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This is the simple process on how to fix rod knock and how to also fix the problem of the soul, Drugs, Alcohol, Hate why we do what we do. Keep Jesus Christ at the Center of your life. Cover song (O come to the altar) by Bailey Stowers & David Taafua
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Chris Jung (8 hours ago)
I don't comment on videos. I started watching some of you videos last year when I decided to go back to school to study to become a mechanic. I always liked how you went hard for Jesus in every video. The sad truth is you don't come by many people like that. I am not like that. For three plus years I have been feeling far away from God. You reminded me how I have been living in the flesh while trying to lie to myself that I was walking with God. I have been living lukewarm. Thanks for dropping wisdom and making me realize how important it is to read His Word. Bless you a million times over. Love you man.
Evander Fragoso (12 hours ago)
Thanks for the help!
Angel Lawless (2 days ago)
Being atheist i can do with out the intro and religious stuff but i like his vibe overall. Reminds me of one of my uncles. I like how he gets down on cars, that’s how they do in oakland too. Props.
pedro silva slva (7 days ago)
the way is doing is wrong, but it may work with a miracle. God bless you. Looks like the bearings were bad assembly or some sand entered in that engine...
Roberto Búrbano (7 days ago)
Really good video man, I have an off road truck that I’ve build over 5 years, one thing at a time and i take really good care of it, somehow a rod bearing just went on me, I’m planning to do it the way you just did, you are saving me from a big repair. Thanks for your nice videos.
Chris Arrowood (11 days ago)
If i was rich I'd pay this man a ton for these videos so everyone can see this old school wisdom more consistently. This is mechanical knowledge that is MASTERED. I only wish we could get more of these videos, more often for the poor folks.
Mookie Mook (13 days ago)
Thanks for your wisdom. My brother in Christ, keep up the good works. Love your passion. God bless!
Warrior (17 days ago)
Fuck god believe in yourself.
Warrior (17 days ago)
gods a cunt a red half animal vile vermin scumbag cowardly rat poison bastard of a cunt. He's a cowardly cunt
Melo Darell (20 days ago)
37:22 best part of the video
Eli B (21 days ago)
Nice. Thanks for the video. Im doing this on my el Camino tomorrow. Gave me a lot of hope
HusseHeiza (21 days ago)
i really like this repair. I also got this problem several years ago and my thinking is that this mostly happens due to a lack of oil, or dirty oil = clogged oil passages. Therefore i got the idea to run the engine before the fix with some engine cleaner (f.e. liqui moly 5200). Doesnt hurt to do this i guess.
Thomas y (25 days ago)
Hey man love ur videos i have a engine tick on my 08 toyota corolla has 104k and im worried about it developing a rod knock i been changing my oil every 2 to 3k miles i use lucas oil stablizer with every oil change i use 5w-30 synthetic blend but i probably should be using regular 5w-30 conventional right??
gebwv84 (25 days ago)
Great video ! Very informative and inspirational ! Thanks !
lucendo parraga ivan (26 days ago)
You are GREAT man! Real mechanic who loves to repair and not just replace! And in top remembering who is the biggest of all times!!
otto leeverink (26 days ago)
change the oil after an hour same as the filter then after an hour agian and then the next day agian along with the filter chek every time with a good magnet what you find every time or look for a shiney powder in the oil as long as the oil looks grey or silver change the oil and filter a few times that month and keep topping it off as long as the engine is lubricated it will run dont over rev the engine you can shift at 2500 rpm but dont go past 4 when its warm and the engine will be fine just take oil cange as serious as your religgion and it will be good
Josue Sanchez (29 days ago)
What a great man of god god bless
RED DRAGON (1 month ago)
Man, you have amazing skills. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks a lot.
The ChrisWard (1 month ago)
Amen brother. I believe Jesus Christ sent me this way to remind me that I can fix my car myself but while Im here I need to remember he saved me and to repent my sins and come back to his light. Thank you for your message man cause I needed to hear that.
