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2018 Volvo XC40 vs BMW X1 Comparison

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In the world of compact luxury crossovers, the BMW X1 has reigned supreme. It outsells many of its rivals and is seen as a premium choice with a lower price tag. However, it certainly isn’t the most exciting or charming car, which is the vibe the new Volvo XC40 exudes. Naturally, we had to compare these two, to see which one seems better suited for luxury car buyers. Please show your support and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AutoGuideVideo AutoGuide reviews the latest new cars with test drives, car comparisons and shootouts plus coverage of breaking auto industry news, auto shows, rumors, top 10 lists, and spy photos. Help shop for your new car with informative car buying tips and car recall news, and be entertained with feature stories, Top 10s and car review videos.
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Text Comments (108)
Bimmer (2 days ago)
The wheels are ugly on the Volvo.
Peter Hammer (2 days ago)
The Volvo looks not very neat. Looks somehow MUCH bigger than the X1. For me the X1 thanks.
BaBeLoo BaDoo (3 days ago)
I dont like the design of the XC40, a bit too simplistic and too boxy. Also don't like the interior of the XC40. That screen in the middle is like a small childs tablet. However, by buying European car technology, the Chinese are right there with the European car manufacturers. At least with Volvo.
VacancyJB (8 days ago)
34k usd? that's so cheap for the XC40.
Saad Salman (11 days ago)
The XC40 actually does have paddle shifters in the R Design model
Brian Numme (12 days ago)
Wow! That was kind of a weird review! I forgot that we didn’t see the back or back area of the Volvo. Well, I guess that’s good because it would have caused another Doug Demuro jumping outta the trunk moment.
Abbi Awesu (12 days ago)
BMW design their cars to be Conservative, and like Porsche they keep the same formula, not to scare their customers too much.... BMW is about the driving experience...
Savir Relan (14 days ago)
Volvo is the best
r (14 days ago)
Wow. They barely showed the rear of the Volvo. Can you instead have b roll of the cars instead of having the majority of the video be focused on the hosts.
Yanni Looking good (14 days ago)
None, both fake ass SUV for ladies and lame accountants!
Nickolai Siegfried (14 days ago)
It seems anyone can review cars on the web. What are their qualifications?
wren460 (14 days ago)
Honda CR-V by far. Super reliable, solid, economical, high resale value, etc. Not a fun SUV, but the best for driving from A to B . I want to see that Volvo in 5 years and 100,000 miles......and the BMW I want to see the owner paying for repair like if it was a Rolls Royce
wren460 (8 days ago)
As always there are excemptions . I would bet that on 99% of cases a Honda or Toyota Will be in better shape after 200k miles than on a Volvo. Now, we are talking NEW cars, not ones built in the 70´s ! There is no way a Volvo S40 Will last longer than lets say a Corolla or a Civic...not in a million years
Renaldo Aggrey (9 days ago)
The most mileage ever done on a car is on a volvo with over 3 million miles. And you can get a gold mileage award when you get 500,000 miles on your volvo
Sevy (15 days ago)
The 2018 model BMW X1 does not have a big gearshifter anymore, get the X-line trim so the seats are better, not full leather either.
Efe Açıkgöz (15 days ago)
New Q3 looks better than both
Volvo all the way, unless your a chav. Then the BMW is for you! lol
DaniBird (15 days ago)
Volvo wins for sure!! The interior of the BMW looks old. 😕
Richie Roo (15 days ago)
I have the X1 and looked at the Volvo and prefer the BMW by miles! And cut the overacting out; its super cringe
Joshua Burke (15 days ago)
Both theses guys have the most ANNOYING voice I have ever heard
minibus1351 (15 days ago)
That BMW interior is uninspiring. Needs redesign like the newer models.
Paul Ho (15 days ago)
How can you not look down in disgust at every X1 driver? It's a sad excuse for basic transport with hideous looks and exploitative pricing.
Diogo Teixeira (16 days ago)
Jose Luis Caceres (16 days ago)
Beard guy talks like Roger Rabbit
moore ae2002 (17 days ago)
The Volvo's infotainment system looks hideous. The interior does look more luxurious than the X1.
How about the r design. Does it have paddle shifters
Linus ohlsson (15 days ago)
Aaron Mills (18 days ago)
Volvo ❤️
Martin Nilsson (19 days ago)
How Do they fit for taller People?
Jinbin Tan (20 days ago)
Volvo ROCKS!
Spectre26 (20 days ago)
Yawn yet another lacklustre review from Autoguide. Way too many misinformed opinions. Most things that they complain about the car that doesn’t have are available options.
Jose Morales (21 days ago)
The asian female asian reviewer is so much better than these two together!
Owen Nato (21 days ago)
Correction. Mini uses the BMW platform!!
Somchuan Saetun (21 days ago)
I love Volvo
darexdarex (21 days ago)
Touchscreen interfaces are very hard to use, and even a bit dangerous, while driving. Give me iDrive every time over 100% touchscreen dependence.
