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reminder I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!!!! love u guys
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Regina George (16 hours ago)
Personally I’d not go on BC because my skin is manageable and I’m not sexually active but I have severe cramps and heavy periods sometimes that it makes me feel blessed when my period is late... This only lasts 2-3 days of my period then it becomes ‘normal’ so it’s not too bad. Also, I’ve noticed people who go on forms of birth control have breast growth and lower abdomen weight gain which are two of the places I’d rather not gain weight in. Anyways, if they made a birth control that causes weight loss I’d probably go on it which sounds kind of sick but honestly I can’t be bothered with weight gain due to family members who are already severely obese or overweight and I don’t want to join the club.
Regina George (16 hours ago)
By the way, I don’t mean to come across selfish towards weight related stuff but after seeing the affects of being overweight/obese such as constantly feeling ill or pain in the joints, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer etc. (the same goes for smoking) it’s made an impact on my point of view
Nia Sanders (1 month ago)
I will just use condems
lesly tirado (1 month ago)
I been in birth control pills for almost three months and this (third month) my boobs hurt so bad they are so sensitive and sore. I dont even know my body anymore. I also gain weight :(
Lina Barron (1 month ago)
It was probably water weight
Gina Monte (1 month ago)
Lmao you’re funny.
Kaitlyn Hubbard (1 month ago)
My dermatologist prescribed me to birth control pills for my acne but honestly all the side affects ruins it for me. I was on it for a bit but I'm so afraid of gaining weight and like then coming off the pill being heavy and having worse acne so me it doesn't make sense to mask the problem but idek how to get clear skin anymore 😟 my hormones are so out of wack.
CandellaLeFay (2 months ago)
Ever_ lasting (2 months ago)
Girl same. I was a late bloomer in the 8th grade. And I'm being put on birth control for my cyst ... And I'm pretty small as well.
mariah rocheleau (3 days ago)
Ever_ lasting I’m being put on birth control for my ovarian cysts and I’m sooo scared I’m already self conscious about my weight and I don’t want to gain more
kitty meow meow (2 months ago)
Im getting mine taken out tomorrow, i feel like its made me more emotional and i deffinitly have gained weight. I dont blame it all on the bc but it has been harder to lose weight with it.
kitty meow meow (2 months ago)
What song is that in the background?:)
sandra florez (1 month ago)
I think its chris brown flame 👌
Lovely Pilotss (2 months ago)
Who is this bitch? More like who is this QUEEN! <3
Haley Miller (2 months ago)
<3 <3 <3
Chloe (2 months ago)
i take Yaz and it hasn’t affected my weight at all like other pills have
Charmion Robinson (3 months ago)
Thanks for this video. I can relate with the weight gain and also the torturous periods that put me down for days. Getting my birth control removed this week and going to look for a different alternative to help with my periods.
Haley Miller (2 months ago)
good luck!! <3
vivianna barraza (3 months ago)
I got on the implant in aug2016 also got in a relationship sept 2016.. I start off at 140lbs ish and by the time it was 2018 I realized how big I got which was my biggest weight ever at 202lbs. I switch my birth control to chanteal and it was cool but I just left my bf and moved out 4 days ago. Quit birth control and now I feel 10x better and now weigh 190lbs. I hope I go back into my starting weight/:
Haley Miller (2 months ago)
good luck babe, i'm glad you're feeling better :)
Khaycee Steele (3 months ago)
What birth control pill did u take
A C (3 months ago)
Myrna Tulagan (3 months ago)
I experience the opposite
Carolina Bladinieres (3 months ago)
I'm angry that not even doctors knows what to do in this types of things. I know that every body reacts differently on a hormonal treatment but I also see that there is not much research going on on this matter, I've been diagnoste with PCOS, I have some friends with this too, and effects are horrible, weight gain, acne, irregular period, body hair. I`ve been talking to doctors, and the only kinda solution I get is to make de PCOS diet ( which is horrible too).. Does anyone feels the same? :(
Jordan (4 months ago)
I went on BC to prevent pregnancy back when I was in a relationship, I am no longer in a relationship so I don't really need it anymore and I am considering going off. BC made my skin FLAWLESS but had made me gain around 10 lbs mostly all in my boobs- which may sound like a good thing but its not!! I hate having big boobs and for some reason it makes me incredibly insecure. I am a super clean eater and regular exerciser and before I went on the pill i was feeling the healthiest and leanest i ever had, and right after I started taking it I had extreme cravings that were so hard to say no to. BC has been great at regulating my period and clearing up my skin but i think its time to go off.
