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360 waves in a Hour - How to Get Started on Your 360 Waves for Beginners

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Get Waves Fast! It takes less than a hour to get your wave pattern started as long as your hair is at curl length! I will show you how easy it is to get 360 waves. Come follow along as I do a wash and style and cut to my homeboy Ryan. Thank for watching and you already know what it is. If you aint got you none, better grab a brush and get you some huh!
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Text Comments (1246)
Nice11 (2 days ago)
That's a big Ass Germany Shepard
jus Sladeya (2 days ago)
Ima try this tonight i have a lil more coarse hair than he does but not lik super coarse i use to be super wavy but been super slacking for a while and now my waves look like boo boo i grew my hair long then cut so ima see if this works for a tighter curl hair .. Keep yall posted
Kaleel Davis (3 days ago)
Bitch you a lie
Nazeah Ellison (5 days ago)
Kodak just got waves
Hurricane Henry (3 days ago)
Nazeah Ellison he prob saw my video 😂😂
Skrrt Skrrt (5 days ago)
On god this worked on me
Hurricane Henry (5 days ago)
💯💪 niggas sleep out here lol
Richard Ukenna-Izuwa (8 days ago)
Does it matter what shampoo u use
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
Richard Ukenna-Izuwa no it doesnt
wave N 2k god (9 days ago)
spyderice3384 (9 days ago)
bro real talk this was the last secret I needed . you definitely put me on game
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
spyderice3384 💯💯💯
AyoubJr (9 days ago)
bootleg 360 jeezy
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
AyoubJr lmaoo bootleg odell 😂
Diquan Naughton (10 days ago)
That intro fire af 🔥
Hurricane Henry (9 days ago)
Diquan Naughton appreciate it 💯💪🏾
Roshanda Denson (10 days ago)
Is that still shampoo he’s brushing in?
Hurricane Henry (9 days ago)
Roshanda Denson yea
Jordan mike (11 days ago)
For who did it works??
Norgía (11 days ago)
I can't deal with that intro😂💙 it snap
Hurricane Henry (9 days ago)
Norgía appreciate it 😂. 💯💯💪🏾.
Cool Vros (11 days ago)
Bruh thats a whole cheat cuz i brush more than that even with shampoo on🤦‍♀️
Ray pace (12 days ago)
wave N 2k god (12 days ago)
768 and 389 already subbed and noti bell on
Jay Ocho (12 days ago)
Brush Rack Giveaway numbers: 555, and 783
smg ghosts (12 days ago)
Brush Rack Giveaway numbers: 180, and 444
CoolKid27 Isaiah (12 days ago)
Mamadou Diallo (14 days ago)
Henry, I love your content man but will this work even if I dont know where my crown is?
Mamadou Diallo (6 days ago)
Thank you Hurricane Henry, I hope this works even though I have low progress with waves
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
Mamadou Diallo yeah once you wash you will see it or you can create a new crown
Extreme supreme (14 days ago)
Thanks so much at school I'm so popular 😁
Hurricane Henry (14 days ago)
mobile-player 💯💯💯✊🏾
adrian bryan (15 days ago)
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
adrian bryan lol thats only the beginning of waving lol
Ansah Emmanuel (16 days ago)
What is the name of the shampoo
Ntunekeys (17 days ago)
damn im bout to woof 3 more weeks and try this i can never get em all the way around because i was getting it cut too low
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
Ntunekeys yeah gotta be at curl length
Rich Porter (17 days ago)
It’s possible if you have that texture hair trust me the entire video you can see the curls starting to form my hair do the same I’m just now to the point where I wanna put that hard work dedication on the quest for them deep dark 360s
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
Put in work homie 💪🏾💯
Holy Tundra V8 (17 days ago)
😮Wow. Really really impressive 💯
ItzMarcusTV (18 days ago)
Plug walk background music
felipe martinez (19 days ago)
Cool! Looks like the carpet in my bathroom where I step after a shower :)
Where you got you durag from?
Amari113 (22 days ago)
It can’t be real🤯 must of had waves before anyone tried and it worked?
Blackii Chan (22 days ago)
Lol theirs no short cuts to waves
Hurricane Henry (22 days ago)
Miracle Kukogho read the comments 😂😏
BC DACHICAGOKID (22 days ago)
How long would it take if I use a wave activator? And what shampoo are you using?
