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Why I got Nexplanon (birthControl) Out and answers to questions!!! 2014

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Why I got my Nexplanon implant out? and questions answered about nexplanon. Questions answered How long after can you have unprotected sex? How effective is it? Have you noticed any symptoms? Does it fix irregular periods? How long did i have it in? Does it affect sex drive? Did I gain weight? Did I get acne? * These answers and reviews are from my experiance as a user of nexplanon and are not concrete. I am not a physician the decision to get nexplanon should be made with your physician.
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Shante Hamilton (1 month ago)
I been havin migraines EVERY day too omg .. And just feeling tired alllll the time .. U helped me so muchi could give u a hug
Peachy Lily (1 month ago)
My boyfriend and I have both been tested for STD and STI and we’re both good to go! I got the Nexplanon in 2 weeks ago and we had sex for the first time tonight and he did cum in me. Not gonna lie a little spooked do you think I have anything to worry about pregnancy wise?
Sonia 87 (2 months ago)
Yup that’s exactly what im feeling right now 😓 I can’t wait to get this crap out i left it in for the 3 years almost im due to get it out until the 17th but i need it out now
jaka Bae (3 months ago)
Can nexplanon cause itching or rash
Shayna Hall (5 months ago)
I've had mine in for about a year now and I'm fat in every picture but i diet and exercise I'm getting it took out.
ilove my boyfriend (5 months ago)
am on nexolanon 35 days now no period but i swiched from depo do think thats what delaying my period?
ilove my boyfriend (5 months ago)
get on copper iud no hormons lats 10 yrs
Shonda Hall (7 months ago)
I have had my Nexplanon in since September 30th, 2016–two days after I had my son. I had been on Yaz for 10 years before I got pregnant. It had worked for me—but with moving and living in an RV now, didn’t want to have to worry about a pill everyday. I have no sex drive at all either. I kinda suck it up most nights, because I just want my hubby to know I love him. I am one of those that has no periods on Nexplanon. Honestly, I haven’t had a period since before I got pregnant with my son—yep, no periods for almost 2.5 years. Not complaining.
Amanda Elizabeth (10 months ago)
This shit slowed my heart rate down. A less common side effect apparently. Got it out after about a month.
Kelly's Life (11 months ago)
Iv had my nexplanon for a couple of weeks and I already want it out I’m going Monday and I’m gonna tell them that me and my partner are wanting to try for another baby and if they turn me away I’ll just tell them that if they don’t remove it I’m gonna end up removing it myself ( obviously I’m not that stupid and won’t actually attempt to remove it myself) but I don’t want it anymore
Crystal Rod (11 months ago)
I've started this method in May & never got my period. I just hate that I still wake up nauseous.
Aquila Latin (1 year ago)
My experience with nexplanon has been okay, I think. The two major side effects I've had: no/irregular period and I have gained 25-30 pounds in about 7 months. A few weeks after I got it in I experienced nausea, diarrhea, and breast tenderness. Nexplanon may cause symptoms that are also symptoms of being pregnant, and without a period, well...you may experience a "freak-out" the first time you have these symptoms. That being said, I have also gone through one of my worst depressions on the implant as well-did it cause it or just enhance it? Probably the latter. Although there are negatives, nothing else on the market beats the fact that it's the best birth control out there and it's super convenient. I forget it's even there and I don't have to worry about it for 3 years.
Andrea Santos (1 year ago)
u sure u can get pregnant because I get my period on the nexplan it had sex not got pregnant I don't understand y if nothing isn't 100percent
dragonsthrone (1 year ago)
anyone almost loss their legs on Nexplanon?
DavisandSofia (1 year ago)
When will the side effects of the nexplanon removal subside?
Elizabeth Moreno (1 year ago)
I hate it! I got it 2 years ago and Ive gained so much weight almost 50 pounds and it is very hard to loose it. I dont have my period every month thats the only good thing...
Liyah Davis (1 year ago)
Mines make me feel tired like all the time😩. Am I the only one who feels this way?
yera de los santos (1 month ago)
No i had it in for 5 months and just got it out, and the biggest reason was bcuz i was always tired i did not notice tiredness until i was 2 months in and it was getting worse n worse, to the point i wanted to just be in bed and being in bed was not helping me rest i was anxiously eating without hunger, and alwaysssss tired and just lazy to do anything. So im happy to try n see how i feel without.
Jazmine (1 year ago)
What are the symptoms after you took it out? Was your period normal again? Did you feel more or less emotional?
Alyssa Brianna (1 year ago)
I also have a video on this check it out (-: just liked ya video!