Baby Doll (4 days ago)
Jordan this might be a good thing for my boobs haha 😂they small asf
Rachel Vermillion (8 days ago)
Damn, I thought I was the only one who hated having big boobs.
Jordan (3 months ago)
Pill. I've been off it for about month now.
Darkeyta Johnson (3 months ago)
Jordan were you on the pill or the shot ??
Haley Miller (3 months ago)
good luck!!!! i hope it goes well for you! BC seriously is such an annoying trial and error
Tula Borges (4 months ago)
Holy shit. Exact same here. Super small & skinny until sophomore year when I started taking the pill
Tula Borges (3 months ago)
omg thank you for this response. motivated me even more to go off now
Miss Hawk (3 months ago)
Tula Borges I was super small and skinny until I began birth control in college... then the weight packed on, and nothing I do can help me lose it... I’m on the implant, and I was going to get it switched out because it was about to expire and the month leading up to it expiring I lost 30 pounds...
Tula Borges (4 months ago)
Haley Miller planning on going off after this summer- about how long did it take for the excess weight to come off after quitting the pill and about how long did it take for the acne to lash back?
Haley Miller (4 months ago)
soooo frustrating!
Salomé Guzman (4 months ago)
Just started taking BC after endometrial scarring removal about a month ago. So far, munchies, bloated tummy, breast tenderness and wicked mood swings. really wish it were optional for me. Thanks for sharing btw! /:
Haley Miller (4 months ago)
i'm sorry girl ): i really hope things start looking up for you! <3
Katie Hannah (4 months ago)
Birth control made me gain 40lbs+ over the past year or so, and no I didn't eat differently or exercise less. It just slammed on when I started taking it and now I've stopped and had the coil fitted, it's all shedding now. I don't have a pregnant looking stomach anymore.
Haley Miller (4 months ago)
i feel you. so annoying ):
Jxmarte 5 (5 months ago)
What kind of birth control did u go on before when you gained all the weight?
Jamilla Everett (4 months ago)
Depo make you gain weight I’m in it i gained a lot even developed lots of stretch marks everywhere
Haley Miller (4 months ago)
i dont remember the brand im sorry!! ):
soof 15 (5 months ago)
Youre not a late bloomer when ur 14 lol
soof 15 (5 months ago)
I sure hope it does. Im skinny and done with people commenting on my weight
Kaylene Jenkins (4 months ago)
Over It holy shit same I’m 17 and 88 pounds
Haley Miller (5 months ago)
make sure you talk to your doctor first and dont just go on it for that specific reason! birth control does a lot of things to your body and I would not be on it if it werent for my periods so just make sure you talk to them first <3
Laura Velasco (5 months ago)
I was 20 pounds before birth control, now I’m 150. I’m stopping birth control this month hopefully I lose it all!😭
Danipoo1997 (1 month ago)
I hope you meant 120 pounds lol but did u lose it
Lrnmxx (5 months ago)
Honestly I think scientists are missing something when they say there's no evidence that the pill makes you gain weight because In four months I've gain 3kg, my diet and lifestyle has stayed the same (if not gotten slightly better!) and I've always been the same weight. I track what I eat and my exercise with my FitBit and it showed that the only thing that has changed is the fact I take the pill - its crazy looking at the graph just steadily going up. Also I though that perhaps it was my diet so I've been very careful with my food and have been working out even more but I don't seem to be able to loose the weight! I remember my mate had a personal trainer and they recommended coming off it when trying to loose weight so I 'm coming off it for two months and I'm going to see what happens. I'll keep you updated lolz
Ali M (6 months ago)
What kind of birth control did you use
Haley Miller (6 months ago)
I'm currently on Seasonal, which means I only get my period every 3 months
mgkaisen (6 months ago)
is it just me or is the background music KILLING anyone else
Haley Miller (6 months ago)
im sorry
Haley Miller (6 months ago)
ANY comment that is racist or offensive will be removed. I do not tolerate that.
tacyrabg (6 months ago)
You have beautiful skin
Haley Miller (6 months ago)
thank you so much!
