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Basic Automotive Maintenance (Part 1)

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In this episode of Saturday Mechanic, Ben Wojdyla shows how to perform some basic maintenance on your vehicle. Find out how to do-it-yourself in this week's episode of Saturday Mechanic. In this episode, Popular Mechanics' Associate Auto Editor Ben Wojdyla: * Checks power steering, washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and engine oil * Checks and replaces air filter * Lubricates hood latch, hood, door, and trunk hinges * Checks tire pressure * Replaces windshield wipers Subscribe! http://bit.ly/subscribecaranddriver Connect with Ben Wojdyla: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/ben.wojdyla Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Ben_Wojdyla Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bwojdyla Email: pmwebmaster@hearst.com Connect To Popular Mechanics: http://www.facebook.com/popularmechanics http://twitter.com/#!/popmech Connect to Car and Driver: Subscribe! http://bit.ly/subscribecaranddriver Twitter: http://bit.ly/tweetcaranddriver Facebook: http://on.fb.me/facebookcaranddriver Who says you can't work on your own car anymore? Follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting tips. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer them on the show.
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Text Comments (283)
B5RS4 (23 days ago)
That B5 tho! 👍🏽
Tyler Charron (30 days ago)
Questions about how many miles to check air filters
Study Guru (1 month ago)
bro me alone took that key chain from my petrol tank that accidently fallen from my hand into petrol tank by removing the petrol tank sensor after that I properly fixed it.but now another problem arised after that,my bike engine gets heated suddenly after starting(within 1 minutes) actually not engine but the pipe to the silencer and an unusual smell(something burning inside it) like that smell coming from engine and I don't know how it happen bro please reply me why this unusual smell coming out any problem arised to my engine??????
emilio ochoa (1 month ago)
fallenSlave (1 month ago)
Thank you. In colledge I learned auto mechanics.
Willie Copeland jr (1 month ago)
Anyone else here to study up and learn a trade? Just asking
Arturas Roskovskis (1 month ago)
Jesse Meyer (2 months ago)
Haha spoiled by chrisfix this is hard to watch.
Princee Erick (2 months ago)
I don't know anything on doing cars
surrendeavour (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for this!
Vixy Velasquez (2 months ago)
I want to have sex with a mechanic . Fantasy 😂😛🤦‍♀️
jw2par (2 months ago)
Whats the easiest car to work on ? Wanted to get something to start with .
Soap Enthusiast (3 months ago)
I feel like there were a lot of crucial topics of automotive repair hit in this video that every car owner needs to know if they want to own a car. The big ones are reading tire pressure, checking oil levels, and checking your anti-freeze to identify leaks or low levels. For anyone who thinks they are ready to do their own mechanic work now, who thinks they could benefit from using their soap after working on their car? https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/candlemaking-soap-supplies/item/00mecsoa/-mechanics-soap-recipe.html
Emmanuel Koomson (3 months ago)
Please do you do online course?
Vegan Kidd (3 months ago)
How to open the hood ?
Tazmaniandevil6969. Pat (3 months ago)
How do you change blinker fluid ? Like if u seen the video
Manuel Sanchez (3 months ago)
What happened to checking the bulbs and the log book playa????
Joe V (3 months ago)
If youre buying a used car, you have got to check this out. It's worth it, and it'll save you future headaches https://bit.ly/2sWecP7
Sam Sam (3 months ago)
Andrew 24 (3 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to make these videos! Going down the Mechanic path for school and hopefully work my way up to engineering. Thanks again -Andrew
Mick Taylor (3 months ago)
I check all the fluids every 2 weeks. One thing I've learned over the years is to keep up with the vehicle maintenance schedule in the owners manual and you extend the life of the vehicle and keep it running in good condition. I also use car maintenance and management software to track my maintenance schedule www.automotivewolf.com so I don't forget anything. Been using this software for 5 years and never had a major repair on any of my vehicles. It also creates a great vehicle maintenance log that I used to sell one of my vehicle very quickly.
