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8 Foods To Raise Testosterone | Increase Testosterone, Libido And Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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Testosterone is the limitless drug. It makes you look more manly, act more manly, improves your mood, improves your concentration, there's not much it doesn't make better, actually maybe you'll get sick of the constant rock hard erections. For the studies mentioned in this video, some bonus information, and a free gift check out: http://donofdesire.com/best-foods-to-raise-testosterone/ In this video i give you 8 foods that help to increase your testosterone, so you can raise your levels and get all of those benefits sitting on your ass. 1:07 | The importance of macros 3:02 | 1. Eggs 4:03 | 2. Bone Broth 4:59 | 3. Salt 6:11 | 4. Cabbage 6:42 | 5. Chocolate 7:55 | 6. Avocados 8:18 | 7. Probiotics 9:04 | 8. Cheese
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Don of Desire (1 year ago)
Don't forget to check out the blog for a summary of this video, bonus information and a FREE BONUS teaching you how to give your woman the most intense orgasm of her life tonight!! http://donofdesire.com/best-foods-to-raise-testosterone/
Hasith Tharuka (12 days ago)
Lack of laughing is OK for your next videos ! Peace ✌
Najib Casa (1 month ago)
I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how do you increase testosterone naturally try Mackorny Increase Testosterone Blueprint ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.
Sir Niko (3 months ago)
Where can i buy this probiotic called Lactobaccilus Reuteri ATCC 6475 as he says gives more T-levels?? I've been mass googling it, and I cannot find it anywhere
SuN KinG (3 months ago)
It was in a 88 % bar that donates 10% of proceeds to animals. But i'll check the baking section.
squidcat11 (3 months ago)
SuN KinG I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to any candyfied chocolate. (how funny, choc suddenly mentioned on tv in other room, lol) anyway, browse your grocery store in the baking section for unsweetened choc or look up a specialty choc shop in town.
blazeofnoreturn (4 hours ago)
Himalayan sea salt????? What sea is around 6 thousand feet high????
Walter A (10 hours ago)
Cheese is full of strogenes
Samer Shami (2 days ago)
Samer Shami (2 days ago)
Please where are your previous videos
Scott (3 days ago)
that atcc6475 is alot of money
Nitin Yadav (5 days ago)
Himalayan salt... Did u just say that??? ... Trust, come to India.... You'll get all contents to make your videos.:)
Capricorn Grunt (6 days ago)
Great video. TY.
Jesus Ojeda (7 days ago)
This dude is hilarious 😂😂😂
robert2594 (7 days ago)
This is too f**kin good...Thanks a lot for sharing buddy... By the way you just reminded me that dudes need to have good eye brows too haha(coz you do have em) 👍😂
Mitakachu Y. (7 days ago)
you recommend to people to eat more carbs when you eat 80% fat.. makes no sense
Krunal Varma (8 days ago)
there is no sea in the Himalayas, to get salt from there buddy !!
Marcelo Medina (9 days ago)
Wei Dong Ng (11 days ago)
Is evil laugh a sign of having high testosterone?
Martin Rea (13 days ago)
He needs a new frying pan.
Patrick Thibault (16 days ago)
Wilfredo Gutierrez (17 days ago)
armo nazar (17 days ago)
I actually like this guy! Great info mate and love your humour
Diego Villa (19 days ago)
and what about maca ???
Odazu Gaming (24 days ago)
i stopped at 1:39 ! really dude ? maximize ur carbs ? hahahahah im out
Robdrums Studios (25 days ago)
Great video , Don. Thanks for making me laugh too ;)
Glenton Espinoza (25 days ago)
i love eggs hmm
Elsa Debroglie (26 days ago)
Fock m8? TEE HEE
Love Rem’z (28 days ago)
Thank u for sharing and ignore who say that ur laughing is annoying ur so friendly and u have a good heart keep on going handsome young boy I will subscribe ur channel God bless ❤️
vertigoz (29 days ago)
These units mixing gave me cancer
George Lockem (29 days ago)
Eggs do you have to cook it and could you use quail eggs instead
Gregory Sell (30 days ago)
You need a dictionary. Even bad words.
C Zilla (30 days ago)
Okay there, fudge packer 👊
bry ross (1 month ago)
Getting ur gf to massage ur balls also cranks up ur test levels, no joke.
Chris Dube (1 month ago)
We eat bone broth in my country
F-150 (27 days ago)
Chris Dube - good!
Tony D (1 month ago)
The guy is hilarious.
Dorde807 (1 month ago)
You eat to much shit
gene ellis (1 month ago)
Sorry but using the F Word is WRONG
Tom Johnson (1 month ago)
chicken is crap, eat beef fart breath
Anoop Kumar Pathariya (1 month ago)
Sleep to add testosterone. 100%
Carlo Castaneda (1 month ago)
Are you on weed ???
AdrianD2010 (1 month ago)
Cheese???????? That is full of ostrogen .
בן ben singer hayon (1 month ago)
your laugh is creepy as hell and is random as hell you just come out of the woodworks with that if you are the product of high test then i rather have estrogen please jk ;]
Dark Knight (1 month ago)
Cheese? Really i thought it was bad for you?
hazim zufar (1 month ago)
6:11 start eat kimchi guys
Tips Tricks (1 month ago)
Your thumbnail extremely disgusting
七千转 (1 month ago)
He likes his "man juice"🤣
Alex Stoykov (1 month ago)
I like your style
World of Jerry Travis (1 month ago)
All good information. We need more exuberant Lads on YT! subscribed!
Donald Green (1 month ago)
Yeah men, you're totally right. Body and mind condition reflects how you take care of yourself. I always buy only Bio and 100% natural products. For libido I use one called spanish fly pro.
