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Diagnosing Mucus in the Throat -- The Doctors

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erg eg (21 days ago)
she's got cum in her mouth.
Adam (29 days ago)
I got really sick about a year ago where I was coughing up thick green phlegm. The cold went away but now I'm still stuck with this feeling that there is phlegm clogging the back of my throat by my Adams apple. When I hack it up it is clear though. It is hard to breath sometimes. Anyone experience this too? Any remedies?
Dreco Dre (15 days ago)
im also experiencing this
seouled (1 month ago)
I feel like these is a lot of mucus blocking my airways. Could that be because I'm always in my room with the air conditioner on?
Ravin Jagoo (2 months ago)
Double dare
Cody Rife (3 months ago)
I have this clump of mucus at the top of my throat and it never goes away no matter how hard I try to swallow or cough it up. Not to mention, there is nothing being swallowed or coughed up anyways which makes me feel like it's not even mucus. Every time I go to the Dr. it is dismissed as post nasal drip and I am prescribed allergy medication which does nothing. At times when it's really bad, it's all I can think about and starts to make me feel like I'm going insane. The only thing I've found that helps is distraction. I'm recently sober (being drunk took my mind off of my throat) and have quit smoking. Still nothing has changed. HELP!
Cody Rife (14 days ago)
Well, I've been sober for 4 moths now and my obsession with my throat has lessened, however still present. sometimes worse than others. Still, distraction seems to be what helps the most. Not thinking about it. When it would get really bad to the point to where I would have bad anxiety or even a panic attack, I would take a low dosage Xanax. I rarely take any of those anymore. Best to consult a Dr. before taking any pills though. also, try cutting out carbonated drinks and caffeine. Keep searching, as will I. Im going to see another Dr. soon. Ill post back with any update. Good luck!
Dreco Dre (15 days ago)
your not alone i feel the same way did you find any solutions?
Austin Frost (3 months ago)
Mucus in your throat means eat more plants and get off the meat and dairy.
rDk2048 (3 months ago)
how did that help by all means? does knowing that it looks disgusting help? bloody no yea? but in bloody fact, all infectious diseases look disguised af, wut kind of cunt sickness is this video? srsly MATE, WUT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE? NOTHING? U JUST WASTED MY TOIME MAYTE, WOT THE SNAPPING MMEHS IS THIS? fking bloody hell, The Doctors that don’t have any advice on any cure wotsoever lmao, *IM TRIGGERED MATE*
lockhamj (3 months ago)
These dudes are a joke,
huzar237 (4 months ago)
Im 26 and have been coughing up pleghm since i was 12, doctors always prescribed anti biotics and syrup but nothing worked.
Tfūe (1 month ago)
Cody Shafer and I didn’t having this problem since I was 12 awesome now I’m 13 I’m scared I don’t know what to do
Tfūe (1 month ago)
I literally have the same problem breaking down I had it since late 2016 I don't want the until the day I die freaking crying right know I don't know what to do
Hello Moto (3 months ago)
Have U xtried drinking Apple cider vinegar
Cody Shafer (4 months ago)
huzar237 Same with me man. It's so embarrassing cause I either have to hawk it up or not swallow until I hawk it. Drives my girlfriend crazy especially at night.
Nisee Mervil (5 months ago)
When I'm talking my throat full with phlegm and hard for me to swallow and I don't breath in one of my nostrils; I need help.
Michael Kenney (5 months ago)
Now watching this I’m thinking that the lump I feel in my throat sometimes might be built up mucus, but then again I can eat and drink just fine
BlueBerry (6 months ago)
I swallow constantly and feel like there is something in my throat. And when I swallow I gasp for breath.
Marc T (6 months ago)
Like when I was in a haunted house when I was a kid.. stick your own hand in jello and noodles....thats brains!
VictoriaSobocki (7 months ago)
I feel like I have white greenish phlegm all the time and I’m not sick. I also wheeze when I cough, what could it be? When I was a kid, I had an extremely raspy throat.
AquaHolicsUK (7 months ago)
Too much pollution in the air. Gives the pharmagiants another reason to rip us off. It's a guarantee to affect the majority
Katelyn Larese (7 months ago)
Let’s also not forget smoking... not that it’s good but obviously it can change the color.
MizzKizz44 (8 months ago)
that was so cringe.
Quarter Mile (7 months ago)
Not even one medication recommendation. Fuuuuuck u, I wish all hell on this cast.
