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360 waves in a Hour - How to Get Started on Your 360 Waves for Beginners

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Get Waves Fast! It takes less than a hour to get your wave pattern started as long as your hair is at curl length! I will show you how easy it is to get 360 waves. Come follow along as I do a wash and style and cut to my homeboy Ryan. Thank for watching and you already know what it is. If you aint got you none, better grab a brush and get you some huh!
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Text Comments (922)
Sagesse7 (1 month ago)
Man U are the truth!! I just hooked my son up!! It works guys trust me #singlemom
Jimmy Neutron (4 days ago)
Also get home a male role model
DBG Shawn (1 month ago)
What’s the products
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Sagesse7 awesome!!!! The problem is most dismiss it without trying
Anthony Petty (5 hours ago)
I'm tryna get waves
Hurricane Henry (5 hours ago)
Anthony Petty brush lol
jason griffin (13 hours ago)
How often do you repeat this process?
jason griffin (5 hours ago)
Appreciate it bro
Hurricane Henry (5 hours ago)
jason griffin 2-3 times a week
Anthony Petty (19 hours ago)
I wish you was n Dallas
Hurricane Henry (5 hours ago)
Anthony Petty me too lol
Explosive Gaming (22 hours ago)
He was wolfing and his hair is medium cmon man
joey bossup (22 hours ago)
Like if y'all dippen wavey yah dig
Joseph (1 day ago)
What kinda durags do you use?
Hurricane Henry (5 hours ago)
Joseph good idea!
Joseph (5 hours ago)
Hurricane Henry I appreciate it. You should do what the itthat youtubers do and provide links and Getty affiliated. That way you can make some coin from the clocks and purchase of the products you use.
Hurricane Henry (5 hours ago)
Joseph rico rimix
Isaiah Deaner (2 days ago)
Better than 360 jezzy extra talking ass.. I be like get to the point dude
Hurricane Henry (19 hours ago)
lmaoo. appreciate it
Malik Woody (2 days ago)
Do you have a Facebook? I really wanna cut my hair to start my waves but I don't wanna cut it all,I need help on how long my hair should be to start it
Hurricane Henry (2 days ago)
Hurri Cane Henry
Ant Man (3 days ago)
To dry ur hair we take the the Durga off
Adam_DG 283 (3 days ago)
fake he already had waves before
Adam C (3 days ago)
Bruhs eyes were burning 💀💀💀
T.weezy T.weezy (4 days ago)
Hook me up ill pay you whatever
Diana Morrison (4 days ago)
Diana Morrison (3 days ago)
Hurricane Henry (4 days ago)
Diana Morrison i am not a barber, i just cut my friends hair
Eugene Mitchell (4 days ago)
He already had waves frfr and he is straight hair cant fool nobody get waves like that in no hour
Hadassah Woods (4 days ago)
Would a military brush work too?
Hurricane Henry (4 days ago)
Hadassah Woods yeah
Zirrnorseman (4 days ago)
Did this and when I went to brush after drying...it puffed right back out😂 ripples gone
xugliom (5 days ago)
This is how I got waves
Dj DARK GABLE (5 days ago)
Yo' You got dude all the way right on them 360 waves! Was the pomade S- curl pomade, sportin' waves?
Hurricane Henry (5 days ago)
Dj DARK GABLE transparent pomade
Larry Jackson (5 days ago)
Head and shoulders is not for black people fyi
King Julian (6 days ago)
Coarse hair wavers... this not for us
cjthepickle 23 (7 days ago)
Bro this actually works
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
cjthepickle 23 oh yeah i know lol
KIMANI GEORGE (7 days ago)
Hurricane Henry ..kindly how can I get the products ...from US am from Kenya and issue like brush and gels like spotin waves are not available.. I love waves .... Good job bro
Hurricane Henry (7 days ago)
Kadonte Payne (8 days ago)
U need to learn how to edit
Hurricane Henry (5 days ago)
Kadonte Payne you learn
2kbigtime (9 days ago)
He already had waves.u just did a scramble wash
Talbray Floyd (10 days ago)
That shit worked rs... Buuuuut bra yo barber game need some help 😂😂😂...
Prelela Mosley (10 days ago)
That’s crazy he really spinning
Mamedy Toure (10 days ago)
My man can I use regular bathing soap for this method?
Hurricane Henry (10 days ago)
Mamedy Toure you can but don know how good the lather will be
Chester Francois (11 days ago)
Need you in my ib. ... add up Facebook: Child's play
Jeremy Shannon (11 days ago)
Im late but I gotta sub now💯
Jocelyne Lefort (13 days ago)
Hi what are the products to use to make waves as fast?
