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Pilotseye.tv - Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 - Departure from Sao Paulo [English Subtitles]

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Lufthansa crew departs from Sao Paulo enroute to Quito. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Pilotseye.tv. Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit www.pilotseye.tv to purchase full video. Thank you.
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Text Comments (894)
MrMethadrine (50 minutes ago)
Why this looks like a cornflakes commercial?
Ahmed laith (13 hours ago)
LIAM LIAMESQUE (16 hours ago)
She is so hot... or is it the uniform?
Ruben Rondon (20 hours ago)
Nicely done..... Cute Girl Pilot...!
TheAllTime Gamer (20 hours ago)
Do cargo planes have bathrooms for the pilots?
Pilot Faris (1 day ago)
Lindíssima co piloto. Caso com ela fácil
TUBI MARU (1 day ago)
I hate this feeling in the stomach at the Rotate
frankmat (2 days ago)
When that left seat is hers I will definitely be sniffing it.
atticstattic (2 days ago)
Ah - blame it on Grandma, marvelous!
Wendeel Marinho (2 days ago)
Simplesmente, ÍNCRIVEL. obrigado por compartilhar.
vinh mai (2 days ago)
It will be terrible if pilot in trouble and get help from heavy english and mother language accent from tower...
Kev F (2 days ago)
Sooooo....why 2 headsets?
gradman k gaatting famousss after da all da!! its good!
tooo `much play with the stick. hold it steady lh280!
DikoObraZ (3 days ago)
I guess the female is there to push the panic button?
Shabazza84 (3 days ago)
Is it really a Lufthansa regulation to have the pilot monitoring handle the thrust levers upon takeoff? That feels....wrong.
Daniel MacKinnon (4 days ago)
FL70? That's quite a ways up
styldsteel1 (4 days ago)
This is just so nice. I can't tell you.
Rolf Speckgens (4 days ago)
..10:20 lovely!
Wangle Dangle (4 days ago)
On departure, neither pilot looked out the windows more than once or twice....pilot flying watched the flight director almost exclusively. At least they looked out the windows when established in cruise.
Bababoom Baboom (5 days ago)
They should put a radio and a CD player in the dash of these things.
vinorob (5 days ago)
Great stuff. She is lovely and she can fly me anywhere. Good luck.
Alina (5 days ago)
Can someone tell me why those screens are blinking like that, especially during take-off?
I actually had butterflies watching the take off ✈✈✈✈✈
RoBo Esh (7 days ago)
I want lick her pussy
SapuSeven (7 days ago)
Pures Denglisch am start
Free Amaliyat (7 days ago)
God bless you! Pilots are very wonderful! Thanks God for you!
Vasco Ribeiro (8 days ago)
ATC in portuguese...bahh
David Burkett (8 days ago)
Your videos are wonderful. Thank you
Белогоръ Ѩ (8 days ago)
Ich Respektiere Deutschland Mädchen sind schön!
Jonathan Sandi (9 days ago)
I enjoyed this video hehe
R FP (9 days ago)
wow, that is quite the life for herself and her husband juggling the raisin of their daughter but quite an amazing life of a pilot. Something I wanted to do when I was a child.
Soviet Blin (10 days ago)
This video is just beautiful
331SVTCobra (10 days ago)
sixty years from now, teenagers will see that gal, then a great grandmother, and fail to recognize how awesome she is in an MD-11. "Lufthansa cargo eight TWO SIX seeroooo".... luv the enunciation.
mikeXpapa (10 days ago)
Krass, mir war gar nicht bewusst, dass beim Start so viel gelenkt werden muss // I wasn't aware that there is so muc steering input during takeoff, wow.
Blackbird (11 days ago)
Question in Aerodynamic for experts: this is a cargo airplane, are the pilot & this co-pilot alone in the airplane???
Launchpad_Music (11 days ago)
As long as you don’t fly the DC-10 you are safe
HelikaonIX (11 days ago)
In Kazakhstan we say woman driver is like monkey flying airplane. Very Danger! Woman flying airplane is only can be big mistake!
Alejandro Lopez (11 days ago)
Sexi woman
crunchyballs (11 days ago)
Awesome vid! Who are these down voters?
Boodieman72 (11 days ago)
Why can cargo planes take off on time but passengers planes are late? I wonder why the left seat pilot calls out GO instead of V1.
MrHubbleT (12 days ago)
Best freaking job ever
DrDamo (15 days ago)
These videos are great. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes aspects of aviation. As an engineer I love aircraft but they're just a machine without the pilots. This crew is so professional and sharp. More videos like this please!
Heal & Harm (15 days ago)
damn she's hot
Paul Preslee (16 days ago)
They are wife and husband ?
