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Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

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Yoga for Complete Beginners! Adriene welcomes all levels - complete and total beginners to start here! Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 20 minute home workout video! Enjoy, stay mindful and find what feels good. For more details and to join the conversation, go to http://yogawithadriene.com. Stay connected~ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogawithadriene Twitter: https://twitter.com/yogawithadriene Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/YogaWithAdriene/... Instagram: adrienelouise Intro music by Shakey Graves. Check him out here: http://shakeygraves.com
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Text Comments (7969)
Liz Peña (19 hours ago)
Thank you Adrienne. Blessings
Daniel Taketa (21 hours ago)
Oof, this destroyed my wrists. Hopefully it'll get better with practice!
Rikee Cave (23 hours ago)
Hi, I can’t even touch my toes so I’m here hello
NERF This (1 day ago)
i like this
DK International (1 day ago)
Is the fart at 7:35 part of the yoga flow?
Victoria Mellin (1 day ago)
My first yoga class. Loved it. Will do for a week and then continue to follow her. Adriene is a doll, loved her soothing voice and descriptions of each pose and why we are doing this.
Maryam Moqaddas (1 day ago)
I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're talking about at all. what does it mean, "head over the heart", "active body"? I was lost about these and similar things you said. Also, I kept having to open my eyes to look at the video because the explanations didn't help. However, overall I feel calmer right now, so I can say it worked. but It could have been better with better explanations :)
Rohan Goswami (2 days ago)
This one is an absolute banger
김경미 (3 days ago)
Hi Adriene. I've been doing yoga for about  10 years. I really like yoga and your video. Also I'm studying English as watching your vedio. I'm writing down all your explanation about yoga. Someday I hope to be a yoga instructor like you.
Abhilasha Rai (4 days ago)
She makes me want to love yoga
Noans World (4 days ago)
Thank you! :)
skystarart (4 days ago)
Wonderful!! Thank you so much. This helped me get back to my long absence from yoga. My body needs it Badly! This is the perfect pace and skill level for me.
Cynthia Gentry (4 days ago)
I used to do yoga 90 minutes a day. I used to stand on my head and do all kinds of crazy contortions. I was a badass. That was 35-40 years ago. I tried to start again about 6 weeks ago and pulled something - ER, shots, steroids, etc. Ego. Today I start again with a beginner's heart and I will keep on with this beginner's video until it feels easy, comfortable. No racing forward. Who am I showing off for anyway. I want what I used to have with my practice, but to get there I cherish the beginning and slowly moving forward. Terrific first 20 minutes. I feel alive. Thank you!
Child Of God (4 days ago)
I really like the way you do yoga! It's been hard for me to find traditional yoga (though I havnt seen your other videos yet) but this is the heart of traditional yoga - not this new age crap they got going around. I just wanted to say keep it up! I will be continuing to use your videos! Thank you so much for what you do!
Mikaela Magnol (5 days ago)
I'm doing the 30 days of yoga, but something I've noticed is that I don't feel content with just that one video each day. I don't feel fulfilled. I keep coming back to this video after finishing another. It's easier, so I feel better at the end of it all. This particular video feels more like what my body needs, and without becoming better at this one I won't recieve the full experience of others. Also, 40 or so minutes of yoga a day feels better than 20! After only 2 days of this video twice a day, my body shape became more feminine. Yoga is great!
Mackenzie Sharp (5 days ago)
I have super bad anxiety and depression. On top of that I have seizures. My doctor recommended yoga, because I don’t want to take pain meds and I can’t because of my seizure meds. This has helped so much. Physically and mentally. ❤️
Jessica (6 days ago)
i want to watch this so bad but the audio is very quiet and I can't hear what you are saying with my volume all the way up, you seem to be so enjoyable to watch though :) i will look for a newer beginner video with maybe improved audio!
