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EXPO Chicago Interior Environment

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Enhancing the art-viewing experience, Studio Gang's design for EXPO Chicago's interior environment brings clarity, efficiency, comfort, and energy to the annual art fair, held in Festival Hall at Navy Pier. The floor plan, patterned after the city's gridded streets and lined with exhibition spaces, enables visitors to view every gallery in sequence without losing their way. A diagonal "avenue" gives visitors the option to see selected work and installations along a single path. Plazas and amenities, including a chef's kitchen, dining space, and lounges, punctuate the street grid, offering a range of opportunities to relax, eat, or drink without needing to leave the show. Mirrored Mylar cones suspended above the galleries reflect the art and activity below while also creating individual, enclosed atmospheres where patrons can rest and socialize. These colossal installations also serve to orient visitors and add optical flair to the space.
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