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Make-Ahead FREEZER Meals....

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How to Make Make-Ahead *FREEZER* Foods, & Meals... For the Summer & Anytime..... Summertime is right around the Corner, & the Kids will be out of School in a Month or so.. So why not start Prepping & getting Ready Now:) I will be Sharing with you Guys, how I make my Homemade Re-fried Beans for Breakfast Tacos... Bacon Buttermilk Ranch Chicken Fingers/Strips, that will be Perfect for Lunch, Dinner, OR Even a ON-THE GO Snack, when your headed out the Door,. & (4) Chicken Stew Meals (with No Potatoes)... That you can Take a out the night before to Thaw in the Fridge Overnite... & when you come in, & when its Dinnertime, Make Up sum Rice Or Egg Noodles, & sum Corn Muffins to go with... (You Can Even Make Up a Bunch of Corn Muffins, that'll be good in the Freezer, Up to 3months)... Just Simply top with Rice Or Noodles, this Chicken Stew.. And Dinner is Done... A Quick & Simple Dinner Meal on a Lazy Summer Nite, OR School Nite..... These Make-Ahead Meals, that I am sharing with you all, Are Part of my always go to foods, When Summer is Near.... & I try to keep on Hand, for my Kids.. Because they just Love Chicken, Well WE ALL do:)...The Ingredients used are Minimal, & the Prep time isn't Very long.. Enjoy Kiwanna Join Me On Social Media Instagram::kiwannaskitchen101206 My Facebook Fan Page will be back up Today, I will post it here later today, when I am finish with it.. So stay tuned.. I got Offered by companies to do Reviews on their foods, & Other Products, So I will be posting things their, & here, with My Coupon Codes for you all... Here is My Facebook Page Guys... ((Join Me)) on Facebook & Share Share Share Guys #MUAH.. Kiwanna's Kitchen & Homesteading.. https://www.facebook.com/KiwannasKitchen1029/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Homemade Chicken Spaghettti Casserole Recipe..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBsrNODC2po -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Thursday Washington (13 days ago)
It's so good to see that someone who eats the same kind of food making freezer meals. Loving your meal prep !
Maureen Sommerfelt (4 months ago)
You really have some great ideas just wish I could buy your cook book
Dawn Staton (4 months ago)
Hello! Thank you for everything you do! Your recipes are easy to make! Food always looks delicious! Have you ever thought about doing a cookbook? God bless you and your family! Have a good day!
DragonflyArtz1 (7 months ago)
Best Chicken Strips I've ever seen on YouTube for Freezer Meals. I might use real bacon in a food processor, but I love the buttermilk ranch bacon chicken strips concept! I know this will be a big hit with my family! Great video!
Barbara K (9 months ago)
Wow! Your children, family and friends must be in heaven with your cooking. You would make a great owner of a restaurant with your cooking skills. Thank you for providing such great detail in your videos! I cannot wait to try the chicken strip dinner idea.
deb war (10 months ago)
Your channel is very very clever.I am going to make this a project w my grands. Your children are so blessed to have a mom like you.l am a new subbie . Keep the homesteading coming like days of long ago.Debbie
Narissa R (1 year ago)
New sub here (and on insta) :) so glad to have come across your channel. You have great ideas and seem like a cool, down to earth person. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more vids!
Shirley Maas (1 year ago)
New to your channel awesome videos
Kymi Poo (1 year ago)
I wanna try this but wondering how much of a difference it would make without the dried Spinach? I can only find it online.
Kymi Poo (1 year ago)
Okay. Yeah, I was thinking substituting with Parsley. Thanks for sharing!
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
It don't really make a difference.. You can use Dried Parsley as well :))
The Session (1 year ago)
I'm gonna subscribe though. I like it
The Session (1 year ago)
Check my channel for that chicken guide. Can have you delicious roasted chicken you can make ahead and freeze
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
The Session I will go over now & Check you out
The Session (1 year ago)
Good ideas for certain. Love the idea
michael landry (1 year ago)
you have the best, and a never ending supply of, ideas! thank you for always sharing Kiwanna.
Jaye Lo (1 year ago)
what's in the house seasoning?
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Lol, I understand.. Thank You☺
Jaye Lo (1 year ago)
Kiwanna's Kitchen & Homesteading thx so much... I just found your channel... watched two videos and subscribed... my daughter is so picky but she wants to try some of your meals...
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Jaye Lo Season Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder & Pepper mixed
Sandra Star (1 year ago)
Great job
adivaknowsbest (1 year ago)
Great video!! Kept my attention from start to finish, like always! I couldn't help but wonder what your freezer must look like. Would love to see one day. Everything looks so good and easy to make! Keep them coming, you go girl!! 😘
Me & These Curls (1 year ago)
So you know I had to check out your channel ☺. I'm hungry now..Lol. You have taught me a easy way to precook my meals. Doesn't look time consuming. Do you have a trick to make a non bean lover into a believer ?
