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How to Get Adderall XR Approved

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Angel Fuentes (9 months ago)
I'm taking Vyvanse but I don't feel a difference at all I am ADD diagnosed but fuckin doctor seams like If I ask he will be like why do you won't addys
Dexter (1 year ago)
This means your doctor needs to diagnose you with ADHD and also prescribe you two meds prior to the adderall XR. you can't just fill out this info on your own it must be legit from a physician
SkullCandy4everyone (2 years ago)
I can keep up with the jabber possible adhd pn my part?
Zach Jackson (2 years ago)
Woo I have adhd
John K (2 years ago)
I don't either... is there any way I can get you on chat?
John K (2 years ago)
Moaiz Khan (2 years ago)
any luck?
rob21sub (2 years ago)
I don't get this lol
Moaiz Khan (2 years ago)
any luck?

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