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Xanax Explained

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I describe Xanax along with why it is addictive as well as issues with medication withdrawal.
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Ethan Hunter (1 month ago)
bootleg psyched substance
Abonanno24601 (7 months ago)
I take 2mg xanax 2 a day as needed. Never needed to take more than 1.5 mg and I don't take everyday. I will NEVER take an SSRI ever again. With Graves and high blood pressure and anxiety... I can take a half a Xanax and my anxiety goes away.
Jeff the Pharmacist (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing and watching!
Taylor Swifts Vag (8 months ago)
eat xanax like their m&ms.....live life, chill pills....
Taylor Swifts Vag (7 months ago)
no....just a way of life my dude
Jeff the Pharmacist (7 months ago)
Is this a lyric?
Medical supervision is not enough.  We see people regularly on benzodiazepines long term (more than 2-4 weeks) every day for sleep as well as anxiety.  And you're correct in saying it is not recommended at all.  In spite of that, at least 94 million prescriptions are written per year for these drugs.  1 in 6 end up in long term withdrawal multiple year hell.  Many leading to suicide.  Thanks for talking about this!
Jeff the Pharmacist (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching!

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