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This is my new used bucket that I will be fixing up and showing how to save money and bring it back to life in future series videos. Be frugal, dont finance a car when you can get one for $1000s less . Keep Jesus Christ at the center of your life and the Lord will never let you down.
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James Woodson (14 days ago)
I like how you transitioned to the testimony. Please continue to be a witness for Christ.
justin bouy (15 days ago)
I can't believe you paid $400 for it. Soooo much work and parts unless you just wanted to have a HUGE project car
justin bouy (15 days ago)
I hate altimas now. Had two "great" engines pop on me for no apparent reason we took great maintenance care of them. Junk. 2.5s anyways I heard the larger engine is the same one used in g35 so go for it but I pray to never own another 2.5
indexglow (1 month ago)
👍🏻 right on man i agree
David A Graziano (2 months ago)
I love your videos!
jaja smile (2 months ago)
I so happy you are the man you are . I have learned so about fixing cars . Thanks ...
J Espinza (2 months ago)
Steve Vachaviolos (2 months ago)
Yo if u live in florida i got work for u.......
Evelyn Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Have you put up an update after fixing it ? Did you have to replace the engine or not yet?
MaxsMovieChannel (3 months ago)
I just subscribed to your channel, and click the notification bell. I’m starting automotive service technician school on Monday, and I’m so happy that I came across your channel. I really like the inspirational qutoes and the work ethic displayed here! I currently drive a 2010 Toyota Yaris sedan. Fully paid off. 80,000 miles. My dream car? Sounds kind of funny, but a Ford Ranger or F150. One day, with hard work, it will be mine! Great channel, I’m gonna be watching your videos!
king jamez (4 months ago)
Bro can you please make a video on how to inspect a used Honda engine.. or let me know if you already have one .. I really need that thanks in advance OSF
St. Louis Chris (5 months ago)
Good channel. I just bought an 05 neon with a crack head gasket (I think it just need a new radiator cap) for $650 I plan to fix
cypyful (6 months ago)
You gonna do a part two to this one?
Danielle Johnson (7 months ago)
My name is bill and I just wanted to say that I am a Christian of real practice just like osf I am a amature machanic and I loved to watch videos of people flipping cars and Mesing with cars I had to stop because there was too much profanity after I got saved I just want to say that I apreciate that I can watch what I love to do and also revive the word of the living god and not have to worry about hearing or seeing things to damage my faith big fan god bless
north One (7 months ago)
God is good keep up the good work my brother I would love to meet you
Babil (7 months ago)
man i did keep that pit 100% Good Stuff Tho your good man Bless up
EMDDoctor86 (7 months ago)
KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT BROTHER. JESUS CHRIST IS KING. Tough times are coming, stay strong, NEVER give up, NEVER give in.
Basketball Ave (8 months ago)
God Bless your channel.
Forgive Repent (8 months ago)
Amen! Bro! That's Real.... That's Truth ! Bro I don't know if you heard of Bryann Trejo he a rapper for the Lord Bro check him out Kingdom Music.You will like him Bro check it out. Say I Appreciate that motivation in Jesus Christ Bro.Keep doing what you doing mann....
koneseta (9 months ago)
what´s going with "A $400 DOLLAR RIDE" is that car ready and final ?
Anthony Toro (9 months ago)
TheOutsider (9 months ago)
I love you, man. (FWIW I’m an atheist) You are an inspirational, awesome, person. Your sharing and hard work are special gifts for all who come in contact with you. Thank you.
Da Si (9 months ago)
when did you quit drinking? was it long ago?
Da Si (9 months ago)
oldskool funk nice, man.
oldskool funk (9 months ago)
Da Si 2013.
Jessica Bradley (9 months ago)
Are you? Miss your videos! God bless. Hope all is well :-)
charging7 (9 months ago)
On point as usual brother! "Watch me handle this stuff" Love it.
Joe S. (10 months ago)
Don't drink alcohol either. Poison to your body and mind.
mr. fix it (10 months ago)
Old skool wat is the resistance on the coils on that altima i have the same one only mines a 3.5Lv6 ..i need to know if the coil range to know if its bad..i cant find any forums or info on wat it should be to know if they are bad
Ethan Kishimoto (10 months ago)
Do u have certain cars u stay away from like no key, police/abandoned, etc? N vice versa, cars that u attracted to on an auction lot?
Sarah R (10 months ago)
I just came across your videos and this video almost had me in tears. You really inspired me so thank you. I have been lost my whole life and I think with your words I can get back my focus. I don't believe in any one religion even though I believe in God and the bible. I've been contemplating what I need to invest in to make money instead of trying to find another losing job. I have 2 kids and its hard to find a babysitter or daycare because its expensive and when my kids get sick I lose my job so I decided I want to find some other way to be making money so I don't have to deal with the stresses of daycare and I can spend more time with my kids since its just me and them. I think with your inspiration I will find something I can do to get back to the grind and support my kids in a good way. Thanks again...you're awesome 😊
oldskool funk (10 months ago)
Sarah Crites Never ever entertain the thought about giving up. Jesus Christ will never allow you to be tested beyond what you cannot handle. Call on him with sincerity and he will give you a peace beyond understanding and strength to endure in any situation. Matthew 11:28  28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Make 2018 your best year and get ready to take back what you lost, Hope, vision and passion for life. Let your children be your WHY and stay encouraged EVERYDAY in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.