Danielle Winfrey (13 days ago)
Michael Smith (14 days ago)
I got a big ass afro and I'm cutting my shit this week and I'm trying to get waves ?
DrellyJelly (14 days ago)
What was the instrumental you used when you started cutting his hair
Marquez Pitts (14 days ago)
Shoot shoot shoot shoot
Joshua Flores (15 days ago)
20:05 his edge needs to be fixed
M K2306 (15 days ago)
This is so satisfying to watch 😩😂👍🏽
Hurricane Henry (15 days ago)
lol appreciate you taking time to do so!
Connor Maseko (16 days ago)
How long does your hair need to be to get waves
I grew my hair out n did s curls but im cut it back low n try this out i think u did sum big homie🤔💯
Trugamer90 cla (16 days ago)
people dont understand that you need to let your hair grow to get waves...dudes me cutting it to low
Curtis Grice (16 days ago)
Can u do mine @hurricane Henry?
Curtis Grice (16 days ago)
Where at
Curtis Grice (16 days ago)
Hurricane Henry aii bett when ??
Hurricane Henry (16 days ago)
Curtis Grice yeah come thru
Shmoke- YT (16 days ago)
540WaveMike (17 days ago)
Wassup henry
The Pro Gamer (19 days ago)
when u getin waves u dont brush ur hair like that
Nemo Stewart (20 days ago)
Bruh got cheat codes for waves
Hurricane Henry (20 days ago)
Nemo Stewart 😂😂😂💯
Luh Lucci6 (21 days ago)
fit.to (22 days ago)
You think i should try this out? I got super coarse hair and i been waving for like 3-4 months. Im got ripples down and nice waves around my head but the sides and middle of the top of my head (barber went atg last cut and cut short) you think this would boost my progress?
DatBoyy Lyrics (23 days ago)
What type of durag do you need when you put in on with the soap
Hurricane Henry (23 days ago)
DatBoyy Lyrics any
chelseafc best club (23 days ago)
How long are you supposed to have the durag on
Jayquan Lindsay (24 days ago)
What’s your location
- dreko (24 days ago)
how the hell ... tay keith ? im confused 😂
Poetic Justice (24 days ago)
This is genius. Because all waves are is laid down curls. Activate em, lay em down, set in place. Definitely going to try this on my clients
Poetic Justice (24 days ago)
Hurricane Henry 😂 you're probably right.
Hurricane Henry (24 days ago)
Poetic Justice they gone love you lol
Mister_Noodle (25 days ago)
Dennis RBLX (25 days ago)
Ayy got waves
AZTEC COCA* (25 days ago)
FISHSGANG 290 (25 days ago)
Fake 🚫🧢 he already had waves they was on his crown of his head before you start he really didn’t needed all that just brush his hair that’s it but I don’t knock magician even tho Ik it’s fake like this 🙄💯
Real Swiper (26 days ago)
I’m mixed and had curly long hair but I cut it to get waves I’ve been brushing a lot in the past 2 days. The cut is pretty low so my hair isn’t curly yet would this work on me or do I have to wait till it gets curly again
Jonathan Simon (26 days ago)
Do I have to shave me hair to do that
Very impressive
Jasmine Brunson (27 days ago)
His hair is trained very well, disclaimer: not everyone's first try with getting waves is going to be this smooth. Trust the process.
Tay-dz Plays (28 days ago)
Why is that even his intro
mike wayneTV (28 days ago)
Do more videos like this this really works even on long hair
James Bourne (29 days ago)
Line is fuck up!!!!!! Lol
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
lmaooo chill
justt1wish (29 days ago)
Hey hurricane after you brush and keep the shampoo on with durag do you let dry with it on...and do you wash out the shampoo with the door rag on or keep the shampoo in for a few days and brush lol
Hurricane Henry (29 days ago)
justt1wish put the durag on, rinse and let dry
Tai (29 days ago)
Da only thing dhat iritetates me is dat da durag wasn't tied perfect
Hurricane Henry (29 days ago)
Tai lol
Jarell Harris (30 days ago)
Dude already had waves Ctfu y’all dumb asf if u believe u can brush for 5min and have waves lol
Hurricane Henry (29 days ago)
Jarell Harris i didnt say have, i said start lol. The key to this is his hair is already curly. I just stretched them out and laid em down
Jarell Harris (29 days ago)
It’s impossible to brush and do a wash treatment and have 360 waves lol
Hurricane Henry (30 days ago)
Jarell Harris interesting. What makes you say that?
