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(5 Jun 1972) The funeral at Windsor Castle of the late Duke of Windsor, the former King George VI. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/6e7af5478bfc8362cf741ea662ca5495 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Alexander Beaverhausen (2 months ago)
Even without sound, this was heartbreaking to watch. People say such nasty things about The Duchess, and her motives and true feelings - but the sadness on her face is obvious and so sad.
glammie4 (4 months ago)
How horrible that years later Wallis was given the love and support she needed. This was due to the "sweet" Queen Mum", who was nothing more than a petty, bitter woman,The Queen may be traditional, but it was the Queen mum who banished her and then tried to kill off the pension her husband wanted to give his brother. I think Wallis would have been a fine Queen consort.
Najma Taaj (5 months ago)
Point to direction this ain't the funeral of King George the sixth but his older brother Edward the eighth the abdicator .
janice wright (6 months ago)
Get your bloody monarchs right. The duke of Windsor was edward The 8th the uncrowded king. George 6th was his younger brother, who took his place, and father of our present queen Elizabeth. Thank God we had a king up to the job,unlike his selfish brother who was only interested in his yank mistress, and getting his own way!
Greg Pap (6 months ago)
I bet the Queen Mother wasn't that sad.
graça faria (6 months ago)
Distressing...she was lost without him...we can feel it...
good vibes (6 months ago)
Can only imagine what was going through queen mother's mind as she walked behind her.
Giovanni Serafino (6 months ago)
Odd the Church of England was so concerned about Royals marring divorced people. After all, the anglican Communion was founded by a king who either divorced his wives or executed them! The royal family ruined the life of princess Margaret over the same issue. Though with Charles, things seemed to have changed since he was allowed to marry a divorced woman, and the sun still rose the next day!
Daniella (6 months ago)
Why people so.mean of her and him. She probably dis Britain a favor a la Hitler and The Duke were best friends.
keltin quesnel (7 months ago)
The Queen Mother hated her !
plumoplum (8 months ago)
A Nazi and his bitch!
Joshua Taylor (9 months ago)
The queen mother was a snobby vengeful old bitch who thought that 'common' Wallis was beneath her royal 'highness'. Wallis was more of a woman than she could ever be, charismatic, witty, intelligent, modern and so very chic. You can see why Edward was so beguiled by her. It's England's loss that she was never queen and they ended up with the dour old sour dowagers.
JohnPaul Dixon (9 months ago)
Whatever else they may be the royals are big on protocol and have a desire to appear magnanimous in public. So if the Duke's wish was to be laid to rest at Frogmore, as was his right, then the royals would certainly not wish to be seen as recalcitrant in refusing to allow this. The Duchess would very likely not wish to be separated from her 'beloved David' in death so the royals would (grudgingly) allow her to be laid to rest next to her husband. I can imagine the old Queen Mother was infuriated knowing that her mortal enemy was buried a stone's throw from where she'd be entombed in St. George's Chapel, lol. And it wasn't necessary to refer to Edward as the ' late king ' given that we tend to not bury our royals until they're dead ... mores the pity.
foxring12 (9 months ago)
Wallis looks like she's arguing with the queen over her place behind the duke. The film was edited and their was no sound. So she was not happy - not mourning.
Michael Neel (9 months ago)
Why would you bury him in a country that turned their back on him & her . I would have laid him to rest next to me in France where they lived out their lives . To hell with the British !!!
Najma Taaj (5 months ago)
Yeah to hell with this cold hearted British, but not real British but disguise aka the Nazi Germans yeah.
JohnPaul Dixon (9 months ago)
Michael Neel ... 'To hell with the British'?! How were the British complicit in how the Duke and Duchess were treated? It was the family into which he was born and into which she married who are solely responsible for this state of affairs.
mary m (9 months ago)
good riddance!
Mark M (9 months ago)
Queen Mother was such a bitch
Lisa Griggs (9 months ago)
Tilly Divine (9 months ago)
The former Edward VIII you fuck knuckles.
Carmela Hammer (11 months ago)
Dont be too judgemental about Wallis personality as a woman?. . We are all wonderfully made by God and We are all beautiful on our own way.
Carmela Hammer (11 months ago)
Dont be too judgemental about Wallis personality as a woman?. . We are all wonderfully made by God and We are all beautiful on our own way.
Carmela Hammer (11 months ago)
Of course who will feel pleasant on the side of this horrible Royals? Wallis from the Start knew that she was never Accepted from the hypocrites Royal Clan. I think she was the one who decided to go back in Frech After the funeral of Edward. Its a good decision from her!
Carmela Hammer (11 months ago)
Of course who will feel pleasant on the side of this horrible Royals? Wallis from the Start knew that she was never Accepted from the hypocrites Royal Clan. I think she was the one who decided to go back in Frech After the funeral of Edward. Its a good decision from her!
north shore (11 months ago)
She does look lost...
Dove Barnett (11 months ago)
Poor Wallace she looked so lost
MsArthurharris (11 months ago)
what leaving so soon , dont let the door hit your ass on the way out, check out the queen mothers look as she walks behind, shear satisfaction
Andrew and Joan Hart (1 year ago)
It was the Duchess of Windors wish to get in and out asap. It was a snub to the Royal Family - you've got to hand it to them, they are good haters.
