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Stacked cargo containers in New Haven's "LEGO" apartments

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Christian Salvati of Marengo Structures thinks shipping containers make great building blocks, and in time, he hopes it will become an affordable and quick method of building homes. As full-scale R&D, in 2012, he built Connecticut’s first shipping container homes: a two-story duplex built from six containers. Two years later, he stacked higher using 27 containers to build a 6-unit apartment complex he hopes to rent to students in the New Haven area (the building is wedged between Yale and University of New Haven). While containers are uniform, modular and easily sourced (Salivati buys from a depot in Newark, NJ), the building process is still slower and more expensive than it should be given the lack of codes for this type of building. Salvati thinks that by sharing information, architects and builders can help improve both zoning issues and the currently steep learning curve that prevents containers from becoming a more universal modular alternative. Marengo Structures: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marengo-Structures-LLC/222829527734059
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Text Comments (911)
Tina Dudley (1 day ago)
How much will the rent be??
MrTerry2000 (2 days ago)
Interested in working with you.
John Doe (4 days ago)
i hope the dont use paint with chroom-6 in it .....
zeno C (6 days ago)
That's really cool
Robert Brown (7 days ago)
I designed and built homes for 30 years and I find these homes totally acceptable and quite possibly longer lasting and possibly much sturdier than conventional homes. I love the idea and the thought of easily going off grid using modern technology. I know and experienced the difficulties of presenting new forms of construction to conventional building departments for approval and it can be exasperating depending on the knowledge of the components of each building department. Great job and thanks for sharing.
Amber Sanford (16 days ago)
I love it. There is one about a mile away from me but they use them as office building. Its really cool looking. I'd love to live there.
DaBusyB (16 days ago)
The whole time I keep thinking about Alec Baldwin, lol. I've wanted a container home for years! Great vid!
ebay seller (18 days ago)
4:42 LOL so random
Rory Jakobs (25 days ago)
I think they'd be much more acceptable by the community if you had a greenwall or creepers growing on the side of the building, or even hire local artists do murals idk
P. Chretien (1 day ago)
Murals end up looking trashy over time. But a green wall would be super easy with aircrete.
luvaka08 (25 days ago)
This is awesome!!
Calvin Thapa (27 days ago)
Please bring this concept to North East India. The Hill People with little space and heavy rainfall would be glad to buy your Container Homes. I will be the first. I like Container Houses.
Issir Kiama (1 month ago)
I love ur work nice job.
I love your Idea; how could we get in contact with your company and due project with you. I would love to have a 3 level home built with the use of it fencing in my property and garage as well
Freedom Toast (1 month ago)
ROFL were you stoned making this video?
Freedom Toast (1 month ago)
lgmnow kondo (1 month ago)
love it...and love the golden arches in the background :)
GeronimoG Goyahkla (1 month ago)
I would think it would be Earth quake proof if they would set it up on a better foundation more like a concrete slab that would prevented it from collapsing it would give more stability to the grounds instead of being high from the ground and that would safe life’s for sure this could be the future way building safer way am building me one ☝️ thanks for the video it’s a very beautiful design way to go people 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
sand mors (1 month ago)
I am currently homeless living out of my broke down car and can't afford an apartment not even those offering so called percentage discounts for mixed income residents! My dream is to some day have my own place!!
sand mors (1 month ago)
How can I get in contact with this gentleman. I know where his apartment building is located. I always thought they were of a single home for a private resident. Please let me know how I can talk to him.
Azamyth (1 month ago)
a patnNa lol...
Charlie Kretzschmar (1 month ago)
I love it! Are you hiring? This is something I would love to help with and I have a great resume.
Jack Torrance (1 month ago)
Awesome! I want one.
big dee (1 month ago)
just paint it like a house
CARLOS SANCHEZ (1 month ago)
Good idea, as long as students don't have to rent fro Pikes anything else is good !!!!!!
Shawn Boudreaux (1 month ago)
Great idea, poor video
Our country. The new normal 'slave economy downsize exodus'. Dear God, people. Have some mercy on your victimized selves!!! We have a saying in my family's homeland, southern Ireland. My relatives, my brothers there know how to express it well, too. "We're FUCKED! The country's Fucked." Need I go on..?
Pastor Paul D (1 month ago)
Good things just don’t happen on there own , this man acted on this dream making it a reality. this is how everyone is equal because we all have the freedom to achieve but we all don’t have the balls to try because we don’t want to fail however if we never fail we never achieve, learn and succeed. Thank You, Pastor PaulD . ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH YESHWA /JESUS !!!
teenalazrovitch (1 month ago)
I think this is an awesome consip. It will last longer than wooden houses and possibly some brick homes.
raul albarracin (1 month ago)
Can a hurricane or a storm whirlpool move the containers. How do you tie them.?
raul albarracin (1 month ago)
I got it.
ken cumachu (1 month ago)
its depressing, horrible colors and set up. He needs to get a woman to help with the design and colors.
