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Erectile dysfunction South Park

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Typical South Park humour concerning Stan and Kyle's dads problem with erectile dysfunction. A funny look at a real problem for millions of men.
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Text Comments (413)
Peener (2 months ago)
A nerection XD
Your Average Joe 2 (2 months ago)
211 people got an nerection and gave it to their dad
Donald Gotcher (3 months ago)
It's funny how in the later episodes the boys were able to understand everything sexual
Herpeslip Herpeslip (4 months ago)
"Christ, I'm Bob Dole and I can get it up" The old South Park was genius!
UnknownElephant (5 months ago)
Im getting an *ERECTION* as we speak
Casper G (5 months ago)
just eat her sushi???
Shaun Blyth (5 months ago)
Can't he just pop a viagra pill like a normal person?
Switch (5 months ago)
"Dont worry guys Im getting errection as we speak"
I kept hearing “nerection” from Kyle XD
Matthew Osman (5 months ago)
It’s ok I’ll just call some 20 year old and have come over that’s fucked up 😂😂😂😂
Matthew Osman (5 months ago)
I just want an erection so I can give it to my mom 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wayne Hoxit (5 months ago)
what episode was it
Clbden775 (5 months ago)
"That's not funny, that hurt my feelings." Says the guy who was Skankhunt.
yasmine murray (5 months ago)
Cut to season 20. "What I do is fucking funny bitch!"
Lord Derpington (6 months ago)
Joseph cavagnaro (6 months ago)
Matt Shroyer (6 months ago)
To be 100% honest I Think the issue isn’t that he can’t get an erection. It’s that he can’t get an erection because his wife’s a fat ugly bitch. I mean he couldn’t get it up until he saw hot skinny girls in bikinis.
Oof Me (6 months ago)
Don’t worry you guys, I’m getting an erection as we speak! 🤣
Oof Me (6 months ago)
I loved this episode so much
KeyNectarine (6 months ago)
episode name?
The way how he's too pure to understand what an erection is, and how he wants to help them out, and then he proudly says that he's going to get an erection to them and walks away all excited, gives me life. I love this boy so much.
Isobel Miller (6 months ago)
Childhood innocence = instant comedy.
Shaun Brewer (6 months ago)
0:57 when I try to rap
HollyHologram History (7 months ago)
Even Kenny should know what that is 😂
12DAMDO (7 months ago)
kenny knows damn well what it means he just doesn't wanna say it
This is art. Lmfao We have a very strange little boy.
the unknown (7 months ago)
I'm surprised Kenny didn't know what it was
meadow tweak tucker (7 months ago)
‘a nerection’ 😂
Limuney (8 months ago)
what episode is this from?
yasmine murray (8 months ago)
Season 3. It's the second one "Spontaneous Combustion"
Jonas R (8 months ago)
189 people cant get an erection
Susanna Kendson (8 months ago)
Lol its adorable they're trying to help.They're so naive.XD
Avenguard (8 months ago)
0:38 nobody cares about your feelings gerald shut the fuck up
LeAdErOfEm All (8 months ago)
"We have a very strange little boy"
yasmine murray (8 months ago)
Kyle is so cute xD
Kate Looti (8 months ago)
I like how Gerald instead of have sex with those young and hot women, he just went back to home and make love with Sheila
none (8 months ago)
"I have something to give her, don't worry Kyle everything's going to be ok between me and your mother" sees Sheila "And it's gone"
Butters The Bastard (8 months ago)
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
Season: 3 Episode: 2 Title: Spontaneous Combustion
Matthew Osman (8 months ago)
That’s ok I’ll just call some 20 year old have him come Over what I’m just kidding 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Santos (8 months ago)
Matt and Stuff (8 months ago)
I'd give it to Kyle's mom
The ceiling (8 months ago)
Ellie the temmie (8 months ago)
Omg kyle is so innocent 😂😂
Zachguy (5 months ago)
It’s almost he’s butters😂😂
Fluffy Unicorn (8 months ago)
"Well actually Cartmans getting an eraction but then we're gonna give it to you so *BAKA* "
Naomi Kat (8 months ago)
did Kyle literally say baka xD
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
No he said buck up
Isobel Miller (8 months ago)
About the description: 1. "A funny look at a real problem for millions of men" Yeah, it's also a funny look at the innocence of young children.  2. "Category: Education" How is this educational?  This should be either "Comedy" or "Entertainment".
