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Ambiem (Zolpidem) vs Rozerem

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Dylan Banocy (1 month ago)
I seak your friendship and counsel dylan banocy 2038480229 Facebook me kissing my girlfriend. help me.
Grandma Stuffums (5 months ago)
repaint your mural I love your'e deep dark beenis
Yfn Railo (8 months ago)
Is there anyway to contact u beyond YouTube ??
Mariah Mmk (10 months ago)
Ambien, melatonin, lunesta, and all the OTCs haven’t done anything for me. I cut out caffeine, screen time at night, have a sleep schedule. Still nothing. It’s like my brain and body fight sleep and I can’t control it
The Curious Sapien (9 months ago)
I feel ya Mariah, I've had chronic delayed sleep onset my whole life - from the age of 3. Tried them all, nothing works. This is most likely due to a genetic mutation in any of the 900+ genes that govern your sleep and circadian rhythms. Unfortunately people like us are just fucked, unfortunately, as I can take Ambien or Restoril after being up for 24 hours and stay completely awake. It makes my sleep studies useless and it feels like your body is trying to sabotage you. Unfortunately at 50 I have yet to find a solution other than taking Ambien (or soon to try this new Rozerem) on those occasions when I absolutely need to be up the next day and even though it takes a few hours, it often works the best. Some tricks I have found that work as well is taking Benadryl, which often knocks me out after a couple hours and is actually more effective than Ambien. Smoking pot also allows me to fall into a deep long sleep, though that is sometimes not an option, but also...much better than Ambien. I find that the best way to combat it thus far, which is probably what you have already discovered, is to just let your body do its thing. I often say my circadian rhythm is on a 32 hour cycle, as I tend to cycle around the clock eventually with my sleep period in the middle of the day and then all the sudden it will flip by making me stay awake for 26 - 30 hours and then reset. But light therapy, melatonin, et al have had little to no effect - though I still use them. My specialist says it is just an unfortunate genetic disorder and like most genetic diseases...you just have to find a way to live with it. But you are not alone - I've lived most my life getting by on only a few hours of sleep a day for years. Hopefully soon they'll find which genes can be fixed using Crisper/Cas9 gene therapy and we can correct this...but the latest studies have established it is a 900 gene problem and they have only just begun to look into it.
Christine Hillary Lee (2 years ago)
Informative! Thank you!
jewish bunnyrabbits (2 years ago)
Hey again, thanks for another great video. I love both your channels, very interesting stuff. I am currently watching the "Aging Sciemce," playlist. What I have seen so far blew my mind, I couldn't think of another place I could go to get that information so easily, so thanks a lot. What re your views on psychedelic drugs? You did some videos on modafinil, talking about how it is falsely advertised, which I do agree with. What do you think about full dose and microdosing experiences of psychedelic drugs? I have been interested in it for a while, and I would love to hear what you think about it. Thanks again for everything.
Qwer Qwer (2 years ago)
Will you compare antidepressants or just speak about their cognitive effects? It would be really great.
Alex Lobman (2 years ago)
Very informative, thank you!
Gal Ganor (2 years ago)
.I really liked the key analogy , great video. There is another "cronin" out there , and he is much more illusive... ,He'll go 10 minutes over Piracetam*(insert any compound) trials and research blow the results , and then apply his sales pitch . While cronin clearly does not know anything about what he talks about , this guy throws a bunch of "complex" sentences with scientific words to juggle the audience where he wants. Bragging about not ordering pizza after 8 hours with no food , BECAUSE OXIRACETAM GAVE HIM THE WILL POWER. Side effects of being workaholic and self control, with a generic "nootropic brand mix" He charges 100$ for 25 minutes "bio hacking consultation" , just absurd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BxhDkOb9YI You mentioned you're busy in other videos , but IMO this guy has bought his spot
Henrik (2 years ago)
I really like your videos! :) Do you have any knowledge about the medicine called Lyrica? I've gotten it prescribed and have taken it for a little less than a year now. It really turned my life around, and although the doses sadly gets bigger though for me to be able to get the effect I still like it, since I've never been this happy before in my whole. I Recently got a new doctor and he basicly said I was destroying my body with that medicine. The doctors I talk to all say dfferent things about it and idk who to trust anymore. Would love to hear you talk about it!

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