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Is Red Food Dye #40 driving your child crazy?

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FOX NEWS story featuring Dr. Todd Nelson discussing the potential hazards of Red Dye #40 affecting children's ADHD behaviour. [vrr:107]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnhA4WBilzA[/vrr:107] [vrr:107]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su7wj2XcXLw[/vrr:107] [vrr:113]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=346tuQ-9nds[/vrr:113] [vrr:113]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnhA4WBIlzA[/vrr:113]
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Alisa Lauzon (3 months ago)
I get shortness off breath..irritatable ,effects my thinking forgetfulness of common words . Etc... I'm 55 and allergic to it. There is more then small amounts of children adults affected by this. Where can we voice our opinion to get it banned???How many are truely effected and In other not so obviose ways?? Cancer, Bipolar..,etc...
RoseGold Studios (3 months ago)
In my class, I have a class mate that goes crazy at school when he has red food dye. He avoids it though. He already gets in trouble but, food dye 40 makes it moreeeeee crazieeer
Chris The Ginger (4 months ago)
As im eating hot Cheetos.
P Heart (5 months ago)
I think my cat is allergic to it.
MyChilepepper (5 months ago)
lol it’s in all kind of candy and deserts, gummies, jellos, jellies, cereals, hot dogs, sauces, ketchup, Chile sauce, burgers, vege chips, Gatorade, sodas and all kind of juices or frozen processed foods. Crazy red.
Alisa Lauzon (7 months ago)
Where can we vote, complain??? How can we fight back ??? I just figured out i have a reaction to it. Im 55. Irritation, comprihension, my excema flared up, hard to catch whole breath. Itching, anxiety. How can poor little bodies handle it ???? How,where can we complain about the problem the more people speaking up . But where,who,do we speak up too ????
Deviroux (9 months ago)
this is the dumbest shit
Mateline Rogers (1 year ago)
I understand that some believe that Red Dye #40 and other food dyes can cause behavioral problems in children, but the first child they showed was four years old. There's pretty much almost no way to know if a four-year-old is really reacting to red dye or if he's just having a typical four-year-old tantrum, especially if the parents believe that the red dye is to blame for his behavior. They're probably be looking for confirmation bias. The fact that the child's doctors tried to diagnose him with ADHD and/or Bipolar Disorder is extremely aggravating, because -- and I'll say it again -- he is FOUR YEARS OLD.
j j (10 months ago)
Mateline Rogers I work with autistic children that have lots of issues and I can assure you the red dye does something to my kids that is not good for them. so it’s pretty questionable what we’re really consuming that being send I love me some red dye number 40 but ya to eye witness the behaviors in my kids when they consume it is scary to say the least. So ya maybe it’s bad for all of us in general.
MARIA BROWN (1 year ago)
this is something new to me but now i am going to watch what i buy
LunaTwi01 (1 year ago)
All food dyes are like that. There's a bunch of chemicals that's in our food too and coming from GMO crops. Many are banned in different countries. You have to switch to organic if your money can stretch. You have to buy true organic that aren't falsely labeled. Many times, organic producers becoming popular are bought out by pro-GMO megacorps. Still be cheaper than prescribing all those drugs that do more harm than good. Monsanto and big pharma only care about money poisoning people creating more customers and bribing the government setting regulations under their favor.
Christopher Young (2 years ago)
Disturbing effects...
Kitty Star (2 years ago)
What bugs me is how they say it just effects some kids... This is not true all food dyes and yes ALL!!! All food dyes effect all people, all ages, especially their moods severely! And also cause 1000's of cancers among 1000's of other diseases I wont even begin listing them all but pretty much every single one kids have. The reason it's easier to tell with kids is they consume way more food dye then anyone else. It is not because they are kids and its harder for them to control themselves not one bit! It's because they simply have much more dye. Iv been studying this along with my mom since I was 7 when we found out I''m very allergic. So for 28 years! You ever meet anyone bipolar? Well pay attention. All bipolar people I have met smoke cigarettes , always have a bag of neon colored candies real bad ones too like neon sour worms or sour patch kids skittles ect. Also take note they always have a soda! They eat nasty food like mac and cheese filled with yellow dye. They eat fruity pebbles all kinds of really disgusting things with tons of preservatives and colors. also things like beef jerky and slim jims. They usually try and compensate or self medicate to treat their self inflicted chemical bipolar with marijuana and alcohol and cigarettes all these things iv listed the foods the drugs and cigarettes all cause bi polar. Also notice they are usually on some sort of crazy pill... some medication for "bipolar" these medications are designed to destroy the brain and eat holes in it and tranquilize people they also are designed to give them a frontal lobotomy. These drugs are mind control also they are designed to cause chemical induced bipolar. Also these same people drink tap water, they eat fast food they eat food that is not organic they use condiments and pre made food frozen food tv dinners ect. they also use fluoride tooth paste which contains sodium fluoride which is another nazi mind control drug like "bipolar" medication I keep putting "bipolar" because Bipolar and add and adhd are all fake!!!! everything in the MDS is fake and caused mostly on purpose. Go ahead and try and find a bipolar person that does not do all of these things listed if not 95% of them you cant! So yes dyes effect everyone all these things effect everyone! all of us and all the same just some people take more then others.