Capt Polybius (6 days ago)
Been wanting to get back into yoga for a while and decided to start here. Honestly didn't feel like 20 minutes. Very surprising. Definitely gonna do this for a week to start off with. Thank you!
Bent Papaha (7 days ago)
I fall asleep in 2 mnts dmn
DD (7 days ago)
thank you for making this video! i had a really great time following
jc cloud (7 days ago)
All I want to do is cut my damn toenails.
Emilio Luburic (7 days ago)
For any activity time(t) is necessary,think about time can help some people.Time is money ha,ha,ha.
SuperTroll (7 days ago)
Wow thank you very much! My first ever yoga experience and is it just me, but I'm sure I was very very very close to levitating at one point. Also my cats eyes rolled up briefly
Nitza’s Mind (7 days ago)
I have PTSD and this video help me a lot with relaxing I’m not quiet out my head yet but hopefully the more I do this it will help
Elliott Chao (7 days ago)
Dear Adriene we will be wbdcyfetnku dfxygl
Gugu Bela (8 days ago)
This is a great video! I do these with my boyfriend. My boyfriend just dies laughing every time you say "find a nice space between your ears and your shoulders." And he just wants to know what that means 😂
DaniGyrl82 (8 days ago)
I want to start getting into yoga...i suffer from sciatica and other issues and whereas I used to be a gym rat I'm not able to be anymore...Yoga was recommended to build back up my strength and to stretch and relieve pressures in my body that lend themselves to sciatic flare ups, etc. I got half way thru this vid and I have to ask how in the world do people do this without hurting their knees?? I have a mat but I just had to get up because being on all fours was killing my poor knee caps. Sheesh. Lol. Maybe a thicker mat?? Idk. Help.
Heather Byers (8 days ago)
I have always been into weight lifting and running, but am brand new to yoga! I am very excited about this new journey and just completed this first video and plan on doing it a few more times before moving on to another one of yours. What would you recommend next?
Anastasia saari (8 days ago)
First I wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. It was simple and easy. I have done some yoga in the past and found I was pushing myself to my limits and forgetting to have fun and enjoy it. I am also a recovering. I woke up and decided to search for a beginners yoga video and found this one. I m happy I did this while my 6 month old baby took her nap this morning. I will accept the challenge to do this once a day for the next week. Its sometimes so hard to find time for myself, when I have four kids who need me all the time. This was me taking some time for myself. I have been really stressed out these last few weeks and honestly just surviving. So again thank you. I needed this and will check your other videos out. I live in Finland and the classes here are all in a different language , so that was also hard to follow in class.
Mikaela Magnol (9 days ago)
I did this twice yesterday, and I'm sore! I just did it again this morning. My back and shoulders hurt, but I feel yoga will help me a lot in the long run. I'm excited! By the way, I always wake up feeling really sick. I have an autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. Today I woke up feeling a little worse than usual. This almost immediately helped me feel better! Usually I have to wait at least thirty minutes to feel any better, but I don't feel stretched and refreshed like this.
Mary-Go-Round (9 days ago)
I'm a total beginner, tried some yoga video previously and tbh I was losing hope, because my body is not flexible at all and I'm overweight. But my goodness, your video is the best. Helped me a lot mentally, as you say "Don't worry about making the perfect imagine", "It's self expression", "I get tired too", "ouch".... they really really helped me to build my confidence. Thank you xx
Gulmairam Sultanova (9 days ago)
I like the way you explain and show! I had neck pains, or just tired neck feeling after 3 times yoga, from a different channel it was gone! But they didn't have explanations for the exercises (or very little explains) so, thank you!
Caelin Bradley (9 days ago)
Wow!!! That really helped my back. It has been sore for weeks and this has helped majorly and I feel really good now. Thank you.
Laura M. Garrison (9 days ago)
I have heard that yoga can have many health benefits that if used correctly can help reduce pain and such. I also don't have much endurance strength, of which I was reminded of during this video but I'm hoping to build it up. Also, I have always been afraid to try yoga cause of back and knee pain but the way you explained and showed the poses in this video I want worried about hurting myself am excited to learn more!! I will be coming back to this video and then moving on to your others!!
