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Eng/French/Nat Zaire's Information Minister announced on Friday that President Mobutu Sese Seko has given up power. The ailing dictator left Kinshasa for his northern palace, apparently ending his 32-year regime as rebels closed in on the capital. Mobutu flew off to Gbadolite, 700 miles north of Kinshasa, for what his spokesman called a "short rest." Later, the information minister Kin-Kiey Mulumba said Mobutu had "ceased all intervention in the conduct of affairs of state." The minister added that Mobutu reigns but does not govern. It's now rumoured Mobutu is planning to flee into exile possibly to France or Morocco. SOUNDBITE: (French) The head of state has left Kinshasa friday morning to go to Ghadoli where he normally lives as everybody knows. SUPER CAPTION: Kin-Kiey Mulumba, Zairean Information Minister. SOUNDBITE: (French) "During the transition period we will install a parliamentary regime, the Predident reigns but does not govern in contrast to the presidential regime of the second republic, now defunct, and the president will now only have executive powers" SUPER CAPTION: Kin-Kiey Mulumba, Zairean Information Minister. SOUNDBITE: (French) "The president of the republic can neither arbitrarily transfer powers to the rebel alliance nor transfer any powers which he doesn't constitutionally hold". SUPER CAPTION: Kin-Kiey Mulumba, Zairean Information Minister. SOUNDBITE: (French) "He is frightened of Kabila's troops who could come in either today or tomorrow". SUPER CAPTION: Vox pop - Kinshasa resident SOUNDBITE: (English) "They've chosen this place for an evacuation for the gathering of all the Commonwealth citizens if something happens and if there is an evacuation". SUPER CAPTION: Narmin Kassam, Canadian citizen, owner of sports club in Kinshasa SOUNDBITE: (French) "If there is confirmation that President Mobutu has definitely left then that's good news because that means it'll prevent the carnage that was expected in Kinshasa and I hope that President Mobutu will so that there is an immediate resignation in order to ensure a peaceful transition of power with the forces of change". SUPER CAPTION: Mukendi Wa Mulumba, adviser to former Zairean Prime Minister Etienne Tshisekedi SOUNDBITE: (French) "These last 32 years have been catastrophic for the economy, for society as a whole, therefore we think that Kabila is today considered the lesser of two evils, and it is with this in mind that I feel at this moment the Zairean people await Kabila's arrival". SUPER CAPTION: Tshimpumpu Lucien, political analyst & MP You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/d71cb03587d4fd71816a7274c0854a72 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Genghis Khanye (1 month ago)
Kagame: The most successful general in the history of Africa. He first liberated Uganda, then stopped the genocide in Rwanda then freed Zaïre and chased away "Maréchal" Mobutu. Burundi is next! Please state military facts not feelings!
Mare Sea (5 months ago)
The global black and brown population overall are XYerians. The males in their group usually get it better than their counterpart XXERS. 🌊 Marecurria is XYerian, 🌊 XXers are pleasant...I don’t know when I will reincarnate as an XXer.
Faustin Matondo (2 years ago)
Sauve qui peut un voyou qui croyait que le pays leur appartenait à eux les Mobutu. Mort en exil comme son pèreCes sont le tout dernier image avant la fuite par le fleuve Congo pour Brazzaville après avoir pris part à l'assassinat du Général Mayele.
maespip (16 days ago)
Pensez-vous que c'est mieux ici en Europe ou en Belgique? De qui pensez-vous que Mobutu a appris les sales tours? Les personnes élues ici en Belgique ne sont que des mafias légales! Et entre parenthèses. J'ai grandi à Isiro et à Gemena. De 1963 à 1980. Mon père a travaillé pour le cotonco et plus tard pour le coton Zaïre.
muana yanzambe (3 years ago)
le  capitaine kongolu-mobutu  [saddam-hussein] au  front,  le  fils  du président  mobutu

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