Stefan Rudolph (2 years ago)
Thank you Kitty. Started my coaching business focused around simple 'awareness' of what we eat and how it affects our health and wellness. When we ask the doctor "What's wrong with me?" and they simply give us meds without even suggesting to ask the simplest question..."What do you eat?"....something is definitely wrong...wouldn't you agree? :)
Denise Hightower (2 years ago)
So, Red Dye #40 is the blame? Not the fact that he is under 4, and you have given him so much candy and juice. BOOM!
Madd Dog (2 years ago)
guys im 14 but ive been drinking red creme soda alot for the past couple of days i think you guys should look into the behavior of your children and spank them until Tiber septum shall call upon the dragons to unleash there thu-um to cleanse this young drogonborn of his deadrick blood. AND THATS HOW I BECAME A WELL MANNERED YOUNG MAN!
Kitty Star (2 years ago)
+Bailey Begin bad news bears. iv been dye and flavoring and preservative free for ever and im all happy and healthy all the time :) beef jerky is another bad one for me. the nitrates make me mean and give me a insanely bad headache. its in ham and beer and bacon and hot dogs ec. unless the bacon says uncured on it. i avopid hot dogs at all cost lol. thats how you get tapeworms and other parasites hot dogs are something like 40% parasite meat lol and they are packed with parasite eggs. so kids that eat them raw get worms lol. gross lol.
Bailey Begin (2 years ago)
And I can eat tree nuts every day for the rest of my life and never had an issue. Doesn't mean everyone can. It's a sensitivity. It's not an inherently evil chemical, just reacts badly with specific biochemistries. My pupils dilate, my thoughts speed up, it's a ridiculous painful experience for me. However, I just avoid the dye now and I'm perfectly fine.
Kitty Star (2 years ago)
Look at Madd Dog he is proof! He drinks red soda....So apparently red #40 makes some people use a racist avatar on you tube and act mentally retarded and troll everyone. appears to give him oppositional defiance disorder and depression as well anger issues. look at him act out wow!
WeegeeTheGabumon (3 years ago)
Red 40 makes my heart palpitate.
Joan C. (3 years ago)
Eat only organic!  Find all the health food stores in your area, and even learn the ingredients in some of THEIR products are bad.  The Harris Teeter in my town have organic thoughout the store, and other grocery stores sometimes have a whole organic section.  Put "organics" in the search box of your browser, and if you don't have any stores at all in your town, then try to buy them online.  Their expensive, yes, but pay the price for them, or end up paying a doctor!  The food supply is poisoned with hundreds of chemicals, and GMO's by design...wake up!!
Stefan Rudolph (2 years ago)
Yes that to I also started working for a Raw Foods company here in San Diego area. Check out their healthy products here which I'm sure you know and like... :) www.MyRawFoods.com
Madd Dog (2 years ago)
Joan C. (3 years ago)
+Emily White So how do you feel about this video you watched? I'm curious to know how you feel about grocery store food. Do you have not a thought about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that they've been putting in YOUR food for years now?
Norbert Scholz (3 years ago)
Is Red Food Dye #40 driving your child crazy?
mandy022787 (11 months ago)
Yes. I see a HUGE difference
Madd Dog (2 years ago)
+Norbert Scholz NOPE
BatteryMill (4 years ago)
420 Shrek it, laddeh. Artificial ingredients have nothing on our body, and they haven't harmed anybody I know!
Jared Lester (3 years ago)
You are silly if you think that.
biggdaddy2000 (4 years ago)
simple solution dont eat any proccesed food only eat what is living ie plants vegitables fruits meat from non growth hormone animals yes it is includin poultry  they didnt have this problem 114 years ago so what is wrong with us to day answer lazyness wealth and addictions i used to be 420 lbs and lost 110 in the first year after dropping processed foods and that was with very little exercise, soon as you can give up the cravings for the processed foods like boxed foods you will enjoy real food, i built my diet regimind off of  dr mcdoogals idea after awhile no dariy or meat but i didnt tottaly cut the meat and dairy
Joan C. (4 years ago)
Stay away from milk, meat, (except organic), and sodas and juice.  98% of grocery store has chemicals in it.  Go organic, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, and nuts.. Drink organic almond milk or other kinds of nut milks, or learn how youtube how to make your own. 
