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This is the simple process on how to fix rod knock and how to also fix the problem of the soul, Drugs, Alcohol, Hate why we do what we do. Keep Jesus Christ at the Center of your life. Cover song (O come to the altar) by Bailey Stowers & David Taafua
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Stephen R (22 hours ago)
I'm about to attemp this... hope I can manage and be successful.
Darrian Knight (22 hours ago)
Hey iv learned a lot watching your video and you are awesome but I have a problem and I was wondering if I could ask you a question
zachary Garcia (1 day ago)
You da truth!!!!!!!
Sentree (2 days ago)
I'm gonna SMASH my wife when I get back home ;)
Leo g (4 days ago)
Did you use an oversized bearing to make up for the space or standard size.
Ruben (5 days ago)
from Portugal God Bless you oldskool funk
s Sanshez (6 days ago)
Do you need to prime the oil pump before engine startup after you put it all back together?
Calvin Graham (9 days ago)
Are those bearings suppose to slightly spin independently or with the connecting rod or crankshaft?
BLADE RUNNAZ (12 days ago)
Smoke Purppy (13 days ago)
Everything you say man is straight preach 👌👌👌👌
tennaj (18 days ago)
Good video Bro.. Just curios, how long did the repair last?
Don Weston (20 days ago)
Great video looking for a fix for a car and found a brother in christ.
Nicholas Lott (21 days ago)
I love your video. Helping people in multiple ways. You are a kindred spirit. Doing the work of God. God bless you.
Peter Tang (22 days ago)
keep on good work brother
Peter Tang (22 days ago)
very smart brother. thank. I have the same problem. I will trying yr way
Cold Summer (23 days ago)
Great vid, but should of shown how you actually got to the bearings.
Stair Case (24 days ago)
Nothing useful after 29:00
Stair Case (24 days ago)
+oldskool funk anyways. I am about to start the ole papel harena should I Plasti it and possibly get a smaller bearing?
oldskool funk (24 days ago)
+Stair Case Your telling lies on my channel telling people the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not useful, I will defend my faith and belief my man
Stair Case (24 days ago)
+oldskool funk these are opinions my dood.
oldskool funk (24 days ago)
+Stair Case That don't change the fact your still in darkness my man.
Stair Case (24 days ago)
+oldskool funk I mean I think you are cool and all and thank you for making this videos, I just believe different things. Hope your day's goes well man.
sleepe361 (24 days ago)
Nice work brother thanks for the info
John Torres (1 month ago)
I can't get the screw to go all the way out of the bottom..I pulled the Piston down all the way..I pushed down the screw all the way but when I push up the bottom piece it won't move up any higher..the screw is showing at the tip but not enough to put on the bolt..what can I do..gbu
this channel made my day, be strong in your fight man, thanks for your car fixing and preaching, this is what people need to hear and see, common man praising the lord while fixing stuff and doing it all for him
Dharma Kissoon (1 month ago)
is that a timing chain?
gerald c (1 month ago)
you're an excellent teacher. God bless.
Hayward Withers (1 month ago)
Great channel. Your knowledge is the real thing, I know I was a science teacher, your understanding of the workings of the engine and the systems is sound. It might not seem that way to the casual viewer; you got a heck of a style.
James Smith (1 month ago)
thank you
chris flores (1 month ago)
Seeing this originally for my issue with the car. I praise You for your work honestly and will do the job soon. I'm not religious but I also appreciate the whole thing on when you spoke, I'm not here to say its annoying, or to bash you. But I come to say I respect you, keep spreading the love man I like what you are doing and thank you again for making these videos. You are a generous man and on top of that I'll take your words to heart
cinemabunny (1 month ago)
do you automatically go with one oversize bearings when you sand the crank?
Max P (1 month ago)
Love the shoe string technique! Your awesome dude. God Bless!
Erik Rasmussen (1 month ago)
What does smoking weed have to do with being a good catholic or christian? Maybe its because my priests were all irish but they smoked and drank. Im not saying all drugs are good because they arent but if a good catholic wants to smoke weed or drink and it doesnt ruin their life it should be alright Also if metal shavings are in the engine than its still just a matter of time until they effect the engine. Also you have to make sure that there isnt any scoring on the crank
Dale N (1 month ago)
OldSkoolFunk I know.you didn't check oil clearances as you stated but how do you determine what size bearings to put in it as I'm sure you had to put oversize bearings in it so how do you select your size that you need. I have a video I'm going to post and see if anyone can tell me what type of knock it is.