Dove Barnett (11 months ago)
Andrew and Joan Hart honestly if I was her I probably would have stayed in the hotel before I would have stayed with them
Francis Artanis (1 year ago)
No wonder the Queen Mother is smirking. Edward and his freeloading wife left her husband in the lurch. Only guts and willpower got George VI and his wife through one of the hardest times in English history.
gardensofthegods (1 month ago)
Michael Neel I'm trying to figure out how in the world just now your comment appeared in my notifications and yet it is from 7 months ago.. Looks like YouTube made some kind of a mistake. And that's weird because I added a comment here last month and so this doesn't make any sense to me why YouTube would send yours.. as it was not a reply to me
gardensofthegods (3 months ago)
That's funny I thought she was smirking too..
Tory Boy (5 months ago)
Michael Neel like blackadder they ate turnips in shape of willy
Michael Neel (9 months ago)
Do some history lessons . The Queens mom was a nasty woman just like his mother Mary . You mean how hard it was for the US to struggle to keep all of England fed . What do you think they ate during world war two ? Turnips ? WRONG ! What ever they wanted !!!
Lee 7 (1 year ago)
I bet she was ushered in and out at great speed! They didn't want her staying long!
vanillaorchid (1 year ago)
George VI died in 1952, this is his abdicating, Nazi sympathising older brother, Edward VIII
Luciferious (2 months ago)
He visited germany like Once doesn't really make him a nazi; by that definition Neville Chamberlain is a nazi.
william harper (1 year ago)
The Royal family are of german descent who had no right what so ever coming over to Great Britain in the first place?.  They are not and nevil will be pure British Royalty but just fake puppets acting out the part.
JohnPaul Dixon (9 months ago)
william harper ... We haven't had a 'pure British royal family' for over 1000 years.
Patrick3183 (11 months ago)
william harper “they had no right”?you don’t know shit About history
Luka Yu (1 year ago)
She seemed to be the last public person to wear a black mourning full-face veil. I've seen Jacqueline Kennedy wearing it in her husband's funeral in the 60's and in 50's the Queen, the Queen Mother, the Dowager Queen wearing them in George VI's funeral.
Fayka S (6 months ago)
The Danish Royal family, Queen Margrethe II, The Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece wore a black mourning veil during the 2000 funeral of their mother, Queen Ingrid of Denmark, born Princess Ingrid of Sweden.
dongyuemiao (1 year ago)
In Sweden they still wear it at royal funerals
Susan Pound (1 year ago)
Was he fit to be the King when he blew his responsibilities to his nation at the time of war? Was it fitting to socialize with a Country leader when his nation was sending their boys to fight that leader? It seems like he was a selfish man and put his interest before his Country when his Country needed him but I suppose that being sad, his country was better off without him.
mcwikl (1 year ago)
Suggested addition to AP Stylebook:  when writing about a funeral, it's redundant to refer to the deceased as "the late ..."
Glory McQueen (1 year ago)
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor personified elegance and class and are forever united at Frogmore.
felixaliaga (1 year ago)
And both were traitors to their countries by passing confidential info to the nazis. Very elegant!
davidpar2 (1 year ago)
The Duke of Windsor was King Edward VIII, not King George VI
Suzanne L (1 year ago)
If her husband wasn't such a freeloader wanting top jobs for lots of money based on being in the royal family and had himself a real job, he could have got Wallace away from that awful royal family. See at the funeral none of them are comforting her as none of them know what real love is.
Jody (2 years ago)
She was shuttled in and out. The royal family didn't even want her staying at the palace for one more day after the funeral.
Mel73 (7 months ago)
If they did can you really blame them?
Tilly Divine (9 months ago)
Yeah go figure they didn't like the Nazi gold digger.
Dove Barnett (11 months ago)
Jody I said she probably didn't want to stay either why would somebody want to stay someplace they know they're not welcome
Megan Williams (1 year ago)
Read Anne Sebba's "That Woman". It's pretty clear that the atmosphere was "coolish" and the press noted that no member of the Family accompanied her back to the airport for her return flight to France. "That Woman" pp 270-276.
Incredible Mann (1 year ago)
Did either QEII, The Queen Mother or Prince Phillip told you so?
AndreA (2 years ago)
The former King George VI????? Oh please!
AndreA (1 year ago)
of course.
Kay Jay (1 year ago)
AndreA Edward VIII
Kirk Manning (2 years ago)
Correction....Former Edward VIII
Keziah Kn (2 years ago)
A family killing its members with nothing but protocols !
Incredible Mann (1 year ago)
Well, the Saudis behead their own, so make your pick!!!
adelgado75 (2 years ago)
Who provided the plane for the  duchess?
JohnPaul Dixon (9 months ago)
B.Walker ... How true. I'm in no way a royalist but I do ind the history of monarchy absorbing. Enjoy your day.
B. Walker (9 months ago)
No offense taken. Love how we are all so interested and passionate about the subject. History in all forms has me beguiled. : )
JohnPaul Dixon (9 months ago)
B. Walker ..... My mistake, apologies. I confused Angeelo with adelgado75.
B. Walker (9 months ago)
JohnPaul, my friend, my comment was to directed and addressed to Angeelo regarding his comment about IT BEING THE LAST FAVOR SHE EVER GOT FROM THE ROYAL FAMILY. I beg to differ on that point. She was interred in the Royal Burial grounds. I would say that was most respectful, wouldn't you?
JohnPaul Dixon (9 months ago)
B.Walker ...The OP's question was referring to when the Duchess returned home to France after her husband's funeral, not when she died.

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