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Building Stronger Humans | TC Sessions Robotics 2018

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Wearable robotics have already provided mobility to the paralyzed; they will do much more in the near future. Professor Kazerooni is one of the field’s pioneers, as well as leading entrepreneurs.
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Text Comments (18)
Alan DeRossett (1 day ago)
Great Job!
Sound Police (4 days ago)
Greast device, but I hate the way they are "presenting" him. Talking about him all time in 3rd voice. Not even shaking hands.
Dan Wei (4 days ago)
working in a field where i already suffered knee injury because of too high weight on the knees, i am totally looking forward to those legxs
1MINUS2 (9 days ago)
this dude is suave as fuck; he seemed more relaxed at first and was super enjoyable - the end felt rushed, time restraint clearly frustrated him.
Dark Seattle (9 days ago)
Another beautiful boy.😃 He is more beautiful than you ( Pizzurro).
Dark Seattle (10 days ago)
It is getting more interesting. Now there are kinds of exoskeletons. For normal people and for disabled. Yes " quelli che non sono le braccia e le gambe" for your absurd language
Zersix (4 days ago)
Yeah but it doesn't seem like the exoskeleton and the body is communicating very good, it's all very awkward movements. Soon though
Bobo Momo (10 days ago)
Nature must be overcomed!
Mohammad G (10 days ago)
Black Ops 3.
Arash Ghanbari (10 days ago)
Amazing stuff!
Sherif Moharram (11 days ago)
I hope one day this technology helps all the disabled people.
Caleb McFarland (10 days ago)
Sherif Moharram I love how proud he looked after making the walk.

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