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Thermostat Housing Replacement on 4.0 liter Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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In this video I describe and show you how to replace a thermostat housing on a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with the 4.0 liter overhead cam engine. These thermostat housings commonly fail on these engines and cause a coolant leak. They are a little tricky to replace on these Sport Tracs due to the design of the intake manifold. Some mechanics will loosen or remove the intake but in this video I will show you that the job can be performed without removing the intake. Thanks for stopping by and watching the video. I hope you find it helpful. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. Have a great day! Check Out the Description for links to Social Media, Cool Products and more... Support us on Patreon at: http://www.patreon.com/minthillbilly for as little as $1 per month PayPal Tip Jar: http://www.paypal.me/minthillbilly for one time donations You're the reason we do these videos. We just love helping people. Thank you in advance for your support. LETS GET SOCIAL: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minthillbilly Twitter: https://twitter.com/BobbyWhiteside Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minthillbilly Blogger: https://bobbywhiteside.blogspot.com CONTACT ME: Email: minthillbillymail@aol.com SEND ME SOMETHING: ( letter, product to review) Minthillbilly 7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. Suite 105 #232 Mint Hill, NC 28227 EBAY STORE: www.minthillbillystore.com BOOKS I RECOMMEND: The Total Money Makeover: https://amzn.to/2tO6eZr Rich Dad / Poor Dad: https://amzn.to/2z3PEtN Think and Grow Rich: https://amzn.to/2KIF9ko The Millionaire Next Door: https://amzn.to/2tNTpyw The Millionaire Mind: https://amzn.to/2KtoS3e TOOLS EVERYONE SHOULD OWN: Claw Hammer 16oz: https://amzn.to/2tOBYh9 Tape Measure 25ft: https://amzn.to/2KsTIZW Level 4ft: https://amzn.to/2KBOjyV Tool Set (wrenches, sockets, etc) https://amzn.to/2KudmVz Square: https://amzn.to/2lTeTWt Cordless Drill: https://amzn.to/2KJtGRD Circular Saw: https://amzn.to/2KBYnbc EQUIPMENT USED IN MAKING VIDEOS: Vlogging Camera: https://amzn.to/2NdPBi9 Main Camera: https://amzn.to/2z4GoFJ Flash Drive: https://amzn.to/2NiA6FB Tripod: https://amzn.to/2NjGRqQ Video Editing Software: https://amzn.to/2NhL3XW Thumbnail Editing Software: https://amzn.to/2Ngfjm2 Desktop: https://amzn.to/2zaitoe Microphone: https://amzn.to/2NjKYmL We are an affiliate for Amazon and eBay. This video may have affiliate links for products and/or items that we use in our videos. Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of MintHillBilly, he cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information or improper use of this information. Due to factors beyond the control of MintHillBilly, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. MintHillBilly assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. MintHillBilly recommends safe practices when working with power tools, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not MintHillBilly. Now friends and neighbors, let's get out there and Make It Happen! MintHillBilly / RJW Creations
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Text Comments (120)
Bruce Townsend (4 months ago)
Great Video. The 8MM Swivel socket was the trick!!! THANK YOU for this Video!!!!! Did you put an sealant under it? Is that why you waited a day?
Michael Drake (4 months ago)
How have I never thought about that pulley! Thank you sir, you made my life a little easier today
minthillbilly (4 months ago)
Glad I could help sir! Have a good day.
Brent Rolfson (5 months ago)
Hey Billy you using any sort of rtv sealent when putting the new one on?
Derek (7 months ago)
Does the throttle body have a gasket to replace when u take it off
STANDING Tall (7 months ago)
Gonna be replacing on a 2004 Ranger tomorrow. Thank you
Brian Nailer (8 months ago)
thank you very much billy!!! have an 04 trac. don't need to replace the housing, but i do need it out of my way. i'm not a mechanic AT ALL but i'm good at figuring things out. you made it much easier. i was actually on the right path but, not being a mechanic, i got nervous and quit til i could get some insight...and you just gave it to me in clear and complete detail...i feel easier now and i thank you very much!!
Michael Hilgers (8 months ago)
Minthillbilly gets to the point. I can see exactly what I need to do with out any any useless information wasting my time. Images are great. Very well done.