Jovaine17 (9 months ago)
What season and episode please 🙏🏾
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
Season: 3 Episode: 2 Title: Spontaneous Combustion
yowadupdawgLALALALA LA (9 months ago)
fucking hilarious
Ice J (9 months ago)
Sheila is so hot
bubbly bab (9 months ago)
Out of all the people to know what an “nerection’’ is i expected Kenny to not mistake it for a hair dryer XD
Rudy Molina (9 months ago)
"I'll call some 20 year old to come over" WHAT 20 YEAR OLD WOULD FUCK YOU
Phanty (9 months ago)
Whats te episode
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
Season: 3 Episode: 2 Title: Spontaneous Combustion
skate boy 21 (9 months ago)
Grandpa Granny (9 months ago)
Phil McRakin (9 months ago)
Louis Peeters (9 months ago)
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
Season: 3 Episode: 2 Title: Spontaneous Combustion
sultanjumper (9 months ago)
I can't blame Jerry for not being able to get it up with sheila as a wife
Nyoomi Catlin (9 months ago)
Season? Episode?
BriansRadioReviews (9 months ago)
Just look at April Rose.
Irissa#PFG Para (9 months ago)
0:51 Did Kyle said Baka?
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
No he said buck up
Miss Lilac (9 months ago)
Did he just say "Baka!" ?
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
No he said buck up
Purple Potato (10 months ago)
Lovewolves189 Ajpw (10 months ago)
Wtf Kyle! Did he just say Baca?
doro valley (7 months ago)
Lovewolves189 Ajpw he said buck up! Another way of saying cheer up
Dre Ray (10 months ago)
To be honest, Id give it to kyles moms big fat ass.
TheeLegendaryPenis (10 months ago)
Very funny boys Go on beat it lol
TheBerzerkViking (10 months ago)
Its her fault for being fat kek
Lord Jaraxxus (10 months ago)
Did he say baka
Onion San (10 months ago)
Hearing Kyle say Baka made me get a new ringtone
Demon Rantz (10 months ago)
She was gonna cuck him!
Judahawesome775 (10 months ago)
Kenny: Right! This is bullshit!
Malik Oumarou (10 months ago)
what episode?
bubbly bab (10 months ago)
If anything Kenny should know what an Erection is !! XD
Isobel Miller (8 months ago)
Somebody else had a good point: Maybe he doesn't know the word "erection", and only knows it as a boner.
Efe Yörükoğlu (10 months ago)
...we have a very strange little boy
Val Cxtrin (10 months ago)
_we have a very strange little boy_
Info-chan (10 months ago)
We have a very strange little boy
Blackhairedgurl. 0wo (10 months ago)
It sounds like he said BAKA XD
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
He said "Buck Up"
Paddy1time (10 months ago)
Kyle: "He's gonna give dad an erection. So bop-ka!" Kyle's Mum: "We have a very strange little boy" I laughed till I cried! SO FUNMY! XD
Isobel Miller (10 months ago)
Years from now, Kyle is going to look back on this and he'll be SO embarrassed.
Splattered (10 months ago)
"We have a very strange little boy"
RedBunny (10 months ago)
Baka Baka Baka Read more
Lisa Awesomeness (10 months ago)
Cody Peterson (8 months ago)
He said buck up
Tony F (10 months ago)
I'm pretty sure the only thing a jew has to do to get a boner is start looking at pictures of Wells Fargo and Bank of America lol!
mr mc crunchy McDonald (10 months ago)
Stupid ass kids😂...I knew what an erection was since I was 6😂
FPS Biomüll (11 months ago)
funnier in german
ShiroSubZero (11 months ago)
My mom looks almost exactly like Kyles mom. And my dad looks like randy if randy was Asian. I look like tweek.....I'm a mess
ShiroSubZero (9 months ago)
manictiger I tried Send help
manictiger (9 months ago)
Well, at least you have both parents. Having a pretty mom that's in-shape doesn't mean a thing if she's a borderline personality disorder fuck up that ran out on you when you were 3.
Firefighter Bear (11 months ago)
I suffer from premature congratulation, I always tell someone happy b-day one day to early.
bubelah (11 months ago)
Honestly this is why I love the show, they make it so crude and so mature but they still make them kids! Kyle can’t say some words, they mix up meanings, it’s honestly realistic without being realistic. Love it.
Trace Conrad (11 months ago)
I didn't know what an erection until I was 8 years old
yasmine murray (8 months ago)
Isobel Miller They were still 8 in this episode.
A Melon Named Kate (8 months ago)
I didn’t know until I was like 13
Isobel Miller (8 months ago)
These kids ARE eight.  Well, I don't know how old they are in this episode.
Mifflin Rock N' Gaming SP (11 months ago)
Doesn't matter about erectile, but you and your parents must've had use for Brofloski station, Kyle. It's important.
Atreus21 (11 months ago)
Christ I'm Bob Dole and I can get it up.
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Nicholas Hill (11 months ago)
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Beepy Beep (11 months ago)
They're so innocent ;-; Except ones a nazi
Isobel Miller (8 months ago)
Cartman's supposed to be an exaggeration of a spoiled kid.
XxEmii (11 months ago)
I've seen enough

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