C-I Ball (7 months ago)
Seriously, get help.
in having serious trouble with thus, I keep losing my voice, it's hard have you have asthma, prednisone helps me keep my airways open but you can't take it long term, this has been ongoing since 2013-2018 I sure hope someone helps me before I die, is got me so frightened....
Hello Moto (3 months ago)
History For Humanity PCWD do u smoke? Or vape?
John Wick (8 months ago)
I’ve got some blood what could I have ?
Mariah Parker (8 months ago)
Bitch give him the towel!!
Angel'slove C. (8 months ago)
I heard a lot of it 'may' a may doesn't tell me a lot y'all. Either is it or isn't not
So how am i supposed to help my self before i die 😐
Micky (9 months ago)
what if I constantly have a blocked throat and nose and the mucus is clear with no white spots or much of any color?
thedriver (4 days ago)
+Heidy Perez how is it working for you now?
Kittycat Forever (1 month ago)
Heidy Perez (4 months ago)
Dr. Told me it was reflex and that your lungs fight back. He put me on some nasal sprays to clear my nose, throat and lungs.
A L (4 months ago)
Could be allergies ? Your body's probably trying to fight off an irritant of some sort
iiRòse2k (5 months ago)
Micky same have you found a cure?
Olivia Green (9 months ago)
is the dude in the suit even a real doctor lmao all he has to explain is by using the word infection very irresponsibly
Robert Torres (10 months ago)
What if you cough up brown every morning. Should I be worried
TheDirewolf 1234 (11 months ago)
I have it so bad that I can bare,y breath. It sucks ass to have it. I have to get it fixed.
Kaynon (11 months ago)
I drank cold water and I got mucus stuck in my throat, is this normal?
Hello Moto (3 months ago)
Kaynon room temp or warm. Not cold
Kaynon (11 months ago)
What if it is green or yellowish green?
Chris Reyes (6 months ago)
Kaynon u r fucked m8
nitin nelson (11 months ago)
Hii sir i am also having similar kind of phelgm that come out of my throat but early in the morning but its clear and transparent ball like those jelly candy . What might be the reason and also some time the same kind of mucus comes from my chest if i run or do some strenuous job. I some times feel my head is filled with that mucus and is pressure on my head
OneyeV 1989 (1 year ago)
Safe sex when using your mouth used condoms
MusicIsLife (1 year ago)
I've had my tonsils removed for a long time now but since I've had Hashimoto's thyroid condition ( it's harmless) But my sinus's hurt... my throat has white patches from where my tonsils were and I'm hacking up so much phlegm have been for months.
Waqas Tahir (1 year ago)
For the people who know that they don't have any infection (I have successfully treated my mucus problem) Just avoid that "ahun" "ahun" its ok to do it one or two times in a day but don't go doing it all the day Eat good foods (spicy foods can help) , don't eat dairy (It creates mucus in the throat) (This is't myth , I have experienced and tested and I also can prove that its not a myth so all the people who are gaining views making videos like ITS NOT A MYTH WELL F*CK OFF) please don't drink colddrinks like coke and pepsi (pepsi is 2x worse than coke ,SUGAR) for a week and DRINK A LOT OF WATERRRRRRRRRRRRRR If you have a little bit of mucus in your throat don't swollow it so your body don't create another block of mucus just because you cleared the previous one , also the main cause of mucus in throat is dry throat. so water is helpful most helpful is orange juice but it has like stacks of sugar loaded in DON"T DRINK THAT
Mayo Butter (8 months ago)
Thank you this was really helpful, I've been coughing too much espically in public and sometimes when I'm in crowded areas I randomly cough up Muscus I don't how to get rid of it so thank you
Deuxes (1 year ago)
Waqas Tahir what ahun ahun
Deuxes (1 year ago)
Waqas Tahir was it post nasal drip, going through that rn
Anthony Barratt (1 year ago)
looks like something out of kids gameshow
Annropeea Garriott (1 year ago)
I keep getting sore throats and I have mucus that is a mixture of yellowy orange and white and when I cough it sounds like I'm puking and I keep sneezing and the back of my neck keeps hurting and I keep getting dizzying headaches and slight chest pain I'm 23 years old can someone please tell me what is happening to me plus my eyes and nose keep running
Awaso (7 months ago)
Annropeea Garriott you don't look 23
Deuxes (1 year ago)
Annropeea Garriott doctor asap, if he doesn't give a an answer. Make sure you tell out all your problems or else they won't try and give you some useless drug
Noah (1 year ago)
I feel like little bits of food is in my throat
Katelyn Larese (7 months ago)
Noah tonsil stones if you still have tonsils. Don’t worry, it’s gross but harmless.