Kaprece Renee (6 months ago)
Her teeth are perfect
Haley Miller (6 months ago)
omg thank you
kimberly bruce (6 months ago)
When My friend got on it she lost weight like alot ;3;
Haley Miller (6 months ago)
interesting! it's different for everyone
Christy Cortez (7 months ago)
Man I feel the doctors are BSing when they say it doesnt make you gain weight. I had the Implanon for 3 years and kept a steady weight of 125lbs but once I took it out and got the Nexplanon I gained 20lbs after 4 years on it. I have recently taken it out and am hoping to shed the weight. I took it out because I could not lose weight after constantly working out and changing my diet, I could not get less than 140 which was soooo frustrating. Anyone else have this problem?
Haley Miller (7 months ago)
I'm not familiar with either of those kinds but I definitely agree with ya about doctors BSing haha. it sucks ): i hope you find something that works for you <3
cynthia green at heart (7 months ago)
That's how I feel I gained like around 16 yo 18 I plan to get off them and try the IUD let's see how that goes.I feel like being on the pill makes you want to eat alot of junkie food.
cynthia green at heart (6 months ago)
Haley Miller thanks for the response :)♡
Haley Miller (7 months ago)
yeah i agree!!
Destini Ranae (7 months ago)
So does it really make you gain weight or does it make you hungry?
Haley Miller (7 months ago)
of course!! definitely do your research and talk to your doctor. i mean for me, it has helped me out a lot as well. my skin is a lot better and my periods are absolutely horrendous so for me i sort of have to be on it. but good luck love!!
Destini Ranae (7 months ago)
Haley Miller wow okay thank you love its just i was thinking about taking it but im not so sure now 😩
Haley Miller (7 months ago)
I actually dont know ): for me it doesnt seem to change my appetite but more so my metabolism and losing weight
Sharon Peake (7 months ago)
Might be because the sugar pills u get in the pack
Haley Miller (7 months ago)
i dont take the sugar pills!
Kitty Kush (8 months ago)
I gained quite a bit of weight when I got nexplanon never had this happen to me on the pill plus since I got the nexplanon which was nearly 4 months ago I have not stopped bleeding. getting this horrible thing out Feb 5 thank god!
Miss Hawk (3 months ago)
Kitty Kush I’ve had a pretty bad time on nexplanon too! I’m getting it out tomorrow. Ive gained so much weight (have had the implant for four years, was too scared to get it out....) it’s my second implant, and when my first implant was about to expire I lost 30 pounds in a month without even trying....
Haley Miller (8 months ago)
ugh thats awful!!!! happy for you to get it out
Rocio Flores (8 months ago)
Which one Is the best??
Dr. Avalanche (8 months ago)
Whats that chris brown song you used?
Haley Miller (8 months ago)
New Flame!
TheElleification (8 months ago)
Everyone is different, but I believe all forms of birth control will make you gain weight. Birth control messes with your hormones and makes your body think you’re already pregnant, and that’s how it prevents pregnancy. The first few pounds sneak up on you, but once you notice it, you have to be very strict about your diet and exercise to prevent any further weight gain.
Haley Miller (8 months ago)
i do think it can depend on the person as well!
aliyah drissi (8 months ago)
I got on birth control about 3 months ago and I’m already experiencing weight gain. I look bloated all the time and my lower belly is always more puffed up than the rest of my belly. I eat healthier than over 80% if the population. I eat a plant based diet with no carbs except for quinoa no added sugar or anything with added sodium. I was 132 now I’m 146 I’m so upset but for my skin birth control is necessary. I’ve been working out and eating even cleaner but the weight won’t come off😭
Nida Wongsri (19 days ago)
Girl! Same I thought I was the only one. I gain hella wait and it was making me sleepy af and unmotivated. I’m getting mine remove soon I been having it for 2 years
Sad Girl 389 (2 months ago)
aliyah drissi OMG really I was 135 and now I'm 147.😭
Dana Dial (4 months ago)
Same with me! I need it to clear my skin so if I get off it/switch to a different one it sucks either way. Do you have any updates about it??
