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Pains, Aches and Ch. Fatigue due to Vitamin D Deficiency-A Real Story.wmv

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Leading Endocrinologist and author of "Power of Vitamin D," Dr. Zaidi talks with his patient whose vitamin D deficiency was not diagnosed for years. In fact she was told that her muscle aches, fatigue and bone pains were due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not much could be done about it. Dr. Zaidi explains the link between vitamin D deficiency and Hyperparathyroidism. Find out the miraculous effects of Vitamin D on muscle aches, bone pain and chronic fatigue.
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The Human Mechanic (2 years ago)
Read your book Sir.... Power Of Vitamin D.. it has changed my clinical practice and concept regarding Vitamin D which even I ignored like rest of the Health care provider... Thanks for the wonderful piece of knowledge ... .
mickavellian (3 years ago)
It is heart warming to see an AWARE doctor . My question . Why is this NOT bombarded through the media. people DO commit Suicide . Have you written a book about this doctor? You seem to have that "I DO CARE" attitude other doctors do not have.
Mortthemoose (4 years ago)
Wow...obviously a Dr that actually cares about his patients!

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