Brayden Moore (1 month ago)
AMEN Love you oldskool funk
Austin Austin (1 month ago)
Did you use oversized bearings or standard? Also keep that faith bro. Respect
Penrod Auto (1 month ago)
Metal melts in bearings around 450 degrees.
Kristie Roden (1 month ago)
Awesome video brother please keep preaching the word brother helping the soul and the real people's vehicle. May God bless you and keep you safe .
David Ensign (1 month ago)
Came for the car advise, stayed for the fellowship. Liked and subscribed... love what you are doing. Sow to the flesh you will reap corruption and death. Sow to the Spirit and receive life everlasting. God is good all the time!
1776vtgmb (1 month ago)
May God bless you and all of your family!
lowridingtrucks88 (1 month ago)
So true
Dennis Hendricks (2 months ago)
Love all these vids, sir. Glad to see I am not the only one that can do repairs on a shoesting, so to speak (lol) Amazing to watch you work and I love your message of God and Love.
Tom Fetter (2 months ago)
Just rocking it, sir.  Thank you.
Korium (2 months ago)
I hope to see more videos from you, i came across your videos 2 years ago and couldn't find you again. I'm thankful that i found you again. God bless you in all ways.
Beko Vasje (2 months ago)
I like You man. Thank You so much
shmeehoe44 (2 months ago)
That's the shitt my dude with the shoestring. I like your style
berghund kennel (2 months ago)
God bless bro!
Adam Moore (2 months ago)
My mazda 3 cooked a bearing with no oil dummy light. I checked the the oil amd it was 3 quarts low. not a happy driver.
Flatwoodsdad (2 months ago)
I think that far in I would have done the mains too. Or at least checked the farthest from oil pump. Bad mains will cause low oil pressure to rods. You can spin the mains out by putting large Cotter pin in oil passage. Bend ends down to catch bearing and turn crank to spin it out. Probabk check and clean oil sump screen too. Then you'd have pretty much rebuilt the low end of engine. And if your like me your trans would go out. Great Video.
djsonicc (2 months ago)
9:22 gives a whole new meaning to "shoe string budget"
Too School (2 months ago)
Oldskool. Funk for President!
Michael Vasquez (2 months ago)
@oldskool funk I’m sure that I have rod knock, valve tick or something similar on my 2012 Chrysler 300C. I will be willing to pay you to check it out because I cannot afford a rebuild. I can tow it to you or something wherever you’re located! My email is michaelv126355@gmail.com Thank you!
jontae washington (2 months ago)
Brother you’re the truth and a gift
yo mamma (2 months ago)
how do i fix this with a2002 jeep cherokee 4 wheel drive?
Jon Workus (3 months ago)
BEST HOUR I HAVE EVER SPENT on youtube....you are so inspiring....THANK YOU.
Rev. Mathew Gaines (3 months ago)
Let Jesus be your cushion of oil for your soul i like the vid brother two good messages in one thank you good job
Joseph Navedo (3 months ago)
Used this method 🙏🏼 it works
sparky obrian (3 months ago)
excellent, fantastic. the way the truth and the life.
Maxengines Tech (3 months ago)
WARNING:: Sin brings death.People dont have the holy spirit they will have to fill the void with something , treash and sins, that bring demons to your life. My recomendation to everybody, if you dont believe in this, go to your house, find a dark place with a mirror, for example in your wc, get a acmera a good one, with a flash, put yourself in front of the mirror and say, in the name of jesus devil that fallow my life show yourself, and take the pic. You can take several. and change distances Warning: If an image appear it will be from a real demon, i warn if you cant handle this dont do it. I recommend children not to do this, cause they may be scared a lot, you are dealing with real identities....monsters, dogs from hell. tHEY DONT LIKE STRONG LIGHT FLASHES, SO their face will appear mad, big eyes and teeths from a predator. I call them dogs cause i studied them a lot of years,,,,they behAve like animals, they are pure evil energy, pure hate, pure destruction.....REAL BAD THINGS, THAT WANT TO MAKE YOUN SUFFFER AND KILL YOU TO DEATH.... they only get you, if you sin, an dont fill your body with holy spirit.I know this is not easy for a sinner but you may try to START. Read the bible,"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Now, this is no joke, real life is worst than a bad horrour movie. They are powerfull, but YOu may have authority. waht si stronger a truck or a policeman?, any policeman stops a truck, and if dont stops, there will be a thicket. