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ESL Teaching Tips: A Lesson Plan for Your Very First Day

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Here are some quick tips for new ESL teachers. This video focuses on developing a workable lesson plan, in this case, I present a plan for what I found to be a fairly successful introductory lesson for both elementary and middle school. At first, you might be tempted to write out elaborate and detailed plans for your ESL classes, where the lesson plan almost becomes a script to be read, rather than a rough guide. This kind of lesson plan is nearly certain to fail miserably. Flexibility is critical to a good lesson plan. Repetition and variation is needed to help the students retain the information covered in class. Try to design a lesson plan in modules, with each chunk being 5-25 minutes. The most important one should come first, and, with a flexible modular design, if the important lesson runs long, one of the latter modules can be eliminated, or covered during the next class. And remember: languages are not learned by listening to a lecture given in that language; language is acquired by engaging with it, by actively using it. If you only remember one thing, remember this: Your students should be talking far more than you are. ~Kyle Clements
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Tiffany Tse (2 months ago)
What bullshit is this?
Mehrdad Asadi (2 months ago)
Thank you for putting the time to make this video. I do agree with most of what you said but I have two problems. 1. 20 minutes can be really too much for them ask their teacher questions, especially, if they are lower level students cause how are they gonna ask you if they can't. 2. This is a bit of a controversial topic but i really don't know if it's true or not. should we really not smile at our students? I mean I can't even imagine myself acting like a jerk infront of my Ss for such a long time. One of the most important reasons that I decided to become an ESL teacher is to have fun and spend my life doing what I like but ....
PIMAN! (3 months ago)
Tyler B (3 months ago)
2:45 LMAO
Nazi Aly (5 months ago)
m going to start my fst esl class and m both excited and nervous ,,, its probably because m less experinced ... bt thnx after watching this vedio m calm and confident ,,
Omar Aguero (9 months ago)
you are so weird but I love it man!!! you are hilarious
Sully (1 year ago)
you are HILARIOUS haha good content man! lool
Leo SC (1 year ago)
What a stupid video.
Yoli Ari (1 year ago)
I'm teaching my first class on Wednesday to french people. My French is not that good yet, so I was wondering if I should give the class in French or in English... I'm so nervous!
Halston Williams (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! I'm teaching a class for the first time and I'm SO nervous. I really appreciate your advice. You keep things simple, down-to-earth, and you voice/tone is very soothing (unlike some other people's esl videos, which stressed me out even more!)
David Bowes (1 year ago)
Good luck.
Kyle Clements (1 year ago)
+YOYO GLVZ good luck! It's always nervous at first, but after about a week, you'll get the hang of it. :)
Yoli Ari (1 year ago)
I'm teaching for the first time on Wednesday!! I'm very nervous too! How was your experience?
David Bowes (2 years ago)
If you are starting out teaching, feel free to use some of the lessons on my site: www.teachingtruffles.com. The lessons work for older teens and adults, not so much kids I'm afraid.
Kyle Clements (2 years ago)
+Halston Williams glad I could help.
yummyjackalmeat (2 years ago)
Haha thanks for your honesty.
Senti (2 years ago)
your lesson plan sucks. Ask me questions for over 20min? they're bored after 5min and don't want to ask
wigglesize (2 years ago)
God I remember my first lesson. One of the biggest mistakes I made was trying to understand a very personal experience by trawling through blogs and videos about teaching. I work in Turkey and the truth is you need to pick the country you like the look of, and then remind yourself that your not heading into a lions den, your going into a classroom with a bunch of people who want to have fun and learn your language. So just try and have fun. I'm writing this because I wish I had this kind of simple motivating advice before I started teaching. There are a million time killing activities and if you just stay calm its fine. It’s one of the best jobs you can do if you want to live abroad.
Yasmin E (2 years ago)
I just moved to Turkey and I start teaching on Monday. So nervous but both of you just calmed me down ! Thanks .
Kyle Clements (2 years ago)
Agreed! the resources I found while doing my research for teaching abroad were all quite poor, going in with the right attitude makes all the difference. Thanks for watching!