Emily Beatricepc (1 year ago)
All of this is happening to me! I am on my third implant. The first 2 were fine, no periods, gained a bit of weight ( put it down to age, and growing up). The third put in in 2015 was a roller-coaster!! heavy periods for long periods of time, major mood swings, acne. absolutely no sex drive! my anxiety went through the roof, panic attacks all the time! I put it down to uni work and being stressed. but since this video, I know it's the implant. I don't know if it is a new brand or something. Anyway I am already booked in to have it taken out. x
Hailey Fugate (2 years ago)
ive been on for 2 years and been experienced dizzy and sometimes blindness
Christen Panetta (2 years ago)
Ive been having problems with feeling like my vagina is numb. I dont feel anything when I have sex with my boyfriend and hes upset cause he feels like its his fault but its not...was that normal for you too ? Its not even that my sex drive is low I want to have sex, I just dont feel anything...
Christen Panetta (2 years ago)
ive had mine in for a year and a half and at the beginning this happened and it came back and now Ive lost feeling again
Christen Panetta (2 years ago)
weve been together for a while and Ive just started having this problem...I used to love sex with him
Trisha Marie (2 years ago)
had mine put in oct 2016 and had a period everyday trying too get it removed but nurse is adiment too remove as cost too much or A & E if she don't oh and starting too get a achey elbow? ??
Renee Britt (2 years ago)
I'm not sure why I've waited over 2 years to become concerned with the way I feel daily. I made an appointment today to have it removed and I can't wait. I'm ALWAYS tired, I don't have migraines, but there's always a lingering headache. In the past few months, I've had horrible pain in the arm the nexplanon is in. I have breast pain (a pain without touch..) and breast tenderness (when I pick my son up and he leans against me). I have no sex drive at all. My husband constantly points this out to me, but since I had it put in 2 and a half years ago...I don't even want to be touched. I haven't had a period in 2.5 years. I just thought all of these things were part of getting older (only 32)....I've been worried about whether or not I may have breast cancer because of the pain. Would I recommend this birth control? Absolutely not. I know that the side effects are different with everyone, but with the way I've been feeling since I had it put in....NO!
Sauviv Orosco (1 year ago)
Renee Britt that happened to me. I just got my out about 3weeks ago. after you removed yours did you had any side-effects? please let me know thanks
Books With B (1 year ago)
Renee Britt omg, the ready pain and cancer scare, you sound like me! I have a ton of other symptoms too and thought it was due to getting older (hormones) as well, I have to get this thing out. I'm a wreck mentally and physically.
Ingrid Bustillo (2 years ago)
Renee Britt OMG the same happened to me. thank God i got it removed yesterday 😊😊 hopefully things change with my husband ❤
Zakarrah Graves (2 years ago)
I got Iud ParaGard
DiffiCulture Shock (2 years ago)
Oh man! Thank you for sharing your experience. I lost my libido COMPLETELY on this thing (I had a super high libido before).... I have gained 20 lbs in a year and a half, sex is more painful, and I get pregnancy symptoms every couple of months. I think I'm ready to get it out. :(
mahone 3478 (2 years ago)
what about rape
Elay TV (2 years ago)
You-go-girl! (HAPPY FACE!!) thanks 4 the info!
maria bautista (2 years ago)
sex drive and hot flashes omg also hair loss, and its strange because i dont see those side effects listed often but i hear of a lot of woman also experiencing them
alex strom (1 month ago)
I had terrible hair loss. So bad the the only normal hair density was at the bottom of my head, my neckline. After getting it taken out hair had already been growing back. Its amazing...
DavisandSofia (1 year ago)
Also nausea. So bad. It seemed as if after I ate, I'd get nauseas! Every time.
DavisandSofia (1 year ago)
maria bautista I had barely a sex drive, loss of hair, severe anxiety, lots of bad acne, headaches(but they are bare able), major increase in appetite, the first year I lost almost 10 pounds, the 2nd year I gained almost 15 (which isn't a problem since I'm trying to gain weight), first year and a half I didn't have a period but now I spot every once in a while(July 8 will be 2 years), it has caused me to change to completely different person, I have VERY bad mood swings and a very short temper. I also experience hot flashes and bad cramps even with noblood coming out and the cramps are like strong contractions .I can't stand this implant anymore, so I'm getting it removed on July 19th. I'm only 16, I shouldn't have to go through all of this.
SamiiLovee90 (1 year ago)
maria bautista I experienced hairloss as well. Soooo bad! I gained weight, my sex drive took a plunge, I had bad mood swings as well as hair loss. It was terrible and the doctor who removed it tried to tell me that was all in my head and not the implant 🙄
Sabrina Schmidt (2 years ago)
When I got my implant about 3 weeks after getting it, my face started to break out more than usual. A month into having the implant my face was full blown cystic acne! the hormones in the Nexplanon made my skin break out terribly so the birth control method is risky! Do your research before deciding to get it.