Tula Borges (4 months ago)
SAMEEEE this gives me hope
Clorox (5 months ago)
It’s probably water retention you can’t gain weight out of nowhere If you stop the pill the weight will go away
prestigious23 (9 months ago)
I’m here because I stopped it and lost around 20 as well. I was scared because I wasn’t doing anything to lose but got blood work and was normal. It’s good that I ran into your video. I stopped cause i was gonna try for my third baby but after around 3 months after not being able to went back but on Mylan because it supposedly has less hormones or something like this.
Elisha Navarro (9 days ago)
i’m on birth control rn and my weight went from 128 to 139. I dont know what to do :((((
Ciara Grace (6 months ago)
oh my goodness, I gained EXACTLY 20 and I'm experiencing the same thing...would you please tell me how long it took you to loose it? So far I'm about five weeks off my last patch (I was on Xulane, a heavy dosage patch) and so far nothings changed much. I'm hoping after my first regular cycle It will start to come off
prestigious23 (9 months ago)
Yes it is girl 💕🙏 thanks for talking about it !!
Haley Miller (9 months ago)
ugh it's so stressful trying to find the right one! <3
Demia Me (9 months ago)
Bruh I see so many people in the comments saying that they gained a bunch of weight using depo😐 there have been studies conducted about depo and they have found that depo will most likely cause you to gain weight more than other forms of birth control, so if you’re still choosing to use it, then that’s on you🤷🏽‍♀️ there are over 20 different forms of birth control, and most of them don’t cause you to gain 100 pounds....just stay away from depo and find something that you like🤦🏾‍♀️
Peyton Donaldson (10 months ago)
Hey I just found your channel! Loved the video! ☺️
Haley Miller (10 months ago)
thank you! <3
Jax The Tuna (10 months ago)
Reduce your salt intake. It increases water retention. And stay hydrated at all times.
Haley Miller (10 months ago)
ugh i love salt tho:/ lol i try! haha
latreveate stephens (11 months ago)
i got my birth control as a senior in high school , you did it early lol
Haley Miller (11 months ago)
latreveate stephens I was missing school because of my periods and was pretty much bed ridden for 1/4 of each month because of how bad they were! I wish I could have waited believe me hahaha
LIFE& KIDS (11 months ago)
I hated the implant
Nya Apple (8 months ago)
The iud?
Haley Miller (11 months ago)
yeah i've heard of some people who have had some really bad experiences with it!
diana sabado (11 months ago)
When doing birth control, is it a good idea to gain weight???
Adriana Reinoso (3 months ago)
My friend was extremely skinny now she is in birth control and looks goood!
Haley Miller (10 months ago)
i'm sorry I just saw this! but i would definitely ask your doctor first. taking bc is a huge decision as it affects your hormones in many different ways!
diana sabado (11 months ago)
Haley Miller what I meant was if I want to gain weight is it a good idea to take a birth control pill at the age of 15?
Haley Miller (11 months ago)
i'm not sure what you mean by this! but i think if you have any questions regarding health you should ask your doctor since i'm not 100% sure and wouldnt want to give you wrong information! :)
Great video 💘 the way you explained it with a bit of sarcasm!!
Hailey Breonna (1 year ago)
This helps so much thank you !!!
Katherine German (1 year ago)
I gained weight and was so depressed taking depo. But it could be from what I was going thru which was difficult. But When I stopped I felt better and less foggy.
Chloe Labry Please stop using it, you've already used it for a year and it's recommended not to keep using after the year because it can cause osteoporosis and it takes eight months to a year for the hormones to wear off. I was on it for about a year also and I was diagnosed with PCOS and stopped having my cylce for a little over five years. I'm becoming more regular now, I'm so blessed.
90xo (7 months ago)
I think Depo causes depression. I was also horribly depressed when on it. I didn’t want to get up out of bed, wasn’t social, didn’t remember feeling happy once. Now I’m 2 months off of it and feel alive. Biggest regret of my life. Not to mention gaining 40 pounds off of it all in my stomach and face area. Horrible
Nya Apple (8 months ago)
Are you taking any bc besides depo ?
