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Flea Market Remix

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Montgomerys finest bust out the flea market rap. Its just like a mini-mall.
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Text Comments (314)
1800 Eli (1 year ago)
I like the part when he says Flea Market
0IIIIII (6 years ago)
Space Windu (6 years ago)
I wasn't really laughing until his face at the end. HAHAHHAHA
James Wong (7 years ago)
Free advertising!
Protains (7 years ago)
when he says "i say yes" i lose it everytime
Jake Ford (7 years ago)
MR Nelson (7 years ago)
dis janx is dope
RENEGAIDEN (7 years ago)
O.O Epic!
Valens (7 years ago)
TheNicholasBrothers (7 years ago)
His face at the end is priceless
runninguschi1 (7 years ago)
Not bad! I prefer this one even more: hdPRaqy7g1A
FabioFresh (7 years ago)
i love his face at the end
Michael Potter (7 years ago)
he was going too fast
Jim Halpert (7 years ago)
@Hamsteere theres an acapella version
Nonhuman (7 years ago)
i remeber that! thts not real its blue screen
nzp0werh0use (7 years ago)
hahaha love his face at the end
xBeautySistersx (7 years ago)
1) Hold your breath. 2) Copy all of these steps. 3) Go to two other video. 4) Paste it in the comments. If you can do all of this without breathing you're a good pot smoker
thewewguy8t88 (7 years ago)
@BlueKai so thats where O.O was invited
Gregory Thielman (7 years ago)
and thats how it all started :p
BlueKai (8 years ago)
His eyes were like "O.O"
ezelouie (8 years ago)
@MyBowfisher na man, i think he made it to the finals
taner hale (8 years ago)
Fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!! sucks
Aero Villa (8 years ago)
did he get through??
jzcrandall (8 years ago)
Great editing job. It looks like he was really on Idol.
Jake Brown (8 years ago)
fake and gay good editing though
6235river (8 years ago)
@WonderWomanFan4life no it's fake. but hilarious. xD
Csgo life (8 years ago)
WonderWomanFan4life (8 years ago)
wait a minute was he on American Idol??/ this man is hilarious.
Swaggless (8 years ago)
They wouldn't really like that.
LandSquirrels (8 years ago)
Lol that looked so real.
raymond9987654321 (8 years ago)
@TaylorW101 who
raymond9987654321 (8 years ago)
@MrSleepingMonkeys ya, i know it is obvious it is fake. (fake background, it is obviously a green screen, and i remember some of those judge clips from real episodes with different singers)
Hejsan Aldrig (8 years ago)
@raymond9987654321 O'rly? idiot...
1980Triumph (8 years ago)
raymond9987654321 (8 years ago)
Rhana Korlahn (8 years ago)
Amazing reaction..
Nick Austin (8 years ago)
Lol, so fake XD but funny
david gleason (8 years ago)
Sammy was cut out from the ac-cappela version
okay guy (8 years ago)
@mrjammerz Jeez, I know the word. The point is that he prunounces it in a funny way.
nesdrawer (8 years ago)
okay guy (8 years ago)
0:10 - Living rooms, bedrooms, DIE NEST!
gourleycoinsDOTcom (8 years ago)
The funniest part is he was good enough to make it.
Choppy (8 years ago)
Good one. Too bad its cut from the commercial. I guess the commercial sings it wrong. Right?
PrincessSupersam (8 years ago)
he is my idol
Astronopolis (8 years ago)
lol brilliant. good editing skills and excellent comedic timing!
bilis69 (8 years ago)
roflmao, that's one of the best remixes I've seen XD
Hunter Mann (8 years ago)
I saw this episode. I can't believe they voted him off the island. That's just so lame!
Abi Anday (8 years ago)
i don't see simon doing that in real life...lol
legend519 (8 years ago)
its fake dumb shit
Buckeye 77 (9 years ago)
this guy is extending his 15 minutes...good for him.. he rocks
N Ripp (9 years ago)
this is so real. i saw it on fox and he got to go to hollywood. very nice voice indeed
rulax100 (9 years ago)
hahaha second 44 =D
Ashley Lee (9 years ago)
Nice, made me laugh almost as much as the original.
lol how did you get rid of the music from his singing? xD
redgreenpaper (9 years ago)
thanks sherlock
moltendarthvader (9 years ago)
If you are trying to drive the point home that the person is a moron, you should try to say "you're dumb," rather than "your dumb."
eedee2speedy (9 years ago)
AlexTiger519 (9 years ago)
..your dumb.
beccafatty (9 years ago)
okay, it's just like a goddamn mini mall, i get it.
bluebleeblahblah (9 years ago)
thats the point it's a spoof, idiot
MichaelTCM (9 years ago)
:P lolol
Laura Bergquist (9 years ago)
jimmy c (9 years ago)
he deserves to be in hollywood!!!!!!!!!!
sipanator (9 years ago)
He did.
Shepherd of Fire (9 years ago)
his eyes looked like he took a shit
Ominick (9 years ago)
A surprise ending that trumps anything M. Knight Shayamalan has ever done.
shinycow17 (9 years ago)
Alexz Mercury (9 years ago)
is that real o_O
AlCaPWN23 (9 years ago)
I lol'd hard at this one
haggidubious (9 years ago)
Very cool work, LMFAO like everyone below...!
chipper1027 (9 years ago)
Richie2k6 (9 years ago)
I just love how real it seems lol. "What are you gonna sing?" "Flea market". And he says it in a normal tone. Then before he starts singing you can hear him take a little breath and then start singing. It actually sounds like a real audition lol. he editing is perfect. Plus his reaction at the end is priceless.
Richie2k6 (9 years ago)
Ramzienator (9 years ago)
What you gonna sing? FLEA MARKET!
otzey (9 years ago)
best part is the final "its just like, its just like a MINI MALL" with some extra pep
RedBlueSpot (9 years ago)
HAHAHA!! Best I've seen today!!
mjhacker (9 years ago)
That's because it is Simon.
Brad Bouwers (9 years ago)
4 the lulz!
danielh35 (9 years ago)
Ryan (9 years ago)
adamwise (9 years ago)
hahaha.. very well edited
Dylan MacCannell (9 years ago)
If you like this video you should watch my version of Flea Market Montgomery.
JoeDoakes1015 (9 years ago)
VERY well edited
littlesparrow (9 years ago)
honeyspy (9 years ago)
this is amazing XD
JetfanDD (9 years ago)
ziggy2007dn (9 years ago)
saxysai (9 years ago)
hahaha awesome editing.
jeff stalin (9 years ago)
they cut out paula because this was the first time paula had ever said no to someone. lmao haha. XD
CounterNerd (9 years ago)
CounterNerd (9 years ago)
w-hail! how r u :B ??
CounterNerd (9 years ago)
BEGRProductions (9 years ago)
GO CounterNerd!!!!
Ryan Kennedy (9 years ago)
Do you not get the point that its supposed to look fake Very good video :L
CounterNerd (9 years ago)
ever heard of a parody? jack ass
Derek Wikstrom (9 years ago)
elvisdead77 (9 years ago)
This is awesome hhhaaaha
BEGRProductions (9 years ago)
i think if the title of the video was "Flea maket dude on American idol" would recieve more views....idk thats my opion
wilkes85 (9 years ago)
You did a FUCKING GREAT JOB OF THIS! I totally thought it was real for a minute there!
Georgia Cuerden (9 years ago)
ofcourse it is you fool

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