Robert Paulsen (1 month ago)
impressive job, really informative, TY
Lahir Patel (1 month ago)
What was the cost of building this type of apartment, not including the land?
Tasha A (1 month ago)
Cool recycling idea especially if there're no health hazards
Aa Qu (1 month ago)
Wow. I could buy 35 acres and stack these prefabricated containers on it. Amazing
2coryman (1 month ago)
MAIN problem could be that surrounded by metal possibly creates a lot of positive charged ions which would be bad for health, that problem needs to be addressed and what about being hit by lighting
Tommy Hayfield (2 months ago)
Does the state allow these in historical communities?
Sheila meri (2 months ago)
I live in a condo in Delray Beach, Florida.  My place seems to be made with cheap materials.  The windows are old and the frames bent.  You can't get to the outside to clean them.  One of the drawers is falling apart.  What I like about the containers and tiny homes is the quality behind them.  You can tell the quality of these homes and the care that goes into them.   I hope that doesn't change.  Of course my condo is about twenty five years old or more!!!  Thanks Kirsten, for all the videos that you take.  They are awesome!!!
Sheila meri (2 months ago)
Too bad they have to deal with building inspectors.  I hope some day to get a tiny home, or RV or something to live in that I love in an area that I love as well.  So much opportunity today.
Sheila meri (2 months ago)
This  guy knows his business and knows containers!!  And he will probably still be learning.  Very impressive!!
Sheila meri (2 months ago)
I think containers are wonderful.  They are sturdy and heavy.  Wonderful places to live.  Many people are using them.
Sheila meri (2 months ago)
Love the dog!!!
Sheila meri (2 months ago)
I wonder how these container homes do in electrical storms?  I love them though.  The insides are beautiful.  It seems that you can any kind of designing in them.  I have seen so many beautiful ones.  Where they have more than one.
dave lee (2 months ago)
cool. brilliant ideas.
Familia Santos (2 months ago)
Nossa ficou lindo eu teria coragem em mora num lugar desses.
mart van der zwan (2 months ago)
Very nice layout interior, but outside is very ugly, they should considered the colours much more and possible added wooden cladding in places, I can understand the neighbourhood being slightly put out by the big one, the second smaller one is better, the guy also is a bit of developer and sounds like it....
Someone Somewhere (2 months ago)
The building of these structures reminds me of shipbuilding. It was very compartmentalized building.
blunitesky123 (2 months ago)
I live just down the street from these. It took forever for them to complete this. Wait.... are they actually finished and have tenants yet?? Wish they didn't build it practically on the highway. Where they show the row of trees in front of the containers, well, besides the baseball field, the view from those windows is exit 44 on I95 in New Haven/West Haven Ct. Can't miss that orange from the highway either. Very easy to spot. And the view from the other side is not so great either, being that they built this in a very seedy part of town. Great concept though!! Would solve a lot of problems for low income housing or housing for veterans etc. Hope to see more in the future. Wish they could have put it somewhere nicer in town. Keep up the great work.
Samuel Montero (2 months ago)
How much, please don't tell me 2,400.00 thousands dollars
Drew Schiefelbein (2 months ago)
Hopefully this catches on someday, especially seeing this video is from 2014. I think this is a great idea.
Ferj Osio (2 months ago)
they could have at least hired a good architect to make it look better. nice economic material, but its hideous. could be better
Morris Falker (2 months ago)
I love it so much :D
Simon William (2 months ago)
NOT CHEAPER DONT SAY CHEAPER it allows us to build faster at a fraction of the cost 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Malphas (2 months ago)
why? To set president. That's exactly right
Robson Lucena (2 months ago)
Thank you for your projects and works. I am looking into another "LEGO Apartment". I drafting some remodeling on my house on the patio, based on 3 containers of 20 ft L. Based on 3,  It should be on the backyard front of the 2-storey house of 50 ft wide. On the left, 2-storey (on top of each other); and on the right side, one container on the top of the 2-storey (under pillars to hold on the top). My project should be on kind of DIY. I am an Metallurgical Engineer from Brazil, and I loved welding and production  work. I am looking to find some containers so I can get a best grasp of the work I will do, and some helpers, of course. Please let me know if you can send me some insights. For sure you could do some architecture draft (permit in Miami-Dade), so I can get all the details, for an estimate. Thank you!
Charles Lafferty (2 months ago)
Sorry no more then 10 yes. Cl
Anne (2 months ago)
shipping container stack and pack.. Amazing
DWORLD 2018 (2 months ago)
chris strupp (2 months ago)
thats cool around our way you could get away with morebecasuse some places aroudn here have no firecode
iraq iraq (3 months ago)
Great job...so creative...love it
Paula c (3 months ago)
I saw info about this concept years ago on a show called This Old House on PBS. Shipping containers were being left in a junk place so it was thought of as a recycling concept.