La Lilop (9 months ago)
Depo is the only form of birth control that does actually make you gain weight
Demia Me (10 months ago)
Katherine German why would you use depo??😭 there are medical studies that specifically said that depo makes you gain weight so why would you use it???😭😭😂👋🏾
Samantha Runyon (10 months ago)
I'm scared to go on birth control for my period my stomach is swollen you look pretty
Samantha Runyon ok I gotta go on birth control for mine to i hope I don't get fat
Mikaela Marie (1 year ago)
Hi thanks for sharing! Which Birth control brand made u gained weight originally?
Rose Mendoza (1 year ago)
Haley Miller was it Taytulla?
Haley Miller (1 year ago)
Hi! I'm not sure the exact brand, it began with a T and came in like a royal blue package!
Christelle Majarucon (1 year ago)
Did you lost the weight immediately after getting off? I'm on the 2nd month now since getting off and nothing still happens. I was kinda skinny back then and track what I'm eating. But now, I just can't lose the weight I gained which has not happened before. I'm so desperate :(
Jasmin Naomi (9 months ago)
I got on the pill when i was 17, Im now 20. i was quite small, and I had gained a lot of weight really quickly. I was able to track my weight gain as a i had decided to do my deb, and i bought a dress 1-2 months prior to my Debutante night. I had multiple fittings until the deb, and every single time i went back, i had to keep getting it bigger, and altered so it would fit me. Since then, (2014) I have gained just under 20kgs. I currently am on the pill, and I get my period every 3 months as recommended by my doctor. I get excruciating pains where I have considered getting rid of my lady parts so I no longer get it anymore. Im about to hop off it for a while to see if i have any sudden weight changes. Im definitely going to document everything!!! i have also stayed at the same weight, and sightly increase. I have not been able to lose weight at all.
Aaliyah (9 months ago)
amanda michelle I was 110 when I started and got off at around 160. This was within 2 years fortunately. (others gain 50 lbs in 3 months) I've been off it for 6 months and haven't lost any weight. I don't think we should COMPLETELY blame weight gain on the birth control because I wasn't eating healthy at first. I feel like you should ask your doctor for thyroid tests, ovarian cysts tests, pcos etc. because there are MANY women who leave birth control with problems causing infertility.
Martha Alicia Moreno (1 year ago)
Christelle Majarucon I think you start to see results after 6 months
amanda michelle I gained 8kgs
amanda michelle (1 year ago)
Christelle Majarucon hey, i'm about to go on birth control and hope to gain weight while on it, as well as for it's other purposes. Did you really gain weight? How much? sorry, i know this is probably a strange request but i would really love to know your weight gain experience. xx
Gerrina Rovan Benitez (1 year ago)
When I wasn't pregnant I just weight 104lbs. when I gave birth to my kid I gained 47lbs. and it is such a shame that I just gained just like that. I'm on my 6th month of taking birth control and it's horrible. I don't know what to do with it and I don't know how to deal with my weight gaining.
Haley Miller (1 year ago)
it's super hard to deal with. i think accepting it is the first (and hardest) step. once you kinda say to yourself "okay so this happened. i can either dwell on it forever or i can accept it and try to make some simple changes to better myself!" things get a little easier. so far the only thing that has helped me shed some weight while being on the pill was cutting out meat and dairy from my diet!!! good luck with everything love <3
i gained 8kgs on the implant its affected my self esteem so much .thank u for the video its good when women talk openly about such issues
Hanna Omar (1 year ago)
NTHABISENG TSITSI MOTLOUNG how long were you on the it before you gained the weight?
Simmply Samm (1 year ago)
NTHABISENG TSITSI MOTLOUNG I've gained 8 kgs on it too it's been 10minths ??
Haley Miller (1 year ago)
i'm sorry to hear that): and thank you for enjoying i agree with you so much!
Foodislife ! (1 year ago)
I love youuuuuuu
Haley Miller (1 year ago)
i love you :)))
Cecilia Elizabeth (1 year ago)
Thanks for being open and discussing this issue on YouTube. While I have no experience with this particular issue, it's important to stay educated and be informed on health topics.
Haley Miller (1 year ago)
thank you!:)

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