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Flat Tire

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Extra thick slime tube. 40 psi of air. It exploded. I was actually 7 miles away from home. I really think my 280 pounds of weight is just too much for what I'm asking my rear tire to do with most of my weight on there and having my drive engine on there too. Tire is Kelvar. I'll go back to a NoMoreFlats tube. Problem with those is sometimes you can't get them perfectly aligned. But it won't leave you flat. And that's more important to me. I really did to buckle up and lose some weight. For real if I want to continue riding. My front tire incidentally is my original tire and wheel. 6,000 plus miles and still good thread. Back wheel has been changed 4 times it's a wheelman wheel now and I've gone thru 6 tires. Go figure.
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