Nadia Lee (2 years ago)
why am I not got a period yet
Nadia Lee (2 years ago)
hi my name is nadia I had the implant and I take my out June 16th and had a period 20th of June.. and nit had a period yet 27 days late and no sigh of a period
Rocio Mejia (2 years ago)
I just took mine out because of migraines so bad that I would throw up I also gained 30 pounds in one year and I'm an active person
PrincessKLS (2 years ago)
I have had mine in for a little over a year to treat the heavy bleeding from PCOS and I had a very light period a month after I had it put in, but no period after that and I'm missing it. I'm thinking of getting my doctor to take it out.
Juliana Cherisol (2 years ago)
hey to those out there that are having a hard time deciding whether to have the implant birth control procedure done, I can say from experience there's absolutely nothing to worry about even if you're scared of needles or just medication being injected in you ,it literally takes 1 2 3, first step by choosing the arm that you do not right with or so much then thee other, second step they disinfect the area and give you a numbing agent similar to novocaine that they used at the dentist the dhot numbs the area and before you it the implant is inserted Under the Skin and bandged up they require you not to let the area 5 days to a week it took me a month to get used to this implant and being in my arm , I didn't feel pain but I felt an awkward stinging or overly vibration sensation I'm guessing the hormones were releasing through my body and we have to be very careful to not hurt that area so you don't damage break or bend the implant cause that's very possible my period did stop after 2 months all together I've had it for 5 and its been the best decision I made in my life because I also suffered from heavy cramping and heavy periods I had to exclude myself from Sports and activities in school and I missed a lot of school days because of my heavy periods the back pain I can truly say it change my life it may not be recommended for everyone please consult with your doctors , were all different women so it varies .
Jennifer Solano (2 years ago)
how can u tell if your pregnant with impant birth control??
Emunz .. (2 years ago)
there is 1% chance to be pregnant with the implant .
Yose VT (2 years ago)
How was the procedure of taking out the implant and did it hurt ? How long did it took to get the effect out of your body or was it automatically after you had it taken out? I currently have nexplanon and haven't had much side effects pretty much just no period and mood swings
Alexis Baumgartner (2 years ago)
I'm the same way in how my body is extremely sensitive to any type of hormonal changes. I tried everything from the pill, the shot, the implant...stuff with estrogen and without estrogen, and every time I had to quit because the side effects for me were just terrible. I thought I was going to have to just stick to condoms and Plan B if something happened, but my doc told me about the IUD that uses copper instead of progestin. I was scared at first because it's inserted into the uterus and I heard some crazy stories about it getting dislodged, but it's amazing. I don't even have to think about it, I'm protected for 5 years...no hormones. I love, love, love it and I would recommend it to anybody like me. My boyfriend and I have sex without a condom all the time and I've never gotten pregnant so it definitely has worked for me.
adele keane (2 years ago)
I have it on and I have got so big. None of my clothes fit me anymore
Mina Riaz (1 year ago)
I have ballooned up and removing next week
helen williams (2 years ago)
Hi got nexaplanon, I having it out 17th june 2016 got tinitus anybody else got tinnitus
Leticia Godinez (2 years ago)
yesss i developed it about two years after but not sure if it was the birth control but i now have it
Daniela Rivera (2 years ago)
what is tettinis?
Cheyenne Agust (2 years ago)
I hate mine!!!! i have had it for a year. I have no sex drive. I'm constantly feeling sick and crampy and have not flashes.
A Better Whey of Life (2 years ago)
see my period went away completely but it wasn't worth the weight gain and the headaches
Hannah Coffey (10 months ago)
A Better Whey of Life omg having the same problems and I have never really felt bad about my body in till now and I relied the weight gain and my boyfriend would tell me I’m not fat but I feel so bad about my body about my new weight gain
PrincessBella (2 years ago)
I decided to remove mine after a little more than 2 years I think I wait to long horrible side effects gained over 20 lbs + my period lasting more than 2 weeks.
Sarah Thomas (1 year ago)
EmmCam did they weight gain stay with you after you got it removed?
Kaylie O'Conner (2 years ago)
I've had no side-effects other than not having periods. this is by far the best birth control I've ever had. but people's bodies reacts differently. some have good effects some don't.
Shante Hamilton (1 month ago)
Well this video was not for u then go comment on a video where someone saying it all peaches n cream ... Cause i feel horrible rn
jessica a (1 year ago)
this was me but the second year i began having really bad breast pain and hair loss n weight gain
Dimple Dave (2 years ago)
Kaylie O'Conner hi...i also had no side effect other than not having periods its been about 16 months now. R u stil having your implant in ?
