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How To Replace a Honda K Series Serpentine Belt Tensioner

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Is your Honda K series making a horrible screeching noise? It might be the serpentine belt tensioner. In this video I show you how to replace a bad serpentine belt tensioner on a Honda K series engine. I'm doing this job in a 2004 Honda Element, but this method should work for most Honda K series engines. Unfortunately I couldn't find the info on my former tensioner that went bad. This is the one I replaced it with. Dayco Tensioner: https://www.amazon.com/Dayco-89321-Belt-Drive-Tensioner/dp/B000JZGMDU/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1523475258&sr=8-11&keywords=2004+element+belt+tensioner Hopefully it lasts longer than its predecessor. For best results, I recommend the Honda part, but it does come at a price. Honda Tensioner: https://www.hondapartsnow.com/genuine/honda~tensioner~assy~31170-raa-a02.html?Make=Honda&Model=Element&Year=2004&Submodel=&Filter=(bt=3%2c457;et=2%2c5)&Location=engine-mounting-bracket,3066271,4 The best place for answers to your automotive questions: http://www.ericthecarguy.com Check out the ETCG Blog for the latest info: https://www.ericthecarguy.com/blog Check out my ETCG1 channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ETCG1 Thanks for watching! Discussion about this video: https://www.ericthecarguy.com/kunena/18-The-EricTheCarGuy-Video-Forum/70148-how-to-replace-a-honda-k-series-serpentine-belt-tensioner Tools Long 12-14mm wrench: https://store.snapon.com/Standard-Handle-0-Offset-mm-12-Point-12-mm-14-mm-0-Offset-Metric-Box-Wrench-P633884.aspx Related Videos How To Replace a Honda K Series Starter the ‘Easy’ Way: https://youtu.be/dRZN4Tk9bNo Honda Element & CRV Alternator Replacement With Diagnosis: https://youtu.be/Fb2ciFHkkeI Honda Element/CRV 110K Service (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMplrMKIIoo&t=7s Honda Element/CRV 110K Service (Part 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gciwVamERn0 How To Reset Honda Element Maintenance Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRMax93CjzA Honda K Series Valve Adjustment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=959I0wF5NH8 Honda Element/CRV Thermostat Replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0vWv2Jwn3A&t=342s How To Change Power Steering Fluid Honda Element: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iev1xIr345Y Honda Element Front Stabilizer Link Replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYosZGby0-I Honda Element Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpaIvEN57Jg Finding and Repairing Rear End Noise Honda Element: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRYfxRym-Kw Honda Element Hood Cable Replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDF9g9BKYCM **Answers to your automotive questions found here: http://www.ericthecarguy.com/faq Social Network Links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EricTheCarGuy?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricTheCarGuy Google+: https://plus.google.com/100195180196698058780/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/ericthecarguy Wanna see more stuff like this from ETCG? Information on Premium Membership: https://www.ericthecarguy.com/premium-content-streaming-etcg-content Stay Dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information.  EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video.  Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result.  Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not EricTheCarGuy®.
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Text Comments (288)
Mario S. (22 days ago)
Extremely highly informative video. Thanks Mr.
00Papyrus (1 month ago)
Man this video saved my butt, the stealership wanted 530 bucks for this with parts...i got the whole tensioner ans a belt for a hundo. Looks like it can break four more times before ice reached the dealers price!!! Eric youre the man!!!! Thanks for the video, my 06 crv never sounded so saucy!!!!
mahetzy corona (1 month ago)
Buen video amigo 👍🏻
Stephen Murphy (2 months ago)
I have a 2017 Accord 6 speed Manuel I have had to have my tensioner fixed twice since I've owned the car. It would make a loud whining sound. I have the new direct injection K Series. I'm not sure what my opinion is on the new direct injection K Series
brushie _jp (3 months ago)
Thank god the K24 isn't that cramped in the Accord as the Element.
Brady Warren (3 months ago)
I did the same thing with my rsx but now the belt isn't lined up straight, it squeaks while driving when its reset, then at high rpms the belt jumps and then isn't aligned right with the grooves. Any ideas?
350zchad (3 months ago)
Where can I buy a deep enough 17mm to get the engine mount? My deep 17mm doesn't even come close.
trundlepuf Pendants (4 months ago)
Also applies for Acura RSXs - same engine mount and everything
CurierFrom Xibalba (4 months ago)
looking at this makes reemplacing the tensioner in my Grand Marquis a walk in the park.
