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First real attempt at lacing a wheel

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Gotta give props to these guys: http://www.bikewebsite.com/build.htm Those boys made it rather easy. I took my time but it didn't take that long at all. Now I have a 3 speed 20 inch wheel for my buggy bike! It's gonna have gears! Stay tuned.
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bowcher (8 years ago)
Hey you watched my vid re-spoking my old Harley wheel. I've been doing for many years and was taught by a professional spoke lacer back in the late 70's. You don't need jigs, just anything you can rest the axle on and spin the wheel with your thumb checking the clearance, and knowing when to pull up and tighten. Pushbike wheels are even harder than motorcycle wheels to re-spoke and true up. You have done a damn good job. May you spoke many more and a pleasure to watch your vid

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