Kinks & Curls (2 years ago)
I hated it caused weight gain..gain 30 pounds on it! Got it in march 23, 2015 and it was removed April 13, 2016. Best choice ever made.
Kinks & Curls (1 year ago)
Sunshinezae lewis I had to get on metformin and got pregnant on the sugar pill lol so I am still fat lol
Sunshinezae lewis (1 year ago)
Chloe Thomas how long did it take u 2 lose weight?
Natalia Leilani (2 years ago)
I gained a mess of weight gain on this birth control. within 6months I gained 45 pounds! I hated this birth control
A Better Whey of Life Did you lose the weight?
Woman Here (1 year ago)
A Better Whey of Life d
A Better Whey of Life (2 years ago)
DUDE i thought this was just me! like i thought i was going crazy after three years i gained like 60 pounds i went from 90 to 160 and it killed my sex drive and then my doctor tried to tell me it wasn't from that at all... LIKE NO I'm getting it out monday
Evelyn Montero (2 years ago)
How long did it take you to get your sex drive back?
Cashayla Tanner (2 years ago)
I currently have the nexplanon implant and am experiencing a lot of the same side effects. I have had it in now for about a year and 3 months and it doesn't get better, you do not get used to it, it gets worse. It is causing the same problems between my husband and I that you and your boyfriend experienced to the point where I am probably going to get it removed. This is a very good birth control, you do not get pregnant however the side effects of no sex drive defeat the purpose when you don't want to even be touched by your spouse.
Xenia Kennedy (2 years ago)
thanks! very interesting
Kristie Vandiver (2 years ago)
wow most of what you said answered my question. everything that happened to you, bigger boobs, didn't want to be touched, lose, of hair, and lost weight. I felt dizzy and I did get panic attack and headache. but coffee works best for that. but I'm still always tired. so I know what you want through.
Jay Gearries (2 years ago)
I really relate to this video... I actually just made my appointment to get mine taken out, and I've had it since August 2015 (about 7 months). I could see why people like it, but it definitely did NOT work for me. It didn't regulate my periods at all, and made them much more frequently (mostly 2 times a month) and MUCH heavier. Like Dani, my sex drive plummeted. My boyfriend of a year and a half thought I was not attracted to him because I just never wanted to have sex. And before this, it was the exact opposite. Also, I gained about ten pounds, and it was definitely due to the Nexplanon because I have not changed my exercise habits and even started to eat better, but it still made me gain weight, specifically in my belly and hips. Lastly, I developed some very bad mood swings. It was like I was on my period all the time with the amount of highs and lows I had with my emotions. The benefits of Nexplanon was that it made my boobs look better. Thats about it. I didn't get acne, though, and when it comes to the main purpose, which is birth control, it worked. But otherwise, it was not a positive experience for me. I know it may work for some people, but it was definitely a bad choice for me.
J. S. (2 years ago)
I have an appointment with planned parenthood tomorrow and so I'm getting a check-up to see if I can get the implant. Something that you mentioned that is interesting to me was that you have anxiety and how the birth control affected it. I have panic attacks as well and now that you brought it up, I'm questioning getting this form of birth control if I'll have my panic attacks worsened. I don't use any medication for them and I control them on my own by doing some of the methods that you mentioned in the video in addition to CBT. I have been having them every night so they are getting difficult to manage these days so this would be one of the biggest concerns for me right now. Is this something to bring up with the nurses? Also, has most birth control you have used caused worsened anxiety symptoms?
J. S. (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your experience. I appreciate it so much. I ended up getting it and it hasn't made my anxiety worse. So far, the implant is doing its job. The only annoying thing for me is that I have bled non-stop since I got my period which was two weeks after I got the implant. I think I've had about a week of no bleeding within the past two months. I'm thinking I should get it removed because it's getting expensive but I'm still waiting after three months to see if my body adjusts. I've never used medication for anxiety, only CBT, and it was so difficult learning to control it but I have gotten to the point where I have the tools to deal with an episode and the tools to prevent it and I really hope you find the right recovery program for yourself so that you can get to the point where you can live without the limitations of anxiety, if you can't already.
christina castaldi (2 years ago)
I'm sure you have made your decision whether or not to get it at this point, but I will say that it made my anxiety soooo much worse, to the point where I actually had to go on klonopin. I'm getting mine out next week so that I can go completely medicine free. it wasn't worth it to me. if you ended up getting it, I hope you are having an easier time with it than I did
Elle Noina (2 years ago)
I'm still contemplating whether to take mine out (Implanted April 2015) cuz I think it's wrong to have it because as women we're unfortunately supposed to have periods (that's the reality) BUT I hate periods so much I'd rather deal with the lesser of two evils which is not go crazy every month and bleed half to death! Literally last night, the area where the implant is was aching like crazy, my legs were aching, had a mini headache and some activity in my womb....apparently I'm ovulating but the implant is like naw let's stop that....in full effect!