Roman Gendik (9 months ago)
Mike Winters (10 months ago)
very well illustrated and all the detail needed to make my repair.  Mike Winters, Stillwater, OK
Legomanz Car (11 months ago)
how hard is it to get the compressor hides pipes v shaped over the motor from left to right out of the way to get access tithe front , the bracket for all seems to be the way for a front removal as well
Legomanz Car (11 months ago)
and there is two wires and two hoses on top and some sort of plug behind it with a 1%sight view into where it might be leaking get I hate being a woman working on a man made item lol
Legomanz Car (11 months ago)
air-conditioned compressor
Legomanz Car (11 months ago)
all=alternator. and. hides =hoses
Legomanz Car (11 months ago)
Brandon (11 months ago)
I just had a mechanic tell me I'm leaking coolant from my headgasket and he quoted me $2500... to my understanding the therm housing is right by the cylinder head, correct? Could my mechanic be mistaken and think it's the head gasket and it actually be the therm housing?
Adrian Castano (11 months ago)
Angel (11 months ago)
Excellent video friend, regards from México..
Burly's Tech (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video.
seth awesome (1 year ago)
Any idea why the temp gage isn't working after doing this?
seth awesome (1 year ago)
This sucks, side note use a quarter drive swivel, cause the adapter makes it to big on the bolt in the back due to the wiring.. also the bolts easily strip so be prepared to buy extra bolts and a special socket for stripped bolts... wish it was as fast and easy as the video makes it out to be..
Monique Figures (1 year ago)
where do that black ring go?
Marciano Verde (1 year ago)
very good video! tanks!
adkins mom (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the video! we bought a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac for a first car for our teenager. We discovered the housing leaking and had no idea how to get it off an EASY way.
adkins mom (1 year ago)
by the way, we are Chevrolet people and have never owned a Ford until now!
Dean LeMaster (1 year ago)
Your  process is easily followed and I have a 2003 Sport Trac with this problem and I feel I can get it fixed now. Thanks for your video.
Tessa Williams (1 year ago)
Hi do you work on Pontiac g6 gxp 09? This video was very helpful in getting my 04 ford explorer fixed
tubeitmark (1 year ago)
My 2005 sport trac 3inch bypass hose is leaking. Can I just drop the serpentine belt and remove it or do I have to remove the thermostat housing. My housing only has about 2500 miles on it.
Tumeni Nodes (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for this vid. Luckily on my 2004 explorer, this housing is completely exposed... nothing in the way, phew!
Nick DeVeau (1 year ago)
This is a great video and I found it extremely helpful! Thank you so much
loveofit (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this! Very helpful!
Dennis Alex (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help!
RICARDO PAREJO (1 year ago)
You make easy your Job, good explanation!! tks
Anthony Carrello (1 year ago)
hey bub, I just completed this on a 2003 mountaineer, but instead of letting the new housing sit overnight (like I should have) I drove it a couple hours later...should I be worried? didn't over heat or anything, but I'm hoping for longevity
Mark A. (1 year ago)
I just replaced mine 3 days ago. Put new sensors in as well. All was good for 3 days. Now I have a check engine light and my temp gauge does not ever come up. I put a new thermostat in when I replaced the housing. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Kate Murphy (1 year ago)
Hi, thanks for the awesome video. I'm confused though. A mechanic told me that I need to replace both the upper and lower thermostat housing. Is this the upper?
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
This video is showing both the upper neck and the lower. It's a common problem on these 4.0 liter engines. Thank you for watching and I hope the repair goes well.
michael cook (1 year ago)
Excellent instruction video.. Great tips.. I have the same year Explorer with the same problem plus changing out the water pump. Thanks for sharing the video and tips.. Fine mechanic!!!
Brett Finlayson (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. Very helpful
Kurt O. Brown (1 year ago)
Are you using gasket Sealant on the thermostat housing seat or the thermostat cap?
Ron Rupke (1 year ago)
Need to replace my housing............again.............but not going to pay the $100's to a repair shop this time. Your video is very helpful as I prepare. One question I have is when you seat the lower housing, does it require any sealant or anything on the bottom of the housing? Or is there a gasket?
David Kelly (1 year ago)
I'm just getting to do this repair on my 98 Mountaineer.  Thanks for this video minthillbilly.  This is the very "BEST REPAIR VIDEO"  I've ever watched.  You explain everything so well and make it so easy to understand.  Hands down the best auto repair video I've ever watched.  Again, Thank You,  Dave Kelly
jquest43 (1 year ago)
+minthillbilly can i just take thermostat out for a few weeks? its summer
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
Thank you David! Always like hearing that we helped someone and the positive feedback. Hope you'll come back to our channel for more how to videos. Have a great day!