BC DACHICAGOKID (21 days ago)
Ok thanks for letting me know that
Hurricane Henry (22 days ago)
BC DACHICAGOKID no kits! You will do more damage then good
BC DACHICAGOKID (22 days ago)
A wave activator is a wave kit and thanks I got a mid bold fade so I'm trying to be dipping hopefully this works
Hurricane Henry (22 days ago)
BC DACHICAGOKID whats a wave activator? Shampoo doesnt matter. I was some watered down shea moisture and maui moisture shampoo
Basil Elwaleed (23 days ago)
328 dislikes are people who don’t have curls
DeAngelo Mayes (23 days ago)
Wet your hair with a hot damp towel with some waving grease in it and brush brush brush into your very on pattern that you desire and then tie it down with durag or stocking cap,just that simple
Steve Hill (23 days ago)
Man y’all got good hair texture, how much you charge to this?
D Rice (24 days ago)
supremezxjay (24 days ago)
his intro throwed af on me
Hurricane Henry (24 days ago)
v Exquisit 💯💯💯💪🏾
trippie greg (25 days ago)
For all you people sayin it's fake it's not waves are laid down curls all he did in this video was lay down his curls
skies (25 days ago)
Do u work at ice tres
Jayeean Nicholls (26 days ago)
There's only 2 ways for this to work is u already had waves and they was wolfing and of course u have course to medium course or u got some curly ass hair straight up wash and set durag for a hour take it off and mAgic
barbearia Cardoso (29 days ago)
the shampoo you use is any one for personal use?
Supreme Jaheim (29 days ago)
dem niggas clapped
Mine Tunnel (30 days ago)
Redari Mcconney (30 days ago)
I am now starting you guys have some tips for Me
Tone Gee (1 month ago)
Hurricane henry is a true waver only a true waver who has been waving for years would know this just let your hair grow and curl lay your hair down brush brush and brush and put your durag on tight you will have waves Facts..💯💯💯good video bruh!!
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Tone Gee 💯💯💯💯💯💪🏾
Charles Booker (1 month ago)
Nice intro
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Charles Booker appreciate it 💯💪🏾
Coolgamer SMGSX (1 month ago)
which soap is it
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Coolgamer SMGSX dont matter i used watery shampoo lol just use whatever shampoo you like and follow the directions close
fat brodo (1 month ago)
Evony Ramirez (1 month ago)
Will this work on straight hair?
James Golden (1 month ago)
This doesn’t work if your hair is too long and untrained.
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
James Golden define too long. His hair was at like a 3.5 and he doesnt brush
Joshua Harris (1 month ago)
Lol dude already had waves😂😂😂😂so fake
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Joshua Harris 😂😂😂 read the comments 😉
Maxwell Wesley (1 month ago)
This nigga cheatin man
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Maxwell Wesley 😂😂😂
Justin Spikes (1 month ago)
okay now how do you do this if you straight from africa got nappy ass hair... not a mix breed with slave master's hair?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
And its indian hair not slave masters 😉
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Justin Spikes the same way
Xan Ax (1 month ago)
Plug walk
JevInHeaven (1 month ago)
you completely turned this niggas life around
Justin H (1 month ago)
I got African wool sheep hair ion think gon work Chief
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Justin H 😭😭😭 i got that thick carpet shit. It will work but the results will vary lol
Big Mike 1990 (1 month ago)
360wave sent me touching you out you got this my guy follow me
I swear (1 month ago)
Damn this shit the truth....
I swear (1 month ago)
Follow me on insta _purekl
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Tahj Coleman (1 month ago)
Im right
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Tahj Coleman what about lol
E man 0FFICIALPAGE (1 month ago)
You tryna help me with my wave grind
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
E man 0FFICIALPAGE thats what im here for
Kuziwa Manyumwa (1 month ago)
Shirt. Niçe
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
appreciate it! got it for making the wave hall of fame
Bro. Tahir (1 month ago)
Bruh.... The Best By Far.. Im ready to fly in and get it done
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Bro. Tahir come on thru lol
Marquise Smith (1 month ago)
We’re do you live
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Marquise Smith florida
Marquise Smith (1 month ago)
My name is Marquise can you hook me up with waves
mario smith (1 month ago)
Dude already had a good grade of hair... You can tell when he washed it the first time 🤔
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
mario smith not denying that lol
dj rhomatic bernard (1 month ago)
Tried the steps and went to the barber and I found myself with 360 waves Thanx hurricane
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Framcine Jones tell that to the last guy who commented haha 😂💯✊🏾
Lil Savage (1 month ago)
it fake
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Lil Savage how 😂😭
simbarashe jingo (1 month ago)
Did he just rinse the dude in the kitchen sink in the kitchen🤔😊😚
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
simbarashe jingo yep 😎
Frosty MODZ (1 month ago)
What the actual fuck is that intro
Jay W (1 month ago)
Gee I ain't seen some body head get washed in the sink in like 5 years
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Jay W 😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️💆🏾‍♂️💀
Itxchi (1 month ago)
This shi motivating me.