Elle Noina (2 years ago)
+Christine Augustine hmmm, very interesting! That's another thing for me cuz I don't want kids so I feel like why should I endure that torture.
Jay Maldonado (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for taking the time to outline your negative side effects. I am trying to decide whether to have my daughters removed and I think she has had the migraines and the irritability but she can't tell be due to her disabilities. I appreciate when young women share their experience because it is like giving her a voice.
Breaker The 1st (2 years ago)
U girls are dirty.letting guys shoot up inside you bareback to the point u have to put implants in your body. Respect yourselves .
Julie Martinez (1 year ago)
Breaker The 1st stfu
trina todd (2 years ago)
ive had the nexplanon in for almost 2 years and I'm getting it taken out next week. and ive gained a lot of weight since I got it in. my headaches are so bad it messes with my eyes and last all day to a few days
Tatiana Lanista (2 years ago)
I put mine July 2014 its January 2016 no periods at all for me I spot once in a while though randomly. No pregnancy. No strange symptoms. Great sex drive. I still have until next year July to remove and I will get it again.
Emunz .. (2 years ago)
you are so lucky <3 <3
Mimi (2 years ago)
I've had mine in for 9mths i love it but im taking it out because you well i have absolutely noooooooo sex drive and I'm very sexual and its just taking a toll in y relationship i gave it a chance but its just not for me i love that i get no periods tho thats the best part of this birth control but no sex drive to the point you don't even get horny with alcohol
Linda Esquivel (1 year ago)
Mimi I’m experiencing the same thing my husband always want to have sex but I don’t he can touch me and not get turned on it’s that bad and i get my period like every 4 Months has it for a year already
Mimi (2 years ago)
well i had the appointment and all and was excited buuuuuut my insurance collapsed sooo i still have it my drive is back not like how it was b4 but its doable. i haven't experience the painful sex but i can imagine how that dampers the mood. mine was just the drive it was gone but we trying new stuff if you know what i mean and that helps alot
milinara (2 years ago)
me too. ive had mine in for about 8 months now and i have little libido and im really dry making sex painful and had to go to the doctor because of tears.. im getting mine taken out tomorrow. how long did it take for your sex drive to come back?
Raquel Cheri' (2 years ago)
I was on the Depo Shot for a little over a year, and It has been my favorite birth control thus far. I know you said you don't like needles, but you only have to deal with it every three months and if your insurance covers it, I would really recommend it. I had to switch back to the pill because my insurance no longer covered the Depo shot, and its kind of expensive without insurance, but I may get back on it in the future.
I had almost all of the symptoms Dani did. Thinking about getting it taken out...
naomi uchiha (3 years ago)
does it hurt to get it out and get it in?
Love Lauryn (3 years ago)
I been on this birth control method for 10 weeks and I keep bleeding non stop
Emunz .. (2 years ago)
and how is it now ?
Emunz .. (2 years ago)
how is it now ? 8 months later of this comment ? because i got mine on May 2016 and you can count the days off of bleeding and spotting by your fingers .. and i'm so concern about it .. i have mood swings and headache also but not that bad ..
its.red32 (2 years ago)
Me too! I got it implanted on the 29th or 30th of November of 2015, and it's almost 3 months and I haven't stopped bleeding for almost a month. I didn't get mine implanted when I was on my period, so I have no idea if that impacted it or not. I want more kids (I have a 4 month old boy), & my hubby and I are on the fence about keeping it in or not. I'm going to wait til the 6 month mark to make an executive decision. I just fucking hate the bleeding.
Country Girl (3 years ago)
I'm going to be getting the arm implant possibly. Does it hurt getting it put in and removed??
SandraBesosxox (3 years ago)
This contraceptive device is highly effective but all in all I don't 100% think it's worth the hassle. Got it in Jan 15, but since then have been getting periods that last 9-14 days long (my cycle is usually 3-5 days), I had heavy mood swings at first and put on so much weight; from a UK size 10 to a 14, definitely getting a Nexplanon removal.
Vane's Curls (2 years ago)
I feel your pain, I'm having the same issues, I'll take it out next week, also from UK.
Dabria Brown (3 years ago)
I was woundering how long do you think I should wait to take it out about pierods. I've been on my pierod since September.
