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My coaster brake on Cronus

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A little video on what a bike motor will eventually do to a coaster brake. Easy fix. Lots of grease packed in then it was like new again. Funny how a coaster brake needs grease for it to work right.
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divaladona (5 years ago)
they have a new device to stop this dangerous problem type motobikes
SoCaldrumnbassRV (7 years ago)
duuuuuuuuuude what did u do tho fix this mine is doing the same thing but sounds worse and even when i ride fast... pls help
Rick Roulette (9 years ago)
ha ha sass you must be talking to Mike OMG HA HA There is no caliper brakes on this mike thats what he meant to say. The 2 coaster brake shoes need grease. They are internal in the rear wheels hub. They squeek when they are out of grease.

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