윤해경 (10 days ago)
I felt tired when I was doing it, but my whole body feels fresh after that 20minutes
Je-ahn Bangtan (10 days ago)
Thank you. I needed something to help introduce myself to yoga and this is gold! 💜
Caitlin (11 days ago)
thank you! i love your channel. very easy to follow and understand. i am going to challenge myself to do this once a day for a week and go from there! definitely a great way to start the day :)
Zin Thin (11 days ago)
This was extremely helpful. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you very much.
KmanblazzerGT (13 days ago)
i'm feeling juicy already, thanks Adriene!
O O (13 days ago)
Jasmine..you’re a real jame bond Good on you n good luck
Sia Nas (13 days ago)
That was a lovely gentle practise.
James Knp (14 days ago)
As a beginner with a awful posture this guide is the most helpful (and achievable) one I found with a quick search. Great job!
Pelin Gökgül (14 days ago)
I just did yoga with you and when it finished i couldn't believe i complete 20 minutes ! Thanks a lot this is my second day with yoga and I already feel amazing !
outer space dweeb (16 days ago)
I've been doing this video every Sunday for about a month and I decided today I'm going to try my best to do yoga everyday c: thank you
Vickie Hendricks (16 days ago)
Brilliant! I struggled to find a beginner's tutorial with others being too fast and not enough explanation, but this is perfect. Thank you.
Iron & Oar (16 days ago)
Perfect, this is exactly what our team needed. We did this before a workout and it was great
Qin Riley, PhD (16 days ago)
Thank you very much for this beginners video! I’m a survivor of lung cancer with surgery and chemo. Now my flexibility is terrible. Many poses I could do before now I can’t do. Your video is just the right dose for me to start recovering from all the traumatic injuries my body endured. I did the whole routine today and found it doable!
Thank you for giving the gift of a free yoga lesson! I could never afford this otherwise. :-)
Ashlie Aguirre (16 days ago)
Hate that you talk so much...wish it was more yoga and less taking
bullet888 (16 days ago)
very clear instruction words display on video, just love your smiles so natures
Caty's Chanel (16 days ago)
I just started and ill use this every day until ill be ready for next level 😺
Kisha Khaye (18 days ago)
Thank you for the video. This quite helps ease my dysmenorrhoea
The Worlds New Queen (18 days ago)
All your little tips helped so much. Reminding to pull the pelvis in and all the other things helped me feel stronger and I concentrate less on any of the pain
Phoenix 206 (18 days ago)
Addison Youngg (18 days ago)
This made me sweat lol 💦
xbravo3 (19 days ago)
To be friends with everyone is to be friends with no one
tomas mandella (19 days ago)
Never done Yoga but you made it so interesting and fun while healing at the same time...love it. Namastay
Susan Eklove (20 days ago)
Hi! I have been having such a hard time getting started with a daily Yoga practice. A friend of mine suggested your channel and I am so happy I checked Yoga With Adrien! It was just the right intensity for a Complete Beginner! Thank you so much! I love your easy going nature, and you make me feel relaxed and ready to get into the yoga space! See you tomorrow morning too!!!
Ioannis Stamatelos (21 days ago)
That was awesome, thank you, I can’t wait doing it again
PuertoRicanStyL (21 days ago)
Great video. This was my first time trying yoga, and some of these poses felt so good on my joints that I didn't want to let it go/stop, lol. Bout all my joints are pretty messed up from things I used to do (extreme sports) and being inactive for so long. My ankles were hurting just sitting in that pose in the beginning. But, it also felt good at the same time because they were opening up by being stretched. Thanks for making this video.
anasstaasiaa (21 days ago)
Am i the only one dying here ?