Daniela Rivera (2 years ago)
did you period get better within time? how long have did you have your period until it went away (if it did) I been having it for 8 months and I have been bleeding almost everyday spotting but no other side effects
M. C. (3 years ago)
was yours at an angle? at the insertion site i can barely feel it but on the opposite end it pokes against my skin and i can see and feel it
Rebecca Hall (3 years ago)
How long does it take to have your hormones go back to normal we are wanting our third child and we want to try in November but don't know if I'll get pregnant ?
cara beck (3 years ago)
Ur fertility should go back to normal straight away after haven taken the implant out
Victoria Garcia (3 years ago)
I've had it for 2 years now and get my period every single day....
MillsLife (2 years ago)
contact your Dr. they have some meds they can give you to stop the excessive bleeding.
MillsLife (2 years ago)
contact your Dr. they have some meds they can give you to stop the excessive bleeding.
jasmine snider (3 years ago)
I've been experiencing almost similar side effects got it in sept 2015 and I'm still bleeding everyday.
YazieThe CrazieOne (3 years ago)
i hope your still active on this page how long did it take to have a period
cara beck (3 years ago)
Every person is different on the implant, u could have ur periods every month or they could be very irregular or like me not at all. Most people that have this their periods stop but that is normal, if u want to continue having periods then this is probably not suitable for u.
Julie Roberts (3 years ago)
what about the copper iud? i had that, because i am very sensitive to hormones as well. fertility returns immediately after removal because there are no hormones, and it lasts up to 10 years. i had mine removed after 3 though, and had a healthy baby boy about 10 months later. :)
its.red32 (2 years ago)
+Christine Augustine Lol no doubt, and no worries
its.red32 (2 years ago)
+Christine Augustine I just had the implant removed. It made me very moody and I kept having an irregular cycle. I'm on pills now, and my husband and I use condoms until we no longer need to. My scar from removing looks terrible. Thanks for the advice!
its.red32 (2 years ago)
Is the copper one better? I mean that as in, is it better on your body? I have the nexplanon and I have been bleeding for a month straight. I want more kids (I have a 4 month old boy) & I'm afraid being on this form of birth control hurts those chances.
Bee Marley (3 years ago)
too much rambling... get to the point already.......obviously you had too many problems before it why even get it?
Raquel Cloninger (3 years ago)
I've had good luck with estrogen based birth control but the d implant made me gain weight and it took about 6 months to realize I also lost my sex drive completely I'm getting it out today!
Raquel Cloninger (3 years ago)
I've had good luck with estrogen based birth control but the d implant made me gain weight and it took about 6 months to realize I also lost my sex drive completely I'm getting it out today!
Alicia Fields (3 years ago)
what would happen if u keep it in would it harm u huh
Lisa Johnson (3 years ago)
I had my implanon inserted literally 3 days ago. during the night, i felt a tightness in my chest, and I told myself it must be indigestion. When i woke up this morning, i found myself gasping for air. I have major anxiety all of a sudden, and I have no reason to be anxious. I have shortness of breath and have to continuously breath in deep and give off a sigh (to relive the pressure on my chest). has anyone else experienced this and will it only go away once i remove the implanon?
Shante Hamilton (1 month ago)
Thats how i been feeling now !! Hard for me to breathe n short breathe ...chest pressure n all
Tara Rodman (3 years ago)
yes! I have it right now I loved this birth control cause I haven't got pregnant yet but the symptoms subside I'm getting mine out in a week or 2 cause I'm wanting to get pregnant again
Carissa Garcia (3 years ago)
my experience of having the implanon is horrible. my whole life of growing up, I have been known to be the most happiest person ever.. it was very rare that I was emotional about anything. if I did get emotional about something, I would just brush of my shoulder an hour later and forget that it even happen. I would say about 6 month after getting it, I wasn't me anymore. I was only half me. I started becoming depressed. it wasn't so bad at first. it was something I was able to hide to public eyes, but behind close doors I was going crazy. I soon became severely depressed. had suicidal thoughts, almost tried to kill myself, always crying, and never wanting to be around anyone. I couldn't even smile anymore. I would even have very bad anxiety attack. I did gain alot of weight at first but since i became depressed, I never wanna eat, so im loosing the weight. I've also been getting alot of headaches, back pain, stomach pains, some ocassional throbbing pains in my boobs and dizziness. my hair has thinned out and barely even grows anymore. the only good thing I've gotten outta this implant was no periods. I know everyone isn't the same, and the side effects would be different for everyone, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR ANYONE! I wouldn't even wanna risk the chances.. going through all of this is not a good experience.. I am getting it removed tomorrow..
