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Pilotseye.tv - Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 - Departure from Sao Paulo [English Subtitles]

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Lufthansa crew departs from Sao Paulo enroute to Quito. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Pilotseye.tv. Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit www.pilotseye.tv to purchase full video. Thank you.
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Text Comments (1359)
Lethal Shotz (2 hours ago)
Damn fuck that i thought to my self imagine trying to fly this thing for your first time in training lol id puke fuck that
Aytaç Kaşanli (5 hours ago)
O la la
Lil' Chan (6 hours ago)
what's a dishwasher doing in a cockpit?
HUGO HIDALGO (14 hours ago)
En este video se ve un ovni
АРТ САТ (20 hours ago)
good company!
S.K JAIN LALITPUR (1 day ago)
Robin Wicks (2 days ago)
Really excellent video. One point - the centre gear wasn't introduced for the MD-11, it already existed on later versions of the DC10.
kapitoshka3003 (2 days ago)
блииин.. .они ещё и пилоты!!!! а не только в немецких фильмах снимаются... прям возбуждает... Pfaaaannkuchen.. .Sie sind auch Piloten!!!! und nicht nur in deutschen Filmen... gerade erregt...
Whitey Black (2 days ago)
Very intelligent and very kissable.
Angel Velasco (2 days ago)
esos pinches relojes del tablero cuando relampagean mucho yo ya le hubiera metido un putazo al tablero haber si asi se compone
Shota (3 days ago)
tf putin doing right there?
山本欣司 (3 days ago)
Umar B (3 days ago)
Did I just see the amt ask the pilot for an opinion about a bird strike?
Luís Augusto (3 days ago)
Anne-Katrin Kramm, não entendo muito bem o seu dialeto, mas sei dizer, com a minha velha e boa língua Portuguesa, que nasceste linda e se tornaste mais linda ainda, quando passaste à gostar e fazer parte do Fantástico, Fascinante e Maravilhoso Mundo da Aviação! Beijos.
Paul Sneyd (3 days ago)
She can fly me anywhere she likes
Xao yaj (4 days ago)
One of my biggest regrets is skipping out on commercial pilot school because the financial burden was to much for my parents at the time... sigh... and I’m 36 now. 😭😭
Fidel Demarco (4 days ago)
Mi amor
formigalRAMS (5 days ago)
Callsign must be said at the end of the instruction when acknowledging. Why Lufthansa pilots say it at the beginning? I do hear it sometimes when flying around Germany
818116A (5 days ago)
Awesome crew!
Abdikafar updyze (5 days ago)
It been 6 years now .I hope you moved to the left seat
Dos amigos (5 days ago)
Nice job sweetie, youngin lol
Trevor Machimbidza (6 days ago)
Who doesn't love the sounds of the engines at takeoff..
spyke0511 (9 days ago)
The Captain is good. Freaking dry and funny as hell, but get his business done properly all the same.
spyke0511 (9 days ago)
I like the “go” call that Lufthansa uses, but strangely they don’t call “positive rate”.
Vara (9 days ago)
Wow, beautiful 100% authentic looking German girls still exist? I thought they were extinct in Europe or am I a few years early with this assumption?
Mr. Glass (9 days ago)
Are they speaking danish
Mark Dapal (10 days ago)
It looks like easy to drive😅😅😅but no
blackbbbbiochip (10 days ago)
10:18 🙂💓🔆 Smile in the Sky!!!
Sajad giams (10 days ago)
Wow 😲
Farlié LaCroix (11 days ago)
meine fuhrer
Baltazar Guajardo (11 days ago)
auto me (12 days ago)
no no non she's married
tayson chagas (12 days ago)
Ya Wohl ! Sie ist so schöne und intelligent ! Das was Super!
Burak Arpacioglu (13 days ago)
Even for Instrumented flight, looking out is so important. They are so focused only on the instruments.
Nisa Ayupuspita (13 days ago)
Perfect landing
Gerolyn Pöth A (13 days ago)
wow 😊👏👏👏
Buqorie sipp (13 days ago)
rumit juga :o
ArnoGoldfinger (13 days ago)
Ground crew inserting something a bit rude at 2:59
Sameeha Malik (14 days ago)
Pilot 👩‍✈️ are god 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💐💐💐💐💐💐🇯🇵
shanu shanuaa (14 days ago)
She is gorgeous...n professional
AL (15 days ago)
psychotictactoe (17 days ago)
Donald Trump spends all day on the internet disliking things with strong women....
Vasilis Christodoulou (21 days ago)
Lucky him...
HvyMetal4Ever (23 days ago)
I will always have a special place in my heart for the MD-11. My Great Aunt was a drafter from MD on this project.
allflightroute travel (24 days ago)
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Canal RNN (25 days ago)
Muito profissionais!!!
Jamis Ins (25 days ago)
The things we humans can do. And the things we don’t. I could lesson to this lass talk all day. And I don’t know what she’s even saying.