Kevin Beaver (1 year ago)
Thank you. I have a 08 Explorer with this problem. It has 140K on. I have had 1-2-3! radiators in it. Plastic - yuck!
Ian Snyder (1 year ago)
Thanks for this. It's been a while since I turned wrenches, and I'm a little rusty. Over time, you forget the little tricks and the knowledge that's only gained by experience (like don't forget to detach the gear shift indicator before dropping the dash to do a heater core on a crown vic 😆). You guys do a great job of showing people what they need to see, and that only comes from knowing your stuff. Excellent video.
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
Thank you Ian! We appreciate you watching and leaving such a nice comment. Also happy to hear when we've helped someone with their project. Hope you'll come back to our channel for more How To and Product Review videos. And please Subscribe if you haven't done so already. Have a great day!
Arturo Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Video came in handy in fixing the issue in my 2001 Ford Ranger Edge. I thought it was the upper gasket when it really was the housing.Thank you.
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
That's great and you're welcome. Always like to hear when we have been able to help someone out. Appreciate you watching and for commenting. We hope you'll come back to our channel for more How To and Product Review videos. Have a great day!
Ricky Gomez (1 year ago)
where did you buy the housing?? is it a ford part?
Jacob Louison (1 year ago)
how will the pressure test tell me where leak is it seems wet around housing buy cant see where its leaking from
Jacob Louison (1 year ago)
thank you
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
When you apply pressure to the system it will make the coolant spray out in volume where you can pin-point the leak easier.
Jacob Louison (1 year ago)
so i was wondering if where yours was leaking if it drained off back of motor right by top center of tranny mine just started i can smell coolant at front of motor but its leaking off back of motor
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
Yes it can. Ford has a bad problem with these thermostat housing on the 4.0 L, and yes if they are leaking bad enough, it can puddle in the intake valley pan and run off the back of the motor. I recommend if you're not sure, pressure test the system to locate the leak. Hope this help. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.
Illusions Unlimited (1 year ago)
great video buddy, i just.got 1 question, mine is leaking from the bottom of thermostat housing, but im not sure if its the hose or the housing, how can i tell withour removing......?
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
Nine times out of ten, it is the housing. If you see the coolant residue on the side of the housing more than likely it needs the complete housing. This is a big problem on the Ford 4.0 liter. Hope that helps. Thanks for watching and come back and watch more of our How To videos. Have a great day.
mannyes82 (1 year ago)
I just replaced my thermostat housing using this video. Thanks a lot.
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
That's great! Thank you for letting us know. Glad we could help. Please come back to our channel for many more How To videos. Have a great day!
Soy Papi (1 year ago)
thanks for sharing this video save money
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
Thank you...glad to hear it. We appreciate you watching the video and commenting. Please come back to our channel for many more How To videos. Have a great day!
bay2theaz (2 years ago)
thanks bro. made my day at work much easier
minthillbilly (1 year ago)
That's great! Thanks for watching. Please come back to our channel for more How To videos and be sure to Subscribe so that you will see our new videos when they are released. Have a great day!
Kevin Voyles (2 years ago)
and also exactly what I needed to see
Kevin Voyles (2 years ago)
iam having the same issue as we speak I am having trouble with the back bolt on the housing on removing it tried wrench tried socket can u recommend anything please thanks Kevin
William Duppstadt (2 years ago)
Thanks, Great video!
Jessica Andrews (2 years ago)
Hi, I bought my truck from a dealership and they told me the housing is cracked. They also told me it was a $400 part, plus labor, so I'm a little hesitant to believe them! How do I know if it really needs to be replaced? Maybe it's just the gasket? Btw- GREAT video!!
Jessica Andrews (1 year ago)
I ended up replacing it myself. There was a big crack in it! Right at the seam. I found out it's a pretty common problem on this vehicle. Thanks for the reply!
Ian Snyder (1 year ago)
Jessica Andrews I imagine you already had this taken care of, but I just got a quote of $107 from my local part store (for the housing. I have to transfer the sensors from the old part to the new part). The dealership is probably trying to sell you the sensors, the bypass hose, clamps, etc. with it. They'll always charge you for every screw, clamp, washer, etc. they can and get every dime they can squeeze out of you. I'd go to a mom & pop kind of place instead. I'm just gonna do mine in my driveway.
Philip Hendrix (2 years ago)
Thanks for ur video. I will attempt this today. I wonder where to get by pass hose?
jquest43 (1 year ago)
unfortunatly,the bypass hoses are extreamly rare,almost extinct.so you will have to hire a bypass hose specialist to research where to get it,IF THEY STILL EXIST!!