Doomzdayxx (11 months ago)
You couldn't pay ME $400 to take that car. if anyone can turn that toilet on tires around though it's this dude
ErubZ (11 months ago)
You gotta plan man.. much respect for keepin it real.
banshee2014 (11 months ago)
No one is entitled ! You have to put the work in brotha!!!
Dc Vice (11 months ago)
Listen to this man, he knows what he is talking about. Words of wisdom couldn't have said it any better.
L Vaz (11 months ago)
Aaden Daniels (11 months ago)
sooo what happen with the car? So much preaching I missed why I played the video on the first place. Must be a part two somewhere
jondeauxman (1 year ago)
I have much respect for you my brother in Christ
WolfBlood (1 year ago)
love your straight up vids man you have a great gift with your hands and your words, God created man in his image God is the master artist and we all have that creative spark in us we just have to find it and it will grow like a seed , God bless you for your honesty love for people and passion for life!.
matt madrigal (1 year ago)
Good video keep it up
Jerone Farewell (1 year ago)
Great video my brother. I love you in the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep preaching brother as you're impacting souls in a mighty way...blessings
Takos World (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work
JOHN KARIGO (1 year ago)
I found your videos the other day and I am very impressed with your knowledge on cars and boldness in sharing Christ, your are a great inspiration, keep up the good work, shalom Jkk.
Watufaka702 Cchhee (1 year ago)
Awesome . much aloha and stay blessed
The Big Kahuna (1 year ago)
Nice ride with alot of potential. Why finance a new car with big payments to be in debt or broke just to be keeping up with the rest of the crowed. Roll up your sleeves and get busy fixing what needs to be fixed OLD SCHOOL STYLE.........
Chris Evans (1 year ago)
With all that dmg I have one question, was it stolen? He know the good shit like radio was jacked but was it stolen with all the guts hanging out inside. Hey u got the papers and it’s legit then it’s all good.
Womb Raider (1 year ago)
I really appreciate you taking the time to make these videos and share all your wisdom with us! You have reached me!
TheWicklunds25 (1 year ago)
That dog looks like he's had a muzzle on him... Probably trained to fight. Somebody threw him out like trash.
TheWicklunds25 (1 year ago)
I'm jokin with you. I know you work for a minimum.
TheWicklunds25 (1 year ago)
You shouldn't be po workin on all these cars funk.
Lou Hawk (1 year ago)
Love ur channel homie....
Account Deactivated (1 year ago)
Dangit he didnt show us the end product of the $400 car
SKOPE SCRIPT (1 year ago)
I love the video's man a great father figure the words of wisdom are motivating.really nice dog he's a neo masstive x pitbull and lucky he found yous peace bro
James Rockford (1 year ago)
Johnny Rocket (1 year ago)
How's the hooptie now?  Looking forward to seeing the update!
misssonja1 (1 year ago)
On my honda my oil dipstick tube is loose and pulls up when i check the oil. Any suggestions please contact me
Jay Ma (1 year ago)
God bless brother... have you done a other video of the update about your Nissan Altima ???
franklin ordonez (1 year ago)
DSK MODZ (1 year ago)
Sometimes you can drop the oil pan and swap the connect rod or entire piston through the bottom of the engine.
DSK MODZ (1 year ago)
Thats nice car. I got a few killer deals at the auction recently. 2006 cts for 650$ had to replace the brakes paint a fender and replace a caliper. And Put a fuse in abs. Slot. Sold the car for $2700. The next week got a 07 mercury milan for $1100 had to fix the caliper on it. It was siezed because pad fell out. Anytime you come across a seized caliper dont replace then just stick air hose in the hole where banjo bolt goes and blast air into it. The piston that squeezes the brakes will shoot out then just put that piston in there straight. It will go right in and your caliper is fixed. Dont buy new ones. That car i profited 2200$ on.
Jovin Flores (1 year ago)
Whatever happened to this car
Aaron Hadley (1 year ago)
You keep on keepin on brotha......I pray the Lord will multiply you in everyway. I am product of the 80s street life and now I preach the Gospel as well in SB......I love to see you take your giftings and resources and use it to lift up the Lord. Keep on Keeping on.
HO LEE FOOK (1 year ago)
Keep the dog to protect ur stuff
Nick Belanger (1 year ago)
The car is a good analogy too. It's seen the worst of times but Oldskool still sees potential in it. It doesn't matter how broken down you are, if you put faith and hard work into yourself you can still live to the fullest
Luke Martin (1 year ago)
What happened with this car? Was there a follow-up video
Gary Shaw (1 year ago)
you can tell that dog is well taken care of.
James Thomas (1 year ago)
I love you man. Thank you.
