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Should Pharmacies Sell Heroin Syringes?

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In this video I got over the arguments about whether pharmacies should sell heroin needles. There is some nuance to the issue, and I hope you guys find it interesting.
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YPA (27 days ago)
What majestic human being
noo (1 month ago)
Hi Jeff, 23 yr old Canadian here. My one buddy is studying to become a pharmacist, he told me I can chew up a few 25mg diphenhydramine benadryls to help fall asleep. It sure works and I seem to build a resistance quite fast. Just wondering what the short term side effects would be of doing this nighlty? Like say for one month on and a few wks off? Thx
Jeff the Pharmacist (1 month ago)
noo (1 month ago)
Jeff the Pharmacist ok thanks for the reply Jeff I really appreciate it. Love your channel!
Jeff the Pharmacist (1 month ago)
Dry mouth, dry eyes, lots of possible things, I can't really say exactly because its youtube. Most likely your sleep quality will suffer. It tends to suppress your rem sleep so you might have kind of a hang over effect. I have trouble sleeping as well, and daily exercise is a must for me now to sleep. That helps a lot. And limiting alcohol especially binge drinking.

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