Godfrey Tomanan (4 months ago)
tangina lakasan mo boses mo
Komol Marak (4 months ago)
Sir, I met with an accident in my car the whole cooling system got damage. I kept the engine running for half n hour in idle position, a very bad smell came out of the engine do u think that it has damage the block head or the gasket.... Sir plz help me
RzVids (5 months ago)
Owners manual is useless... I needed my brakes changed, owners manual doesn’t tell how to do that. Doesn’t tell you how to change brake fluid, coolant. Do yourself a favor and buy a SERVICE manual for your car.
Abdelaziz Chikhsmail (5 months ago)
Thank you and God bless you Everything you need to know from automotive mechanics https://www.file-upload.com/users/chihksmail/
sawsickness (5 months ago)
Gotta check the blinker fluid as well guys!
Playfulcook (5 months ago)
dodgey mechanics!!! I don't trust any of them. even the so called professionals.
Matthew Diaz (5 months ago)
How change battery of the car?
Hi i like your videos I'd like to learn this job maybe you need a helper?
Danny Versoza (7 months ago)
How many kilometer in one liter diesel engine?
Sam Sham (7 months ago)
Check out this new magnetic tool roll, I like the idea of keeping all the tools near me while working on the car. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/653212933/ceoroll-the-first-magnetic-roll-for-anything-iron
John Makahili Jr. (7 months ago)
Moving onto checking something else. Sounded like you were tired af after putting that air filter in haha.
gery grga (7 months ago)
Hi dear! I got one quick question which is this! what system is in closing lube or open lube mean ? in the same time before setting ignition timing should the system be in closing lube or feed back mode ? Thanks in advance.
Xavier Smith (7 months ago)
Did he really just replace a K&N for a wix air filter? 😂😂 I would be pissed if I was the owner
Classified Restricted (8 months ago)
You did not check the coolant either.
Classified Restricted (8 months ago)
What about the transmission fluid? You didn't check that.
Luis Vigoreaux (8 months ago)
azalru (8 months ago)
Prefer to vacuum the frunk on my Tesla Model 3.
Tyrannus (8 months ago)
ok but how often should each be checked
Jim Abbett (8 months ago)
If you buy auto parts and do your own repairs here is how to save $: https://tinyurl.com/ycrswdwn
alvinraydj3 (9 months ago)
How do i change my blinker fluid?
alvinraydj3 (9 months ago)
I have a question do i have to work on my car on saturday? i have to work on weekends.
Skulltey (9 months ago)
alvinraydj3 lmao XD
Caleb Weerts (9 months ago)
“And it comes off just like that” as he’s still struggling to pull the wiper blade off...
Vol.6 66 (9 months ago)
This first video was rather helpful! I’ve always loved cars and I always will but I really wanna have more of an understanding of them and knowledge of repairing and maintenance on the engine!
Micropaint (9 months ago)
Why using S.M.A.R.T Repair by http://micropaint.co.uk/? Whether you have a dent, scratch or scuff, we can repair your car with our low cost effective solutions with professional results. As the material cost and labour time is far less than traditional methods we can pass those benefits onto you In huge savings in time and money! Traditionally, cars were taken to a bodyshop for minor repairs to be carried out.
Micropaint (9 months ago)
Why using S.M.A.R.T Repair by http://micropaint.co.uk/? Whether you have a dent, scratch or scuff, we can repair your car with our low cost effective solutions with professional results. As the material cost and labour time is far less than traditional methods we can pass those benefits onto you In huge savings in time and money! Traditionally, cars were taken to a bodyshop for minor repairs to be carried out.
Micropaint (9 months ago)
Abdul Latif (9 months ago)
It looks very helpful, thank you
Farook Dubba (10 months ago)
Sembly and good show
Peter Rask (10 months ago)
hi, if u want South park cheap click here. https://www.g2a.com/r/prcheapsouthpark
Sharonica Smallwood (10 months ago)
I thank God for this easy too do video! thanks Nicholas Cage!