William Salisbury (2 years ago)
thankyou so it is possible to replace this part without taking the dang intake manifold off.
jquest43 (1 year ago)
no.watch video carfully...u will see where he had to take it off,PLUS the left cylinder head,to access the thermostat bypass hose secondary which flows through #2 cylinder. watch it again.
David Chapman (2 years ago)
Super. Exactly what I needed to see! Thanks.
basspig (2 years ago)
What about just replacing the thermostat? Is it necessary to replace the housing when the t-stat fails?
basspig (1 year ago)
I was able to buy a thermostat for 38 dollars and a gasket for 5 dollars at local parts store. Works great.
mannyes82 (1 year ago)
Im no expert, but if you have no leaking you should be fine just replacing the Thermostat. I changed everything on mine, lower and upper housing, 2 sensors, and of course the gasket and O ring. I would deff recommend you get the parts from the dealer, those will last you a little longer than any other after market parts.
James Terry (2 years ago)
Great video. I'm going to work on this project this weekend! It would help a LOT if you could put the part numbers for the parts you replaced in your description. Thanx for the video!
hillus herrod (2 years ago)
what if one of your upper thermostat bolts won't come out?
David Koterba (2 years ago)
thanks ,did this bout 4 years ago...had problems with several NEW murray water outlets...was told to use dorman...worked good until now ...forgot how I did it without taking off the intake....so thanks for the reminder.....still a poor design though....arhhhggg
scotty c. (2 years ago)
Great video! I just did this job today and used this vid to help. The only thing I will add is that you unplugged both sensors it seems before even removing the housing. I was only able to disconnect the one on the left, I had to remove the three bolts and kind of work the housing half way out before I could unplug the other sensor. I connected both of them while the new housing was half way in again.
TriodeLuvr (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video! Why does the entire housing need to be replaced? Why not just replace the gasket?
manz1397 (6 months ago)
The housing is glued together and with time, and heating cycles it separates, and warps. It doesn't pay to just replace the gaskets, because the housing will leak eventually either way.
עברית ישראל (2 years ago)
that's what I did today. It was just the o-ring
Brad Dustin (2 years ago)
Had my entire housing, thermostat and sensors changed on my 01 4.0 SOHC Ford Ranger only because of smelling antifreeze seeping from the housing. And from the very first freeway grade I drove up, the needle pegged hot. Never blew coolant or steam out the tailpipe (ever). Level ground is fine. Could the sensor wires be swapped by mistake to make it peg hot? Any suggestions?
Phillipe Palomo (2 years ago)
thanks billy , regards
Eric Carso (2 years ago)
Thank you man!!! really great Video. exactly what I needed.
Tony Guajardo (2 years ago)
thank u
Rick Kuperberg Sr. (2 years ago)
Was hoping someone could answer if they did this job and how long (Hours) did it take and was it as easy as the video seemed etc? Two mechancis want over $600 to fix this one saying the part is over $200 and 3 hour labor. I seen the part online ranging from $50-$80 and I use to work on my own vehicles back in the day but haven't much lately but cant afford $600. Any help/comments much appreicated.
Layne Douglas (2 years ago)
+Rick Kuperberg Sr. eBay has the parts for $19.99. I will let you know how hard it is after this weekend, assuming the parts come in this week.
Narad Maloo (2 years ago)
great job only bad thing is that I'm now looking at this after i took apart my engine :(
jsngallery (2 years ago)
Is the ratchet wrench a 10mm? Tks
Janet Ortiz (2 years ago)
This was an absolute awesome video! You explained it so well step by step and even what hose goes to what! You were clear in your voice and could understand you very well!!! I've viewed lots of videos that have issues hearing what they are saying, but you did it great! Thank you so very much!
tigerfan3905 (2 years ago)
About to dive into this...thanks so much for the vid. Best one on YouTube for this job.
Zimmy12ify (3 years ago)
Just finished mine yesterday. Thanks for the vid! I was able to get mine out and in without removing any wires by just moving them around and un-attaching the one harness mount. Plus removing the water neck. I need to find a better way of replacing the serpentine belt. Kicks my butt every time! Thank You Again! Oh, make sure that short hose isn't any longer than the original. Else it will fight you.