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Itxchi 💯💯💯✊🏾
Limbar Eralte (1 month ago)
He had curls already so ofc when you brush it down he’s gonna have waves
MrDJCue (1 month ago)
3:40 ☝️🙄
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Limbar Eralte yep waves are laid down curls
OneWheel_B7 (1 month ago)
After you do this process, are you able to start using Sportin’ waves ?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
OneWheel_B7 i dont recommend sportin waves but yeah you can
LIL SWIZzy (1 month ago)
Hi sub to me and I’ll sub to you
TerrrYoung Gamez (1 month ago)
This acctually worked thanks Henry
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
TerrrYoung Gamez 💯💯💪🏾
DAVEN__ (1 month ago)
So did he even cut his hair😂😂or maybe I’m just high and not noticing
K P (30 days ago)
Yeah but the shape up is super weak 👎🏽
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
DAVEN__ 😂😂 i only cut like an inch off cut to a 2.5
Leon Stephens (1 month ago)
This the hardest trap intro ever💆🏽‍♂️🎼
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Leon Stephens 💯💯💯💪🏾
ChvosFN (1 month ago)
Nicely done
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
ChvosFN appreciate it 💯
Tahj Coleman (1 month ago)
He had waves already then pick it out
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Tahj Coleman nope lol
hyperzero86 (1 month ago)
Jean Medley (2 months ago)
Loved it, simple steps to great waves. Budget friendly for men. I liked it more that it was a man showing a man, "we can do this". Was he able to keep it up himself, or did he have to come back often.
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
he comes back lol. they are getting better though
Sam the CANES FAN (2 months ago)
Im thinking bout cuttin the locs
Kyzak SCRTSKRT (2 months ago)
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Kyzak SCRTSKRT appreciate it 💯💯💯
sterling phillips (2 months ago)
My head too big for my Durag to wrap twice 😓
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
sterling phillips 😂😂😂
John Pitt (2 months ago)
Yeah this is cool but we still gone know who really putting in that brush work 🤷🏾‍♂️
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
John Pitt oh yeah this is just how to start lol
JunioOr Ramirez Tv (2 months ago)
Sustituir Letras En Español
Epii (2 months ago)
So ya gon sit there and act like the hair cut ain’t come out ass? 😭
Epii (1 month ago)
Hurricane Henry you right 😂 shits was spinnin Ode for 1 day tho💯
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Epii this aint bout the cut lol this about waves homie
Isaac 101 (2 months ago)
What ever you're saying in your intro it ain't it chief 😂😂😂😂
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Isaac 101 😂 show you how to take care of your hair (in my asian voice)
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Isaac 101 😂 show you how to take care of your hair (in my asian voice)
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Isaac 101 😂 show you how to take care of your hair (in my asian voice)
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Isaac 101 😂 show you how to take care of your hair (in my asian voice)
Scoop Heard (2 months ago)
Did you rinse his hair with the do rag on?
BMP CARLO (2 months ago)
U fucked up son line up 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
iimasonii (2 months ago)
2 questions: Do u have 2 have large hair to get it. 2 so when i go to my barber i just ask can i get a wash n style???
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
iimasonii not as big but at leadt to the point your hair curls, and yeah if you trust your barber lol
DonHitEmUp2 3 (2 months ago)
Dude the reason he got waves right is bc he has curly hair if uon got curly u ain gettn wave for straigh like det foe😤
Dell Stylez (2 months ago)
But video does help & is accurate
Dell Stylez (2 months ago)
Lining bogus 20:09 😂😂
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Dell Stylez im not a barber 😂💯
ryan bondjeka (2 months ago)
henry youre a legend ive been watching videos on how to get waves for a long time and this is the only video that worked thank you so much
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
ryan bondjeka 💯💯
Kris RenZo (2 months ago)
Hurricane Henry are the curls a requirement for this method, if yes how do I get the curls before first
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
Kris RenZo to get curls just scramble wash your hair
Virtual GFX (2 months ago)
What product did you use the second time on his head and brushed ?
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
Virtual GFX transparent pomade
Lagaholic 視 (2 months ago)
That intro got me dead asf 💀
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
Lagaholic 視 😂💯💯
Wicked One (2 months ago)
great vid, but your shape up clippers are not aligned, your left corner is higher than your right, that why you struggled on his right side, get em straight an they cut like a hot knife thru butter excellent wave video my man gud sheet :)
Hurricane Henry (2 months ago)
Wicked One thank you!!! Awesome tip
King collins (2 months ago)
He been had waves

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