Diego Villa (20 days ago)
Spanish fly pro ?? What's that?
art cook (1 month ago)
You are the shits LOL and very correct
charles z (1 month ago)
You get a lot of negative comments but I think you are funny as fuck.
Paul Moffatt (1 month ago)
Does sauerkraut have the same benefits as normal cabbage?
LitGeekSquad Official (1 month ago)
Tren hard, eat clen
Ramon Aguirre (1 month ago)
Good videos thumbs up
Uriah Peep (1 month ago)
I think that........he has become insane from all the stuff he has eaten. It's the only explanation for his idiotic laughing and his four-letter word predilection. I have sent him a case of lye soap for scrubbing out his X-rated mouth.
Aeshma Druj (1 month ago)
Its not a seasalt XD Celtic seasalt is a good addition besides himalayan for specifically jodium intake
Josh Williams (1 month ago)
why this nigga laughing so much lol
Raymond Guarin (2 months ago)
Thanks For Your Fucking Blogs... Salute You Bro
cum shots (2 months ago)
3:00 starts the food list
Sicarii (2 months ago)
Try to keep your yolks runny..you lose the nutrition when they are cooked.
cum shots (2 months ago)
This fuckin cunt ate avacado with dark chocalate what a fuckin dauche
cum shots (2 months ago)
This fuckin bitch cunt is lean asf eating hella carbs Bastard !
bagad billi (2 months ago)
Y do u laugh like drakula
Mike Ram (2 months ago)
Thanks for the info, really enjoy your videos and I don't mind your laugh
Alex ander (2 months ago)
Omg you are so funny, LMFAO you are my new favorite YouTuber👍🏻
Gustavo Pertuz (2 months ago)
Seems like sound advice ... but his accent and silly attitude get in the way ...
john princess (2 months ago)
is that effective to you
Fiq Tag (2 months ago)
TIm johnson (2 months ago)
Egg white eating cunts..lol. Ty for the cool info
Dexter the vEGGan (2 months ago)
I posted my blood work on my channel. 41 years old, no TRT, 947 test, Check it out.
Ruach Oosthuizen (2 months ago)
Dude ilove your laugh its crackup. I laugh everytime you laugh! lol
David Warner (2 months ago)
Man juice 😂 ok then
The Nezk (2 months ago)
He Is Like Tommy Wiseau Cousin
Josh Williams (1 month ago)
Ben Laws-chapman (2 months ago)
vadim videos (2 months ago)
No food can increase testosterone! Deceiving!
Bill numby (2 months ago)
Someone forgot to take their lithium this morning.
ɱaiden Ξngland (2 months ago)
still trying to figure out why a bloke of his age need to worry about boners. when i was his age. my cock didn't droop for 30 years.
Hawk Intelligence (2 months ago)
Don't forget to take 8 years of medical school, to find the real information that is missing from the video.
Matthew Abde (1 month ago)
Iatrogenicide= death by your white coat
Matthew Abde (1 month ago)
You got to be joking right, white coat allopathic doctors kill 250,000 people per yr not including home health care, your a dumbass, how about the white coats bring that quarter of million deaths per yr down before you start touting there lower god like status...
Aeshma Druj (1 month ago)
Jacques Nicolay (2 months ago)
Oh fuck... so it was the coffee. I noticed a huge drop in my sexual performance when I quit coffee. Guess I should get back on it. Damn.
John Mwangi (2 months ago)
Be happy and confident and don't give asquart
Ryan Anderson (2 months ago)
Where can I find the probiotic? Ive been searching for almost 2 hours. Please help
The Vailster (2 months ago)
Colt Munro (2 months ago)
Wow ... so many haters... Great video. good presentation.. keeping it lite!
brian narine (2 months ago)
U don’t need to curse in any video to give tips its really annoying and gross
save your time and like here ; 1. eggs 2. bone broth 3. salt 4. cabbage 5. chocolate 6. avocado 7. probiotics 8. cheese
JONES (2 months ago)
R Jay (2 months ago)
What a phoney foul mouthed laughing hyena!
Big Zee (2 months ago)
Bro what about fish?
Tadej Božičko (2 months ago)
7:45 That is gold :D
Ghiles Gabriel (2 months ago)
LONDON HACKNEY (2 months ago)
you from London mate ?
Farhan Kazmi (2 months ago)
very good presentation
Online Ad Firm (2 months ago)
lol. a lot of people hating but i don't hate or envy what I'm trying to be. i want to emmulate it. keep it going don, preesh
diasspeed (2 months ago)
First you say that we should maximize carbs and then you say that you eat up to 80% fats (so im guessing some type of keto or very low carb diet). So why you do different than what you preach?
Hairy Wombat (2 months ago)
You sound South Africa 🇿🇦????
Hairy Wombat (2 months ago)
Are you ripped body ?
Hairy Wombat (2 months ago)
Do you blow allot ?
TRISTON CASTILLE (2 months ago)
I'm sorry by what the fuck is a vitemen say it
IR MAD (2 months ago)
I think you have too much testosterone.. you become a COCK! An irritating COCK!
Peter Lutz (2 months ago)
and this guy's credentials are from where?
Gustavo Pertuz (2 months ago)
the University of Conartistry, East End
andreas d (2 months ago)
why your laughing for?be more serious
Iftekhar Khan (2 months ago)
You are crazy 😀
Charles Carpenter (2 months ago)
The cholesterol study was twisted by crafty science n was by the egg board who was CAUGHT stacking the deck in the study. 6 to 5. LOL. See Dr Bernard vid. He won that case in court. Hes the top nutrition watch dog n has real science
the establishment group (2 months ago)
dude im in love with this channel

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