B0MB3RM4NNN (18 days ago)
The female pilot has a really sweet voice
Keith Jackson (19 days ago)
Hands up who else is only here for Anne-Katrin? <3
Son Tung Le (19 days ago)
She is so pretty!!!!
Rob M (19 days ago)
Excellent presentation. Pros and cons I suppose with being a cargo pilot vice having PAXs on board. Great video.
jockejocke1 (19 days ago)
I just want to tell you both, good luck. We're all counting on you.
By T1mothy (20 days ago)
Warum sagen die hier „go“ und nicht „v1“?
gs (20 days ago)
Kadin pilot cok tatliymis keske ben de onu bir ucursam
Daytona FPV (22 days ago)
ok so silly . question, they're in VFR conditions, i wonder why is she taking off staring at the PFD and flight directory instead of looking out the damn window
joshua schroder (23 days ago)
Reporting link bread agricultural mine good inevitable rarely help.
Lord Ostrik (23 days ago)
Jesus... It's so weird hearing them start saying something in one language and finish it in another.
StandAlone (24 days ago)
I'm in love
moonflower333xxx (25 days ago)
I am really sorry, but all I could think while watching was the question if it is possible to fuck with your copilot during the flight
Alex Razers (26 days ago)
курица за рулем я ебал)) в критической ситуации будет орать будто сука она не сумеет будто мужчина принимать решения без чувств такая сущность баб
Gian Games (26 days ago)
Yes speak Portuguese
Gian Games (26 days ago)
The Controller tower speak portuguese??
Gizeem (26 days ago)
Die Oma Käthe 😂😂😂😂 der Pilot ist mir ja sympathisch
Valdakyr (27 days ago)
"Guten Flug, tschüss!" Very nice gentlemen.
Mikey 420 (27 days ago)
My dream woman
Simulator Guy (27 days ago)
When did he start engine 1
DwwwD (29 days ago)
How come the co-pilot does the takeoff? Very interesting video to watch!
subo nakkai (29 days ago)
so nice
garlic pepper (30 days ago)
i think im inlove now
Camilla Ek (30 days ago)
So disgusted to see most comments about the women being "wow she is amazing and so attractive". It feels like people are surprised that a women can fly and then they sexualising her by talking about how they'd like to sleep with her... Why don't you do the same with the captain? Why is it so weird that she can fly good and be professional? Sounds like people are too stuck up with their stereotypes about women (assuming based on gender is sexist btw, I'd suggest to think before commenting)
Camilla Ek (2 days ago)
ChemicalFX damn, I'd like the article about that. As far as I've heard the differences aren't that great and our brains look very much the same. Or does women have another part to it, or do they miss a part? I don't think so, I think they're more nurturing because in most places of the world they are raised to be that way. That's the main goal of life so of course they'll be good at that. Meanwhile men are encouraged to do more practical and theoretical stuff such as getting a higher education or doing the physical work. So that brain thing you're talking about is more of a social construct than acutal biological science (since women in some parts of the world actually have BETTER grades than men because they're encouraged to study and in some parts of the world men take care of the children equally to the women and does just as good of a job with them, because they're encouraged to). If men and women were encouraged equally I don't think the gap would be as great. But, since the older generation and a lot of people who are raised by them have this narrow mind that women and men are not equal and have different jobs in this world we never see that.
ChemicalFX (2 days ago)
Camilla Ek Well, people can 'look at' women however they want in terms of capabilities, but facts may not always support how people 'look at' women. This may be new to you, but men and women are fundamentally different in terms of brain capability. There are many brain sex differences that has come to be because of evolution. Women has, through many many years of evolution, developed a brain that is very nurturing and loving compared to men's due to having been the main carer for children. Men on the other hand, has developed a brain that is quite significantly more practical, pragmatic and logic-based than women's due to men being the hunters and warriors, where practicality and pragmatism is/was highly important. Piloting being a highly logical job, where you must be good at things like math, navigation, multitasking, reading off instruments etc, the job is often not suited nor wanted by women because they would rather (generally) do things that has more to do with interacting with human beings, while men (generally) prefers the more technology-based jobs, and are often more fit to do so also because of the reasons mentioned above.
Camilla Ek (2 days ago)
ChemicalFX no I get that but as someone who would like people to look at women equal (at least in terms of mental capability) it upsets me that men (mostly) can't seem to look anywhere else than at her looks and then be like "Oh she's pretty capable to for a co-captain)
ChemicalFX (2 days ago)
Camilla Ek Because about 99.9999999999% of pilots are male... 1 exception does not mean "Ah, wahmen can all fly planes n shiet and we are superhuman amazons n shiet".