L B (3 years ago)
Excellent advice! Thanks, Kyle. More videos like this, please!
Diana Yemile Babun (3 years ago)
loved this video!
Jessilyn Fletcher (3 years ago)
Salma Badawy (3 years ago)
sooo true
irategamerdoesnotsuk (3 years ago)
Hairy cock
Mark Elford (5 years ago)
Excellent tips thank you.
Kyle Clements (5 years ago)
Hello! Thanks for watching. I hope your students don't suffer from the same shyness my Korean students did. Just getting them to speak was a huge challenge. Flexibility is very important, have a goal in mind, and just go with whatever works to get there. Good Luck!
Circinus Dusk (5 years ago)
I'm about to start teaching ESL in Texas... yeah for these heavily hispanic schools (95% where I'll be at) it might as well be EFL. Lots of good tips in such a short video. I had already realized it's impossible with ESL students to have a perfect lesson plan that's detailed. I like your rubric: if you're talking more than the students, bzzt, try again.
Gracefruit (5 years ago)
haha! too funny. appreciate it
Itab Apps (6 years ago)
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Ev1lWaff3ls (6 years ago)
bahahahaha!!! I love the honesty. This video is awesomely blunt. Spoken like a true egotistical American :-)
Gggg (6 years ago)
sharpe8888 (6 years ago)
@theheadlessrabbit There's nothing wrong with her comprehension. She's probably an actual qualified teacher, and you are not.
Tina Montrose (6 years ago)
I knew i was making it all too much hard work!!!!!!! i will follow your advice, tear up my lesson plans and just play games and talk (oh, i just have to pass my teaching exams first!!!)
West of Thermopylae (6 years ago)
so...fucking...true...in Saigon i did suck for the first few months then i realized exactly what you said in this video...good work man
49ification (7 years ago)
What a douche. You give teachers a bad name man.
almar6100 (7 years ago)
@almar6100 oh, he is right about sucking at first. And the name tags. If you tell them to do something, do it. If you give, they will take forever, and then you are finished.
almar6100 (7 years ago)
it totally depends on the situation... once you've taught about 1000 classes, and you only teach a class once every three weeks, you should have no shortage of things to do. Once every three weeks is easy, now, same students every day for five hours... that's hard,
TheJeleb (7 years ago)
Okay... so 7 years before I plan on going to Korea, I already know exactly how I'm going to teach my classes, control them and have fun. Great. >_< I better not forget this in 7 years time...
Mind Blown 10 (2 months ago)
7 years passed. It is time!
Nick Vines (1 year ago)
6 years later here is a reminder
mziwewonga (7 years ago)
@theheadlessrabbit Loved the Vid man posted it on my TEFL Facebook page and i'll be referring to it when i land in Korea in April, quick question, who was the lady sleeping over in your death fan vid?
mziwewonga (7 years ago)
awesome vid man made me laugh and it was educational u still in korea?
robinmadrid (7 years ago)
Agree TTT (teacher talk time) is the greatest challenge of every teacher. It's an art learning to talk just enough to get the students going. Of course there is a world of difference between having 2-3 students and having 30 students
Dyegho Danner (7 years ago)
Man , that is so ODD.... I am an English Teacher and I am NOT a native! and its just about none of what you´ve said right now!
Joseph Christopher (7 years ago)
I taught my first ESL class to adults tonight and I SUCKED SO BAD.
MooseheadDrinker (8 years ago)
ESL teaching gets boring quick! I only lasted 8 months.
Leadcrow (8 years ago)
Love your video!!!! I need to stop sucking at teaching my students NOW! XD
tomsega (8 years ago)
It's nice to know that everyone is going to suck. I leave for Korea in about 10 days and I'm sure I will. Regarding the lesson plan, I see what you're getting at saying it should be uncomplicated. Indeed I'm going there with the assumption they'll basically just want me to converse casually. However, I see all these in-depth ESL lessons about vowel sounds, grammar etc and, having no plan at all for that sort of thing, I'm nervous. Is that sort of stuff not expected when teaching 8-12yr olds?