Kerry MacIver (21 days ago)
Thank you so much for all that you do.
Savanah Halsey (21 days ago)
I normally don't comment on things but I've only done this routine twice and the first time I didn't even finish it because it was just a lot and I'm already noticing the benefits. I injured my back a while ago and have some equilibrium and circulation issues and the beginning part is really engaging then when I stand up I just get very dizzy and out of breath and just need to sit down. I continued after a short break though. For the last 4 years I've been struggling with depression and anxiety and a lot of other stuff and am on a lot of medication that make me very tired but after doing this I was not tired anymore I got up and actually was able to do things. My body does not feel wonderful and great but I've only done this twice and after some time I imagine that will improve. I also do other exercises in junction with this are making me sore. But by fall this is the most engaging and enjoyable yoga routine I have tried and you have gained another life long follower. Thank you <3
Penda Khan (22 days ago)
I just start today yesterday went to a sport shop and i see the mat for yoga bougth one i just e ter youtube looking for yoga for beguiners and i would have not found a video so beautiful and Simple to understand thank you i will try to do it everyday i love it.
Leslie Rendflash (22 days ago)
You need some relaxing music
Nomadic Veteran (23 days ago)
Thank you
Michael Barreto (24 days ago)
You would be a great award to the person that finally win yourself. You inspire peace, love and beauty... I'm sorry for my English!!
Dave (25 days ago)
Thank you for that 🙏
Melinda Bojte (25 days ago)
Hy.what would be the second video/nect exercises once we got used with these?
Did this just now with my kids, my eldest really enjoyed it as did I. We made it through the whole video and will be returning tomorrow. I'm hoping we can be more centered, flexible and build strength in our muscles. This is our first time, and the video was wonderful.
Cupcake Power (25 days ago)
I fainted because I was to relaxed
A N (26 days ago)
what does head over heart heart over pelvis mean????????? no clue
Adrian Martinez (26 days ago)
I swear everywhere I go. Texas follows
1dannyboyz (26 days ago)
I don't know if you still read these comments but I just wanted you to know I had a spot on my back that was hurting when I started doing this and now my back pain seems to be miniscule.
Christopher Wallbank (27 days ago)
thanks, found this a good ease into yoga, ive recently had anxiety and panic attacks (not pleasant but not life threatening) and the breathing exercises coupled with stretching and toning that yoga offers is really helpful. you have such a good voice I reckon you'd also be good for meditation vids, if only there were more girls like you out there
Jill Y (28 days ago)
This was amazing! Perfect hotel room yoga. Thank you! I'll be back tomorrow.
Kierston Sharell (28 days ago)
First time doing yoga and today is the day i change my life !!
ggss11 (28 days ago)
I'm doing this every day. Flows well and love the level of explanation of each pose. Thankyou
ggss11 (25 days ago)
I'm going to keep this up over the bext couple of weeks....what adriene videos shou;d i consider moving on too next as there now so many on the channel.
Sue Carpenter (28 days ago)
thanks I really liked this :)
Aksana Kharoshka (29 days ago)
bla bla bla
Gail Cirillo (29 days ago)
really liked this. but my wrists hurt. will this get better as I get stronger or could something be wrong?
ella black (29 days ago)
I'm so excited!
Saurabh Gandhi (29 days ago)
Thank you Adriene, it's very good session for beginners:)
Joey Streegan (29 days ago)
Thanks :D Very awesome as we like to say in my household
Luisita M (29 days ago)
Wonderful thank you so much
Bella Blase (1 month ago)
Although I appreciate the act of yoga and what it does for those who struggle with life, Adriene, please hear me out when I say you move too quickly and your excessive use of yoga terminology is not only confusing, but stressful to those truly trying to learn. I myself couldn’t keep up at all. You are the number one suggestion for any beginner yoga requests and I’d appreciate it if you could truly make it easier for beginners.
