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Hemoptysis - how to approach the coughing of blood patient.

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In this video we discuss the clinical approach to the workup and treatment of the patient who presents with coughing of blood.
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A7 Photography (9 days ago)
I am a teenager. I used to smoke cigarettes a lot. I suffered fever these past 2 days and now i cough up blood with mucus. Its been a lot of days since I stopped smoking. How should I react? I take pills to stop coughing
Low Diggs (11 days ago)
i quit smoking two weeks ago and suddenly i cough a small amount of blood with mucus every afternoon.never had that problem when i was smoking.seems so strange to me ... :/ im extremely worried.
A7 Photography (9 days ago)
Me too
Alireza iesanejad (20 days ago)
hi i had very bad chest and constant cough with yellow and green phlegm feel weak block noise so i wait over a week to see any improvement but nothing change so went to the gp so he done some test and said its only viral infection and it will go away by its own he refuse to give me a medication as i had feeling i got bad infection and ask him blood test and x-ray but he refuse so 3 weeks gone the black noise and coughing slow down but I start coughing blood with my phlegm its clear phlegm and like fresh blood init so i wait 3days then went to the gp again but see another1 and he sent me for x-ray then result came as emergency to the gp the same day so he put me on the course of antibiotics for a week then have to sent me to another x-ray after 3 weeks could it b infection or the first doc done the mistake by not giving me medication and that make it to turn to bleeding cough?
Jay (23 days ago)
I wake up and spit up phlegm/thick saliva with dark red blood clots everyday. Nothing happens throughout the day but only in the morning after I wake up. I don't smoke nor do I drink, no cough/cold/fever or as such anything. Been happening since past 2 weeks now. Any help/suggestions? Really don't want to visit a doctor.
Bored Man (2 months ago)
If a woman has HG in pregnancy and constant vomiting, could that also be a result of coughing blood with flem?
MaryJan Eyak (3 months ago)
My father is on his tb treatment in 3weeks but he is coughing a lot of blood. His sputum is all whole blood, and he's really depressed about it. What do we need to do?
Siva Nayak (6 months ago)
What is diet for hemoptysis... in taking food Do's and don'ts for these patients...please give me rpy....
Umang Thapa (8 months ago)
Doc-i'am here hemoptysis patient & everything almost i have done by testing so my Questions is what about operations for hemoptysis cases is it possible or is there any other options? -Umang.
IIdemonII (1 year ago)
I need to lay off the cocaine! Am i rite?
Monk Amani (9 months ago)
IIdemonII : Really? Smoking? Yes! I gave the nostrils a break decades ago.
bronze beard (1 year ago)
Hi I have a really bad cough this week and i notice today i cough a small blood on my yellow saliva a cough that didn't make me sleep,, and i notice also that i had a tonsillitis and it hurt specially swallowing. do i have a hemoptysis? and what is the different than TB? i am worried about word TB.
Jessica Angel (1 year ago)
Thank you for posting this!
David Delgado (1 year ago)
smoking to much ganja
Jody Jo (1 year ago)
what if your coughing up a lugi and you just had a cold like a 2 or 3 weeks ago
Joci Wayne (1 year ago)
hi doctor i spit too much blood when i cough it has happened twice now i go to hospital they do xray and nothing found they said i should do blood test
sam anderson (1 year ago)
My mother recently has viral and she is on warfarin for lifelong and she got tinged blood when she coughs up, and after six months she got another viral and on and off tinged boos while she is coughing. All here st scan comes with no pe but with pulmonary nodules of size 4 mm in the right lobe then 3 month later we repeated the chest scan and there is another 3 mm pulmonary nodule in the left side and the doctor said maybe in the first scan was not show and now it shows ( the 3 mm nodule on the left lung. So is that coughing up blood ( tinged blood ) normal or can be lung cancer even the Ct scan can not show any cancer but I am still worry.