Edwin Ro (8 years ago)
awesome Thank you!!!
Wilkine Brutus (8 years ago)
HILARIOUS!!! I'm in Jeju now and I just got here. Its going to be, um..interesting!
snowyme23 (8 years ago)
5* thanks
Jungle Joe (8 years ago)
It's good to see someone who knows what he's talking about, isn't long-winded and doesn't come off as a pretentious bullshit artist.
Smile, Laugh, Love. (9 years ago)
Do they know a little English then when you first start?? If not then how are questions being asked? You can't seriously be telling me you did this everyday for a whole year?
Madeleine Graham (9 years ago)
I'm about to head out for an interview for teaching ESL in Japan XP I love your lesson plan scribbled on the back of a napkin! It has calmed me down a bit.
bboycrazyjames (9 years ago)
you are great, im moving to seoul for this next week, where are you based?
seiferzion (9 years ago)
Thanks. I'm a new ESL teacher, and I felt like yesterday I sucked. You've given me a bit of inspiration!
andwhatfire (9 years ago)
thanks man! i think there was some good advise mixed in there. hopefully i get to try it out!
bahnhofsklo (9 years ago)
2:48 !! XD
TeachESL (9 years ago)
I don't have more than about twelves students in a class and most of them are Russian names which I can remember quite easily. But he is right when he says that most of the class time should be taken up by the students talking. Otherwise, I didn't get much from this.
Kay H (9 years ago)
LMAO!!! omg, i couldn't stop laughing at 2:48!!! the names thing is SO true! & the lesson plan too hahahaha
Nathan Brauer (9 years ago)
Just make sure to say "Na nin [sister's name]-ee mongmongeeuh" .. not "HyeonJu-ee" ... otherwise you're saying that you're some random girl's dog. @_@ And I don't really know that much Korean, what I listed is pretty much all that I remember, other than "Anyeong Ha Say Oh!" I also remember "Chal hit ta" but I don't remember what it means....
Nathan Brauer (9 years ago)
I don't quite understand that point.
Nathan Brauer (9 years ago)
Amen. I can never figure out boys names from girls names in Korea. I mean Kwon JaeHee is one of my best friends (a girl in her 20's) and so I added her to my facebook ... but it ended up being a completely different JaeHee... a guy with kids. Ya..
Nathan Brauer (9 years ago)
Love it! juk ji ma! (Don't die) I'm in Vietnam teaching ESL. I have some korean classes, & I find "ha ji ma" (don't do it!) comes in handy. Every now and then I will say "Na nin HyeonJu-ee mongmongee uh" (I am HyeonJu's puppy) just to see how they react. My favorite is "chaaaaaaaaal han da!" when they do something stupid, like trip in class (if you hold out the chaaal & and raise your tone on 'han da' it's like saying good job sarcastically to someone who does the wrong homework assignment)
Gavin M (9 years ago)
oh god this reminds me of my first semester. i truly felt that i was putting in more effort than the students were and that i was wasting my time for crap hours and not enough pay. BUT i did learn their names, granted they were Polish and not Korean :)
I didn't watch the whole video, but he's probably describing the experience of working with adults or college-aged students. In that case, I'll bet he's a pretty good teacher and here he's simply passing on the benefit of his experience. I wish more teachers would do this.
Matt Blythe (9 years ago)
I teach English in Japan and this is universally applicable. I wish I'd thought to have the students make name tags; now I've been here three months and it's too late to plausibly pull off. But yeah, this is pretty much the most awesome thing I've ever seen. So you worked for a public school? Did you get that job through a placement company of some sort, or did you apply directly to the school? I'm interested in maybe going to Korea after my tenure in Japan is up, is why I'm asking.
Troy Harkin (10 years ago)
I'm starting my 2nd year of teaching here. It's very true what you say. We all suck when we first get here. We just have to try and suck a little less everyday.
solidskorpion (10 years ago)
LOL, you my man, have real experience :) cheers.

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