ggss11 (24 days ago)
I am completely new to yoga and this was perfect speed for me. My friend who has done yoga for 20 years says this video flows very well. Study this video and you will learn the order of the poses in advance......you can always pause the video between poses until your speed improves. Keep with it...i'm sticking to this routine until I completely master it with my eyes closed. I love this tutors aura....her voice & composure throughout......she also reminds me of Julia Roberts :)
Nik Nak (1 month ago)
Hi Adriene. Im just about finished my first week of this video, what would you recommend as my next step. A second video of yours? Thank you.
ggss11 (24 days ago)
Yeah i'd like to know where to go next but I'm sticking with this one every day until I completely master with full composure and eyes closed. Brilliant Experience.
Kamie Jackson (1 month ago)
i love this! I am a full time worker, full time school, building a house, oh and getting married!! my life is beyond crazy and doing yoga with adriene in the mornings before the day gets going helps relax my body and truly prepare!!
Daren Marlow (1 month ago)
Very helpful and enlightening! You are a true blessing! This was great training!
madariawalls19 (1 month ago)
Hello I want to start off by saying you are a good gift from heaven.Girl you are my angel right now I have bi polar depression disorder and anxiety.I do not handle stress normally and I have severe migraine and tension headaches on a daily basis.I had an episode/panic attack recently and I haven't been on my medication because I lost my job that provided me insurance which helped pay for my medication,due to my depression worsening which it did it got so bad I would start missing weeks of work and making up lies to try and save my job,anyhow I havent been on my anxiety medication in months I have had several fights with my significant other and have attempted suicide twice sense I stopped taking my meds.The last time not even a month ago was the last straw for me and I have decided a different route sense my new job is switching companies and I do not know when medical insurance will be readily available.This even though a tid bit has helped me so much already I procrastinated but I am so sick of being stressed and anxious and aching all over feeling like I have literally been ran over buy a semi truck and the damn painful migraines and tension headaches from all the stress.I need change and yoga and fitness as well I feel will get me started on the right track because I will feel like I am taking charge of my body for once and it's time for a change.
madariawalls19 (29 days ago)
Yoga With Adriene thank you I will continue doing your practice it is making me feel so much better and my muscles are so much more relaxed I still have tension headaches but I am hoping the more I do your routines the better I will be.Getting off all medication is my number one goal!!!
Yoga With Adriene (29 days ago)
Hi friend. I hear you and I am here for you. Sending you love and strength and light. You got this. x
Erica Stubblefield (1 month ago)
That September yoga
Greg McCrary (1 month ago)
Wow! This video is really good at explaining how to manage the human body into each pose. I fell out of yoga and this is going to be so helpful to get me back into the swing of things. Thanks for the help 👍🏽👍🏽 P.S. I like the dumb, silly jokes sprinkled into it lol #namaste 🙏🏽
Nik Nak (1 month ago)
First day of yoga and that was amazing. Thank you!!
Gina Lynn Guesby (1 month ago)
Thank you for this. I tried it on Tuesday evening and I like that you go from the child's pose to the Downward Dog. It's smoother. I still can't stay in Downward Dog for too long, but I'm working on it! Thanks for this!
Estella Yeung (1 month ago)
Excellent! Thank you also for NOT ADDING MUSIC! It is so annoying that almost all yoga videos have music added, and very loud too.
Baller Inlife (1 month ago)
Perfect video. Just stop talking a lot.
franceska counts (1 month ago)
Thank you for this newer beginners class!
Melon and Love (1 month ago)
Im really trying to better myself as a person. As well as mental and physical health. This is really nice and fun. ITs very relaxing. I am really into calming my mind and becoming self aware recently. This was a great video. It felt very nice. I have bad hips and struggle following unclear instuctions since i used to never be active or take classes in yoga or anything. Very good narration/voice.
Mirajudheen Mohamed (1 month ago)
Nice work
Saurav Guetta (1 month ago)
Nice #g2world

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