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5 TOOLS That Will Help REPAIR Your CAR

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5 car repair tools You should have. 1. SKF Internal bearing pullers - www.skf.com 2. Collets for seal out steering rack - servicems.eu 3. Tiger Tool - Strut Compressor - www.tigertool.com 4. EGH - Miracle Dent System - www.lascare.nl 5. Sealey - Adapter Set Ball Joint Remover Installer - www.sealey.co.uk Doing your own car repairs saves you not only a ton of money but also gets you the envy and admiration of everyone around you. If you are thinking of dabbling in car repairs or are already a beginner and want to take it to the next level then here are some of the car repair tools from that you must have.
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theravedaddy (2 months ago)
Ive made most of these tools from bits available at the local hardware store for beer money. And beer is very cheap out here in the 3rd world.
JUKE179r (3 months ago)
the 37 people who didn't like this vid don't work on their own car.
Tommy Walker (3 months ago)
Great tool but not for the cost, as little as one changes bearings even a lead tech it would take a lifetime for this tool to earn it's keep. Too expensive.
Richard McCormack (3 months ago)
Ball joint press looks the best I've ever seen
Alan Kuentz (3 months ago)
Paintedted... That's a new one. 😂
James langan (4 months ago)
This is an assault on our intelligence. The fuckin' government should step in and do something.
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James langan (4 months ago)
გოგიტა კოტორაშვილი My thoughts exactly.
big cat seamore (4 months ago)
That's 4min 24 seconds of my life i will never get back
theravedaddy (2 months ago)
K B i save precious time by doing my own farting pranks while looking at shite on the interweb....winner!
Sonny Latchstring (3 months ago)
If your time is so precious, then use it properly and don't waste your time at YT.
K B (3 months ago)
I watched farting pranks on youtube- i get a laugh out of them but really! what a waste of my precious time!
Sonny Latchstring (3 months ago)
Then you better not use a toilet twice a day but wear a diaper instead.
K B (4 months ago)
think of hillary and all that time lieing to the american public for 30 years and how much time she lost- and she lost!!!
Shelly zhang (4 months ago)
Hi! I am a marketing manager at a tool company that focuses on all kinds of professional and affordable tools, We'd like to invite you to test our latest tools. If you're interested, please DM me. Hope to hear from you soon and happy holidays!
Frank Michael Lischka (4 months ago)
very interesting Have a good week best regards Frank

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