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The BOTOX Brow Lift explained

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Dominique takes some time out to teach us how she uses Botox to create a brow lift. The Botox Brow lift can give you that open eye and rested look you want without the surgery with just a few extra units at your next Botox appointment. Call one of our patient concierge team at 206-935-5689 to schedule your next appointment or visit us at www.welllmedicalarts.com to learn more. #Botox #SeattleBotox #BotoxBrowlift #browlift #howisabrowliftdone #minibrowlift #browliftwithbotox
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Well Medical Arts (3 months ago)
Hi CK, While we use mostly BOTOX at our clinic any of the Botulinum toxins in and expert injectors hands can work for the Brow Lift.
C K (3 months ago)
Hi Dominique many thanks for this informative video.The eye brow lift can be done with any of the three botulinum toxins?TY.😃

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