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Plant-Based Bioidentical Hormones

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Text Comments (18)
M B (2 months ago)
So what are we meant to do, curl up and die.? What about all the women that swear by bio identical hormones, are they imagining the positive effects? Dr Greger you also give no alternatives. Im pretty sure a plant based diet cannot replace lost hormones..
Cat R. (3 months ago)
Jeff Andersen (4 years ago)
You're usually correct on most topics Dr Greger, This topic is one exception. Suggest looking at the work of Dr John Lee and Dr Jonathan Wright.
Eddie MacD (1 year ago)
If it is the same Dr Jonathan Wright, it would be difficult to trust those running a Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing business as a reliable and objective source of information.
Breezy Bear (3 years ago)
Thanks, I will look up those Drs as additional resources:)
TodaysRealHealth (4 years ago)
If you go plant vegan after months of doing so and your body having had the chance to get rid of all animal hormones, fats, proteins, slaughterhouse memories ( those hormones do not cook out) You will find 15-20 years a younger face and body starring back at you. Google the positives on plant vegans, download apps for recipes and raw recipes. You will never have eaten so many delicious foods you prior never knew you could! Go mostly organic and shorten the process! Get fresh herbs or organic spices daily into all your foods!! Watch young men flirting with you, hahaha, like 20 years younger!! Or your female friends becoming insecure about your new found youth and appearance, if friends or family wants the old, fat, tired you back, be strong, rather help them and encourage them. God will thank you, god takes care of those that take care of the body he gave us. I hope this helps. Remember, one month alone plant vegan is not going to reverse 30, or 40, or 50 years of unknowing abuse to our body's, mind and spirit. But it will happen. And its so fun.
TodaysRealHealth (4 years ago)
Thank you
Mctrav (5 years ago)
So, what are we meant to do?  Live with it?
hobo1975 (5 years ago)
great whats the alternative then if a person has hormonal problems.synthetic hormones seem not to help.
makeapennycry (6 years ago)
Then what is the best choice for hormone replacement therapy for a woman who needs it?
Lily_Rose (6 years ago)
The person speaking on these videos is not a "commentator," but Dr. Gregor himself. His delivery style seems natual and unaffected to me. What I find annoying is information delivered in monotone. Dr. Gregor has his own unique and recognizable way of speaking. What a pity if he were to change it to a generic spokesmans' style. BTW, emotional inflection in a voice is natural when someone believes in the importance of what they're saying.
clday217 (6 years ago)
His message is the important issue here.
Joe Richardson (6 years ago)
What about compounded bioidentical vaginal applications?
zorilya (6 years ago)
just as an added note. i'm not a fan of his delivery either but i realise that is his choice.
zorilya (6 years ago)
you know man, if you let everyone's personal expression style get in the way of your learning the only one who it is hurting is you.... would you change the way you talk just because someone said it was annoying? I hope not.... i sincerely hope the only reason one would change is because they see a genuine reason (i.e. not a social peer review) why the way they conduct themselves is to their own detriment. please think before selfishly asking someone to change for you.
meredith051 (6 years ago)
I wish I could make it through these video's. They are of great interest but the commentator is so obnoxious for me. The hesitations for no reason, breaks where there are no periods. The gross exaggeration in the lilt of the voice... irritating as hell. Could you please try and tone it down a bit. I really want to know your opinions..... You're not addressing three year olds. Thanks if you do :)
Vince (1 year ago)
I watched a LOT of nutrition videos from many different people and Dr. Greger is short and concise in his video with the delivery of the information compared to many, many others. Keep up the great work Dr.
Diana Fleischman (6 years ago)
I worked on a study on the Perimenopause at the Center for Women's Mood Disorders where we used a soy derived transdermal estrogen patch. Normally I love your videos but here you missed the mark. You should familiarize yourself with the Timing Hypothesis. Evidence points to the idea that heart health and mental health are better on average when they take estrogen during the menopause transition. The Women's Health Initiative participants were 63 on average, too old to start estrogen replacement.

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