Sheree Hardin (1 year ago)
:( hope she's ok
sam anderson (1 year ago)
I want to mention that my mother road not ever smoking in her life and she is 74y , if the ting dblood continues do I have to take her to the hospital
sam anderson (1 year ago)
I want to mention that my mother road not ever smoking in her life and she is 74y , if the ting dblood continues do I have to take her to the hospital
salukii dog (1 year ago)
I coughed up something today.............it was bright red and flat. It's not blood probably cuz my nose usually bleeds.
Dragos Z (1 year ago)
I have blood in sputum without coughing, no chest pain or any other pain. I don't smoke either. Stool has no blood. Blood pressure and pulse are normal. What could it be?
kabtastick (8 months ago)
from your gums perhaps?
Dragos Z (1 year ago)
Raman, it turned out to be coming from a bleeding gum
RAMAN SHANDILYA (1 year ago)
Dragos Z I m also suffering the same way ... did u get some reply
JHop40 (2 years ago)
I coughed up a small amount of blood and I have been coughing all night and I think I just coughed too much please help
Paola Hernandez (2 years ago)
Hi, I had a taste of saliva in my mouth and when I spit, there was blood. That's the second it happened since last week. I've also been having lower abdominal pain, I'm sort of scared because I don't know what it is
Laila Evra (9 months ago)
Same happend to me
let's motivate (9 months ago)
What the hell is this yaar am also having this frequently but no other problems am scared yaar
Idun wanna (9 months ago)
When I cough I taste a little bloode and my spit has a little red
Amit kumar (10 months ago)
Paola Hernandez How u feel now
Sheree Hardin (1 year ago)
Raman, might be acid reflux related...you should just go to a doc. A stomach doc.
Jason Maldonado (2 years ago)
Idk why I watched it but I liked the advice and this happened to me, but it was cuz of a nose bleed
toscanon31 (2 years ago)
i was coughing up blood with mucus i went to the ER because i was coughing pure blood clots and they where tespons they diagnosed me with pneumonia and valley fever in the lung's and they gave me antibiotics and medicine for the valley fever so i went to a specialist i got a CT scan he found scare in my right lung and hole but the thing i want to say is that will that hole shut its self because my specialist say it could heel it's self i hope and can alcohol make it worse doctor plzz tell me i not drinking i just want to know
Berlin's Decisions. (8 months ago)
Same, I got diagnosed with leumonia
Nilshan Pandey (1 year ago)
toscanon31 pease explain i am having same problem
Agnawstic (2 years ago)
I woke up in the morning with a sore throat and I also felt like something was in my throat. I later started spitting phlegm with yellow/brownish with red. That same day at night I felt hot and had a headache. The back of my neck and my right shoulder blade hurt as well. Another thing, I sometimes feel like there is pressure on my throat.
koolhunk1225 (1 month ago)
Agnawstic ..u alright?
Sheree Hardin (1 year ago)
the pressure sounded like the mucus:)
Tharindu Tharuk (1 year ago)
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M7MD ٣٩ (1 year ago)
Agnawstic Same
Matthew (1 year ago)
Agnawstic ah shit
ramps801 (2 years ago)
sir 2 days ago i got really bad throat as well as high fever no cough.reason is from past 5 days i have eaten alot junk with tangy sauces.I got ill when i eat outside food on regular basis.so when i wake up i got green stringy mucus with red small dot in middle about 2 time of same size.after that i took medication of throat infection and after next day greenish element in mucus is decreased and no blood is found and throat is also relieved.I m really worried is there is any chance of other disease.
Galactic Gladiator (11 months ago)
ramps801 I just coughed up stringy phlegm too and it had a small red dot. Now I’m scared and can’t go to bed... help
Ropata Kahukura (2 years ago)
what if i am coughing up blood with no mucus or nothing. just blood
Family fun Vlogs (1 year ago)
Ropata Kahukura
DJGIRL LYRICS (2 years ago)
+DrER.tv coughing up blood with mucus, spitting up blood,throwing up blood, coughing up phlegm, don't forget vomiting blood
A.J. 232737 (2 years ago)
You are so smart, but, please speak slowly. You lost me when you were speaking too fast. Otherwise, I really enjoyed your tutorial.