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SEVERAL TIMES. YOU THINK JESUS DIED JUST FOR FUN? YOU THINK THESE WORDS WERE WRITTEN BY LUNATICS THAT JUST WANTED TO LOOSE THEIR TIME AND LIFE?? ~ THEY ARE WARNING YOU PEOPLE!!! THERE IS LIFE AFTER . EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, THERE IS NO MATERILA WORLD. A BODY IS CONDENSED ENERGY, BUT YOU HAVE ALSO OTHER FORMS OF ENERGY AND FREQUENCIES.IN CERN THEY DISCOVERY THAT THERE IS NO MATERIAL WORLD, CAUSE IN MOLECULES EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. WE ALREADY KNEW THIS MILLIONS OF YEARS BEFORE THEM, THE WORLD IS ILLUSIONAL TO THE HUMAN MIND. I DONT DIE, GOD CREATED ME NOT TO DIE, look waht jesus said: I bring the word of salvation,.... veryone who lives and believes in Me will never die, salvation agaisnt what? , NOW YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL JOIN THE ARMY OF MIchael ARCHANGEL AFTER LEAVE MY BODY, AND YOU?. ARE YOU READY?» where do you go? HELL,??? ... after see a real demon (identities from the under world) for sure you will not want to go there... not even close, they are gonna lock you there aand torment you,,, you die slowly. you read it, now, YOU HAVE NO ESCUSE, I DIDNT KNEW THAT. waht? you were warned many times... DID YOU MADE THE TEST? NO YOU DONT CARE?' OKKK ...WAIT -TIME IS SHORT...AND THEY WILL COME to take you. Jesus is the path to salvation.
Maxengines Tech (3 months ago)
Nice and pratical old school boys. Try to find the origin of the problem.Mesure the oil pressure. before put new bearings. In my engine i use a small magnet to catch metal debris on oil filter. some metal are non magnetic but those are not so bad for engine like bronze.Iron or steel is far worse. People go to church to fallow their pastor, however there is only one pastor, Jesus.
LowK3Y Flex (3 months ago)
How to fix your car and yourself. I like this!
Henry Dennis (3 months ago)
Thank you so much I needed this. I appreciate your work for Jesus pay peace , blessings, and prosperity be unto you.
Carlos Armero (3 months ago)
thank you sir for actually caring and taking the time to help us out in showing us your useful videos and good advice.... you are appreciated
CarportCarl (3 months ago)
I love the videos Oldskool. Just wondering are you gonna continue as its been a few months since your last posting. Best wishes-your brother in Christ.
oldskool funk (3 months ago)
CarportCarl Right on.Yes be ready for warfare videos. ATTACK MODE IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME
tommy g (3 months ago)
I have a 2009 nissan Versa 1.8 L engine , and I have the same problem when its on idle its worse when I step on the gas.. BUT its leaking oil from the front where the block and the little piece of the head gasket sticks out.. Would this be a problem with the piston rings being damaged? Ill have to get the whole engine out and open it up right?
Carlos Adams (3 months ago)
Can this be done on a 2002 explorer 4.6L
Triston Mooney (3 months ago)
Bought a 2007 Hyundai tiburon 20 days ago. Rod broke on the highway. Trying to get my money back now.
Triston Mooney (3 months ago)
Update: decided to just repair it myself.
Scoon (3 months ago)
I love your style man!
Christian Schrank (4 months ago)
You made me cry😩
marc malon (4 months ago)
God bless bro
robert roll (4 months ago)
Your awesome dude thanks
Venosh Maraj (4 months ago)
Hey bruh. Do you have email to get in contact with you
tomsyugo0521 (4 months ago)
Believing God Body Soul and Spirit... Romans 10 9 and 10 if Thou shalt confess with the heart and spirit yee shall be saved ..
tomsyugo0521 (4 months ago)
♡♡♡ that's right Amen brother from a born again Christian from the 90s♡♡♡ I'm just a Ginger from the East Coast believing in the word that you speak and God's truth.... do not fall into temptation...
tomsyugo0521 (4 months ago)
Don't trust the cheap oil change refined oil go to the store yourself by the good filter and the recommended oil.. your old school ride so last to 300,000 miles♡♡ Tom aka do it yourself backyard mechanic apartment life Food Pantry part-time bus driver living born again Christian. Family first also God first in your life. Coexist with others and don't be judgemental.. don't follow the Catholic rule of do unto others as they do unto you. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself no matter what religion or race IN LIFE♡♡♡
tomsyugo0521 (4 months ago)
#2018 financially challenged East Coast New Jersey father-of-two born again Christian.. ♡♡♡ saved my 98 Honda Civic for the past 10 years watching your videos♡♡ always have a second vehicle for backup just in case. 98 Honda outlasting my 2005 Honda Civic 4-door... Tom from NJ. Backyard mechanic never paid for a computer always believe in recycling.. Freecycle. ORG.. food pantry for the basics.. Special Needs Bus Driver $30,this. Average income for New Jersey 75000.. beat the odds believe in God he will take care of the rest of your blessings in life ♡♡♡
job bucio meza (4 months ago)
Hey old school look for the light of the world church where there's an authentic Apostle of our lord Jesus Christ his Naason Joaquin garcia
holybritches (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Now that it has almost been 6 months, do you know how it has held up so far?