Michael Lebert (6 months ago)
Eric, why does the new part need to be well new instead of just replacing the pulley itself or the bearing inside? Also I’ve done my serpentine belt on my car thanks to your videos and an idler pulley. Wasn’t easy on a big v8 but it was easier access but not much wiggle room to route the belt back on towards the bottom of the engine. Only had to remove the battery
Rewind R (6 months ago)
No need to remove mount, just remove the tensioner pulley and you will be able to access the third rear bolt of tensioner.
Hurricane Floyd (7 months ago)
I did it in an 03 Element with the engine mount still in place.
Cloud Strife (8 months ago)
The old serpentine belt tensioner sounded like a fidget Spinner.
Jeremy Gaines (8 months ago)
Hey Eric what is that hood light mount thing you are using called. It looks really handy and I would like to purchase one because I find myself working on my car at night a lot and i dont have a garage!! Thanks!
kingcarcas1349 (8 months ago)
Now try to find the squeak on my bike etcg
MartinezRE1 (8 months ago)
Are you going to do a oil pan replacement video? , all Honda Element have the same problems, it always rusted and corroded
axenz axtiz (8 months ago)
People like to watch Eric video when he repair Honda only. Thanks for the come back Honda repair video :)
Carguments (8 months ago)
Dude makes this look easy.... I’m about to go get me some parts! Lol
Corvette Summer (8 months ago)
Those Gp sockets are awesome!
Aaron Johnson (8 months ago)
Eric, I need your help...I watch this video on YouTube about how to tell which wheel bearing is bad on a car and I determined the front right based on this guys video. The noise goes away when turning right and gets worse when turning left. I replaced the front right on my CB7 which as you know is no easy task and now I have the same symptoms but it has always sounded like it’s coming from the front left. Should I just replace the front left wheel bearing and eat the cost or could it be something else. I should post a video so you can see it, or hear it actually.
Crazyeddie American2005 (8 months ago)
I might be a kid but this is really interesting
Jason V (9 months ago)
Where do you jack up a 92 foxbody? Also do you place the jack stands on the pinch welds or else where? Thanks
Bent Nickel (9 months ago)
Like watching a surgeon do an appendectomy. Bolt sizes and camera angles take extra effort and I for one appreciate it.
Gary Burgess (9 months ago)
Can you post a video of how to replace a clutch if you get that opportunity. Thanks
Smitty Smithsonite (9 months ago)
I miss the days when a "belt tensioner" was a prybar, a 1/2" drive ratchet, or hammer handle. And I had to WALK to the bus stop, uphill BOTH ways, in the snow! 😁
Boris Fett (9 months ago)
I like the changes you made to how you edit with the bolt sizes and multiple camera angles.
carjunkie chuck (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/YSayAkKSNVM i have a 92 c1500 4.3 v6 that randomly looses power i did a tune uo rebuilt the tbi with new injectors replaced fuel system i really need some help it also has new temp sensor,tps,map,egr valve, and no check engine light
Troy Smith (9 months ago)
I changed my 08 crv tensioner from underneath, did not have to take the mount off
Peter (9 months ago)
This looks a lot easier than it used to be on my 2003 Acura TL. Great video.
Heriberto Gomez (9 months ago)
I'm glad he came back to make videos
Thermalstorm (9 months ago)
I'm so cheap I'd take the old tensioner take off the bearing seals and re pack with quality grease. Won't work as long as a new part but cheaper fix of course.
Danny C (9 months ago)
I recently did one on a Toyota 2zz, what a nightmare. Similar in the fact you have to dismount the engine, but the tensioner is just a retarded design, rather than using a spring, it uses a hydraulic damper to hold tension. In addition to that, a nut is stamped on the aluminum assembly where you put a steel socket onto it to release an incredible amount of tension with almost no clearance. Well, with that type of force, aluminum gives first and the pos thin tensioner tool I was using broke and rounded the nut which is part of the tensioner assembly. So I had to order a new tensioner, get a long ass 19mm wrench, eat the cost of the first one, and do it all over again several days later. If you have a 2zz, man just take it to a shop and save yourself the stress.
llamedos R (9 months ago)
Why haven't you got s show on discovery?
dave1135 (9 months ago)
Be nice if you could just replace the pulley and bearing, without having to buy a tensioner assembly, but, it looks like you'd still have to remove the tensioner to change the bearing, and since it's off anyway, might as well do the whole unit...unless this was Honda's diabolical plan to sell tensioners...lol
dave1135 (9 months ago)
EricTheCarGuy yep, I know, Eric. I have a guy coming by this afternoon with a Dodge caravan with a bad tensioner.. classic Dodge failure, the pivot wore to the point the pulleys on a angle and the belt fell off...
