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The Difference Between Harry Styles and Other Celebrities Part 2

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“Be a lover. Choose love. Give love. Love everyone, always. Spread as much love as you can.” -H.S. ***Regarding the EMINEM clip... for some reason this video (which is part 2 of this series) is getting way more views than Part 1. Because of this, a lot of people who see this vid have not seen part 1. I can see why the few comparison clips in this video seem out of context if you haven’t seen part 1. I didn’t expect so many people to see part 2 without the context of part 1, I didn’t expect so many non-fans to see this, and I certainly didn’t expect this many views O.O I think Eminem great. Eminem represents how most of us feel. I’m not comparing Eminem the person with Harry the person. I’m just showing you that Harry is too damn nice to say a negative word about anyone, so he takes his feelings about Trump and turns it into a positive... “Go and spread a ton of love into Washington D.C.” Eminem represents how most of us would express our negative opinions about a political leader we dislike. (Harry dislikes Trump also, another fact people are getting confused about). The comparison is used to show Harry’s undying positivity. Glad we got that cleared up. **Goes and listens to “rap god”**...
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3_bananasforaeuro (29 days ago)
Hey guys! I’ve decided to start using Twitter to post some shorter videos that I either don’t want or don’t have time to make full versions of. If you’d like to follow me and see some of those, my username is @2bananas4apound. 😘
Avi Das (19 days ago)
Harry the best
rabor ikuvbogie (2 hours ago)
Wow... now I feel dumb for hating him....but I still don't like zayn....
Maddy Thomas (12 hours ago)
3:34 what's the song
3_bananasforaeuro (10 hours ago)
Sweet Creature by Harry
Mohd. Rehan (1 day ago)
Lol 😂 I can see a lot ARMY'S COMMENTS 💜
Mohd. Rehan (1 day ago)
Giuli Acciarri (1 day ago)
Harry looks so sweet when he tries to guess the name of his fan
Jeon 8: 32 (1 day ago)
Ya'll should watch BTS for more love and interaction with their fans.
eMiLLiE ToM HoLlaNd (1 day ago)
ARPITA PATIL (1 day ago)
Harry style is just like sanam band in India they are also close to their fans love u both Harry and sanam😍😘
Layla Russell (1 day ago)
fyi relatable (1 day ago)
Awh what a precious bean
Claire Bear (1 day ago)
It’s great that Harry’s kind like that but some people just aren’t as extroverted or open. Like Justin, some celebrities can’t handle so much attention. So stop bashing people under all the pressures
katherine valdivieso (2 days ago)
I'm not a fan I really never was but what a sweet man
Diya 1 (2 days ago)
This makes me want to cry. #proudharrie
mrs unicat (2 days ago)
Second 29... Bexey!
Raghi Prajith (3 days ago)
Harry Styles is one of the most sweetest and kindest celebs out there
Team Icon (3 days ago)
Loveeeeee Harry with every cell of my body. Also on the merch thing, a few musicians use that money to give to charity like Lady Gaga has a Born this Way Foundation
Ellie G (3 days ago)
I gotta say I almost preferred Eminem’s way of spreading a message
Sara (3 days ago)
0:31 One? Adele Camila Cabello Billie Eilish Ariana Grande
Aarfa Ahsan (4 days ago)
Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes are two artists, that really live for fans as much as they do for their friends and family. Much love to both of them.❤
Viry Hope (4 days ago)
I haven't really listened to his music or had a insight of how he is, but this video made me feel so warm inside. He's such a good human. I'll definitely support him from now on.