ExuberantRaptor (21 days ago)
The X1 has been killing sales. But the XC40 is the European Car of The Year 2018 award winner. And XC60 has been the top selling SUV in Europe since launch basically and the XC90 is the current World Car of The Year champion. Volvo is doing wonders right now. Can people stop complaining about the sideway shifting? It's not any stranger than other things that changes back and forth from generation to generation. People are just not used to it happen to the gear shifter but people go bonkers over it. I think it's cool and something you're pretty alone with which is fun when others drive the car xD And the sacrifice shifting sideways instead of up-down is barely any. Just stop it already. Though I think it's ridiculous how in 2018 and soon 2019 can't do better with lagg. We are so technologically advanced and researched that turbo and response lagg shouldn't exist anymore really.
Nickolai Siegfried (14 days ago)
People who know nothing about cars still perceive the germans as producing beter cars, when in reality german cars are unreliable, overpriced and overrated.
jasperac (21 days ago)
it's crazy how all of these reviewers don't realize that the double tap for the gear shift is actually smart because if you accidentally hit it, it won't just go to another gear. where's the critical thinking in these reviews? and the shifter is really not that complicated to get used to, people.
WillyVonHalen (21 days ago)
Those cringing dialogues
BMW 2017 (21 days ago)
I have an X6, never again.
Sun Wanasiri (22 days ago)
×1ดูกระป๋องไปเลย..มาเทียบกะxc40...love xc40coollllll😍😍😍
Smooth Operator (22 days ago)
FACTS-If you replace each of these vehicles badge with a Lexus these 2 would be complaining about EVERYTHING from start to finish.
Eric Bruno (22 days ago)
What I would willing to pay for content wise would be the following: More detail on the interior passenger adjustments, deeper content on the controls and settings available with the infotainment and Nav systems. For example does the car have an easy in/easy out feature for driver and or passenger seats, adjustability of the passenger sites). I have vehicle that it turns out to change the headlight bulbs you have to drop the bumper. Information on easy of routine maintenance. For top level review I would normally not be interested in that level of detail, but I am seriously thinking about the car that detail is of interest to me.
Robert Levinson (23 days ago)
The Auto Stop\Start can be disabled.
Thomas Rock (23 days ago)
So who's the pitcher and who's the catcher?
I Downvote All Ads (23 days ago)
That Volvo looks great except for that c pillar, you could hide an airplane in that blind spot. It take it over the bimmer.
Chad Foust (23 days ago)
I was going to ask if you think the ride on the BMW could be fixed but not having such ridiculously large wheels and then you got to the Volvo! Those things are insane! One pothole in your going to be out five hundred bucks for a wheel and tire
6SpeedTA95 (23 days ago)
"roll-y thing when you're in a corner"???? WTF...why do I watch reviews like this?
6SpeedTA95 (23 days ago)
Another blah review, why did you drive a BMW without the good seats (and then gripe about the seats?) why did you drive one without the parking options and driver assist options and then gripe about not having them?
Renaldo Aggrey (9 days ago)
It seems they went for the base model for both cars
Brat Meister (21 days ago)
They're millennials and have to gripe about how bored they are. After hearing this review I'd go with the X1 just so they'd complain that no one does what they want them too.
subu tai (23 days ago)
Wow, two most unreliable european cars comparison
Alejandritou Angulo (23 days ago)
What is the name of that beautiful blond with a mustache?
Nicholas Smith (24 days ago)
There is no such thing as the letter "zee". There is a letter "zed", though.
There's no such thing as a Nicholas Smith.
Alexey Poleff (23 days ago)
DAVID Y (24 days ago)
Sebastien trying too hard to be Craig Cole .....
TomoQuads (24 days ago)
2 nerd reviewing cars? why!
dygardion 91 (24 days ago)
I know you said the qx30 is a cheap hatchback but these are boring What’s wrong with a luxury hatch??? That’s what all of these damn sub compact “suvs” are Guess if I had to choose between these two it’d be the bmw
jalmonte91 (24 days ago)
I’ll take the new Cadillac XT4 over both of these
Christopher Douglas (24 days ago)
Sebastien, I can’t believe you are still doing the one finger driving trick. Come on, it’s two hands on the wheel, 10 and 3. Pinky driving went out with 1960’s Coupe DeVille’s! I seriously can’t believe Sammy or Jodi haven’t told you this. It’s simply not safe the way you are driving.
Gkoulidis (24 days ago)
Guys you are not actors. So please stop acting like you are. Did you see what I did there?
Blake Swan (24 days ago)
Love these comparison reviews. Great work!
Nikeythm (24 days ago)
Don't compare Mercedes to the Volvo trash.
colinf1951 (23 days ago)
Even if they are owned by the same company ! Geely !!!!!
alliejr (24 days ago)
For some reason, modern (last 15 years) BMWs are so harsh and "crashy" as to not be luxury cars in my opinion.
Daniel Tu (24 days ago)
The new XT4
Tyus Robinson (24 days ago)
Blake Swan (24 days ago)
Tyus Robinson (24 days ago)
All those safety features are so unnecessary. And what about the E pace?