Favio Escalon (4 months ago)
Can you make a future update of how when this engine passes out? If it even this because this is the best fix I've seen on this so far
Eliceo Velazquez (4 months ago)
Amen brother
Wait, not so quick (4 months ago)
Nicely done Good man !
IHoboJunk (4 months ago)
Real work! Great stuff, looking forward to more hoopdie videos
Savvas Ch (4 months ago)
your videos are great and educational. Keep it up
jthonn (4 months ago)
Man you fixed that engine! You don't seem to think it will last, I bet it does. Keeping the oil changed regular and etc... it will last, who said everything has to be absolutely perfect.
George Bourus (4 months ago)
I love old school funk... I love my Lord Jesus...
chingon (4 months ago)
So what do you do when the journal is oval shaped I know I need a new crank shaft but I replaced the bearings on my car when I realized the crank shaft was egg shaped now I want to know how can I quiet the noise I already know it's gona sound just trying to figure out a old school method broke man tip please lol.
river ed (4 months ago)
wild, we will talk of wisdom. you got it going. JESUS rules
Kevin Farmer (5 months ago)
God bless you !!! keep up the good work brother
Richzor (5 months ago)
nice video! I will do the same nowadays the bearings are made of aluminium and also wear the crankshaft. Do recommend to put oversized bearings instead of the normal sized ones?
Dakota james (5 months ago)
respect your drive brother! the world needs more men like you. keep it up god bless
wesley sandifer (5 months ago)
I got a nissan with a rod knock. Everything else seems to be ok. I really like my car and had it for many years and has been very dependable. I'm not afraid to jump in and do that. Is there anything different about a 3.0 than the one you did there that I should expect? How much time could this by me if I drive like grand pa? Also, that was a great scripture walk. I use to hear about "luke warm" in church but never really thought they was talking to me. But they are! They are talking to everyone of us even the Preachers. But I prayed about that. I prayed to be a better christian and not give in to sin. And I thanked Jesus for taking those sins to the cross for me. It feels selfish when it should have been me on the cross. God led me to this video cause he knows I'm trying and he knows I want others to come to God. Your points helped me and it will help others I talk too. Thank you brother.
turbulus (5 months ago)
would putting a thicker oil give the poorly maintained engine more life? God Bless you sir..
Chase Becker (5 months ago)
Hey dude, I love your videos. Way to spread the word of God! So much courage, and so thoughtful to put the word of god in a category of motor heads who may not have ever heard it. Your content is awesome, you're a very talented mechanic, and You are very motivating. Keep up the great videos and Keep spreading the word of God.
Jonathan Manzano (5 months ago)
I just bought my dream car. It’s a Mitsubishi Lancer. It’s been a car I wanted for a long time. My family pleaded to me, “please, please don’t get a Mitsubishi. They’re not good cars.” Instead I still got it and by the time I got home it started knocking. You gave me hope. I’m gonna follow these instructions and get my car running again
liblib89 (5 months ago)
wonder how that car is holding up
mongrel1977 (5 months ago)
Great video!
Christopher Kearns-Neale (5 months ago)
This video is awsome I love your message man
James K (5 months ago)
First of all thank you for taking the time to make this video. I have bearings on order my crank does have a scratch I catch with fingernail I am going to try knock it down with a file then use your method for polishing with sandpaper. If it lasts 6months or more I will be happy
Keegan Keegan (5 months ago)
Spot on with the big ends , brilliant on the word, saved by the blood , God bless you . Smash it from Ireland 🇮🇪
I very appreciate the tip ..
Angel Gomez (5 months ago)
Handle it.
Daniel Rios (5 months ago)
Hey bro by any chance do you ever find camaros in the junk yard ? I'm from northern cali and its rear to find them over here so i have to buy the parts brand new .
kingmiller1982 (5 months ago)
Man this dude is the realist!
UG DoC V (5 months ago)
I see the timing chain dangling there. Considering tackling this but curious on the timing chain part, how got it to where it is before I start?
Javier Morales (5 months ago)
Thanks for the inspiration! Try not to work on the side of the road its dangerous brother..

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