KNO (10 months ago)
Dude you're a terrible mechanic. Maybe next time do the video with a car you have experience with?
J. Thomas Lanham (11 months ago)
I love your video content! **Problem** I have a 2005 GMC Yukon XL 5.3 Vin# 1GKEC16Z75J154574. Start no crank problem until 2nd start attempt. Checked fuel pressure at the test port on the fuel rail. With the Key on but not started the pressure indicates 25+- psi but quickly declines to 0. Checked after vehicle starts pressure holds steady at 48psi. Once vehicle cranks no problem accept a light rough idle. Fuel pump is original from factory. Current mileage is 241k. I don't see a fuel regulator to check. Anything else to do before replacing fuel pump. Hesitant to replace pump cause once cranked there are no problems. I thought fuel pump failure was all or nothing. Thank you for your help.
Cairo Murphy (11 months ago)
Mechanic is a dead end job unless you become a manager or a owner of a firm.
Claudio Callegari (11 months ago)
Not good instruction. The filter should be cleaned not replaced and there's no reason to shove it in there, just remove the fucking cover. poor camera work too bro, and by bro i mean never my bro
Cabdikariin Raabi (11 months ago)
Thanks teacher
Natasha Baker (1 year ago)
Drew Nelson (1 year ago)
Not the best camera views. His hand was in the way most of the time.
Ahilesh Ahilesh (1 year ago)
Please tell about mechanical basic Concept
Sarah Silvers (1 year ago)
I found myself stranded on a busy highway. I was got a tow truck out to me in less than 30 minutes. I found a company that offers unlimited roadside assistance. Just google ricks vehicle protection
Angela Pomaski (1 year ago)
How many here are female and trying to learn more about cars?
Kpopfanatic05 (15 days ago)
Angela Pomaski me😂
Heath George (1 month ago)
I'm basically a female in the eyes of all men. Zero knowledge of cars. So I guess me too?
Feel4 The Pain (2 months ago)
Angela Pomaski here, am studying automotive which is awesome
Jessica Galey (2 months ago)
lol me
Kabuuzah Kabuuzah (3 months ago)
Rinny Marie gl !! Lol
naren cool (1 year ago)
hello im naren, wondering changing oil whats the best time or year to change , also wanting know that if I where to change my engine to say a v8 or v10 whats the best option to aviod less gas usage. Whats the most popluar oil to use and to have good transmission
writerspen010 (1 year ago)
Honestly, I don't feel like I learned anything. I can't tell what I'm supposed to be looking for with the camera either being so far away or obnoxiously zoomed in to the point that I can't tell where in the car he's working on...
lolblic (8 months ago)
Use the goddamn manual!
Matthew Thompson (1 year ago)
left at destroying the air filter lol
MsPoohdy (1 year ago)
u said not to used the break fluid after 3 weeks is that after purchase or look at the expiration date at the store then judge from the date that's my first question next does all car air filter come in the same size or does size varies and what's the exact tire pressure for the average standard coupe
Jefferson Sierra (1 year ago)
lol I'm watching th is Saturday morning haha what a coincidence.
Mitchell Blackburn (1 year ago)
This guy is not a fucking mechanic....He just replaced a K and N filter AND he just shoved a paper filter in the fucking housing and damaged the fucking filter...Also "Uhh this airfilter housing looks a little different". IT'S A FUCKING AUDI! How the fuck did that throw you off????
jeolban hälfte (1 year ago)
Besides these videos what is the best way to learn about cars? I currently live at home and the car I drive is my parents' and they won't let me explore around... it's also 2016 so it's in good shape. I don't plan on becoming an expert but I do want to know how to do the basics myself and understand what my friends are talking about when they fire off "car talk."