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Also consider the spring inside that puts the actual tension on the belt? That will wear out too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSTZdTAB_As&t=3s
NSFW 404 (9 months ago)
Love your videos man
ManzanaresDaniel (9 months ago)
That Milwaukee tool on the hood, is that a light? Is it any good?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Yes and yes.
Parker Scholz (9 months ago)
It's good to see that you're trying new things. The new thumbnails really pop. Good video Eric.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Thanks for noticing.
Rick M (9 months ago)
Roughly how long does the light under the hood last on a single charge?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
A few hours. I have a second battery ready to go and take the old one and put it on the charger when I change them out. I can keep it on all day if I like.
Michael John (9 months ago)
Eric you seem like a dude I’d have a beer with. Thanks for all the videos and great info. You have helped me get through Yamaha Marine University. I always use you and Scanner Danners videos for studying and reference material. I’m a avid subscriber and always like your vids. Thanks again for taking the time to do all this. You are a damn good tech and instructor. Mike ,Stillwater Marine ATL Georgia.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Thank you!
asm154 (9 months ago)
Was a matter of time before Milwaukee constructed a new lightsaber.
Dave Blane (9 months ago)
what an old clunker!
winter reeves (9 months ago)
QUESTION, I'm 17 and love working on cars, I don't no much and when my parents got a new car they gave me there old 1997 Kia sportage which was barely running. I did some work and replaced a bunch of stuff and it runs pretty good now, EXCEPT the throttle stays engaged after I let my foot of the gas, Any Tips Eric????
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Check to see if the throttle cable is sticking. If it is, replace it. You might be able to lubricate it, but if it sticks again when you're on the open road it could be very dangerous.
David Curlee (9 months ago)
I'm wondering if the tensioner is bad on my Element. The whole block has slight vibration when the AC is switched on. Nobody seems to know why. Ideas?
David Curlee (9 months ago)
So what things should I be looking for? By the way, this all started when replacing the serpentine belt.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Slicerwizard That's not likely to cause a vibration.
Slicerwizard (9 months ago)
AC compressor bearing is going bad.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Likely has nothing to do with the tensioner.
BeingInTheMessiah (9 months ago)
I want the one year oil analysis using the mobile 1 oil
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
It hasn't been a year yet.
animal16365 (9 months ago)
My belt and tensioner are still original on my Celica. And it's a 2002
cisa93 (9 months ago)
Went through many Dayco-brand tensioners, They’ve gotten worse over the years and their bearings are absolute garbage. Even some of their tent your pulleys are plastic when they shouldn’t be. I have found myself not been able to find certain tensioners but been able to remove the bearings and find tensioner bearing’s from manufacturers like Koyo or Timken. I’ve also been fortunate with Continental tensioner, but if all else fails, go with OE.
Doe Joe (9 months ago)
great vid Eric keep them coming
Olfway12991 (9 months ago)
"Bit of penetrating oil on this long stud" Huehuehue
jMon (9 months ago)
didn't know it was okay to lift the engine by the oil pan
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
As long as you put a wood block in there and disconnect the engine mount.
Sannes Junk Drawer (9 months ago)
Did I see the Fairmont with the original hubcaps and no cage? From the archives?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Good eye. This video was shot in 2016.
Review Gadgets (9 months ago)
Should have just bought the Honda tensioner the first time
J. Hunto's Garage (9 months ago)
Watched, liked, sub'd. Well done. Has anyone ever figured out the mid 80s Hondas? Dual carbs and all the vacuum lines were a nightmare!
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Thank you! I've worked on plenty of mid 80's Hondas. I've also owned 3 of them. Not that bad really, but tedious.
Derrty92lude (9 months ago)
Who would give this man a thumb downs?? He's the best!
Ana Nymous (2 months ago)
Ignorant internet fools would. This is a greatly helpful video.
Kinny1227 (9 months ago)
Man that power steering pump comes off every time I see this car
Hi Eric. Was that play in the gearbox mount I noticed at the end of the vid, when you started the engine?
Eduardo León Morales (9 months ago)
I replaced my tensioner without removing that engine mount.
Slicerwizard (9 months ago)
Yep, there's no need to touch that motor mount. All bolts are accessible already.
Tool0GT92 (9 months ago)
This spring I want to do the thermostat, water pump, tensioner, and drive belt on my CRV. Thanks for all the help.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
I have videos on all of that for the K series except the water pump. See the description. Good luck.
