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Slice of Lyme documents the everyday life of a young woman with Chronic Lyme Disease and her service dog Vela. Every day vlogs show the family struggling together to fight, keep courage, and find hope in the midst of chronic illness. Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SliceofLyme/
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Kristine Arndt (3 months ago)
What did your IGENEX test show, you never said?
NATE DOGG (7 months ago)
To whoever gave this young lady a thumbs down you’re a piece of 💩
Robert Antaki (7 months ago)
Charissa, May I ask you guys what is your longest herx reaction? I have herxed really badly before, but now I feel like I maybe herxing for a couple months. You know how I have been writing about the extremely bad widespread pain I have been getting worse then usual. I believe this widespread is just one of the herx symptoms. I just never heard of it lasting a few months. That’s just crazy. What are some remedies that everyone else uses for calming a herx. I usually lower my antibiotics too, but this time I had not figured out I may have been herxing. You also talked about when you felt you were effected by Lyme disease. This was a great debate with my doctors. They felt I probably had Lyme doormat in my body for years prior to my diagnosis. My immune system was Strong enough to Fight the Lyme off back then. Now the Lyme has attacked my Immune system and caused it to be very compromised. So although it is believed I have had it for years prior to this, I was diagnosed five years ago. Also, it was not easy getting diagnosed it took many doctors and over a year. Actually I was not formally diagnosed for a while after the start of my treatments. I had so many different tests done too. But I am grateful that my doctors are so good that when they thought it was Lyme they did not delay in aggressively treating me. Getting diagnosed is hell for so many people. I know what I went through I was going to give up before diagnosed. I had been diagnosed with 7 major illnesses all with a month of each other. Grateful that that part of my journey is over. Charissa, your trip is around the corner.....SUPER EXCITED 😆 for you! Tell Chad hello. Kiss 💋 Vela! Thank you. Love ❤️ Always and Forever, “Me”——Rob
Xev Setter (7 months ago)
Boyd W (7 months ago)
Drink plenty of water when on antibiotics. I’m around 165 pounds. I try to drink at least 4 glasses of water if not 5/6. If your urine is as clear as water your drinking enough water. You can also drink too much water. Get used to having to pee many times per hour. About two months into my 9 months on Metronidazole and Minocycline I experienced a very strong metal taste in my mouth. My Doctor said the antibiotic was probably detoxing my body of metals. Seek the guidance of a LLMD, as in Lyme Litterate Medical Doctor if you have Lyme. Your average Doctor doesn’t know how to treat Lyme. The greatest mistake in treating Lyme if you just got a bite is that the course of antibiotics isn’t long enough. Lyme disease is a very smart disease. You need to learn as much about it as you can.
Rogo ForJohnThreethirty (7 months ago)
Hi Charissa! I spy Babette and Sammy on the couch! I'm glad u brought this up, because I've had crazy out of no where anxiety. I think it must be a herx. I was experimenting and out oregano oil on my gut and yes a parasite came out and with MTHFR I don't detox well. Anyways the panic onset probably was from that. Praying ur trip/getaway is so very blessed. Can't wait to hear all about it. Praying u can recoop well after ur long journey. Love in Christ, Jamie🙏💚🤗

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