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
Ff Hhxhi (30 days ago)
Should i brush for 30 min
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
as much as possible
Ff Hhxhi (30 days ago)
This works thx
Hurricane Henry (30 days ago)
Ff Hhxhi 💯💯
How often should I do this ?
Hurricane Henry aight bet done it today had my waves popping💯
Hurricane Henry (30 days ago)
Lord of frogs second removed cousin 2-3 times a week or every time you wash
AcE Bruh (30 days ago)
How long do you keep the Durag on?
Hurricane Henry (30 days ago)
AcE Bruh til it dries
Nnanna kalu (1 month ago)
How long did you leave the shampoo in his hair
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Nnanna kalu didnt i put the durag on and rinsed and kept it on until it dried
Terrance Muhammad (1 month ago)
Can u use soup
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
adangme (1 month ago)
Is that a Hebrew Isrealite du-rag?
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
same colors lol
Dsean Garcia (1 month ago)
😂😂 his shit Slanted 20:10
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
lmaooo chill
Kos Koster (1 month ago)
Guys help me out I put my durag on for the first time now , For how long I have to put it on ? And do I have to put it on each day ?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
if your doing this method put it on til it dries. If your just wearing it, just at least wear it to sleep.
Can your hair be kinda short to do this and also great vid 🌊
Ok thanks I think I might be able to do it
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
long as its at curl length
Datboy Hicks music (1 month ago)
What items do I need
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
shampoo brush durag clippers pomade and time
Terri Green (1 month ago)
@hurricane henry would this work on people with thick hair ?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
i have thick hair!
Game Freak (1 month ago)
I’ll give you 20 bucks if you do that to my hair and cut it
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
come thru lol
KingKeilow VEVO (1 month ago)
Im up makin music rn im finna try this after i finish this song hold up rq💯💯🎞
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
KingKeilow VEVO (1 month ago)
Hurricane Henry you want to listen to my music? Send me yo ig
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
send some this way
James Bossous (1 month ago)
Where do you cut hair at
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
i dont cut hair...I need to learn lol
Clxfty (1 month ago)
where did you buy that durag?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
rico rimix
Xxmarsii_DiiicexX (1 month ago)
U a lie... can’t show the shampoo..??? Dawg you ain’t the shampoo company ...... we know a S curl when we see one...
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Xxmarsii_DiiicexX 😂😂😂 obviously you dont. Tell them pay me then ill show it lol
Icy KayB (1 month ago)
Brooooo u tho goattt😱😦😱
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Icy KayB 💯💯💯💪🏾
Delmar Terrell (1 month ago)
Is he coarse or medium
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Delmar Terrell medium
Katirah Tiana (1 month ago)
I have a three year his hair is dry what do I use
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
add oil in it. Find his porosity to find the best oils, or just use a oil mix, not a cheap one
Eli97 (1 month ago)
Lmao he put this mans durag on for him.
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
lmaoo smh
tbh _Dre (1 month ago)
Number1 im a waver and I have waves but if u a real waver then u would understand that this fake the man already had waveshe just never brushed his hair after he got his waves then now he came back to wash and brush his hair and his waves came in or he jrust never wore his durag man I ain't a hater but I hate clickbates y'all are not wavers and y'all are fuckin stupid TBH SMH.
Hurricane Henry (28 days ago)
Thats interesting. Why would you say that? Have you not read the other comments of people who have tried the method and were successful? But please enlighten us, maybe you know something we don't.
ThatboiBryson 24 (1 month ago)
can we see a progress update
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
who's progress? that guy dont brush lol
LostCause Mookie (1 month ago)
How long did he keep the dish in before he started patting his head dry?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
rinse out after you put the durag on.
Beverly Farris (1 month ago)
Where did you buy your brush.
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
EliTEATHLETE (1 month ago)
lol I'm glad I got nice hair ion have to do all these videos I've been brush for bout two weeks and got some of the cleanest waves and the sides wet light work 😂 but aye thumbs up on the good vid
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
whats your ig?
? (1 month ago)
He went from runaway slave to savage took your bitch 2k18
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Rashone Scott (1 month ago)
Good video, but his front hairline is still crooked
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
lmao yes you are correct
last king (1 month ago)
This video is so relaxing to watch like if you agree
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
appreciate it!
Tempest-} (1 month ago)
Do you need transparent?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Tempest-} naw you dont you cant put in whatever you like
Kat0uttaHell OTP (1 month ago)
How long I put the durag on for,
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Kat0uttaHell OTP til it dries
Ola ariori WAVY (1 month ago)
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Im2curly (1 month ago)
How long do u leave tha durag after tha shampoo in yo hair?
Hurricane Henry (1 month ago)
Im2curly rinse the shampoo out with durag on then keep it on until dry

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