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Closer with Charlie Puth | An Optus Original series

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A look inside my home recording studio. #YesMusic
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Viridiana Lugo (1 day ago)
Te amo ❤️ Charlie puth
Luis Hernandez (1 day ago)
does anyone know what all he on the rack of outboard gear? i saw ua 1176 but i couldnt really recognize anything elseeee....helpppppp
Kree Parish (2 days ago)
Charlie puth I’m in love with your vibes
Kree Parish (2 days ago)
He’s amazing
dynism (2 days ago)
Any 2018?
boomerang instagram (2 days ago)
3:39 he was so proud of his song lol
Joshua fowler (2 days ago)
4:33 the inspiration for Done for Me
sweet n spicy (3 days ago)
I would just love to watch a video of him working on a song
ThxForLoggingIn (3 days ago)
*So baby pull me closer*
Elvin Muller (3 days ago)
Witch software do you Use Logic pro x or Fl Studio
Fhh Ctty (4 days ago)
Hello, Charlie Puth I'm from Laos I like you so much
Ragj90 (5 days ago)
I recently realize that charlie do "done for me" at 4:32
Sinat Oun (8 days ago)
ziqniweh king (8 days ago)
He use a Samsung monitor with apple mouse and keyboard 🤷
Nice video New music video click here #RhythmicRajChatterjee
Kate B. :) (10 days ago)
Polly’s Gaming (12 days ago)
I love you soooo much charle puth
Top Videos Kh Official (12 days ago)
Fornite (13 days ago)
dec 8 it my birthday and i dont know that you post the video love charlie @cambodia
Yuna (13 days ago)
sooo obsessed of your work on music <3 like you brought the 70's , 80's and the 90's back to life on the right track and I LOVE YA for that...cuz I'm from the 80's generation so I'm sooo into your music style and vibes
Dilmurod M (14 days ago)
You talented
MochiMochi (15 days ago)
he's such a dork lol <3 really cute tho
KSI (15 days ago)
What DAW he use?
ujjwal1100nj (16 days ago)
Charlie is talented
Shelby Davis (16 days ago)
I like. 1 call away
Shelby Davis (16 days ago)
I am a big fan of you 😍😍😍😍
Karin Miller (16 days ago)
Why don't we guess, which band it could be? #limelights
Sahadat (19 days ago)
What is your mobile apps name where you record your voice??
Gary Lawrence (20 days ago)
What a fascinating human being.
Elizette Joys Monsale (21 days ago)
Jamming to your own song 😍😍
Elizette Joys Monsale (21 days ago)
Attention @ 1:45 🔥
Kavin Blooms (26 days ago)
melda ünal (28 days ago)
Senin kıçını mıncırırım şapşik 💕
Proloy Karmakar (30 days ago)
How many watching this in 2018
Sir Bazzamous (30 days ago)
Gucci slides my guyyyyyy
Biplab Roy (1 month ago)
Who loves Charlie hit likes
J YU (1 month ago)
I think he's cooler than Ed Sheeran.
LShan Perera (1 month ago)
True Artist I ll give YOU that ❤️
Aditiya budhathoki (1 month ago)
Charlie i love u sooo much U r my real idol...😇😇 plz reply😯😯😯
Serena (1 month ago)
so unbelievably talented 🙌🏼
Valery Piscoche (1 month ago)
I love him I love and admire how he enjoys with his work (music) its amazing how he can be a child again when music is playing
Edward Cooper (1 month ago)
This guy is insanely talented
Graciela Borges (1 month ago)
para mi es un Chico hermoso con mucho.talento no se ingles muy básico pero si tengo oído y me.encanto la primera vez k lo vi cantar x youtube y a pesar d ser yo una señora mayor su música me encanta su voz es muy.peculiar tiene un carácter hermoso siempre sonriente k eso nos compra para mi es como.si fuera mi.ñieto pero me gusta su voz y es un talentoso Desde URUGUAY yo lo sigo todo su material d música SUERTE CHICO DIOS TE SIGA ILUMINANDO TUS PADRES ORGULLOSO DE TI .MUCHOS ÉXITOS.
Anh Tuan Nguyen (1 month ago)
So cute
ra mi (1 month ago)
내사랑 푸쓰♡puthhh♡♡
Ronel Losito (1 month ago)
Mayana Thao (1 month ago)
sooo obsessed with your soul!!! u found a way to let it express itself in the most beautiful art : music....your great!!!!! best artist ive heard in the last 10 years ..ur inspiring me to make music and sing more:)
Jenny Marson (1 month ago)
Why Charlie is my crush.... His voice,like I'm obsessed with his voice. There something in his voice that is so special that no one can copy,it's different in a good way,it's beautiful and every time I heard his voice I went crazy!! It's just PERFECT❤️❤️❤️
Riy99 Bl (1 month ago)
Lol... he dosnt need any instruments. All the musical sounds he makes with his mouth is just fab!