Lizzie : (4 days ago)
Anyone else cry when harry was saying thank you in sign language
Love Colours (4 days ago)
Sumaira T. (4 days ago)
At 0.16 my heart acc sunk..everytime i watch this clip it manages to make me feel soooo bad for him like i dont even stan harry but imagine trying to make ur fan happy & doing what they asked for getting a pic but they give u nasty attitude like that...doesnt help that harry is a sweetheart & reacted so calmy & nice :,(❤❤❤
Gaby Lizana (4 days ago)
The most kind celebrities I have ever met are:Taylor Swift with his boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and Tyler Joseph with Josh Dun (Twenty one pilots). I have never met Tom Hiddleston, Harry and Shawn Mendes but is obvious that they are sweethearts (I don't speak english, sorry)
Jolie Aranda (5 days ago)
His personality makes him more attractive
Jolie Aranda (5 days ago)
Damnnnn I never liked him listen to his music but I knew about him but as the person he was he is not and at allll he has a big heart ❤️❤️ so positive and kind Nd beautiful I love that
yanki (5 days ago)
someone make this man a lightstick
Ahmed AS (5 days ago)
Be safe.be nice to each other.go out spread a ton of love into this life.it needs it right now.when you wake up every day,you get a chance to think of what you want to do with with your day,and what you want to put into the world that day,and who you want to be,be a lover.choose love.spread as much love as you can.
Eli Iniguez (5 days ago)
Song at 3:30 🤔
3_bananasforaeuro (5 days ago)
Sweet Creature by Harry
Huma H (5 days ago)
I support this dude since 7 years and there's never been a time where he has done sth that disappointed me. He's one of the nicest people in Hollywood and the only guy I bought the merch of. What a kind hearted king 🌈❤👏
fathan prasetiyo (5 days ago)
remember people have their own patience limit
Claudio Gallardo (5 days ago)
You put celebreties that are nota cool with he's fans and not a others than are best than Harry how billie Joe Of greend day with he's fans playing un the stage.
Shruti Singh (6 days ago)
my king
s1ru (6 days ago)
Good video but I love Eminem so not goin' to judge him. He is just so different person
tahys ribau (6 days ago)
Kat7625 (6 days ago)
And people ask me why I stan him...like pfft
Poker Face (7 days ago)
Justin is so rude. I dont understand why he has so many fans.
Zane Ro'Meave (7 days ago)
Justin's an ass.
Caitlyn Campolo (7 days ago)
Did he stop bending backwards? 😂
JuJu Bee (7 days ago)
I still love Eminem tho 🌚
JuJu Bee (7 days ago)
I’m not a fan of Harry but he’s such a great role model for today’s youth
Oh hi There (7 days ago)
Is harry styles not in a one direction band anymore?
3_bananasforaeuro (4 days ago)
The rainbow lights reminded me of panic! During “girls/girls/boys” 🤧💘
personman (7 days ago)
Im proud to be born on the same day as harry styles birthday
mellisa Croaker (7 days ago)
I'm a big harry styles fan.
RIYA Directioner (8 days ago)
I'm so proud that he's my IDOL❤😭❤
Skye Playz XD (8 days ago)
Fuck trump😂
Skye Playz XD (8 days ago)
Awe Starla
I admit I’m not a fan of him,but right now I think I’ll be one.👆👆
😭😭😭, Harry Styles is so sweet!!❤️❤️,and my heart melts❤️🤞
Leonie Sleep (8 days ago)
He‘s perfect for ASMR😍
I love him now 😍
Sayan Dutta (9 days ago)
Ok. As a dude who has always despised 1D .... They now get a new fan
Emily Gonzalez (9 days ago)
**look at you respect level.....look at your respect level*** LOL😂😂😂😂
Pink Slayer (10 days ago)
Uhm Camila Cabello
Satya Prakash (10 days ago)
What's the Song name at 3:40 ???
Satya Prakash (10 days ago)
+love weekly thanku
love weekly (10 days ago)
Satya Prakash sweet creature
Megbabe 1 (10 days ago)
0:28 ariana grande and bts
I need a Kookie pls (11 days ago)
Concert Lights: Look at Kpop concerts🌚❤️
Mahak Punjabi (11 days ago)
0.28 Answer is Taylor Swift
Max Finley (11 days ago)
I cried for the LGBT tribute... and I didn’t even know that about him till now
Elaine Sorto (11 days ago)
This fanbase is toxic bye
3_bananasforaeuro (11 days ago)
Is it?