PlayGirl (3 years ago)
I am getting read to do mine now. Just finished the water pump and putting water in still leaking tracing the leak better than last time to the thermostat housing area so I hope it's the issue this time. I am searching the internet because I didn't know if I would have to remove the intake. More nuts and bolts laying everywhere and still a pain in the back. I love my truck but she's been acting up lately. I am thankful for the video and narrative. Sad we can't see back there to ensure that is exactly the problem. I won't need a reminder now to not loan my truck to the family. Ugh!!!
Devin Shafer (3 years ago)
Well I have to thank you, I was having so,much trouble with this. I had to beat the fan clutch off, but this made the thermostat housing easy. Great video.
Alice Meyers (3 years ago)
This repair is being performed on my 1999 explorer today. This video helps me understand what they're doing.
C. Nees (3 years ago)
Once the new thermostat housing is put back in can you just top off the coolant and that be it?  Or do you have to do anything special?
Nate Hancock (3 years ago)
Appreciate the help and the info!
Raider (3 years ago)
Very well made video clear and concise covers all the right procedures for this particular vehicle. On Explorers non sport it's allot easier due to the amount of room and clearance issues. This video can be used as well because it address even more info. In regard to other questions you should replace the sensors and all gaskets. These are a very small cost compared to the entire housing. I would recommend Dorman 902-860 it was re designed as an upgrade not a replacement for the housing. Sensors you can go with many brands just make sure it has the right connection spade wise. Great job minthillbilly, I would only add one thing as a note. On the bottom of the radiator you have a petcock/plastic knob for draining coolant. I drain out about a third of coolant and then re-tighten the knob. This will drain out all the coolant from the hoses and area you would be working on. As I disconnected the upper and lower hoses they are empty. After re-starting the engine and going through the heat and cooling cycles just add it back as the level drops. Thanks Friend.
Ian Snyder (1 year ago)
Raider After having a few of those break on me, I just started pulling the lower hose and draining it all out. I worked on a lot of $h!tbox cars, I guess. But we had a tool that hooked up to shop air and would pull the cooling system into a vacuum. Every shop should have one. Being able to detect a leak before filling the system up was handy, and we never had issues with air pockets. It was a beautiful thing.
Brian Simard (3 years ago)
Thanks Bobby, You make it look easy.
JAMES PAYNE (3 years ago)
Great video shows to do the job with ease. Thanks
ausetisis (3 years ago)
Thanks! This gave me the confidence to try and repair my 2005 sport trac. I will try this next week.
Amore Johnson (3 years ago)
Thanks a million for this video. Can't wait to start my project. Best video!
mvpbuilds (3 years ago)
Thank you
adrian chavez (3 years ago)
i drive 2001 ford explorer sport trac edition. i have a leak in my radiator. i put anti freeze & my vehicle just eats it up. today i noticed i put water in & fired up the engine & it ate it up real quick. hoses look fine. dont know much about fixing vehicles but would appreciate some advice.
N Q A (3 years ago)
+adrian chavez i think u have a bad head gaskit, get it checked
CalamityEnsues (3 years ago)
So this is the part that two mechanics have told me costs $500+? I need to find one that will let me bring in my own parts and only charge me for labor; I've seen that part for $80 in stores.
///One.Lawless (3 years ago)
Jesus thats a bitch to fix!!!
Devin Shafer (3 years ago)
No kidding. I've been working on,my friends 04 and it's been kicking my ass. I've never had this much trouble, and since my arms are so thick and I have fat fingers the water pump was even worse.
antawain shoemaker (3 years ago)
This is the best YouTube vid I've ever watched great job brother!!!!
peterwhitaker71 (3 years ago)
Excellent, thanks for taking the time to do this and spread the knowledge.
tmv108 (3 years ago)
Was not that easy for me! I had a wiring harness going right through the middle between the sensors. Easy to come out but a bear to get in! Then one of the sensors was stripped and I had to break open the old housing to remove. I ended up taking the intake bolts off and letting it float up a bit. Made things much easier. I took the housing off but could not find the leak?!?! Oh well no leaks now. Thanks Minthillbilly.
jimmy avery (3 years ago)
I have a 2010 mustang I had my thermostat housing replace but now my upper thermostat housing leaking now could it be the gasket
igostupidfast3 (3 years ago)
Its a good idea to replace both upper and lower housing with all the seals at the same time.
Tim Curtis (3 years ago)
Outstanding video instruction! Great camera work and narration! You have a terrific talent for showing how things can be accomplished with ease and finesse. I feel a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I owe you big time for this one!!!
A LeBlanc (3 years ago)
Tough job made easy!  Thanks for sharing.
minthillbilly (3 years ago)
+A LeBlanc Thanks man!  Have a good one.

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