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Drug Reaction Rash Video

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This is the case of drug reaction rash or rash of drug reaction. It is an allergic reaction, characterized by redness, blisters and itching. It may lead to fatal condition if severe or left untreated. Anaphylactic reaction or Steven Johnson syndrome are also allergic reactions. Drugs for allergic rashes include antihistamines and steroids. Do Not Forget to Subscribe Our Channel.
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djwille88 (1 month ago)
I just developed a rash just like this with bactrim use.
Doctors Hub (1 month ago)
You should not use it again. It mesns you are sensitive to this antibiotic.
Rajeev technology kab (8 months ago)
Iska ilaj kya hai
Doctors Hub (8 months ago)
Rajeev technology kab: Drug reactions are treated with antihistamines and steroids. Ansphylaxis, a form of drug reaction, is treated with adrenaline as well.
Ali jinda (1 year ago)
Agercheh ye aadmi sehat mand hy lakin is bemari se ALLAH pak issy sehet e kamila aata farmay. Aameen
Doctors Hub (1 year ago)
Ali jinda: Amen. Allah Mian sehat de, shifa de.
Doctors Hub (1 year ago)
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