BatteryMill (4 years ago)
Stupid hipster...
Nopester (4 years ago)
I'm allergic to red dye 40 and it makes me hyper.
Linda Mitchell (5 years ago)
I'd like to respond to some of the questions that I've seen in the comment section.  At the time of us finding out our son was allergic to red dye 40, most products had the dye in it.  There are more companies now that sell dye free.  Someone asked what about the other dyes.  Within a months or two of pulling our son off Red 40, we made the connection of yellow 5 and blue 1.  Food coloring come from petroleum based coal tar.  Ortegablue, I agree that all of the artificial preservatives and additives are horrible for our bodies.  LadyWeasel, I often wonder how much damage is done to a fetus and is it related to the increase of autism etc...  Mark Cerletic:  It is controversial because the medical community will not acknowledge the issue.  It is far easier to put kinds on Ritalin or Adderal.  Slackerslayer: Yogurt, marshmellows (have blue ) childrens vitamins, Gatorade, lemonade, chips, cheese, ice cream, toothpaste, shampoo, macaroni and cheese etc...  Toryn is my son.  This video was made because of yogurt.  We had Toryn off the red dye and not thinking yogurt would be unhealthy, I gave him yogurt and the rage began.  Toryn had a glazed over look in his eyes.  This was in no way staged and my husband and I didn't know what to do at that point.  We had tried every type of advise given to us by doctors and friends.  My oldest wasn't raised any different, yet the two were total opposites.  He never has tantrums now, and doesn't become violent like he did when this video was made.  A his mom, I'll tell you his dad and were exhausted.  He's incredibly shy, well behaved, loving, giving, sensitive and generous.  Aspergers was mentioned and yes, he does have Aspergers as well.  It only affects him socially.  The child in this video is not even recognizable to because he is such a great kid now.  
dontaskofficialchannel (5 years ago)
Linda Mitchell yeah they r removing dyes more now, and yellow is not used in Europe. But dye is still in almost everything.
Linda Mitchell (5 years ago)
cont.... There are found in almost everything, from yogurt to white marshmallows. Yogurt and juices that were colored were the worst for Toryn. I find that a lot more companies are removing dyes. Allergy medicine and kids vitamins are mainly dye free now, compared to when he was first diagnosed. Many doctors will confirm the allergy privately, but not publicly. Yes, dyes are made from a Petroleum base, and many children are affected. Yes, many kids given Ritalin and just allergic to dyes.
Linda Mitchell (5 years ago)
This is my son. To clear up some of the questions you have: Yes, he reacted to Yellow 5 and Blue 1 as well. We did pull him off of all of the dyes. He was a totally different child. My only comment to anyone who thinks he is lacking discipline, I really do not care if you think he is just spoiled or not. When this story was done, Toryn had just turned four. He is now eight years old and he still has reactions to the dyes.
Chris The Ginger (4 months ago)
Maybe since im older it doesn't affect me or something, although it does make me feel slightly grumpy .
mandy022787 (11 months ago)
Linda Mitchell ignore those idiots. They don't know what they are talking about . My 4 year old turns into a monster when she has red dye.
lexiconlover (5 years ago)
This isn't new. My mother said her family never ate anything dyed red and that all the school children secretly called it poison.
Danny Rivas (5 years ago)
Its hilarious how she blames red dye for bein a bad mom. That son of a bitch needs a fucken ass whooping!
carypm (5 years ago)
I'm almost 20 and I have reactions to red dye 40.
Carrie Gipson (5 years ago)
My son could be the poster child for this story!! Anyone whose child is affected by artificial dyes and flavors knows too well what the tiniest amount can do to them. It is really sad that these things are already banned in other countries, but they are safe for us.
Kitty BankZ (5 years ago)
in red dye, the # & whether or not it's a lake # determines what type of usually blood it is. That causes kurumad cow disease but cannibalism.we're not supposed to eat any meat, blood, bones for this cause.
Deep_Convection (5 years ago)
Far be it from most doctors to understand, or to be trained, that artificial anything is bad for you. Our bodies were designed from millions of years of human evolution. They were designed to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and certain meats. We have not evolved to eat food dyes, nor any other human-manipulated 'edible' product.
mark serletic (5 years ago)
Although I am opposed to unnecessary artificial coloring of food products and agree with the overall statement of this video, it is a terribly staged story and doesnt provide any solid evidence. How much dye did this kid consume? They even make a point of saying that the story is "controversial" Why do they need to say that? A perfect example of staged media sensationalism. FOX news is the worst news.