Julie Julie (1 month ago)
charlie puth Producer music👍👍
Gurpreet Brar (1 month ago)
Wow..you are very innovative man...Love you.
Lekhana Sujatha (1 month ago)
I genuinely love you from the bottom of my heart 💚♥♥♥♥♥♥
Lekhana Sujatha (1 month ago)
I genuinely love you from the bottom of my heart 💚♥♥♥♥♥♥
jasmin desai (2 months ago)
I love everything in you but the one thing I and hopefully everyone likes is your smile 😊 love you 😘
Sub Raro (2 months ago)
7:07 with Shawn mendes
John Frost (2 months ago)
Gotta admit it, the mans got talent. And tbh I wasn't a huge fan of his first stuff but ovb respected the talent but I'm really digging the new stuff big time. Also good to see an artist grow.
Mary sindhu (2 months ago)
Charlie 😍 😍
Katy Keen (2 months ago)
So on this is the start of the way I am 💝💙
Elvina Useinova (2 months ago)
Ishaan Rathod (2 months ago)
And my teacher has also scolded me
Ishaan Rathod (2 months ago)
You are same like me Charlie, I also also do not like to say the notes
Musical mansi (2 months ago)
fairmaidenvoyage87 (2 months ago)
He is so talented!
Noam Shachar (2 months ago)
The chords he improvised at 4:41 are going to be the obes from "done for me"!
Bhavya Dumra (2 months ago)
I had a question since months...no matter I will be just 13 on 12th Sep. And that question is When are you coming to India..? Please answer....I bet you I am the biggest Puthinator in India....what I want as birthday gift is A T-shirt on which it is written Charlie Puth..... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
T C (2 months ago)
Charlie Puth is the only person that can brag about his perfect pitch and look or sound like a complete douche. He is amazing.
Harshal Thapa (2 months ago)
Who is lovin with his voice
Clarissa LybertyGod (2 months ago)
seeing him like this really shows me who he is as a person he's really cool
Racheal O'Brien (2 months ago)
That song is really good name it how long
Rishita Ghosh (2 months ago)
*"I can just hear the record and i can just play it back from memory"* Wooaah that's what Mozart used to do
Emma Certiberi (2 months ago)
My favorite boyband really wants to work with you Charlie. They always say in interviews on YouTube how they want to collaborate with you.
Browni's Art (2 months ago)
He says, "I have around 8 million views, I forget I'm one of the 'bigger' youtubers sometimes" now he has 12 million
Tem Joe Sat (2 months ago)
Not a fan ...but great
Plz come to Australia
Brian Gálvez (2 months ago)
7:06 His last words were the coolest idea for a music producer like him... 😍
Smriti kapoor (2 months ago)
Amazing vedio just make my day. Its really really really amazing. U r really outstanding, talented awesome. Love ur passion for music. All the best.
Track Channel (2 months ago)
I am ur biggest fan of india charlie .please come india kerala is good country beutiful
Shirali Sharad (2 months ago)
Hey, you are so talented and involved in what you do. You are goin to be in the super league soon. All the best..
Sumit Kumar (2 months ago)
Charlie puth Please come india
Brael Williams (2 months ago)
I didn't expect him to sound like that 😲😮😯😨😱😰
Yangchen Bhutia (2 months ago)
bold voice i luv it.
Dua Abdallah (2 months ago)
You can see his passion for music in this video like he gets so excited it shows he loves what he’s doing he’s a real one 💕
Mirela YT (2 months ago)
2018 August ?
Brent Jones (2 months ago)
0:59 - *Every guy ever*
Shane Vandevort (2 months ago)
Charlie Puth you’re my favorite pop singer and I’ve been to one your concerts in Charlotte North Carolina
You are really amazing love from México
Karen Muyco (3 months ago)
who the heck unliked this video???? and why???????? 😕
Pedro Salazar (3 months ago)
He has perfect pitch! Thats actually frustrating to know. Thats something you had to learn as a kid or else youll never get it god damn he is talented.
Rachel pitkanen (3 months ago)
I love you so much Charlie Puth and I went to your concert and it's my first one ever and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
The Beat Lab (3 months ago)
your amazing
Kendall Eash (3 months ago)
If you didnt start YouTube and never go on stage I would be so sad because I love you
Kendall Eash (3 months ago)
I love charlie because he is such a music nerd just like me
Savin Dj (3 months ago)
Love you Charlie
Paul Deemer (3 months ago)
Hopefully you're checking out the band Knower(and their solo stuff), Perfect Pitch Puth!
Nandita Bhowmick (3 months ago)
@charlieputh great to see your interviews
Jenna Sherman (3 months ago)
love love love youuuu
Chalirat Yuan (3 months ago)
He's so talented seriously
Shona Meg (3 months ago)
Super excited for when you come to Australia! Still waiting patiently 😉.
Aadarsh Varma (3 months ago)
Oh yeah 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Buyao Jiang (3 months ago)
All his music are so amazing! I love them very much❤❤

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