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Why is my asthma medicine so expensive?

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I talk about why the cost of asthma drugs went up, and its not just normal market changes.
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Carolyn Campbell (4 months ago)
Not to be rude certainly as you took the time to make this video. I don't believe ANYTHING big Pharma or the insurance companies say. They are profiteers who have been allowed to enter the halls of truth and we got sold out. Anything now in terms of medical care is bs. In terms of money. They will prevent the proven for the most profitable. Drs and nurses lie and run behind their mummys' skirts when they actually have to adult truthfully. It's vile.
Carolyn Campbell (4 months ago)
Jeff the Pharmacist I have to disagree. My last 2 experiences neither gave two hoots. The last one was beyond arrogant and has really caused major issues for me now. I caught her lying and outrightly trying to pull the wool over my eyes. As a consequence I now have to start all over again with my pain meds ... which I had finally got to a good place and in fact my back was an issue! She made it an issue now. So screw my COPD GALL BLADDER ETC ... i am beyond angry.
Jeff the Pharmacist (4 months ago)
I think Drs and nurses want the best for their patients. The system is manipulated for profit certainly. This issue that I am speaking to here is about how much waste there is in the system. Lots of times it is because of regulations or lobbying one way or another. We have chemicals that have been around for a long time, I don't think the value added to society really coincides with the money being made.
Helen Lalime (1 year ago)
Thanx Jeff, I believe that the patent is in the way its administered, the inhaler itself, not the medicine. I also can't understand why my prescription ins. company (Express Scripts) can sell me Symbacorte for $50.00 per inhaler thru mail, but the big box pharmacies (CVS, Walmart) charge over $200. per inhaler.... Who's really making the money........ From NPR- That's because, increasingly, prescription insurers are threatening to kick drugs off their lists of approved medications if the manufacturers won't give them big discounts. CVS Caremark and Express Scripts, the biggest prescription insurers, released their 2017 lists of approved drugs this month, and each also has long lists of excluded medications
Stacey Leigh (5 months ago)
And as someone who works for doctors, 90% of the time after taking the time to try to get a medication approved they still deny it so they don’t even bother and will just change the medication. Which might not be the better choice for the patient. It’s ridiculous really.
Jeff the Pharmacist (1 year ago)
Thank's for your comment! Insurance companies often will get rebates from drug manufacturers in exchange for placement on their formularies. The insurance company will push for patients to go mail order because they own the pharmacy and can control costs better. A trend that I see is more exclusions, prior authorizations, and huge deductibles. If you have not had the displeasure of needing prior authorizations, it is where your medication is not covered unless your doctor's office sits on the phone to explain why you need it with your insurance.

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