjoy yourself non believers,did you know the world is heaven for non-believers and Cage for Muslims the real Heaven Allah Almighty gave us

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