Jesse Allen (9 months ago)
Just the bearing need to change
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
What about the spring for the tensioner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSTZdTAB_As&t=3s
Jesse McGill (9 months ago)
I like how the new videos are coming along. Since you are doing lots of Honda's mind doing a water pump install on an H22A4. Mine needs to be replaced
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Aside from the DOHC, it's the same as this procedure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r08PToVy4f0
Todd Price (9 months ago)
Awesome video you make things look so easy thanks again
Michael Foutner (9 months ago)
👌 Great job I'm glad I don't own a Honda
Slicerwizard (9 months ago)
That job is actually easy to do. Eric just complicated it and made it look harder to do than it really is.
camom494 (9 months ago)
Hope it’s the same procedure for my fa5 si. Along with the starter, however you can get good access by only removing the upper radiator support for the starter. Btw what happened to camera man Brian? Will we see him again?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
He's in Nepal.
Cracker Jack (9 months ago)
I had to do this to my old doge dakota. The ball bearings here falling out of the pulley. All i did though was change the bearing as i didnt feel like paying for an entire assembly. I learned that tick from you.
Алексей З (9 months ago)
That is realy great video
D0csavage1 (9 months ago)
It feels good when on the home run, you start putting everything back together with the new part installed.
CivicNigga (9 months ago)
One of the first Hondas where I think thats not easy. Damm this is close.Love the old Civic EKs.
Lon Willis (9 months ago)
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Happy to help. ;)
katie_incredible (9 months ago)
There ya go Eric, nice and quick, job's a good one.
Cool Story Bro (9 months ago)
I am convinced that this was the best all-around 4 cylinder engine ever made at the turn of the century. It's got good enough power, gas mileage, longevity, reliability and versitility for me. 250,000 miles on my 03 Accord.
Cool Story Bro (9 months ago)
EricTheCarGuy I thought they were great cars when they first came out. It was like driving a real car rather than an entire spaceshuttle which is what their current cars are like.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Too bad the rest of the vehicles Honda made at the turn of the century weren't as good as the engines.
Seegal Galguntijak (9 months ago)
Is this repair necessary? I mean, could it somehow hurt the engine if the tensioner weren't replaced? Or is it something that you can just leave as it is if you don't have the money right now?
Seegal Galguntijak (9 months ago)
I'm not even sure whether the casing of the alternator can be opened without destroying it, but yes, that's another possibility. But then, a new alternator is something like 90€ or so, plus the work, so I think it's almost cheaper just to replace it, when the time comes.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
You might also consider at some point just replacing the bad bearing inside the alternator, but I agree, if it's not making too much noise I'd leave it be for now.
Seegal Galguntijak (9 months ago)
OK, thanks. I ask because I have a totally different car with a totally different problem ;) - There is a bearing whine in the alternator. Also driven by the serpentine belt, but my mechanic told me I'd be fine if it doesn't get any louder, which I didn't notice so far. The alternator still works and charges the battery, so I'll continue to drive around with it...
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
If it were to fail, which would take a while, it would seize up and likely break the drive belt. You'd loose the alternator, power steering, and the water pump if that happened.
Jamie Krueger (9 months ago)
I know I've said this before but it's so awesome with you having an Element thats about a year or so ahead of mine maintenance schedule wise lol. You doing differential mounts, transmission mounts, and motor mounts soon?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
I'll likely do motor mounts at some point. As for the differential, in my case I think it would be best to just swap out the entire rear end. It's pretty rusty back there.
Calvin K (9 months ago)
Can you make a video on the timing chain tensioner?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Also, all my videos are easily searchable here. https://www.ericthecarguy.com/videos
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Brandon Foss (9 months ago)
What 1/2" impact do you use?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
James Fox (9 months ago)
You should try and do some work on a older Honda Accord or something
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
I've done like a bazzillion videos on old Accords. But thanks for the suggestion. https://www.ericthecarguy.com/videos
living in a desert (9 months ago)
I still think your leader in repair videos. Chrisfix is getting on my damn nerves. All he does is replace everything with new parts. Most ppl are on a fixed budget and that's why you are the go to guy. Can you do a dually drum brake video? Great work by the way...
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Dually drum break video would be cool. Thanks for the comment BTW. Next up in the cue is The Mini Series. https://www.ericthecarguy.com/blog/2145-april-2018-newsletter
H Majhail (9 months ago)
hell yeah man really appreciate these K-series videos.
