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How to Say "Where Is the Train" in Polish | Polish Lessons

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Text Comments (18)
1Deag Wonder (26 days ago)
What is the point of these videos? Even if i ask "where the train is?" In polish im not going to understand what some one says back
noah20011ify (1 month ago)
what has this channel become
kentang menjengkelkan (1 month ago)
Player 100_2015 (1 month ago)
Great you must find difference in alphabet three lasted z ź ż In polish Zet Ziet Żet In lasted you must speak full Ż - a'la hardly Z but you must speak this very fast because in polish language it big word at the same meaning. I wanna see you reply. ;)
☆ miroe (1 month ago)
"Where is the train?" 1943 intensifies
Alli-kate Angel (1 month ago)
Hi! 11th comment!
Saron (1 month ago)
Naprawdę nie rozumiem kto się uczy polskiego xd
Mariusz a (1 month ago)
ź, z(i) ziarno. = vision, azure
Andres Rojas (1 month ago)
Can you please do the bosu ball stretch with Rachel shasha
Nicks_ _Life! (1 month ago)
Y’all seriously running out of ideas...
Magia Magia (1 month ago)
Маёр Бобёр (1 month ago)
I speak English vell. Не весьма в британском понимаю
Alli-kate Angel (1 month ago)
Валерик Бобров same
Moonwalker Forever (1 month ago)
Pozdrawiam z Polski ^^ 🇵🇱
Spyke123c (1 month ago)
I first example you have znaleźć. So you have there ź not ż it's different. Try to play żaba on Google translator and then źle. You'll hear different
Taylor Van Buskirk (1 month ago)
Holy smokes!!! Polish is hard!
Aaron’s Wold (1 month ago)
Love your videos

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