Predator-Hunter - (25 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQNc_dEXrq8&t=660s be blessed my brother
Dewayne Gore (1 month ago)
Love your videos Brother.  Keep coming back and checking them out.
Darius Naraine (1 month ago)
Good video man!
Stephen Willis (1 month ago)
good job sir, thank you for making this video I got help for a rod knock and I got spiritual help.
Sam Iamm (1 month ago)
Great vids full of insight on many levels. Keep up the good work OG, it’s working 💯🙂🤙
Skye Iorfida (1 month ago)
It wont last. It will ultimately burn up that bearing again. Alot of mechanics will now sell this car as a "good running" car
Angel Lawless (2 days ago)
Skye Iorfida true but this is a game changer for some people that are struggling financially. Now they can get to work for that much longer, ya know?
I am La (1 month ago)
Fantastic video and bless ur soul brother.
john james (1 month ago)
30 or 40 years drinking..it's up...i know that's right..
Julio Moraga (1 month ago)
Just started following you, love the messages and lessons, where you a mechanic at one point
thetributeofworld (1 month ago)
What is the Songname at the end? Straight up an smash. Thank you so much. God bless you. You are my brother from another mother. Amen.
Cody Monson (1 month ago)
Thanks for showing me how to fix my car with very little money taking the worries away thanks again and god bless
Wiener Jim (1 month ago)
i love this guy......very inspiring....im curious why this repair wouldn't last?also, on the exhaust, why did cut it there and how did you put it back together? thanks for your answers...
CNT (1 month ago)
God bless you, Sir. Wow, just wow
Yeeyusi Moua (2 months ago)
you the best brother, amen..
, I'm lost for words much love bro God spoke directly to me I gotta get a baptism.
Roberto Zamora (2 months ago)
Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this knowledge. Saved me tons of money. I have an E46 M3 that just spun a rod bearing and the shop wanted to take the whole engine apart to fix it. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to afford it. I stumbled upon this video the night before I took it to the shop. Thanks again. God bless. 🙏
Ernest Medina (2 months ago)
Wow brother I just learned a lot, I appreciate your videos and your quotes. Amen brother now to start my project will a little help from your video, and God! Have a awesome day!
Awesomus Maximus (2 months ago)
Praise the Lord that righteous people like you have Youtube content
cha yan (2 months ago)
Malaysia Sri Lanka third world country, I love the stupidity of these southern American ppl , lol
cha yan (2 months ago)
+oldskool funk u called me a hater when I was stating a fact, which means truth, and u hated on Malaysian and Sri Lankans without even knowing them, and u call me full of filth, jesus would have been ashamed if he knew u guys will do this in his name
oldskool funk (2 months ago)
+cha yan That's why you need JESUS, your heart and soul is CONTAMINATED WITH FILTH. REPENT because your only going to get worse
cha yan (2 months ago)
+oldskool funk stupid southern americans doesn't know the difference between pointing out ignorance and hate, just proved that I just stated fact that u r stupid to not know anything but still commenting on the subject, ahahahah
oldskool funk (2 months ago)
The foolish stupidity of an internet hater. Blows my mind to lol
George Koma (2 months ago)
Man your a genius a real genius.
westcoastmickey (2 months ago)
can u do this on mazda 6 v6 03
Abel Navarrette (2 months ago)
God bless brother
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (2 months ago)
Krystal Chacon (2 months ago)
Amazing video. God bless you
Soy Eldiego (2 months ago)
Yep! This is absolutely Old School...My Dad back in the mid 70s did this job on our 66 Buick Skylark. Saved my folks lots of $$$. The Buick ran for another 3 more years until it got T-boned by a drunk driver who decided not to stop for the red light. Thank God my Dad was ok, he suffered a broken leg and some minor cuts and bruises.