I feel like i have blood in my throat.... wuts happenin with meh?
Sarah K (1 year ago)
thin yellow mucas ???? with baste cough
Mazin Lakho (1 year ago)
I have white thick foamy saliva mouth Laryangeal reflux disease
KylieStyles Standford (1 year ago)
It's like there's booger inside my throat. And it's freaking me out. Help me. I think it comes from my nose. Gross
Drama News (20 days ago)
KylieStyles Standford do you know when you have a blocked nose you try to breath through that left/right nose it goes down your throat probably that happened
Lilly Enriquez (8 months ago)
It’s common. Everyone has it but when you have excess mucus you begin to cough. When you cough, spit out what comes out. DO NOT swallow it.
Zia Khan (11 months ago)
KylieStyles Standford same to me
DividSkii (1 year ago)
all day I'm anoying because I just keep coughing up snot and it varies.
revelation online (24 days ago)
i have had it for over a year. very annoying
KxngCorrupt (5 months ago)
It’s really annoying and my ear starts hurting
Marc T (6 months ago)
Apple cider vinegar and zero SUGAR. Gargle salt water
Manuela Perez (7 months ago)
Live With It 6;
IKH TV (8 months ago)
who is 1an do you can it? Its so annoying been 4 days and I still have it
Cotton Swipe (1 year ago)
mine is clear... what does that mean
moongirl shining (1 year ago)
MIne comes from my chest up and is long stringy no brown clear
Comment (1 year ago)
Every time I spit it's a pastel yellow .___. Help
bish whet (1 year ago)
Plz try out a glass of warm water with some honey and a squeeze of lemon helps me out, might work for u too..
Jackie Hesson (1 year ago)
I'm ALWAYS waking up in the morning with mucous in the back of my throat. Why is that?
Ayana Fletcher (20 days ago)
Me too I hope someone can answer what it is
floppyflaky flopsfloop (4 months ago)
I woke up this morning and my chest hurt too, there was one in my throat!
Jacquelynne Hesson same
Maddie Hatter (10 months ago)
Look up post nasal drip
kakaboka Mate (1 year ago)
Jacquelynne Hesson l have the same problem don't know what to do
Skye-Lilly Parrish (1 year ago)
I'm coughing up brown
bish whet (1 year ago)
Emerald Green ‼️hey look at my comment above ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️, this advice should help any with mucus problems✨
Renzee White (1 year ago)
my throat hurts right now and I'm coughing up white mucus and it looks disgusting does that mean I have a throat infection???
Fox Mulder (11 months ago)
i doubt it. these idiots are full of shit
Francis Agbon (1 year ago)
Have that for 1 year already
WearyWener (1 year ago)
Jay 10 (1 year ago)
Renzee White probably
Manzoor Ahmad (1 year ago)
CSI Garcia (1 year ago)
improve sperm with what you eat
Meilin L (1 year ago)
se times I can cough out greenish mucus mixed with some blood, is that normal?
zizi the queen (1 month ago)
Meilin L no
Rich West (3 months ago)
In the morning? Do you live in a dry climate? Do you snore?
MylesW Gaming (7 months ago)
Nickey L (8 months ago)
And sneeze alot
Nickey L (8 months ago)
Umm i have that now too cuz im sick, i kept coughing and feeling like somethings in my throat, and i have a runny nose
CXNEHXE (2 years ago)
I'm coughing up white mucus and I've been having shortness of breath is it because I have mucus I'm my throat? because I had a throat infection before any help.
Travis Uhrinek (1 year ago)
i don't think your the only one i have a sour throat and shortness of breath and mucas i hate it because it is like hard to sleep and hard breathing to
Kemah Kolleh (1 year ago)
Hella Dora you you u
CXNEHXE (1 year ago)
+bullsh t tv thanks it was strep throat
bish whet (1 year ago)
Hella. Dora srry to hear bout that but try a glass of warm water with honey n a squeeze of lemon it helps, also u can look up how to make this drink on YouTube, I'm sure they'll be plenty of vids on it🙂
AMIN (2 years ago)
nice way of explanation,btw the doctor with the suit on looks like an Nazi ss general
BecauseOf Anxiety (1 year ago)
AMIN I always thought he looked like the high and powerful Oz.
logan hansen (2 years ago)
the toungh with mashmellows and carrots are delicous
Mario Gaspare528 (2 years ago)
I would be scared to see that color come out of my nose.
Amallnda Scovill (3 years ago)

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