Stephanie Virtue (2 years ago)
+sosa B_M_X I feel the same..
Santi Panza (3 years ago)
+Carissa Garcia When you got it removed did everything go back to normal? My girlfriend is having the same exact problem. She became so depressed with anxiety and bad mood swings
Erika Montes Olivas (3 years ago)
did you get you sexual drive back because same thing happend to me
Flower Tart (3 years ago)
I really hate this thing.. I've had it for 2 months and mood swing and depression are off the roof!! I'm married with 3 kids and it's affecting us.. I want it taken out immediately..and my period was heavy af the first month and this month I've had spotting the whole month..it's ridiculous
swilliams0416 (3 years ago)
I hate mine. I bled for 3 weeks when I first got it. Then nothing. That is where the good ends Then there is the kicking and twitching like I am pregnant again. I have taken 3 tests in past year that is how real it feels.  Anxiety, depression, rage. I wake up every day thinking today is the day I die. 0% drive to be near my fiance or anyone for that matter. Plus it is super itchy and I think it is coming out on its own. I am going to call my dr on Monday and see about getting it out.
Koda Shanice (3 years ago)
Damn.. This sounded perfect till you mention panic attacks and anxiety... I do not want to trigger my attacks.
Shay Star (3 years ago)
does this make you gain weight. im coming off depo shot ive been on it for 3 years and ive gained 30lbs. i hate depo because of the weight gain. Also do you have periods, depo shot makes you stop having periods. I like having periods. Do you feel any pain during the procedure. im kinda scared and need a peace of mind.
Julie Martinez (1 year ago)
I've gained 60-70 pounds it blows
Cindy Manzo (2 years ago)
Ashleigh Watson (2 years ago)
when i was in depo i did not gain weight but i had my period the whole time i was on it none stop.
cara beck (2 years ago)
+Fliskography Not a problem, I had the same thoughts myself and asked about it last year when I was getting mine replaced and thats the information the nurse gave me. Its is a good idea to look into other areas that maybe causing it.
Fliskography (2 years ago)
I was wondering because in the information booklet i got. it does say that and i am trying to figure out if my thyroid has a part, the birth control or maybe i do need to alter my diet better other than micro nutrient and organic foods. Thank you for responding!
Wesley Watkins (3 years ago)
in aug I will have the implant in for a year , my symptoms have not stopped I have nausea ,vomiting , bleeding to 4 months with no stopping in between , bloating , abdominal pain ,nervousness, anxiety attacks ,low sex drive ,hair loss , sore throat, weight ganging,increased hair growth on my legs , lower back pain pelvic pain and my doctor still want me to keep it in I making an appointment to get  it taken out I hate this birth control I have constant mood changes  , I go threw the super size tampons ,50 count and I run out at the end of the month , I do get Brest tenderness and gayness
Chaparra Yay (3 years ago)
I'm getting ready to leave for college. I'm not sexually active, and I'm not planning on having crazy amounts of sex in college but I want to be safe if it happens. How do i tell my mom this?
jenjen0597 (3 years ago)
tbh, you dnt have to! you dnt need your parents to know, plus this is easy to hide from them.who will look near your armpit ? lol
Lisa Melendez (3 years ago)
Ive had mine in for 9 months and have had nonstop bleeding. I'm scheduled to have it removed on Friday. Thats is the only reason why I'm taking it out. I cant take the bleeding anymore. :-\
THEguardgirl7 (3 years ago)
I have had my nexplanon in for a year and 2 months, and its been absolutely miserable. I've never had a normal steady period, but this is out of control. I didn't have a period at all for the first 6 months of being on nexplanon, which honestly was nothing out of the usual for me personally. But I haven't had a blood free day in 8 months, and Walmart has been making a killing on all the tampons I've had to purchase. Never get on this birth control thinking it'll completely stop your period or regulate it, it might just make things worse. Needless to say, I have an appointment to remove it next week and switch to the nuva ring. Good luck fellow nexplanon users.
Leah Fisher (3 years ago)
Thank you for this it helped a lot!
Laura Patton (3 years ago)
Has anyone had hairloss on the implanon? Had mine for 2 months and it's coming out in handfuls
Clare Bear forever (3 years ago)
The implant is working well for me. I've just had my 3rd one put in. Headaches for about a week or 2 then nothing afterwards for me. Have you tried Depo Provera shots💉? They also worked well for me.
MM S (3 years ago)
+Clare Sunshine Bear​ oh they are, I have PCOS too and I am making the switch to I plan on very soon.