Galen Wadsworth (2 months ago)
As a follower of Islam, I'd never say others follow a false god. As the Quran is the old testament, don't be so quick to pass judgement on others
oldskool funk (2 months ago)
John 14:6  (KJV) 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Lukas Matiejauskis (2 months ago)
good video , keep on going :)
Patrick Bradford (2 months ago)
I been a race car mechanic for the better part of 15 years. Some of the stuff this guy does makes me cringe... But it's kinda impressive in a way how he gets it done. lol. My world is measured in 0.0001 inch. This guy is like get after it son! lol.
Ezederick Jones (2 months ago)
When you get the chance can you checkout my GOSPEL HIP HOP videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtSJC-VR_YHWs8sdqyImpVA
Ezederick Jones (2 months ago)
Man I just subscribed from 2 accounts..lol man I love this guy. Keep doing what you are doing brother.
Tereu Butter (2 months ago)
Aww man i love this guy right here...leatn about cars and hear the Gospel of the Lord. Keep doing what you are doing brother. Much love from another brother through Christ
gtabomber (2 months ago)
Im still non the wiser as to how sin, homosexuality, cocaine addiction, racism and all of the above have contributed to scored bottom end bearings?
randy dilinila (2 months ago)
good morning sir i love all your video can i ask you how about the clearance of the journals and the crank shaft or did you just replace the bearing thanks good day
Bennie G (2 months ago)
This guy is hard core doing major engine repairs on the side of a busy street! Thanks for the vid!
Gary Durn (2 months ago)
Loved the shoestring polishing technique
Wordkeeper256 (2 months ago)
U help me learn how to do what I dream think you
sslusshy (2 months ago)
Wow this guy was great to watch him work his magic, I wish he was my mechanic!
Stephen R (3 months ago)
I'm about to attemp this... hope I can manage and be successful.
Darrian Knight (3 months ago)
Hey iv learned a lot watching your video and you are awesome but I have a problem and I was wondering if I could ask you a question
zachary Garcia (3 months ago)
You da truth!!!!!!!
Sentree (3 months ago)
I'm gonna SMASH my wife when I get back home ;)
Leo g (3 months ago)
Did you use an oversized bearing to make up for the space or standard size.
Ruben (3 months ago)
from Portugal God Bless you oldskool funk
s Sanshez (3 months ago)
Do you need to prime the oil pump before engine startup after you put it all back together?
Stuart Price (3 months ago)
Where are you from?
Calvin Graham (3 months ago)
Are those bearings suppose to slightly spin independently or with the connecting rod or crankshaft?
BLADE RUNNAZ (3 months ago)
Smoke Purppy (3 months ago)
Everything you say man is straight preach 👌👌👌👌
tennaj (3 months ago)
Good video Bro.. Just curios, how long did the repair last?
Don Weston (3 months ago)
Great video looking for a fix for a car and found a brother in christ.
Nicholas Lott (3 months ago)
I love your video. Helping people in multiple ways. You are a kindred spirit. Doing the work of God. God bless you.
Peter Tang (3 months ago)
keep on good work brother
Peter Tang (3 months ago)
very smart brother. thank. I have the same problem. I will trying yr way
juice ginner (3 months ago)
Great vid, but should of shown how you actually got to the bearings.
Stair Case (3 months ago)
Nothing useful after 29:00
Stair Case (3 months ago)
+oldskool funk anyways. I am about to start the ole papel harena should I Plasti it and possibly get a smaller bearing?
oldskool funk (3 months ago)
+Stair Case Your telling lies on my channel telling people the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not useful, I will defend my faith and belief my man
Stair Case (3 months ago)
+oldskool funk these are opinions my dood.
oldskool funk (3 months ago)
+Stair Case That don't change the fact your still in darkness my man.