Nice video
Chipmunkski (1 year ago)
there is a toyota vitz 2002-2004 (same engine with this toyota yaris / echo), and there is a squeaking/squealing sound somewhat like a belt when slow turning while running (aircon turned on).. owner replaced the bellt but sound still exists. it occurs occasionally specially in slow turn.. what could be the problem?
sandiego11calif (1 year ago)
You're forgetting something REALLY important when checking fluids: Check them when the car is WARM, not cold, especially oil. Oil in a cold car has settled and does not give an accurate reading. Also, a dab of vasoline on the air filter clamps will make it easier to put the clamps back on. Also, what's with the black tape on the can of lubricant? Are you afraid of showing the brand name of a competitor? It's rather tacky.....and I truly doubt the manufacturer will hate you if you leave the black tape OFF of the can. It looks tacky boys. Brake fluid: NOT use an opened bottle of brake fluid? Where did you get this? I've been driving for over 40 plus years, I've NEVER had a problem with using a previously open bottle of brake fluid however, if you're THAT afraid of contamination getting into the bottle, put the bottle into a plastic bag and tie it off to avoid ANY contamination. Really....I've never had a problem and I sure as Hell am not about to dump a good bottle of brake fluid.
armando f24 (1 year ago)
is that a b5? 🤔
Sanjay S (1 year ago)
Thanks! That was very useful!
sirajudeen Shamsudeen (1 year ago)
Lazaro Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Hi. I have a 2005 Honda Pilot does not start the engine and the brake pedal is stiff that could be that
Patrick Onofre (1 year ago)
forget to mention the part about changing the air in tires according to the season's!
Fekade Agede (1 year ago)
thanks dear for your kindness
Baby Blue Couch (1 year ago)
I'm 14 and in a better mechanic that bitch, he was so careless with the way he did things. take your time, don't break the goddam car
Huide Yin (1 year ago)
it's good to know that put the air filter cover back may take a little efforts, some video just cut it off and make it looks too easy; it makes people think `am i doing the right thing now, should this be so hard`.
Munsur Ahmed (1 year ago)
I have to do this for my exam
unknown (1 year ago)
Welcome to YouTube where everyone is a professional critic. SARCASM. Thanks for the video, not easy trying to help people.
AmericPet (1 year ago)
Thank you! That was a good refresher, I appreciated it.
rickcavanaugh1 (1 year ago)
Everyone who has watched this guys vids.... Go check out Chris Fix. Much better!
Jesus Garcia (1 year ago)
i want to learn how to fix cars
JustLikeThe Boss (1 year ago)
Jesus Garcia Then learn it
I Ren (1 year ago)
It's absurd how they charge you hundreds of dollars to replace or fix basic stuff. I'm a trained technician. I've worked on projects for the army, navy, air force and homeland security. I can fix stuff just fine at a fraction of the cost.
Clint Hightower (1 year ago)
Here is a copy of my free book for anyone who wants to get started learning how to perform basic vehicle maintenance on their car. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mcwpv0rb7lun038/0%20Entire%20book%20with%20covers%20and%20QRC%20for%20eBay.pdf?dl=0
sam cullen (7 months ago)
Appreciate video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you researched - Tarbbatigan Cars Rehabilitation Tip (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one of a kind guide for learning how to repair your car the easy way minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my BF got excellent results with it.
Dave L (8 months ago)
Thank you so much sir.
asdf (9 months ago)
hey thanks buddy this is real nice!
Isaac Lok (10 months ago)
thank you so much sir
rdubby (1 year ago)
Exactly what I was looking for, you are a hero!
DarthZak (1 year ago)
I mean I love cars and my cousin is a technician. i work as a porter and would love to learn about being a technician. but have no basic knowledge of maintenance on cars but I really want to learn.
