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Modafinil: SMART DRUG for Super Students! 2013

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A report on the super brain drug Modafinil -- IT REALLY WORKS! Growing numbers of university students are said to be using a narcolepsy drug to keep up with their peers and get through exams. Some students are using cognitive enhancing drugs, or "smart" drugs, to help them get through exams. But scientists say they are putting themselves at risk because they are buying them over the internet and the long term risks are unknown. Enjoy! FYI: Modafinil is the generic version of Provigil. ETHICS??? 1:57 "If taking Modafinil gives students an advantage, does it also constitute cheating?" TOO LATE! Top students have been using these FOR YEARS! Now it is used to keep even with the others! Modafinil: Smart Drug for Top Students Source: Sky News Reporter: Mark White Original Airdate: 27SEP2013 SUPER BRAIN DRUGS THAT REALLY WORK! SUPER BRAIN PILLS THAT REALLY WORK! SMART DRUGS/NOOTROPICS/ANALEPTICS COGNITIVE ENHANCERS/COGNITION ENHANCERS VIAGRA FOR THE BRAIN! DISCLAIMER: I Do not own any of this video. This is purely for entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.
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Luca Signorello (1 year ago)
try not to order of the Internet I try so many company that sell when I got it in the mail I started my first pill I was feeling ok after 40min after talking it the dose per pill was 100mg so I started using it for 6 months until I started getting head and back pain so I went to my doctor and told him what I was talking over the Internet he said why didn't you just come to me first I would give you a persecution so he gave me a 3 week suply I started taking it they were also 100mg per pill my friend after 40min of taking it it was a different drug it made me feel 100 times better then the one from the Internet was now after 3 years of taking it my life changed I love it am taking some pain killers is med bring you down like you don't want to to anything so I take 1 tablet 30min later I what to do stuff even remember what I was going to do months from now what an amazing pill my friends if you can get the real deal stuff from your doctor not the Internet you never no thanks for this opportunity to tell my story
On the off chance that you are searching for the best place to get modafinil you should attempt emodafinil site the augmentation is dotcom.
Dontell Demus (1 year ago)
The irony is that whites take Adderall and other mentally enhancing drugs to do well on exams, then flagrantly boast about how "IQ" predicts everything in life and is 80% genetic. The fact is that Asian kids don't need drugs to do well in school. Even ones with average IQ's, among higher IQ peers.
jacob 1996 (9 months ago)
Dontell Demus agreed
Chels T (2 years ago)
What a beautiful campus
tony black (2 years ago)
Fucking hell the Country being run by fucking Coke Heads and their worried about this Shit.
Danny A (3 years ago)
This guy needs a new chair
Dexie Xo (4 years ago)
DO NOT order Modafinil from ModafinilDirect.com. I ordered from them and it was seized by CBP and they refused to give me a refund!!
tony black (2 years ago)
+Dexie Xo I use Modafinilcat, based in Bombay , sails through Customs, only thing is , after taking this stuff , I have the urge to pull my trousers down and have a massive shit in the middle of the street.

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