Stair Case (3 months ago)
+oldskool funk I mean I think you are cool and all and thank you for making this videos, I just believe different things. Hope your day's goes well man.
sleepe361 (3 months ago)
Nice work brother thanks for the info
John Torres (4 months ago)
I can't get the screw to go all the way out of the bottom..I pulled the Piston down all the way..I pushed down the screw all the way but when I push up the bottom piece it won't move up any higher..the screw is showing at the tip but not enough to put on the bolt..what can I do..gbu
Charlie's Maiden Covers (4 months ago)
this channel made my day, be strong in your fight man, thanks for your car fixing and preaching, this is what people need to hear and see, common man praising the lord while fixing stuff and doing it all for him
Dharma Kissoon (4 months ago)
is that a timing chain?
gerald c (4 months ago)
you're an excellent teacher. God bless.
Hayward Withers (4 months ago)
Great channel. Your knowledge is the real thing, I know I was a science teacher, your understanding of the workings of the engine and the systems is sound. It might not seem that way to the casual viewer; you got a heck of a style.
James Smith (4 months ago)
thank you
Chris Flores (4 months ago)
Seeing this originally for my issue with the car. I praise You for your work honestly and will do the job soon. I'm not religious but I also appreciate the whole thing on when you spoke, I'm not here to say its annoying, or to bash you. But I come to say I respect you, keep spreading the love man I like what you are doing and thank you again for making these videos. You are a generous man and on top of that I'll take your words to heart
cinemabunny (4 months ago)
do you automatically go with one oversize bearings when you sand the crank?
Max P (4 months ago)
Love the shoe string technique! Your awesome dude. God Bless!
Erik Truchinskas (4 months ago)
What does smoking weed have to do with being a good catholic or christian? Maybe its because my priests were all irish but they smoked and drank. Im not saying all drugs are good because they arent but if a good catholic wants to smoke weed or drink and it doesnt ruin their life it should be alright Also if metal shavings are in the engine than its still just a matter of time until they effect the engine. Also you have to make sure that there isnt any scoring on the crank
Dale N (4 months ago)
OldSkoolFunk I know.you didn't check oil clearances as you stated but how do you determine what size bearings to put in it as I'm sure you had to put oversize bearings in it so how do you select your size that you need. I have a video I'm going to post and see if anyone can tell me what type of knock it is.
Brayden Moore (4 months ago)
AMEN Love you oldskool funk
Austin Austin (4 months ago)
Did you use oversized bearings or standard? Also keep that faith bro. Respect
Honest Auto Repair (4 months ago)
Metal melts in bearings around 450 degrees.
Kristie Roden (5 months ago)
Awesome video brother please keep preaching the word brother helping the soul and the real people's vehicle. May God bless you and keep you safe .
David Ensign (5 months ago)
Came for the car advise, stayed for the fellowship. Liked and subscribed... love what you are doing. Sow to the flesh you will reap corruption and death. Sow to the Spirit and receive life everlasting. God is good all the time!
1776vtgmb (5 months ago)
May God bless you and all of your family!
lowridingtrucks88 (5 months ago)
So true
Dennis Hendricks (5 months ago)
Love all these vids, sir. Glad to see I am not the only one that can do repairs on a shoesting, so to speak (lol) Amazing to watch you work and I love your message of God and Love.
Tom Fetter (5 months ago)
Just rocking it, sir.  Thank you.
Korium (5 months ago)
I hope to see more videos from you, i came across your videos 2 years ago and couldn't find you again. I'm thankful that i found you again. God bless you in all ways.
Beko Vasje (5 months ago)
I like You man. Thank You so much
shmeehoe44 (5 months ago)
That's the shitt my dude with the shoestring. I like your style
berghund kennel (5 months ago)
God bless bro!
Adam Moore (5 months ago)
My mazda 3 cooked a bearing with no oil dummy light. I checked the the oil amd it was 3 quarts low. not a happy driver.
Flatwoodsdad (5 months ago)
I think that far in I would have done the mains too. Or at least checked the farthest from oil pump. Bad mains will cause low oil pressure to rods. You can spin the mains out by putting large Cotter pin in oil passage. Bend ends down to catch bearing and turn crank to spin it out. Probabk check and clean oil sump screen too. Then you'd have pretty much rebuilt the low end of engine. And if your like me your trans would go out. Great Video.

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