WaffleCat3367 (2 years ago)
I want to be a mechanic when i'm older
Jared Cox (3 months ago)
WaffleCat3367 How do you plan on learning about cars? Are you going to go to school to learn car mechanics?
rose osmond (1 year ago)
WaffleCat3367 me too
kids yousef (2 years ago)
Really bad maintenance advice throwing k&n air filter
Satyam Patel (1 year ago)
Mohamed Osama lol no
Mohamed Osama (1 year ago)
can't he just wash the filter with water and put it back on?
Gonaz Bogan (2 years ago)
bro did u do the voice over for Lester on gta5
Darksyne (2 years ago)
Did he just seriously replace that K&N filter with a regular paper one? Smh... thats what those stickers were for on the intake moron -.-
fallenSlave (1 month ago)
Darksyne Dont call people morons. Dont be angry. You ruin the person and your peace.
Zoro (3 months ago)
This video shows the basics, I don't think a beginner would notice the type of filter he was using
pissed dude (4 months ago)
as the title says "Basic Automotive Maintenance (Part 1)" , not stupids/retards way to maintain your car!!!!!
PacoJr M (9 months ago)
Darksyne /
xeep (11 months ago)
if you know how why are you watching?
Ramsses Patterson (2 years ago)
How would you check if the radiator has sufficient coolant?
Alex (1 year ago)
+Ramsses Patterson you're welcome
Ramsses Patterson (1 year ago)
Thank you Alex
Alex (1 year ago)
if there's coolant in the reservoir you shouldn't worry about it unless your car starts overheating, but if you need to check, wait until the car is cool, and open the cap that's on the directly on top of radiator (most cars have it there, or do as the video says and "check the owners manual")
Ankush Avhad (2 years ago)
very useful information .
Uptown Uptown (2 years ago)
Did this crackhead just put the screw driver on the hood?
Richard Vaughan (2 years ago)
+ChrisFix this would be such an awesome video idea, I'd love to see your version. " 10 things all first time car owners should know new car or used " Lol
Bilal Aouzellag (2 years ago)
Is it easy to be mechanic ????
xX squeaker Xx (2 years ago)
It gets hard at times but it beats sitting in a cubicle surrounded by 100 other cubicles punching in number and watching dog vids on break.
English Bulldog (2 years ago)
no, tf, unless you're good with cars, then maybe you'll just need some pointers.
Bilal Aouzellag (2 years ago)
Is it easy to be mechanic ????
Alex (1 year ago)
it depends on your own ability and love for cars.
2jz Gabe (2 years ago)
+xX squeaker Xx then yeah you should be good
xX squeaker Xx (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Bahena What if we are good test takers.
2jz Gabe (2 years ago)
+xX squeaker Xx not easy as well, you would need to take test because car companies come up with new things to add to the cars. It's getting even harder now since electrical is being added more and more to these modern cars
xX squeaker Xx (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Bahena what about a certified technician?
Ghostt Mann (2 years ago)
Doing my own studying before I get hired as a general technician with Bridgestone God willing so that I can have knowledge of auto repair and this is very informative, thank you all for uploading this and taking the time to make it. I live in San Antonio, TX. GO SPURS GO and a big shot out the RIO GRANDE VALLEY, CAMERON< WILLACY< HIDALGO AND STARR counties. HARLINGEN,TX is where I grew up on S.16th and Little Creek. God bless
miketh33 (2 years ago)
dang no gloves? rough lyfe
Death Pal (7 months ago)
xX squeaker Xx for us
xX squeaker Xx (2 years ago)
Its a hard knock life
Mark 001 (2 years ago)
Where can I buy a can of beep? My horn is faint.
Valerie Paster (3 months ago)
benjamin lopez (1 year ago)
Mark 001 dude 😂
xX squeaker Xx (2 years ago)
A can of beep oh you mean air horn hmm?
xX squeaker Xx (2 years ago)
Meat Dragon (2 years ago)
That head light fluid looks a little low. You might want to top that off.

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