Catherine Shank (11 days ago)
Shawn Mendes
Zena Stanescu (11 days ago)
Brithis are very warm heart ❣ and very nice
Satya Prakash (11 days ago)
Could you please tell us the songs you've used in this video
Satya Prakash (11 days ago)
+3_bananasforaeuro Thanku
3_bananasforaeuro (11 days ago)
Sure I used Sweet Creature by Harry, Me Myself and I by Zayn, All You Need is Love from the movie Across the Universe, and Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves.
yo!itsRyn (11 days ago)
We're stanning a legend y'all
Røsedits (12 days ago)
Lili Arratia (12 days ago)
billie eilish is one of the sweetest i know out there
iMeda (12 days ago)
We stan a real dramatic and kind queen.
Marta Boavida (12 days ago)
I'm not really a harry styles fan, but I'm already loving him 😂
Niall the Potato (13 days ago)
*Nutella* Lol Harry's hungry isn't he?
Ozinistic Corporation (13 days ago)
Hey Harry !! you got a new fan here :)
Mundo Das Garotas XD (13 days ago)
imagine growing up and being starla
Dragon Warrior (13 days ago)
He looks like River Phoenix
Rose Styler (13 days ago)
he's really too sweet
ZeynepM Karakütük (13 days ago)
yooo dont fuck with Eminem, he is a LEGEND
Sumedh Deotale (13 days ago)
Well...in terms of taking care of people and fans and being genuinely a humble, kind and sweet person, I remember Chester Bennington who always cared for his fans and was a really sweet person. Also, not comparing them,just telling as he asked to name one
The Best (14 days ago)
After leaving form #1D Harry realise what is frendship and love
Rose Styler (13 days ago)
that's true
Mezba Rahman (14 days ago)
ZAYN forever
McTea444 (14 days ago)
What the fuck did we do to deserve him and his beautiful soul
Damayanthi Rajapaksha (14 days ago)
Harry is the kindest person in the world.😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
the RDfinity (14 days ago)
What is the song at 3:30 anyone please??
the RDfinity (14 days ago)
+love weekly thanks🙏
love weekly (14 days ago)
the RDfinity sweet creature by harry
Christian Solaris (14 days ago)
non è giusto che manco sono la sorella è sempre nervoso sono la mano santa per stritolargli i coglioni
Flawless Ari (14 days ago)
Billie Eilish too
• Jiminssi • (14 days ago)
He is a such a sweetheart, I’m officially a fan.
kpopfaaaan (14 days ago)
I'm confused. Is Harry a part of LGBTQ or he's just supportive of it?
love weekly (14 days ago)
kpopfaaaan he has never publicly spoken about his sexuality. he supports lgbtq (and loves gays more than he loves himself apparently lol), but he said he doesn’t label his sexuality.
babey nana (14 days ago)
Y Morales (15 days ago)
He's so special. We don't deserve him :( His heart is so beautiful
With Love (15 days ago)
What a beautiful human being.
Zaisha Khalifa (15 days ago)
The purple ocean 💜💜
O'zbekiston bayrog'i! We rock!
Gerald S. Grace (16 days ago)
Harry Styles and Camila Cabello are simply angels
TheHungryUn!c0rn (16 days ago)
Harry Styles is amazing! :)
ljordan 69 (17 days ago)
I mean eminem wasn't wrong, lmao
Lessie Cottrell (17 days ago)
Harry is KING!!!!!
Great Greek (17 days ago)
Starla are u watching this?
Fanny (17 days ago)
He is the kindest person.
Alisha Hanson (18 days ago)
Im gonna say that being a dick is how eminem is, its his life/background but he does in fact spread his love
Daniels Watermelon (18 days ago)
Wow I just love him
Rafia Fatima (18 days ago)
Harry always confuse himself in names😂😂😚😚

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