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
SoBeNatural Lololol...No Ma'am, I don't... I wish Lol... And Thank you for Coming Over☺. Girl these are Soo Convenient, Especially with Summer Being around the Corner☺
Kemikyja4 Star (1 year ago)
Catching up on your vids and others girl, been working and getting home a little late. You never disappoint with your videos!!! 😋🤗😋
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Hey Guys... Summertime is Right around the Corner, so I am Starting & Sharing with you All, My Make-Ahead Summer Meals... & Trust me when I say.. Since I started these, Making trips to the Grocery Store (Weekly) have Lessoned... I hope you All Enjoy My Video.. X
Tiffany Myles (1 year ago)
love these make ahead monday ideas. keep them coming. Especially since school is abt to be out. this will help us working moms out so much
NYCCHOCOLATE7777 (1 year ago)
Wow Tiffany That ls Mad Early -Here ln ATL MY Son Gets Out May 23rd & I'm Flying Back To NY May 24th Summer Vacay Drop Off See YOU Sir ln Two Months Have A Great Summer
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Tiffany Myles Yes Ma'am, I Agree 100%
Cookie Williams (1 year ago)
Kiwanna great video. You are giving me great ideas. I am looking forward to these videos every Monday and have a great week.
Boss Lady (1 year ago)
How do you come up with this stuff LORD I love this channel!
Dee Dee Moore (1 year ago)
I love make ahead freezer meal ideas. TY!
Shirley Celio (1 year ago)
if you can please tell me how long do you make ur chicken for? and at what temp?
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Shirley Celio Ye Ma'am, I Normally Fry them, Or Mostly Bake them at 350°, Until they are golden Brown.. about 15min or so
Shirley Celio (1 year ago)
i hope you do more freezer videos. your meals and the preparation of the food is ways i am definitely going to try.
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Shirley Celio Yes Ma'am, Every Monday, I Upload These Kind of Videos😊.. I Missed Yesterday, because I was tired, & fell asleep on the Couch😊.. Tyfw
Shirley Celio (1 year ago)
thank you for the tips!
Shirley Celio (1 year ago)
this video was so helpful!
Shirley Celio (1 year ago)
ok here we go. i put 8 pounds of chicken in buttermilk last night. now im gonna bread them. thinking fry half bake half (: we have a jazz concert picnic at my sons high school this evening. and this is what we will be bring!
faye pettaway (1 year ago)
Great foods to have in the freezer children will soon be out of school these are foods kid love.You can add some sides and lunch or dinner is served.Thanks and keep creating.
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
NYCCHOCOLATE7777 (1 year ago)
Ummmmm Sis ME Sounding Like Homer Simpson-Jam & Jelly LOL I Wish
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
EXACTLY!!! That's why I start making (THESE KINDS) of Make-Ahead Meals, a Month before School is Out, so that way..I don't have to be running to the Store Every week, buying this & that... My Freezer will already be packed!!! I also make more of My Homemade breads during the summer also, than any other time, becuz We eat more sandwiches in the Summertime, than any other time, because its to HOT to always have the stove on, & I also have to make more strawberry Jam, & Pineapple Jam, speaking of things I need to make Lol
Contreal Williams (1 year ago)
As Always, another great Video! This would be perfect for my Daughter to do with my Grandbabys, &It'll keep her out my Deep freezers in the Basement😂😂. I will be Looking for Your Coupon Codes, & will follow your page, I wanna support you in AMYWAY Possible!! I also went thru & shared Your Videos as well. Things seem to be looking Brighter for you Kiwanna, Congratulations, & keep pushing Forward😘😘😘
Beauty Complete Miles (1 year ago)
Great Idea thank you for sharing how you prepare your unique meals.
dmariegreene (1 year ago)
This is great Kiwanna!!!
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
dmariegreene Thanks Girl😘😘
dmariegreene (1 year ago)
So excited for you!! Blessed and highly favored!
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
dmariegreene Thanks Mama❤.... I'm about to text you the Info now, that you asked for last Nite when we talked Lol... Girl I edited the Video, Showered, Got a Blanket, then went in the living room, & layed on the Couch to watch Movies with the Kids.. Girl I woke up this Morning on the Couch LOL😂😂.. But I'm about to send it now❤
Teasers Pleasers (1 year ago)
I need to start making some freezer meals myself . . . but its kinda hard right now when my kitchen is being renovated LOL thx for sharing darling XOXO Happy Cooking
LIPSTICK & SOFRITO (1 year ago)
You aren't kidding about that warning...lol....cause now I'm hungry!!..:)
DaBlack GypsyGal (1 year ago)
H.E.B.? Dang I miss living in Tx and shopping there.
Kiwanna's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Yes Ma'am, Lol.. & Girl, I LOVE H.E.B. To be a BIG Chained Grocery Store, they have the Best Deals #EVER

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