Tyus Robinson (24 days ago)
Blake Swan lmao oh well. It still looks nice
Blake Swan (24 days ago)
The E Pace is a whale with horrid build quality
Christian Stewart (24 days ago)
The R design version of the XC40 does have paddle shifters btw
Derek Higgins (20 days ago)
Christian Stewart I have the r design it's a option of 125 pound for the paddles
Mike F (24 days ago)
When this guy Sebastien doesn't like something he shits all over it. Chill out man...doesn't make the review enjoyable. Constructive criticism please.
Marc Scordato (25 days ago)
The Chinese have been good to Volvo. The cash infusion has produced fine cars that are beautiful to behold . I wish someone would have rescued Saab. Scandinavian cars bring something unique to the table .
markjwil (11 days ago)
Nope. SAAB is dead and the intention for NEVS to build electric cars from the old SAAB 9-3 platform never materialized for mass production. NEVS no longer has the investments needed to restart production in Trollhattan.
Volvo Cub (16 days ago)
Saab car name will never be again. The Swedish electrical company asked for bailout, Saab Aero said the name could never be used if bailouts are given. They took a bailout so now Saab auto will never be. 😢😢
Chili D (24 days ago)
I agree. it’s getting harder to find someone to service my Saab. China tried to buy, but GM ownership at the time wouldn’t sell production tech and rights to Chinese companies. No one else that had the coin stepped up. :( (
Vlad Vld (24 days ago)
SAAB is rescued...they are planning to get back...from China as well...NEVS is goig to be called.. https://www.saabplanet.com/category/saab-news/
Fouad Owais (25 days ago)
You have a big name but not the views to match... many car channels out there are doing much better although they don't have your experience, you're doing something wrong. I say it's time for an Autoguide face lift, or a whole new platform. i'm only saying this because i think you deserve more.
mctaboo (25 days ago)
PLEASE stop overacting.. honestly you don't need it.. Just be yourself.. the both of you please.. with all the love in the world.
BUSH MASTER (15 days ago)
Yeah I agree. It sounds almost as if they are hosting a tv show for kids.
Christopher Douglas (24 days ago)
mctaboo Flake Swan is always Mr. Negative. I agree, Sammy and Sebastien appear a little too contrived, but I think this is really the way they are in normal conversation.
mctaboo (24 days ago)
Blake Swan Who they are?!! Are they bad actors? Can someone be naturally overacting 🤣Please use your brain when replying to people's comments.
Blake Swan (24 days ago)
PLEASE don't tell people who they are. Do your ownyoutube channel with this great knowledge.
T H-L (25 days ago)
I still find it funny how Americans think the Japanese can actually produce premium products that are better than European marques 😂
NMB Ale (18 days ago)
T H-L because they can... 😄
darexdarex (21 days ago)
Peugeot, Citroën, and all the rest couldn't cut it here, and left, tail between their legs. Only the Germans remained. The Japanese filled the void. History!
Smooth Operator (22 days ago)
T H-L We find it funny how you’re so foolish to believe that we can be fooled by European products...Been there,done that & Americans know what’s up with these UNRELIABLE pos.😂
Thomas Rock (23 days ago)
Better? Define better. If better means more reliable, then yes... Something like an Acura RDX will be infinitely more reliable than these two cars.
ChokeKOO! (24 days ago)
Well yes, in general, Europeans can't even get the fundamentals like reliability correct. For that reason alone, Japanese luxury brands deliver a more pleasant luxury experience. They don't piss you off with surprise repairs that cost a fortune. The Japanese care far more about the products they make. Objectively, they are just better made cars. What's more, Japanese luxury automakers aren't gamy or gimmicky, and they don't try to bait and switch you, offering you pseudo luxury, and then proceed to nickle and dime you for more genuine luxury. A base BMW X1 or a base BMW 3 Series are hardly luxury cars because they are surprisingly spartan. To get what you want, you have to pay another $10,000 $15,000 more than you would for a similarly equipped Japanese luxury vehicle. The only reason the Europeans get away with this is because too many buyers in this segment don't care, they're just pretentious badge wh0res and posers who only care for image. Also, Autoguide isn't American.
Bob Marley (25 days ago)
Pretty sure both of these cars use the same traverse Aisin 8speed automatic. BMW only uses ZF in their longitudinal models.
Mike Harris (25 days ago)
x1 needs a makeover it looks like a small wagon instead of a suv
Dr Nedim (19 days ago)
6SpeedTA95 (23 days ago)
It is and wagons are great.
Blake Swan (24 days ago)
That's because it is
Akwasi Owusu Antwi (25 days ago)
The bmw ride height is kinda low. I hope it has air suspension
Nicholas Smith (24 days ago)
Akwasi Owusu Antwi plan on off-roading your FWD-based crossover?
Akwasi Owusu Antwi (25 days ago)
BMW X1 looks better Than that ulgy ass Volvo
I guess you are comparing two petrol engines, but it's not stated. A diesel gives the BMW a much better fuel economy.
pete (24 days ago)
No diesels on these in North America.
Audi should consider bringing the Q2 to the states.
Billy K (24 days ago)
The new 2019 Q3 will be a killer though!
cntcht (25 days ago)
Volvo all the way.

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