Alika Leslie (3 months ago)
Thanks for the info and Great Work👍🏽
topclass2008 (3 months ago)
it doesn't get better than this
Operator 801 (3 months ago)
As a U.S. soldier... I don't know what you think we do with our conexes, but we try to avoid them EVER being exposed to fire. We don't just have task forces running around examining all potential aspects of old beat up crates. We don't build residences out of them, we don't really use them as ANYTHING other than storage and maybe an OCCASIONAL temporary workspace on deployments. And I assure you that nobody is examining them for fire safety. We, *THE GOVERNMENT* really just have no meaningful research on the topic to share with you.
Michael Doster (3 months ago)
I hate apartments, but I like this! Well done!
59vaughn (3 months ago)
Good ideas....
Woxineau Crows (3 months ago)
I Love this for soooo many reasons it would solve the homelessness to I think =/~
chrisw (3 months ago)
is it rust proof ?
Black Storm (3 months ago)
Great vlog. I pray that a coming to agreement benefits both parties involved. Thanks for sharing! 😊 ☕ 👍
Gerardo V. (3 months ago)
They're metal, how is the heating issue?
Shakaama (3 months ago)
Kirsten what about sound proofing. I do voice over work and i want a container office / studio. should i just forget about it?
Joanne CEO (3 months ago)
This type of work makes me proud to say, I'm from Connecticut!"
Dante M (3 months ago)
mean while Dubai is building mega structures and America is building shit houses. What a shame
isabellabellisima (3 months ago)
Why would people be against this massive recycling potential!
Gus Rolls (3 months ago)
Hi what is the cost per square foot as built? You mention expansion joints with the flooring... With the sun heating up the metal wouldn't it be better to clad the south facing aspects?
Carolina Wren (3 months ago)
the future of housing whether we like it or not. Even with isocyanurate insulation isn't R30 6"? Why put R30 on walls? Exterior walls are furred out with metal studs? Where containers aren't ganged side by side an 8' wide container loses 12" to insulation and furring? It would be nice to see a functional and elegant detail for the roof edge - where R30 is required?
rory blake (3 months ago)
ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV (3 months ago)
This is a PHENOMENAL project one that I hope would set Presidence for Years to come for all those wanting to get a project going in any part of North America. I am SO dissapointed that the Government has the do's and don'ts with the Fire Coding etc but don't want to share. Isn't that a damm shame because this would mean People would have access to Economical living on a bigger Scale wich would help so many People at the same time but hey where there is a will there is always a way. I love this Project ! Props to you guys ! Great project I just have one question: Can I move in ? cheers !!
Roco Dux (3 months ago)
It does not look like it has to much support underneath
iinkUpHerb (3 months ago)
" You Noticed " 🤣😂
Stephen Flaim (3 months ago)
Much stronger than a trailer home.
X YZ (3 months ago)
How does wifi behave inside these metal boxes?
X YZ (3 months ago)
How do the walls breathe? Steel walls cannot breathe, so I would expect them to suffer from damp and mould. We've already had huge problems with very damp and mouldy cheap housing in the UK since tower blocks were first built in the 60s. They caused severe sickness, especially in children and the elderly. The poor people thought they were being helped but it turned into a nightmare for them.
ChrisT4 Edwoods (3 months ago)
Star Power (3 months ago)
NO. Concreat. Floor's. !!!! 🏴🏴🏴
Star Power (3 months ago)
Pretty. Studary. !!!
J Alvi (3 months ago)
Love the concepts. Perception and codes need a revamp.
Robertson Tirado (3 months ago)
Smart man.
D G (3 months ago)
I love this ideas of recycling.. so cool..
David Porowski (4 months ago)
Like & Subscribe Amazing video; GR8 Concept; Building Might Wreak Havoc on City Codes & HOA; Admire how you apparently negotiated with Building Inspectors & Fire Marshals Satisfactorily. Need to duplicate this construction for homeless; perhaps a new town or incorporation?
Joann Monkey (4 months ago)
HOLA, me encanto tu diseño, tienes los planos de la distribucion interior
MrPiper77 (4 months ago)
Is there a follow up?
Manuel Colon (4 months ago)
Will that hold hurricane wind force???
Ricky Ricardo (4 months ago)
Okay...this is for the ZOMBIE MASSES, who believe that this is just the most wonderful idea. This allegedly "great" idea, is all part of Agenda 21 - which most of you probably know nothing about! One important aspect (talk about thinking 'outside the box'!) that none of the posters seem to realize - is how hot that steel unit will get during the summer! Well; if the microwave millimeter waves that are coming with 5G don't cook you - the container will!
Helgi Vinton (4 months ago)
How is reception in the building?
rblibit (4 months ago)
I like the logic this man uses. VERY smart. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" - but I'll bet he has faced some SERIOUS opposition from the "building and zoning geeks." They will be resistant to change fearing you will eliminate the need for them (and you can, and SHOULD in many parts of the country - some of them are real NAZIs).
Duke One (4 months ago)
i wanted to build this in Philadelphia can you help me
Florence Scott (4 months ago)
Wow !!! Very Awesome. 😊😊😊😌👍❤️❤️👍👍👍Love it !!!
Austin Domingue (4 months ago)
How could one get ahold of this gentleman??

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