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My SOF Canoe Design and Build (Freedom)

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A skin on frame canoe build using a modified version of Platt Monfort's build method with my hull design. Most build materials were purchased locally (Lowes, fabric store, etc.)
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G Harris (4 months ago)
excellent work there!
paddlespaz123 (4 months ago)
TY Ready to build another if I can find the time.
Manuhiri (7 months ago)
Nicely done. Thank you for inspiration.
Into the Wild - Canada (10 months ago)
Hey Bob I am looking for a set of plans for this style of canoe for wayward youth. I have them join me for a week at my cabin each year and this would be a fantastic project for them to do. If you have the plans and are willing to share them with me please email me at howtogooffgrid@yahoo.ca
Into the Wild - Canada (10 months ago)
paddlespaz123 no worries, thank you
paddlespaz123 (10 months ago)
I'm sorry. I don't have drawn up plans. You could convert any number of plans though. You would only need the base detentions.
Andrew Mundekis (2 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful design and craftsmanship ! I really hope to be able to replicate it as best I can. It looks amazing, so photogenic!!
paddlespaz123 (2 years ago)
This post is for Jeff Deriso. For some reason I couldn't respond directly. The fabric is 100% polyester. it was the heaviest the fabric store had.
Peter Owens (2 years ago)
Beautiful? Well done! I think most viewers would like more precise info on the fabric & adhesive tape which ordinarily I would be reluctant to trust. How resistant is the cover fabric to accidental damage such as typically occurs in launch & retrieval. Any thoughts on adjustments to improve stability? Thanks for the series of pics.
paddlespaz123 (2 years ago)
+Peter Owens With any material choice there will be a trade of some sort. Weight, shear strength or abrasive resistance. With this style of boat you get high shear strength and light weight at the cost of abrasive resistance. The stem of the boat didn't fail. It was actually the 1/4 inch bent skid plate that failed. The piece had grain run out that I didn't notice. A poor choice of wood on my part. here is a link to a tuber that has put this material to the test. happy building. https://youtu.be/ATktVym_NeI
Peter Owens (2 years ago)
Thanks for the quick response. You generally hear how tough this construction is, but a tree stump has compromised yours so soon. I think Dacron &"Polyester are esssentially the same thing, at least in this field. I have also read about "ballistic rip stop nylon" & kevlar strip used in diagonal rovings for additional strength. So right now you have doubled the skin? Would you also in future reinforce the stem design which appears to have suffered during your "impact". Again many thanks for the introduction to your masterpiece.
paddlespaz123 (2 years ago)
Well Peter, information about the fabric is hard. I just went to the fabric store and asked to see thier Dacron selection. I chose the thickest they had in the store. As for wear, I have since added a coat of poly to the boat because a sizable tree branch hit the boat on end and caused a spiderweb of cracks in the finish. (yes it stays outside) I need to replace the bow skid plate because of an unnoticed crack from steam bending continued to spread. For stability, and because the boat is designed for my wife (a much smaller paddler) I would widen the beam a couple of inches and flatten it as well. The wife wouldn't let me change hers though.
Johan Combrinck (2 years ago)
She is surely a sweet looker, i love that cloth on frame look when the sun creates the sharp lines through the sides. I hope she gives you many years of pleasure. In the area where i live Poplar is a very plentiful wood. How will poplar do for most of the work on the frame, since it is very cheap to get around here.
paddlespaz123 (2 years ago)
Well Johan, I would say poplar is a good choice. Though steam bending poplar isn't ideal, it can be done. Plan for needing extra ribs and be sure to allow for plenty of steam and heat time. The ribs on this boat are polar.
John Turner (2 years ago)
Great job what hull changes did you make ?
John W (2 years ago)
What weight is the fabric (oz per sq yd)?
paddlespaz123 (3 years ago)
I got an email notification for 10k views today. Thank you everyone. If this build helped you on yours I sure would like a pic or a link to see what peeps are up to. Paddlespaz
pecosdillon (2 years ago)
I thank you for the great video that inspired me to build a boat.
paddlespaz123 (2 years ago)
+pecosdillon Thanks for the link. I like the lines on that canoe. Keep the pics coming. I like the yak hanging there too.
pecosdillon (2 years ago)
+paddlespaz123 Here is a Facebook link to a SOF canoe that I am now building.  Thanks for your video...I like it very much.  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.952366604798507.1073741844.698815316820305&type=3
Steve Bohm (4 years ago)
Great looking boat. I cant wait to build one similar to this. Good job.
Jack Huffman (4 years ago)
Great job. How did you fasten the long stringers (probably the wrong term) to the bow and stern pieces? Are they just glued?
paddlespaz123 (4 years ago)
Hi Jack The stringers are just carefully butt jointed. So far they are still together.
Bob Bates (4 years ago)
Excellent looking boat. Do you have a approximate weight?
paddlespaz123 (4 years ago)
Thx Dadio. I bought the fabric from a local sewing center. The ladies there were very helpful and got really excited when I showed them pics of the finished boat. I chose the heaviest standard weave they had. If I recall correctly, the fabric was 96" wide. Once I got the length I needed I had enough for 2 boats. For the urethane, I used an oil based, high build, gloss, one part on the wood and the fabric. For the fabric, you will need to thin the urethane by half (50:50) for the 1st coat. This ensures you will get full fabric penetration and a good seal. 2nd and 3rd coats are straight urethane. I don't suggest further coats. You will begin to get brittle.
But what a fabric?
paddlespaz123 (4 years ago)
Thanks Christopher. While I won't be going into the business of boat building, I am considering canoe paddles. Might I suggest you take a try at building one yourself, on your own or using a kit. It's time consuming, but very rewarding. And if you get stuck, drop an email to me or any of the other you tube builders for some advise.
paddlespaz123 (4 years ago)
We'll Kevin, I've never had opportunity to weigh the boat. But I can tell you that my wife can lift the boat easily, which was one of the build goals. If I had to guess, I would put it between 25-40 pounds. Not much more.
Kevin Welsh (5 years ago)
what was the final weight?
paddlespaz123 (5 years ago)
Thank You.
unknowntrail84 (5 years ago)
Nice work.
paddlespaz123 (5 years ago)
Thank You. In Platt Monfort's concept, he used Kevlar roving to limit lateral flex. I chose this method because I wanted to use only materials that could be purchased off the shelf at local stores. I bought the lashing at a hobby store, Michaels I think. The glue was probably over kill but it held the ribs in place until I could lash them. This freed up my limited supply of clamps. Hope that answers your question.
bwillan (5 years ago)
Good looking canoe. I was curious as to why you choose to glue and lash your ribs to the stringers? I plan on building a lengthened Arrow from gaboats come the spring.

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