Clare Bear forever (3 years ago)
+Mary Sullivan All birth control is said to make some gain weight. Maybe switch to something different & see how that works might even get rid of the pain you are experiencing. As for me I gained only 3lbs nothing out of my ordinary. I had shooting pain and cramps but it was due to ovarian cysts. Talk to your doctor as well.💖
MM S (3 years ago)
I am on depo provera and I hate it. I have random shooting pains and I have gained a significant amount of weight even though I have drastically changes my eating habits(pescatarion, organic, GMO-free, low sugar and recently avoiding wheat). I started depo when I was 16 and I weighed 145 and within a year I weighed 160 and last October I jumped to 170 just right out of the blue. I have never been out of my healthy weigh range and I am fairly active as well.
Adrieanna Martinez (3 years ago)
I have been on new plan on since may of last year, and now it scares me because I want to get it removed. It's really scary to have. I don't have periods but get hot flashes and bloating alot as well. I was almost crying when I got it and now I definitely don't want it. What if it screws up my cycle or will I be able to have kids? I really want it removed but I don't want to go in and get it removed either....
Sarena Mccook (3 years ago)
Did your symptoms go away once you had it removed?
Tessie Brown (2 years ago)
so you still were having severe panic attacks?
The Sea Family (3 years ago)
No it took a few months to get out of my system.
charity allison (3 years ago)
I seriously wished this worked. Like why couldn't this be the omega birth control? It makes me so sad. I was looking forward to this. Now I'm gonna be stuff worrying about getting pregnant whenever I decide to actually have sex. This really puts a damper on the rest of my high school life. :((( why can't science help us women better.
Taylor Garcia (3 years ago)
No birth control is 100% effective but it's worked effectively for myself and all my friends because we take it the correct way. I personally also use condoms because BCP do not prevent the transmission of STDs. So I highly advocate using dual forms of birth control.
differentvlog01 (3 years ago)
I am having it removed Monday iv had it a little over a month Firstly it made my period a mess constantly having headaches and was losing hair I absolutely hate it
Samantha Lynne (3 years ago)
I have had nexplanon for 2 months and I've gained over 25 pounds. do not trust them
Arianna Salcido (9 months ago)
Samantha Lynne omg! I'm Getting this crap out tomorrow- same story! It's horrible
Beautifully Bree (3 years ago)
i bled for 5-6 months straight with a bunch of other negative effects... took it out.
Melissas Journey (3 years ago)
I'm getting mine out tomorrow because I bled 6 months straight. I hate Nexplanon!!
Tricia Boston (3 years ago)
Here is my personal experience with the implant. I have had it for roughly 20 months now. I am currently 23, 24 in Aug. I had mine placed aprox 8wk PP. I have not had a period since the week before insertion. I have had absolutely no sex drive, almost constant phantom kicks for about 4 months straight, off and on nausea, ridiculous mood swings, heightened depression, don't like being touched, higher anxiety, freak outs when I get super anxious like being in a huge crowd at the grocery store. More frequent headaches, but not migraines. I was just approved for insurance, so going to try having it taken out soon. 
ashley hernandez (3 years ago)
I thought I was going crazy until I read this I got mine taken out today! I had all these horrible side effects and then some.. dr said he's had more bad reviews then good and is no longer offering then to patients
Kayla Niemandt (3 years ago)
i am 14 i really want to get it because im a swimmer and i dont my period. will it stop my period?
Anna Torgeson (1 year ago)
Yes. I haven’t bled in two years
M. C. (3 years ago)
+Kayla Niemandt depo stopped my periods completely but i had irregular periods before getting it too, i was on it for 7 yrs
sleepywk (3 years ago)
I was on the depo for 3 and necplanon after that and after the first p6 months hacent had a period since. Best decision ever. :)
Megan D (3 years ago)
+Nostromo  Those are issues with any birth control. 
Ellipsis (3 years ago)
+Megan D  I would be cautious of the NuvaRing, there have been many women who have developed severe side effects - like blood clots - and some have even died because of it. 
cassandra Maye (3 years ago)
its crazy because my side effect are completely different...
Sarah Shiffer (3 years ago)
I wish I saw this and heard other people's experience on this birth control sooner. I just got on this two days ago. I'm just limited in options on bc because I have something called antirhrombin 3 deficiency. Which means to much estrogen in me causes blood clots. I experienced it in one of my pregnancies so my doctors are picky about what I can use. I just hope I don't experience anything that I've been hearing while using this.
Karina Perez (3 years ago)
How long did you wait to have sex when you removed it? I got mine removed Tuesday, and I'm scared to have sex cause I don't wanna have kids! & I'm doing the condom method.
Kaitlin Brown (3 years ago)
After removal you can immediately get pregnant again so use protection!

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