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How to recognise fake medications - HealthExpress

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Dr Hilary explains how you can distinguish fake medications from genuine medications. Genuine, branded medications are available at a reputable online health clinic like http://www.healthexpress.co.uk/. Using an example, he lists the things that should be examined to ensure the medication you buy is genuine and what to look out for to avoid buying counterfeit medicines. Related links: http://www.healthexpress.co.uk/
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Text Comments (7)
Jessica Miller (1 month ago)
Buy name brand!
John Curtan (9 months ago)
The man knows his Viagra good dam it lmao
Perry Quandelacy (11 months ago)
Bull shit video
ramesh Jella (1 year ago)
I am happy to know how to recognise the fake madication But the people who are illetirate may not know this So will u please help me in showing the people fake medicin with an experiment
Jyhari Watkins (1 year ago)
this ant got nun to do with percs
biggs ed (4 months ago)
What ant nun percs
Marmalade Man (8 months ago)
Jyhari Watkins heccin came here same dang thing, aint no way no how aint learn nuthin.

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