Chris Cas (1 year ago)
thank you oldscool funk you are a true hero of mine for spreading gods word... thank you so much :)
Richard G (1 year ago)
A man that's what I always did 6 bones and another 6 they turn out bad as hell when I'm done with it
taxivid (1 year ago)
Divine message thank you
Bob's Playlists. (1 year ago)
im not religious but i can respect that positivity you give in each video.
Don Ramos (1 year ago)
Just subscribed. I like what you're doing man. Keep it up. God bless
Jose Jimenez (1 year ago)
Just want to say I really appreciate your videos very informative mechanically and spiritual. God bless
NoNoLabs (1 year ago)
I learn quite a bit from YouTube. I consider it a form of TV. But everything I watch is like this video.
QUAY Savvy (1 year ago)
1st time seeing your videos and i love it already bro im subscribed 4 life now. Im at my 9 to 5 just working and listening gaining wisdom. I like how you mention your past and didnt hide nothing or leave out your trials and tribulations...respect.
Walfrin Batista (1 year ago)
Thank you for all your videos and insight into christ. Was watching this at 3AM EST and changed my life. Thank you
Herbert Lofton (1 year ago)
Herbert Lofton (1 year ago)
Herbert Lofton (1 year ago)
Urban Kyng (1 year ago)
Rarely do I see automotive channels who will speak about the living God. Bless you good brother for being true and this channel. Keep doing your thing.💯
Amado Guzman (1 year ago)
#respect my brotha #letsblessup #BronxN.y I learned a lot from u just watching two videos . #igottastayfocus on God.
Jerome Mariano (1 year ago)
GOAT McGregor (1 year ago)
Money is the root of all evil and Jews worship money above all else
GOAT McGregor (1 year ago)
oldskool funk amen brother love those versus. Money is a by product of living the right life and doing your best
oldskool funk (1 year ago)
GOAT McGregor Money is not the root. It's the LOVE OF MONEY that is the root of all evil. Its when man puts money before God then it becomes an idol and man allows his heart to be corrupted by his passion to allow it to consume his life and do anything to obtain the almighty dollar. Maywheter & Conner MC Gregor both worship money over God. 1 Timothy 6:10-12 King James Version (KJV) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Read this carefully and know that the people the world idolize (movie stars, Hollywood actors, musicians etc) put money before God and worship fame, luxury, and fortune, at the cost of their own souls Mark 8:36 (KJV)  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Cody Baxter (1 year ago)
Saved a dog, I just subbed.
Stanley Chan (1 year ago)
You are so awesome...keep up the great work.
cat man1 (1 year ago)
Can i get your privet contact information so that I can send you a privet text message
Bob Marley (1 year ago)
Do you have tips on how to remove mold smells out of a car
8hour (1 year ago)
The radio hahahahahah
SZCZERZO KŁY (1 year ago)
I started watching your videos because I wanted to know more about fixing cars. I'm an atheist but You are what I look in other people. You do what you preach and show how to do it. All those "life coaches" and motivational speakers have nothing on you. You work with your hands and you help others. You reach to them and help them have better life. You have my utter respect for your work and for the life you are showing to others.
a gone (1 year ago)
Oldskool funk I saw your head gasket video and thought it was pretty cool. Are you in the Los Angeles area? If so, would you consider having an intern?
Lightspreader (1 year ago)
Wow man thank you so much for your videos! I finished my 1 year in auto school and now I'm currently looking for a place to start my apprenticeship. In the meantime, I work alot on my own car while I watch your videos to get as much knowledge as possible and apply it! Sometimes I wish I lived near you, so I could just watch you work and explain! 👍👍👍
Coquise Hearon (1 year ago)
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! i love the fact that u are ministering to ppl!! you will have true reward in Heaven. thanks for the car tips i bought a bucket an im tryna self fix
Marcos Ramos (1 year ago)
Olds Kool funk love ure teaching maybe we can get together show people love about the brown n black people can still get together and show are love but cars
Bob S (1 year ago)
I just found your channel and I just sub to your channel keep up the great job god bless you and your family :)
Clint Shultz (1 year ago)
havent seen your videos in a long time, glad to see youre still active, keep it up!
d tact (1 year ago)
Great advise and great skills. Thanks
John e (1 year ago)
That car is hopeless, it's never gonna look nice. I would just fix the rod knock, scrub the nasty seats and sell it to someone who is looking for a cheap, reliable ride on Craigslist.
mario guallpa (1 year ago)
Old school is the best school new school is the lost soul in people's minds...
ShogunGlock (1 year ago)
Old school, god created weed. Its not poison, it brings your mind to a higher level, high to the sky closer to god. Man however misuses it and demonizes it. Love ur vids.
Alex Garcia (1 year ago)
"The unsaved man is dead"
tony Cuban (1 year ago)
Bro make a video how cleam interior dash dirty plactic like my Cadillac deville
GMAN PRZ (1 year ago)
I love your videos man I've learned alot from watching your videos thank you so much 👍

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