SlackerSlayer (5 years ago)
There are other methods to turn something red. The ingestion of petro chemicals just does not sound right, does it to you? Instead of having to pay to dispose of this by product of oil and coal, they sell it to food producers.
SlackerSlayer (5 years ago)
Everyones biochemistry is different. Some people don't like smoking weed others love it. Some like speed it gets them up and motivated, it puts me to sleep. We are nothing but a chemical world, and each person has a slightly different make up. It could be that we do not all consume the same chemicals and the other things we take in are the altering factor. I've heard people say 'I smell asparagus' they ate when they urinate, when it's just breaking down the garbage stuck in your kidneys.
SlackerSlayer (5 years ago)
Appearance over substance is everything today.
SlackerSlayer (5 years ago)
It would be a little bit more informative if they actually told us what food or drink set this kid off. Is it fear of a lawsuit that stops you from naming it? Also, where do they get red #40 from? So I found out. Red #40 was originally manufactured from coal tar, but is now mostly made from petroleum. So what would otherwise be an expensive industrial waste is used as a food additive. Similar to flouride.
Liquid Teal (6 years ago)
I'm drinking a drink with red 40 dye in it while watching this.
adamneusbaum1 (6 years ago)
I wonder if the vaccination cocktail$ contains red 40. Given this basic reflection of an "approved" FDA ingredient maybe parents will be more considerate of the controversy.
frozenvision2 (6 years ago)
its true for add and adhd kids! if they have both their more sensitive you should eat all natrual!
dedbdone (6 years ago)
I've never had any issues with my children, but that's not to say that it wouldn't have an affect on some children. Everyone's chemistry is different.
Melissa H (6 years ago)
This was my kid before I removed all red dye from the house. Doctors will not even consider that SOME kids do react and it is worth a trial of no artificial dye before giving medication.
craftsmank (6 years ago)
Just like to ask a little question. Why should it be down to the companies to stop selling these products? shouldnt it be down to the parents to stop buying this stuff - or is there something ive missed? Perhaps there are no alternatives? Anyways, great video - keep up the good work.
Gea Muhammad (6 years ago)
So true
sean nolam (7 years ago)
@malikhelms2 and GMOS are giving us cancer. but you should go vegan or atleast vegetarian. its alot healthier if you do it right and meat and dairy is NOT healthy for us. its time to go vegan and plus u can save anmals by not eating meat. im proud to be a veggie
sean nolam (7 years ago)
GO VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN! nuff said. we dont eat that crap we dont eat anything that was once alive and breathed.
Baby G (7 years ago)
For my kid it's Red 40, Yellow 5&6, Blue 3, sodium benzoate, and TBHQ. All of them have caused much unhappiness in our home.
Sharon R. (7 years ago)
I totally agree with this video. Our daughter has major behavior issues after having Red #40. Things like drinking pink lemonade or Hawaiian punch will cause major crying and emotional issues.
I took my son off of this, quickly saw how much better he was (he also started a new school so i wasnt sure which helped so much. But the other night, he was out of control, and I couln't figure out why. I went to the pantry the next morning and found he had snuck two cookies (The one thing I had forgotten to check the label on before buying) when I asked him about the cookies he said he had eaten them when he got home from school the day before (just a few hours before he became out of control)
Victor Poulin (7 years ago)
@snooky101 Although the pharmaceutical companies are making money off of this. I think the companies putting the dye in the products are the biggest culprit. Making a product more eye appealing makes there sales explode. The public has been lied to for years about the affects dye's have.
Jovon Helms (7 years ago)
f*&%k the medical community all of those food dyes are messing up our children
ldcallaghan (7 years ago)
Both of my children were diagnosed with ADHD, I refused to put them on med's. through diet modification and reading labels(no food dyes/artificial additives) my oldest went from having c's and d's to an A and B student. It was so bad that he had to go to summer school every summer, special classes, and the teachers even put up a cardboard box around his desk so he could not be distracted in class. It makes you wonder why Doctors dont try diet change instead of medication!!
RandyBful1 (8 years ago)
Search this: "Food Dyes: Some Health Effects". These chemical dyes are pure poison, along with GMOs, artificial sweeteners, MSG, etc., etc.. I had ADHD my entire life, up to the age of 59. When I became seriously ill from all these poisons, I cut out all GMOs, arificial sweeteners, MSG and added colours and flavours (processed and fast food). My ADHD magically disappeared! I can spot it in the kids today. I know the behaviours and it's all the result of poisons in processed and fast food!
DelusionDispeller (8 years ago)
I have bite scars from my 2 year old granddaughter...last night she bit my older daughter
Evan Cia (9 years ago)
Its true,I have a red 40 disorder,When ever have it I go loco STOP THE 40

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