Camilla Ek (13 days ago)
Ruggero Barone wtf? Thank you for the insult? Now you're stereotyping. Women aren't always jealous of one another. I'm not by the way... or maybe at the fact that she can fly an airplane because that's pretty cool. I do think she is pretty. The thing is; the video is NOT about that. Or is it? Like... it's a video of a cockpit with two pilots flying a cargo airplane, why do people have to focus on how she looks? If you put out a video with you doing something... let's say; racing, and there's a video exactly like this of it... do you want people to focus on how you look or how good you're at driving? I think the later. Or am I wrong? That's what I mean. The video isn't for judging her looks and since only the women is getting these comments it's kind of sexist. F.Y.I I do get compliments so you don't have to try to hit that low haha. Funny comment really, shows how sexist you are thinking women are all jealous of eachother. My profile picture isn't me because it's my favorite music group's logo. I'm not the only one having a profile picture which isn't of ourselves so don't go around assuming things.
Conrad Herdiman (1 month ago)
I love their job...
Mikhail Shirshikov (1 month ago)
клевая пилотка ))
Said H (1 month ago)
whats the name of the song at the start
Soundfactory24 (1 month ago)
1000 stupid Dislikes ?
MrWebsky (1 month ago)
Departing Sao Paulo (especially in southern direction) is an hard to forget experience. The plane is climbing and accelarating but for a really long time You have dense packed city below. It almost seems there is no end.
Joseph Landrut (1 month ago)
Every year computers will advance towards perfection to save time and effort, which is sometimes annoying.
Rix xy (25 days ago)
It's extremely annoying because pilots forget how to fly, and forget the physics of flight. Air France Flight 447 is a perfect example of that.
Guru Sandirasegaram (1 month ago)
She is so professional. Have a nice journey
So ne wunderhübsche pilotin 😍🤗😘
grimvaper 69 (1 month ago)
Yea she is pretty bad ass
gajustempus (1 month ago)
the more I watch this kind of video, the more I wonder why on earth planes aren't flying totally autonomous already. There's checklists for everything - so pilots do nothing but follow previously determined routine actions easily performable by even the most basic AI, and the rest is nothing but standard stuff. Sure there'd be an operator left to be ready for whenever there's a situation an AI can't handle on its own (though I'm having a hard time picturing what kind of problem that would be...), but that'd be about it...
gajustempus (25 days ago)
that's nothing but sentimental bullshit you're talking about. Think about it from a more neutral stance: What situation could a human easily do, but an AI would struggle with?
Rix xy (25 days ago)
Sadly there are too many factors involved for AI. Although it appears that all the pilots do is read a checklist and everything just happens in a routine, there are always a number of things to think about at any one time, and always risks/planning involved. Humans have a strong ability to assess physical situations without always requiring instrumentation; AI simply will never have the capacity to do this.
итить бить, бабушка за рулем!
DemoScottGaming Lounge (1 month ago)
Uhhh why is the category gaming....... it should be catagorised as educational
Keka Bron (1 month ago)
Wow i was so fucking nervous watching this
Byzantios1 (1 month ago)
Very cool videos on this channel. Thank you.
Raza Khan (1 month ago)
AEROMAGNUM TV (1 month ago)
Best thing I have viewed in years! Reminds me of how much I love aviation, and why I became a Pilot!👍
Huge Bartlett (1 month ago)
I hope she achieves her goal, she deserves four stripes!
MagicDetailing (1 month ago)
Valkyrie, prepared ! Need something destroyed?
Venkataraman Rajagopal (1 month ago)
Syed Akhlaque Ahmed (1 month ago)
Although this is cargo flight. But I can not understand, why both pilots are with out safety belts during the flight. What happened in case of air pocket.? This is the duty of Airline to check.
dessertfox64 (1 month ago)
Great video! - I love hearing the pilots talk, and observing their professional behavior. Very informative and very interesting.
sai venkat (1 month ago)
awesome video, i felt like i'm driving the flight
Gencay Yusuf (1 month ago)
Reno Santillo (1 month ago)
Wonderful crew working together professional :) she looks also amazing
joannis ambros (1 month ago)
die oma käthe wird hier noch zu einer berühmtheit😂😂😂
rectaltemp (1 month ago)
Amazing to​ see two pilots take off in VMC and BOTH are heads inside!
Patricio Ovalle (1 month ago)
esta pelada manejar un avion!!
Wild Bill (1 month ago)
Really nice video with some personal background - very nice! Thanks/Danke. I did notice the lack of a stated "V1"...??
Ricky Spanish (1 month ago)
Wonder if she could land Deez?
John Schauer (1 month ago)
From her body language she doesnt like this pilot, last pilot she was more friendly.
Marik911Fox (1 month ago)
again, who the hell disliked this stuff? ohh i know, helicopter pilots

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