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Bianca del rio slams paul o’grady’s attack on drag race: ‘he’s old and bitter’

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Bianca del rio slams paul o’grady’s attack on drag race: ‘he’s old and bitter’. PinkNews Exclusive Bianca Del Rio has slammed Paul O’Grady and called him “old and bitter” because of his comments about RuPaul’s Drag Race. In an exclusive interview with PinkNews, the Season 6 winner of Drag Race said that O’Grady was one of many people that are “pissed off about something”. The c...
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polyprinz (1 month ago)
Most of the winners of Drag Race are comedians or "funny girls". I don't think Paul O'Grady has really sat down and watch an episode of Drag Race.
Heidi Gough (10 months ago)
I'm really sad by Paul o'Grady's comments because if you watch the show, it's only the queens who have something "extra" who win, normally the good comedians. The ones who just look feminine don't tend to win. I love the fact that Drag Race is such a positive thing for the community. It's such a shame because I would LOVE Lily to come on the show and give a few acerbic put downs to the queens who come on who aren't any good except standing and looking pretty! I mean Lily used to present Blankety Blank (the UK version of "The Match Game" FFS! How perfect would that be??? Although the US audience may need subtitles.
Yvonne Burns (1 year ago)
Anyone remember danny LA rue he was draggy glamour loved him as well as dick emery stanley baxter hinge and bracket amd not forgetting all the panto dames all draggy and so what if its transvetism this is the 21st century old biases should have no relevance in this day and age
Danny O’Flanagan (11 months ago)
Yvonne Burns firstly they were awful and secondly they weren't transvesites
pumpertube (1 year ago)
Stupid video. Stupid muzak. But, I love Bianca!
Julien Castle (1 year ago)
Paul is wrong on this one... RDR is not only about looking like a models and good contouring. Winners like Bianca, Sharon or Sasha are the best proofs of that.

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