Sapana Chhetri (2 years ago)
hay sir i too much scread abt that before i hav blood cum from nose nw last two days i hav blood with cough only at moriong so wat can i do can u suggest me guys
Peculiar Michelle (2 years ago)
Sapana Chhetri (Blood Cum) wtf is that
Sreenivasa Rajiv (2 years ago)
+Sapana Chhetri Consult a doctor
Mojo Bro (3 years ago)
I took my bloody mucus blob to the ER today when fever set in three days ago and then my long history of coughing and chest pain was not enough to prompt action i started coughing up blood and they hurt. The did blood work and chest xray. Even though i have fever still they sent me home and im to see family Dr. in two days. Why did they not even look at the blood i saved in a cup?
Sheree Hardin (1 year ago)
ER has no idea of what to do. They are not specialists in anything specific so they basically want you to find a certain doc for your symptoms-.-'Found that out the hard way lol. All they deal with are people on the verge of death. I went in for ovarian check and they had no clue what a CA 125 was haha...
beau6565 (3 years ago)
Brilliant, informative video. Had a coughing fit the other day and unfortunately the large amount of flem i coughed up was blood.This lasted for about 45mins. Freaked me right out. I probably coughed up about 200ml of blood in total. not happened since thankfully. That was three days ago. Have had broncular problems as I have been smoking for 35 years. But, at the sametime I have had a chest infection. Either way like gambling lifes about odds. I think the chances now of being cancer are around 12 to one. Thanks again you at least gave me hope.
liu carmen (3 years ago)
this few days i start to cough blood out i was so scared what should i do 
Angel Romero (3 years ago)
i just recently woke up with a aching body headache, and you know those symptoms of a cold or flu, influenza. when i woke up i noticed a small amount of dark blood spots in my phlegm. i had never had this symptom. it is not clear red and is not a lot, it is stringy dark and in my phlegm. should i be concerned or does this happen when you have a cold.influenza/etc. and yes im a smoker. please get back to me
Agnawstic (2 years ago)
did you ever get checked?
Agnawstic (2 years ago)
im not a smoker and i am having the same symptoms
Jimbo Guevarra (4 years ago)
Doc. I spit blood but i dont have cougth
Natalia Papp (5 years ago)
My fiend just texted me and i relized im a nerd i found this under a minute and i sent him to the hospital and he has it and he has coughing blood clear with clots of blood and is 13 whats most likely for him to have
Tello (5 years ago)
Does anyone know what it means when I SPIT up blood??
S P (5 years ago)
Love the kid saying edexitvideo thank you!!! Was that you're son?
Rajib Dutta (5 years ago)
thank you doc nice video.where are you practicing currently ?
pilpel202 (5 years ago)
Tobiwan Skenobi (5 years ago)
Excellent video!
tohonour (5 years ago)
Thank you! I like your videos, because you talk very clearly, slowly enough to be able to absorb the facts you are saying. Thankyou sir, May you be blessed for the works you put in these videos ( and our work).
JOJOFACE (5 years ago)
Excellent video.
sammyhtb (5 years ago)
please do a video on emergency medicine and family life/interests outside medicine. is it possible...! thanks
Happens a lot in my family. Constant coughing with dry air and mild asthma. Just some irritation in the throat.
Philocognition (5 years ago)
Adult Valvular Heart Disease--->in younger pts s/sx of hemoptysis =Mitral Stenosis (of course with accompanying s/sx of CHF et palpitations) ~Sometimes it's easy to miss this particular Dx (miss-Dx'ed as pneumonia etc.etc. due to young age 14-28y.o.) ~excellent vid per usual!
William Ortiz (5 years ago)
Thank you doc! Your Videos are really helpful!
Jessica Grey (5 years ago)
let us know what happened doc!!

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