Malcolm Young (9 months ago)
Nice job, Eric....you are keeping me dry and out of the rain that's falling here in Marbella, Spain.....Have followed you for a couple of years now(a late subscriber) and you have been inspirational in making me want to fix my old Jag....and my daughters 4 X 4 and my VW Van and my....I could go on!!
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
I'm happy to hear that! Thank you for watching and for your comment.
Safaa Samer (9 months ago)
Ok 👍👍👍👍👍
nitro spark (9 months ago)
now you wanna make this vid when i had a serpentine problem last week
nitro spark (9 months ago)
EricTheCarGuy its ok, youre still my idol, love ya eric
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Peshewa diy (9 months ago)
If the factory original parts are of questionable quality, then why not go to an aftermarket pulley wheel for $20?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
The tension spring wears out too. Not to mention you'd have to remove the whole assembly in order to just replace a pulley IF you could find one.
manny b (9 months ago)
Eric, you're really not going to give us a burnout with Oliver? that's almost sacrilegious
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
I got pulled over for driving normally, do you think they would let me get away with a burnout? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPCtKhoGF40&t=1s
Marco77acv DCS Brasil (9 months ago)
Josh Benney (9 months ago)
Eric, I like your style of video! With the added words like 12mm etc. That helps a lot! I've done hundreds of those over the years. Some are easy, others not so easy. Every car is different. Many thumbs up from me, Eric! Great video! 👍👍 👍
john smith (9 months ago)
Whoever engineered this piece of junk must have had too much Saki.
Alabaster Slim (9 months ago)
I guess camera man Brian is gone...
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Also this was shot in 2016.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
He's in Nepal.
Acura Addicted (9 months ago)
Engage! LOL. Thanks, Eric! That was educational AND entertaining, as usual! Thankfully, I won't have to deal with the engine mount on my MDX when I will be replacing the tensioner, so it's going to be much easier for me.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Yea, you have a bit more room. Good luck and thanks for the comment.
Omar F.W (9 months ago)
What happened to the nice projector headlights? How come it's back to oem reflective ?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
This video was shot in 2016 before I installed them.
Ozzstar (9 months ago)
The job doesn't look to difficult. Nice work Eric.
Smitty Smithsonite (9 months ago)
American, as in a Subaru? 😁 My Silverado was assembled in Oshawa, Canada, with Mexican, Taiwanese, and Chinese parts ... 🤭
Ozzstar (9 months ago)
Oh sorry about the grammatical error Marcus. Yet another YouTube grammar teacher takes off points from my comment once again.
Marcus Taber (9 months ago)
antonio ledesma (9 months ago)
mike fedele (9 months ago)
Yours has the same rusty parts mine does..... How many k miles on it? I just rolled 402000kms
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
I'm only about 140K.
Preproto (9 months ago)
Glad to see you still posting videos. Any plans on more fixing it forward? Or any repairs besides your own cars haha
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
You need to read my monthly newsletters. Here's April's https://www.ericthecarguy.com/blog/2145-april-2018-newsletter
opl500 (9 months ago)
Tracy Diller (9 months ago)
In my opinion if you can afford it and have parts available just replace the tensioner and belt and while your at it check all the other pulleys that is driven by the drive belt.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Good point. I replaced the belt when I installed the alternator not long before this. Wish I would have mentioned that in the video.
Scott May (9 months ago)
It's never good if you squeal when you are turned on.
Aaron Johnson (9 months ago)
We got your back Eric
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Tony Guevara (9 months ago)
Where are the projector headlights?
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
This video was shot in 2016 before I installed them.
ron watson (9 months ago)
Great video and fun to watch.Take care Eric.
zacatecazmex (9 months ago)
Great video, thanks 🔧👍🏼
laipaklun1207 (9 months ago)
where's camera man brian?
laipaklun1207 (9 months ago)
EricTheCarGuy Oh! I didn't know that XDD
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Hello Hong Kong! Well, technically you're closer to him that I am right now. ;)
laipaklun1207 (9 months ago)
EricTheCarGuy I missed him so much!!! Keep up the videos, I watched your every uploads and thank you so much for teaching us about auto teching and tips. Love you from Hong Kong.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
MrStoneycool69 (9 months ago)
You can actually remove the tensioner without touching the engine mount by removing the pulley to access the rearmost tensioner mounting bolt.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
Slicerwizard It might not have made sense to you, but I got the job done.
Slicerwizard (9 months ago)
Yeah, but your way doesn't make sense.
EricTheCarGuy (9 months ago)
You could also remove the engine to make it easier. ;) My point is that there are several ways of doing the same thing in auto repair. I'm not saying my way is the only way, it's just the way I do it.

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