John Ribeiro (27 days ago)
Ouço vozes brasileiras. 🇧🇷
svedego (27 days ago)
they speak another language wtf
Alexandre Mihanovich (27 days ago)
That's not São Paulo. That's Campinas.
zyphod beeblebox (28 days ago)
So professional!
nick bowles (29 days ago)
First time I’ve watched these and now I have respect for all pilots
Chaser Plays (30 days ago)
6:05 Look at the top left of the screen. There’s a FedEx 727.
douglas fernandes (30 days ago)
sera q nao ha nenhum brasileiro vendo essa obra de arte nao eu sou o unico....
Aymen dhaou (1 month ago)
Awesome video, but why does the radar and other instruments are flickering?
7thSmurf (21 days ago)
its caused by a difference of the frame rate of the monitor and the camera frame rate in recording ..
Shapka (1 month ago)
what a boring job.
Vulcan Viper (1 month ago)
4:32 I didn't see either of you pointing to the items named. 13:16 I'll continue in English. May the chosen one continue to show himself worthy of the honor.
Nils Petras (1 month ago)
Scroll below for a comment section full of men objectifying women at the workplace...
Vadim Ivanets (1 month ago)
Alessandro Sangiorgio (1 month ago)
Difícil prestar atenção nos procedimentos... Ela é muito linda..
Mohmed Abdulle (1 month ago)
Ayyy guys can anyone tell me how to become a pilot coz am in high school am junior and I really wanna be a pilot but i got one problem am not math master that’s the problem i got😈😈.
Cheems x (1 day ago)
Yes i want to know too!!
.a. .ko. (1 month ago)
What about engine one??
114 5141919 (1 month ago)
BrazenBullXXX (1 month ago)
It doesn't get better than this. Incredibly professional and accurate. Love the cinematography and different camera angles. Don't understand the dislikes, perhaps the old school aviation buffs having an issue with a women? Either way great vid! By the way if anyone is wondering why the instruments are flashing like that it is due to the refresh rate of the camera being higher than the display screen of the digital instruments causing screen tearing in real time. Cheers!
Andrew State (1 month ago)
They didn’t do any taxi checklist,but they already done with the takeoff checklist. They have missed 50% of callouts. No V1, no positive rate, just fOOOcking nothing lol send them back to school
Tata Wiraputranto (1 month ago)
Only 2 persons onboard..what did they do when airplane is cruising? 😈
borderlord (1 month ago)
These Swiss/German ladies are Sexy,in Control and know their Stuff....that's why they're my number 1 in the Bedroom!!
Corey Yang (1 month ago)
It’s amazing to see what goes on up in there. Their words are so, satisfying.
Какая красивая девушка!)
DJSatrox (1 month ago)
Ist doch nur ein Vogel gegengeklatscht :-D
Carlos Huares (1 month ago)
Pull Up Pull Up Pull Up
Felipe Freire (1 month ago)
What a amazing story about gramma.
diego lucas salazar (1 month ago)
OVI 10:00
Tamer S (1 month ago)
Und mein Ziel ist der Dumbo
pablo chavez (1 month ago)
14:11 UFO
Apollon (1 month ago)
Where is V1?
Andrey V (1 month ago)
Интересно как она сосёт
armandx garc (1 month ago)
Robert Meade (1 month ago)
I like the blonde.
Дед Щукарь (1 month ago)
Brian 8chison (1 month ago)
Perfekt 😎👍🇩🇪
Ele sem enteder nada do portugues KKKKK
Eeeeeeee brasil heheheheh
Antonio wilson (1 month ago)
Melhor video mostrando o cockpit do md11
Deplorable Covfefe (1 month ago)
Omg, where do they find these beautiful smart strong women? Jesus a sheer pleasure
brysoglen (1 month ago)
she can handle my joystick anytime  !!!
Ufo Joe (1 month ago)
The guy is clearly trying to hit that :))) ...and at 10:01 mark... defo ufo
jack black (1 month ago)
Id love to deploy her flaps... haha
E BALAJI JAMUNA (1 month ago)
82 Luft (1 month ago)
Beautiful day, beautiful Samba melody, and top off with a beautiful smile at 10:18
Jeff Mattel (1 month ago)
They bang.
Adeel Noor (1 month ago)
She is so adorable and smart.I wish her all the best for future and this dude was sooo quite rude.He could have atleast smile jerk.
Atamv (1 month ago)
Everything has to be sugarcoated to you women. Also, what does her adorableness have to do with her being a pilot? Do you wish her the best in part because she was born with a pleasing exterior? Thats why it's usually men who build civilisations. Men tend to care about the more objective at hand. After watching the whole video i really dont see where he is being a jerk. Are you truly so spoiled in life that you expect everyone to smile at you and give you compliments n shit all the time? They are flying a fucking plane, not socializing at a bar.
fr8fr6dr (1 month ago)
Yeah, talk German to me baby! Holy f, with that right-seater, who would want to get out of the jet at the end of the flight?
kep going Nice ✌🛬🛫
Cyberbob (1 month ago)
Shouldn't he be ice skating?
Thiago (1 month ago)
Have you overcome the "fart barrier"?
Roger Vasconcelos (1 month ago)
What an incredible video!

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